5 Simple Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

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CredibleDerek6511 - 7 months ago
So those are why ping pongs keep landing in my yard
Marc Maxwell
Marc Maxwell - 9 months ago
Avery Carlisle
Avery Carlisle - 9 months ago
Youtube Thingy: Use J and L to skip 10 seconds in the video
Logan Kowalski
Logan Kowalski - Year ago
[ CH1M3R4 ]
[ CH1M3R4 ] - Year ago
NuclearDoomKhajiit - Year ago
Try tornado tube with coke cola
Dusty Lavender Rose
Dusty Lavender Rose - Year ago
Who else got frustrated when he did the water bottle trick and wouldn't let the water bottles swap all the way?
Nightcore Horizon
Nightcore Horizon - Year ago
"And now we are gonna drop it to see what happens"....that's what my mum said! :'D
Seedsprout - Year ago
Who else watches these but never does them?
im Bob
im Bob - Year ago
Lol 7:00
cj minhaz
cj minhaz - Year ago
what will happen if you tie a note
Derek French
Derek French - 2 years ago
Bernard Dumdum
Bernard Dumdum - 2 years ago
Tornado lol
Mahendra Patel
Mahendra Patel - 2 years ago
We did the tornado thing in my kinder garden call
Mahendra Patel
Mahendra Patel - 2 years ago
We did the tornado thing in my kindergarden class
Abdulrahman Alsaraygi
Abdulrahman Alsaraygi - 2 years ago
I know all of these experiments
Vin Diaz
Vin Diaz - 2 years ago
Lol what if there was a ant in the bottle it would of been a tornado
Cheyanne Kruger
Cheyanne Kruger - 2 years ago
Dude on the last one my mouth drooped
New SteinTuber
New SteinTuber - 2 years ago
7:1 hahahahahahahahaha
New SteinTuber
New SteinTuber - 2 years ago
Hoodini .K
Hoodini .K - 2 years ago
haha did u here that he said balls instead of balls πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Illl Illl
Illl Illl - 2 years ago
FaZe ΰΈ¬Ρ’Ρ”ΰΈ„t what?
Big Bacon
Big Bacon - 2 years ago
where did you find the tornado experiment in the memory wire
Tristin Moore
Tristin Moore - 2 years ago
If you can make wire that transforms back to its original version the can't we make a car
Grant Botha
Grant Botha - 2 years ago
where do u get all the dry ice
TbS Peak
TbS Peak - 2 years ago
Those are not tennis balls ping-pong balls
Sunset Cranberry
Sunset Cranberry - 2 years ago
You see the tornado tube in the bathtub when it drains
Ybz_o - 2 years ago
He said tornodo
Lewis Ashall
Lewis Ashall - 2 years ago
the first one is not a tennis ball cannon it's a ping-pong ball cannon
WMCA Avelino
WMCA Avelino - 2 years ago
alex master
alex master - 2 years ago
ping pong ball no tennis
Elecctrify - 2 years ago
this video was great keep up the good work
Alex Rimeisis
Alex Rimeisis - 2 years ago
I wonder how many experiments are his favourite.
MexicanRobinHood - 2 years ago
sorry but its a ping pong ball
will kennerly
will kennerly - 2 years ago
How does the ping pong ball one work
R4W' CLASHER - 2 years ago
do have wife or any other members at home ? taras
Vivian Atendido
Vivian Atendido - 2 years ago
that is not a tennis ball taras its a ping pong ball
Hi Hey
Hi Hey - 2 years ago
they are ping pong balls not tennis balls
Asmanur Quail
Asmanur Quail - 2 years ago
from where do you get those things for experiment
GHT_ Greyson
GHT_ Greyson - 2 years ago
Can I buy the tornado thing for a 1$ please
GHT_ Greyson
GHT_ Greyson - 2 years ago
I like the tennis balls canon
Macy Whitegrass
Macy Whitegrass - 2 years ago
were did they all go
Luvgirl369 129
Luvgirl369 129 - 2 years ago
Ahh I spilled my yogurt on the screen 😭
Jamie Nardozzi
Jamie Nardozzi - 2 years ago
At 7:20 someone needs to make this work with apple earbuds
skate life
skate life - 2 years ago
he needs a little bit of water
Neutron X
Neutron X - 2 years ago
People please don't insult him he has a Russian accent so what he is a good person
Oracle - 2 years ago
Rename the title to "How to get an instant A in science class"
Excalibur_SxE - 2 years ago
Tha last one actually had me mind blown!
MrDanteGaming - 2 years ago
The person who did the cap you suck
Nibrasakhi - 2 years ago
Would the wire turn back if you tie a knot?
takisela - 2 years ago
ping pong balls not tennis
mlanier14 - 2 years ago
Those are some pretty small tennis balls. XD
WillBuildsStuff - 2 years ago
number 4 or 5 is how to fix a slinky or spring
Minecraft Shit
Minecraft Shit - 2 years ago
what are you using in the table at the hoverboar d
Unicorn Sandwich
Unicorn Sandwich - 2 years ago
I kneed pliers to get....well pliers
DIY MASTER - 2 years ago
For number 4 what would happen if you used a helium balloon
Watermelon Doge
Watermelon Doge - 2 years ago
You can make air hokey with that balloon thing
marc lamug
marc lamug - 2 years ago
Amy Gard
Amy Gard - 2 years ago
Is crazy Russia hacker married 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Aaron Villarreal
Aaron Villarreal - 2 years ago
he has such joy with these! puts a smile on my face!
