Reading Brutal Hate Comments In ASMR | Jeffree Star

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Student Princess Blackburn
I only know Jeffree Star through Hollywood Undead and Deuce/NineLives songs lol
Matheus C
Matheus C - 2 hours ago
I just wanna be like Jeffre and don't give a fuck for anyone
Chingiz - 6 hours ago
Ae peysər sənın varyoxuvu siksinlər qızcığaz papa roza
Mən dunyada day lap belə qeyrətsiz “insanların” olduğunu bilmərdim
Buna yaxşı baxanında qeyrətinə qoyum
Baxıram rəylərə hamı bir insan kimi sevgi ilə yanaşır bu petuxa.
Dunya tezliklə dağılacaq bunların sayı artdıqca.
Azəri Milləti burda varmı
1+ atın 🇦🇿
Gina Murphy
Gina Murphy - 8 hours ago
Omg read me a bedtime story in that voice hahaha
Roo’s Club
Roo’s Club - 8 hours ago
Nate drinks the expensive water
Katherine Grace
Katherine Grace - 10 hours ago
To whoever posted hate comments about Jeffree, you can try to come for him, but you'll have to come for his family (fans) first, and there's like 16 MILLION of us so, BUH BYE!
Chloe Rorison
Chloe Rorison - 10 hours ago
Nathan is hot af, wtf
Chelisama Fishback
Chelisama Fishback - 10 hours ago
Dang, some people
Reaper Rep.
Reaper Rep. - 11 hours ago
U pidor blyat
its Jeza
its Jeza - 11 hours ago
The third comment doesn't even make sense
Sam yeung
Sam yeung - 11 hours ago
the eyeshadow on your eyes is so beautiful 😍hope someone could tell me the brand and no.
cesar contreras
cesar contreras - 12 hours ago
This mtf is such a badass bitch...i love it and I love for it. Just radiates with confidence and it sticks to you !!!! Whatever you think you can't denied that she's extremely beautiful and bold!
Chelsea Monaghan
Chelsea Monaghan - 13 hours ago
Why did he smoke and then have an enhailer for that to stop
Stephanie Behan
Stephanie Behan - 15 hours ago
His voice is so soothing like this, I absolutely love this human being. Jeffree is such a Queen.
icecream sweets
icecream sweets - 15 hours ago
I love jeffreestar, its like jeffreestar is teaching me a lesson to be strong ❤️❤️ I love your vids it also makes me laugh ❤️ thankyou very much😁💖
Khayl Galindo
Khayl Galindo - 16 hours ago
You're like a barbie doll ❤️
Kylie peterson
Kylie peterson - 17 hours ago
you are beautiful the way you are🥰🥰🥰
Emma Rasmussen
Emma Rasmussen - 17 hours ago
Dont lisen to them girllll, be strong💪💪💪👍
Angeline Gozali
Angeline Gozali - 17 hours ago
Jeffree i suggest you to do a asmr mukbang video
Bella Atana
Bella Atana - 17 hours ago
Love you Jeffrey
Bella Atana
Bella Atana - 17 hours ago
Rachael Paulson
Rachael Paulson - 21 hour ago
Jeffree’s more women than all of those girls! He makes me laugh man!!
Gina Bizzaro's Ghosts
Gina Bizzaro's Ghosts - 23 hours ago
💗U Jeffree.
BlackDragonGaming CHICKENS
I love part where he covers the kiss with the mirror its was so cute and funny
Chelsea Craig
Chelsea Craig - Day ago
Jeffree is awesome!
Chelsea Craig
Chelsea Craig - Day ago
My god!!! This is fucking awesome!
Chelsea Craig
Chelsea Craig - Day ago
You are so strong!
Felisha Martinez
Felisha Martinez - Day ago
Omg I fucking love you 😂😂❤
my little pony love
ILove you 😉😁☺️😊
Unintelligent Intellectual
The pic of you and Nathan wasn’t up long enough lol
tris vlogs
tris vlogs - Day ago
who wouldn’t love him! he’s so funny and beautiful! who cares if he’s trying to be “a girl” ? he’s amazing the way he is! i support you sm love you!!!❤️😘
Jonathan - Day ago
Damn, I've never realised how mean people are. Thank you for standing up for everyone.
