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Zeven Axelsson
Zeven Axelsson - 6 hours ago
3:09 Gaten Matarazzo on his neck xD
Template Gaming!
Template Gaming! - 12 hours ago
44:33 is what a friend of mine does
valerie rodriguez
valerie rodriguez - 17 hours ago
SneakyCurzs - 19 hours ago
10:10 the most dangerous animal ine the world(Human)
Jaedyn Thavongsa
Jaedyn Thavongsa - 23 hours ago
25:34 wtf lmaooo
Tuyen Phan
Tuyen Phan - Day ago
Ask if your kids can have a sample and then bring out like 20 kids.
hyxng - Day ago
how do u come up with these things omg
jakiyaful - Day ago
7:21 'merica!!! Obese, scared of everything, but at least we got our guns.
Asianboi 227
Asianboi 227 - 2 days ago
Oh no oh no no no
I don’t like that

*The Next day*
Asianboi 227
Asianboi 227 - 2 days ago
They deserve every sub
Icewizard 22
Icewizard 22 - 2 days ago
17:48 Vietnam war flashbacks
I like purple drinks
I like purple drinks - 2 days ago
0:23 what the
John Rossi
John Rossi - 3 days ago
I kiss bees
FeistyFish - 3 days ago
Did he actually just cut off a dogs leg
Schreibfehler lul
Schreibfehler lul - 5 hours ago
Of course he did...
Celerybutitisred - 4 days ago
Yo Ross we have the same watch the tough solar
T M - 4 days ago
Just look at the grapes
Oneil Beckford
Oneil Beckford - 5 days ago
I watched all of this 😂
Tashi Wollumbin
Tashi Wollumbin - 6 days ago
16:20 cracked me up so much
Joseph Duran Jones
Joseph Duran Jones - 6 days ago
15:20 funny af
Alvar Lindeman
Alvar Lindeman - 7 days ago
Någon svensk
Jeremy Hernandez
Jeremy Hernandez - 7 days ago
Hey buddy you're adobdi
MTNation - 7 days ago
“I chew” “well bless you” LMMAAOOO
nova copy11
nova copy11 - 7 days ago
Here’s I idea go to banks and keep your money on the ATM machines please do this.
nova copy11
nova copy11 - 7 days ago
If I need to laugh I always have a answer by watching this video.
John Windham
John Windham - 8 days ago
say to the subway worker can I get that lesbian bread
Anthony Ortega
Anthony Ortega - 8 days ago
Anthony Ortega
Anthony Ortega - 8 days ago
What ring tone was that ?
Nick Ricotta
Nick Ricotta - 9 days ago
what was the phone number in the lost fish scene. I called it answered "this is chief..." i couldn't tell what she said. what is the number for
The wheel chair one was mean... 😰
nickbilotto - 9 days ago
youre acttually the funniest youtuber around
Bruized - 10 days ago
The Canadian lady was so passive aggressive but in a nice way.
Glanderson Booper
Glanderson Booper - 10 days ago
"want a cigarette"
"nah i chew"
"bless you"

COMMITTEE1stBORN - 10 days ago
The dog one was crazy
Austin B.
Austin B. - 13 days ago
10:33 ummmmmm....cps?
Mad Lad
Mad Lad - 13 days ago
7:23 that dude literally went to shoot you but it wasn't loaded you can see his clip move cause he pulled the trigger holy shit
Wooosh me
Wooosh me - 14 days ago
OG Whaleson
OG Whaleson - 14 days ago
Keeps asking for the key
XxPink_ LoverxX
XxPink_ LoverxX - 14 days ago
Idk if I am stupid for not eating for a week..... Lel
Hot pepper
Hot pepper - 14 days ago
I pooped your pants
Golden Eye 115
Golden Eye 115 - 14 days ago
20:16 what song is that
Christopher Quintanilla
Christopher Quintanilla - 15 days ago
This guys teeth 6:54
ODG Gamers
ODG Gamers - 15 days ago
Who else watch THE WHOLE THING
Xy Te
Xy Te - 15 days ago
11:25 that's a way to say "kids stay in school"
ClmpPlayz - 15 days ago
Why and how did I just watch this for 50 minutes
Cheifhad - 16 days ago
Terrible editing
Apex Creeper
Apex Creeper - 16 days ago
7:15 and 8:48 funniest moments
romisague - 16 days ago
You should collaborate with Cassidy Campbell
Julius Romanick
Julius Romanick - 16 days ago
34:39 Missiles is ancient Roman terminology for any kind of projectile. "No throwing Missiles" Just means don't throw anything in general.
AlphaStar12 - 16 days ago
16:28 he has AirPods in he can’t hear us!!
Peytons h Productions
Peytons h Productions - 17 days ago
That’s true my shiz tsu barely itches
KK CP - 17 days ago
7:06 lol
ɧąყɖɛŋ - 18 days ago
“Crack kills, man”
A. VD - 18 days ago
Holy shit he almost got shot. Lol.
Alexander Keith
Alexander Keith - 18 days ago
Literally the only youtube prankster that I actually laugh at almost everything he does... thanks for all the stomach wrenching laughing!
Ken Forbord
Ken Forbord - 19 days ago
Thanks for a awesome day!
Tyson King
Tyson King - 19 days ago
That was p2s the name
Zachary Wizenberg
Zachary Wizenberg - 20 days ago
wanna hit me up in st armands
itsjus CC
itsjus CC - 20 days ago
Pretty princess😂😂😂
Captapin - 22 days ago
This video gets in my recommend so fricken much it hink I've watched it like 5 times
Tyler Snyder
Tyler Snyder - 22 days ago
1:02 *she has no life*
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