Tyga Reveals His Insane Closets With Over $100k of Sneakers | Complex Closets

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Erika Chee
Erika Chee - Day ago
I don’t even have enough money to buy one whole outfit and Tyga have like so much different shoes and outfit! ily Tyga❤️
Emil Castillo
Emil Castillo - 2 days ago
Jingy V
Jingy V - 2 days ago
Delfin David
Delfin David - 3 days ago
Joe “ How You Doin”
Tyga “Yes Sir”
T m0ney
T m0ney - 3 days ago
I never seen such a wardrobe man
T m0ney
T m0ney - 3 days ago
Can I get a taste of this money
InfernoxD King
InfernoxD King - 3 days ago
Name of the beat at 4:10
xreeb - 4 days ago
If I ever saw a lv traveling pillow thing, I would that niga is broke af
J C - 4 days ago
isnt he broke LOL
Edward Marquez
Edward Marquez - 4 days ago
Why yo calves so big
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee - 5 days ago
Joe La Puma doesn't skip calf day!
Brayn Delgado
Brayn Delgado - 5 days ago
Tyga has the biggest comeback
Tim Stolper
Tim Stolper - 5 days ago
Tyga hella humble
Go Ki
Go Ki - 5 days ago
Oh shit he got black airforce 1😳
SaTuHsFy 714
SaTuHsFy 714 - 5 days ago
0:30 that penthouse beat 💕 Complex has to start posting the instrumentals to these videos ..... 😌
Lets get 10k subscribers without any videos
He lowkey got a small head
Digital Encom
Digital Encom - 5 days ago
This is how you can tell Trash from Class... No matter how much money you have you CANT make TRASH look good..(dez righ ear)
Layla Mariana
Layla Mariana - 5 days ago
sempre tem um brasileiro
MITCHELL WIGGS - 6 days ago
joe's got some killer legs
yulmu - 6 days ago
joe from complex : hows it goin'?
tyga : *yessir*
Destroyer 2002
Destroyer 2002 - 6 days ago
Spmh at 4:16 plz
Suhayb Musse
Suhayb Musse - 6 days ago
Like if true
azzahra idw
azzahra idw - 7 days ago
how do tyga keep all his shoes clean?
KevX - 7 days ago
ive got 1 set of shoes XD
Gbr Br
Gbr Br - 7 days ago
" Quem tem dinheiro tá na pista,quem não tem senta e chora "😍😍😍
ツArif - 7 days ago
When Tyga goes sneaker shopping, I wonder if he forgets that he may have the same shoe he's choosing, already at his home...
Fire Bxy
Fire Bxy - 7 days ago
Tem mais tenis na casa do Tyga do q na loja da Complex kkkkkkkk
Shrek Life
Shrek Life - 7 days ago
And i stugfle to buy air forces
Felix Fajardo
Felix Fajardo - 7 days ago
What shoes are @8:43
Saculhi - 8 days ago
o cara compra tenis pra deixar guardado no armario
Ellie Jansson
Ellie Jansson - 8 days ago
Please do this with Billie Eilish!
Jess - 8 days ago
It's kinda cute that he put all those name stickers on the drawers lol
Raven Krysler
Raven Krysler - 8 days ago
wish he also wears Travis Scott X Nike sneakers. 🤣🤣🤣
Manmeet Singh
Manmeet Singh - 8 days ago
You know what I am saying!!!
lance82 nguyen
lance82 nguyen - 8 days ago
when they going to repo his shoes? 🤣🤣🤣
David Banner
David Banner - 8 days ago
Joe has some sexy legs

No homo
Screening Coordinator
Screening Coordinator - 9 days ago
Joe stays on the calf raises tho!
Screening Coordinator
Screening Coordinator - 9 days ago
Its crazy seeing joe in a t shirt and shorts... but ya nike talk was the shit, eastbay catalogs, damn those were the days
Screening Coordinator
Screening Coordinator - 9 days ago
Damn he has the kanye bapes just sitting ds and wasnt even gonna show up! on the LV book, i mess with tyga. Hes probably a cool dude. Cant forget hes had some big hits, and also that show on MTV, he was making a pretty penny per episode and I think got two seasons. And he got paid anytime he was on KUWTK.
The Xardas
The Xardas - 9 days ago
McHummer, Mike Tyson etc etc etc.
Egh_x2 - 9 days ago
His house is 🔥
Cirino Valle
Cirino Valle - 9 days ago
okay but how come no one notices joes fire ass calves bro
Ally Freshour
Ally Freshour - 7 days ago
Cirino Valle lol right!
Javi Ossola
Javi Ossola - 9 days ago
he doesn't even know what he has
Delanie Girod
Delanie Girod - 9 days ago
No one peep the black forces 1:42
C J - 9 days ago
Tyga is a cool dude, but bro, what you gone do with the wardrobe when you are like 45 or 50 years old?
ALIMMOTO - 9 days ago
Oh a black rapper that doesn’t talk in Ebonics
jj medick
jj medick - 9 days ago
RIP DJ Adam! 🙏🙏🙏
André Apt
André Apt - 9 days ago
Yes he has a crazy collection
But more crazy is how Joe la puma‘s pumas calves make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a twig
Jari Sanders
Jari Sanders - 10 days ago
Bruh Tyga seems chill as hell...
Ken Gaxkin
Ken Gaxkin - 10 days ago
This was over 100k$ if we’re talking about resell
Daisy Daisy
Daisy Daisy - 10 days ago
The most expensive bathroom.
Alex Gaspar
Alex Gaspar - 10 days ago
Crazy how some people can through bread like nothing.
Deep Press ion
Deep Press ion - 10 days ago
the guy who did the interview didn't even touch a single item.He's respect meter is insane.
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez - 10 days ago
"How you doin"
"Yeah sir"
Yung Faness
Yung Faness - 10 days ago
Over 100,000 DoLLars Worth Of Shoes Somebody is A Rich Man
Phnx - 10 days ago
Wear Cortez in a sketchy neighborhood you’ll get killed
Rizky Lazuardisaldana
Rizky Lazuardisaldana - 10 days ago
tyga is such a polite and nice guy. i shocked by that.
26millioen Abonnees
26millioen Abonnees - 10 days ago
is tyga the king of drip??
26millioen Abonnees
26millioen Abonnees - 10 days ago
boy this guy is the king of sneakers
Kingwills Drakebest324
Kingwills Drakebest324 - 11 days ago
The handshake at the end I think Tyga got scared...
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