Jessica Van Der Merwe
Are you gay
Nico_ 020
Nico_ 020 - Day ago
6:12 chi la visto su tuo tok
Eliza Marie
Eliza Marie - Day ago
Pepple are so mean I just don't understand pepple can be as thay please pe respectfully to others like these comments I wanna punch the pepple for you I fell bad most of these comments are probably cuz thare just gelus dont worry your buttifal and gorgeous
Stanislav Gorjup
Stanislav Gorjup - Day ago
Gacha Alex 112
Gacha Alex 112 - Day ago
You can adopt me im only 12 and plus i love puppies!
Azlyn Morse
Azlyn Morse - Day ago
loved this whole thing except when he ate. im not a fan of hearing others eat
Quetzally Camacho
Quetzally Camacho - Day ago
OMG. I love your videos you are so beautiful . I love you
Zyairah Tyimah
Zyairah Tyimah - 2 days ago
15:03 to 15:08 😂😂😂😂😂
Zyairah Tyimah
Zyairah Tyimah - 2 days ago
I was falling a sleep though I love the teeth noises ❤️❤️❤️😀😀💙
Zyairah Tyimah
Zyairah Tyimah - 2 days ago
Hey I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️ my name is zy I’m a dancer I do hip hip I’m 11years old I’m short I’m in a fifth grade and I watch all your videos and I’m also a big fan and my mom has some of your makeup ❤️❤️😀😀😀
Zyairah Tyimah
Zyairah Tyimah - 2 days ago
Jeffree star I love your makeup
Alexandra Pham
Alexandra Pham - 2 days ago
Who's Scrolling Through The Comments To Find Hate Comments?
fockin great
fockin great - 23 hours ago
Lmao you got me.
Samuel Howard
Samuel Howard - 2 days ago
James Charles asmr commfermd
Mia unboxing and vlogging channel
Don’t worry you are so beautiful don’t let anyone bother you
leber wurs
leber wurs - 2 days ago
So funny ...think i Fall apart in the Universe Curie Ur so magical
Madelena Cesspooch
Madelena Cesspooch - 2 days ago
Jefree’s so awesome 🌹
Pam Janlekha
Pam Janlekha - 2 days ago
So strange
All Rounder - Sameer
All Rounder - Sameer - 2 days ago
Don't shave off ur brows u look very beautiful with eyebrows on
alisha hicks
alisha hicks - 2 days ago
I have been watching you for a whyle now and can honestly say I love it. You and Nate are so precious never let him go he complements you in every way.
And if you want to adopt me yes please love the dogs and maccas all the way. 😁🤩
basti Ekizde
basti Ekizde - 3 days ago
Este weon me cae muy bien xd
Panda Bossitron
Panda Bossitron - 3 days ago
Love you Jeffree girl!!!!!
GachaKitten - 3 days ago
mouth: *wastes energy insulting itself*
Emily Wu
Emily Wu - 3 days ago
Sorry to be mean but don't swear
Re1d - 3 days ago
First time ever seeing one of your videos.....and your hilarious 😂😂
Pops Borrego
Pops Borrego - 3 days ago
Bro everyone who's trying to be mean to Jeffree is just saying what they saw in the mirror Jeffree is the goddess
Skylar Puryear
Skylar Puryear - 3 days ago
I know your scrolling threw the comments while watching the video...
Allayna Tincher
Allayna Tincher - 3 days ago
Love u girl ;-; 😘
Allayna Tincher
Allayna Tincher - 3 days ago
Puppy dog lover Fan
Puppy dog lover Fan - 3 days ago
Me eats mac Donald’s and gets fat Jeffree eats Mac Donald’s and loses weight wow I love u jeffree❤️❤️❤️❤️
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