Lightning Boyz
Lightning Boyz - 2 years ago
0:17 who thinks they are tennis balls
Lightning Boyz
Lightning Boyz - 2 years ago
Tornada or tornado tube
SECTTOR - 2 years ago
1st one is called the Bernoulli's principle. Used commonly, for example, at some printing systems as paper supplying system. And also explains why planes can fly.
Aksels komarovskis
Aksels komarovskis - 2 years ago
you are the best at science
Lise Lis
Lise Lis - 2 years ago
Taavi S
Taavi S - 2 years ago
2 bottle thing is for gravity bong. Shame that it was not on 4:20.
Oral John Graham
Oral John Graham - 2 years ago
Kirti Angrolkar
Kirti Angrolkar - 2 years ago
The Tech King
The Tech King - 2 years ago
At 2:44 Tarnarder Tube πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
LiNk' Z
LiNk' Z - 2 years ago
6:58 he screams aaaah
SeΓ±orGuerrero - 2 years ago
Funny how people get surprised because is said tennis ball he called tennis ball because that's how They say it in Russia
Steven M
Steven M - 2 years ago
i love you.... lol
Avenging Goose osu!
Avenging Goose osu! - 2 years ago
its a cd scratcher
Cosmog - 2 years ago
did anyone notice he has a beard
Rabeeg Muhammad
Rabeeg Muhammad - 2 years ago
this is cool thank you
Michael Windes
Michael Windes - 2 years ago
Put bacon soda on one side and vinegar on the other
ShadowBullet201 - 2 years ago
That's not tennis balls its pingpong balls
Andre Toledo
Andre Toledo - 2 years ago
does the last one work with slinky's?
J Towns
J Towns - 2 years ago
"I wish I was like you ... easily amused"
Thomas Gonzalez
Thomas Gonzalez - 2 years ago
wage rat demand
Michele Vornetti
Michele Vornetti - 2 years ago
andate a cagare
Ace Kitty
Ace Kitty - 2 years ago
Boom! da wata tonado!
carley0x - 2 years ago
lol "ping pong" balls, it's table tennis
The Goat
The Goat - 2 years ago
The tornado tube was awesome
martin runga
martin runga - 2 years ago
2 ball ?????
Spartin // 500
Spartin // 500 - 2 years ago
Kaiwen Zheng
Kaiwen Zheng - 2 years ago
i have another one put helium instead if blowing in the balloon
FromΠ―ussiaWithLov - 2 years ago
Cool I want one of those magnet canon lol
chad chad
chad chad - 2 years ago
his acsent sounds like its tearing his mouth.
Adriska ΰΌΊΰΌΌΰΌ’ΰΌ½ΰΌ»
6:59 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ❀❀❀❀
Sujon Khan
Sujon Khan - 2 years ago
Hanate Playz
Hanate Playz - 2 years ago
dude, its a forming a whirlpool not a water tornado . who else noticed that?
Hanate Playz
Hanate Playz - 2 years ago
its forming*
Trick shots4 life
Trick shots4 life - 2 years ago
It's ping pong balls not tennis balls
Just a random guy
Just a random guy - 2 years ago
7:00 My favorite part of the video xDD
Faisal Syed
Faisal Syed - 2 years ago
iCollisticSquid - 2 years ago
CrazyRussianHacker,after demonstrating the experiments,can u come out with explanations how it work?
Whats it to you?
Whats it to you? - 2 years ago
wow am I the ONLY one that notice he called the tennis balls ping pong balls ? -_-
Whats it to you?
Whats it to you? - 2 years ago
sultan sagimb ???
sultan sagimb
sultan sagimb - 2 years ago
Fabian Osorio are you retarded?
Whats it to you?
Whats it to you? - 2 years ago
What did they say ? Lol and what did I say ? And notice how I capped "only" why do you think I did that ? Lmfao
Annalee - 2 years ago
literatly ever other comment said that very origional.
Vixy Gurl
Vixy Gurl - 2 years ago
The tornado in the plastic bottles experiment would be cool if there was colored oil in with the water..
Nitro Uh
Nitro Uh - 2 years ago
SpoonYT - 2 years ago
5:30 i bet thats how they played air hockey in the first place
SlushySnake - 2 years ago
Those aren't tennis balls
Derek Smith
Derek Smith - 2 years ago
Ping pong balls not tennis
Clara oswald
Clara oswald - 2 years ago
I remember the tornado bottles we had those at my day care when I was little but the lady who ran it put food coloring in the water so it looked cool
The ledgend 27
The ledgend 27 - 2 years ago
prity awesome huh
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