Etrian Odyssey Nexus - Challenge Trailer - Nintendo 3DS

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Donald Xavier
Donald Xavier - 6 months ago
Sir Rat
Sir Rat - 6 months ago
Oof and i just bought etrianodyessy V
Quadraxis - 6 months ago
That music though, Yuzo Koshiro is truly a legend!
Spooks - 6 months ago
Etrian Odyssey 3 Untold...Atlus...Please
Lord Meric
Lord Meric - 6 months ago
aaaah need buy a 3ds!!! Dx
VulcanFaux - 6 months ago
Why are atlus and nintendo not advertising this game a little more. It's almost out. I know the fans like myself dont need reminding. But what of everyone else?
Rain Rider
Rain Rider - 6 months ago
With trailers like these, our family base will never increase.
Iron 55.845 u
Iron 55.845 u - 6 months ago
Schmee - 6 months ago
is that 6 party members i spy? whats goin on with that?
broken1394 - 6 months ago
Got it pre ordered!!!
Last EO for the 3ds and never to be a remake of Drowned City.
Okay Atlus ...
I'll forever keep Dungeon in slot 3 on my shelf of 3DS EO games.
Darkkfated - 6 months ago
I love how their "new" class is *literally* taking the Hero from Dragon Quest IV (hair and all) and plopping them straight into an Etrian Odyssey game.
Paper Luigi
Paper Luigi - 6 months ago
Where’s Persona Q 2?
Memento Mori
Memento Mori - 6 months ago
This looks like itll be a fantastic goodbye to the 3DS for this series, as well as one of the best games in the series so far. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
20 Meter Radius Emerald Splash
just release persona 5 r already cucks
Decky Kaito
Decky Kaito - 6 months ago
2019,Febuary the 5th....
How come I heard that before?
It's Chinese New Year!!!
So... For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, we have some place to use our red envelope/packet money. Nice one~ Atlus USA
litten-chan - 6 months ago
Cool, now we need a yw3 USA trailer and personaQ2
KeyRogue - 6 months ago
I wasn't aware of this, I just got 2 Untold and V last week.
Luma - 6 months ago
Looks like a 3ds game... WHY
Blaze Bloom
Blaze Bloom - 6 months ago
Luma it is a 3ds game 😐
Spluken Kuken
Spluken Kuken - 7 months ago
So question for people who play these games, and im not trying to be rude, is this any different then the other games in the series? Im seeing enemys from others game and the skill system looks exactly the same from millennium girl
Spluken Kuken
Spluken Kuken - 6 months ago
@Jon Prz ohhh. Alright thank you.
Jon Prz
Jon Prz - 6 months ago
Actually this is a compilation. Since it's the last 3ds Etrian Odyssey it's taking the best of each game.
kiliyah perry
kiliyah perry - 7 months ago
Hold up! we can have 6 people on our team now?!
ArcEther - 6 months ago
It’s not a new concept either. Ninja from EO3 has a similar skill.
Jon Prz
Jon Prz - 6 months ago
No. It was a hero skill.
Samara Fujioma
Samara Fujioma - 7 months ago
I like the creature designs. And the game looks overall pretty interesting so far.
Joel Hullum
Joel Hullum - 7 months ago
Atlus please bring your magic to the *CURRENT-GEN* console. The Switch. Smh
darshannon - 7 months ago
Wow. What an exciting trailer -_-
TOP GLITCH - 7 months ago
Pi Roxas
Pi Roxas - 7 months ago
Why to much dislikes? Its because the art?
ArcEther - 6 months ago
Most likely because people are salty it’s not for the Switch. There are a LOT of port begging comments.
Emo Elmo !
Emo Elmo ! - 7 months ago
Big chungas for smash
Riser Sin
Riser Sin - 7 months ago
I'm so behind on this. I have to hurry and beat V.
Diogo Teixeira
Diogo Teixeira - 7 months ago
Where is PersonaQ2 in Eur and US?
modirufa6317 - 7 months ago
After this game gets released
Phantom Baphomet
Phantom Baphomet - 7 months ago
Cool music
VulcanFaux - 7 months ago
Cant wait for this game!!!
Boy Ananda
Boy Ananda - 7 months ago
Did that night seek just make aheago face.
MrOnyx30 - 7 months ago
Mario has left the chat
Dharc Vasquez
Dharc Vasquez - 7 months ago
To all the ppl that complains about the game Being released on 3ds: This game is the end of the ds/3ds EO saga, a conmemoration to all those Games, it obviously needs to be in the console that raised the saga before jumping to the next one. The 3ds is saying its last goodbye, why can't the Games on it Say it as well?
Dharc Vasquez
Dharc Vasquez - 7 months ago
Even in a Nintendo Trailer F.O.E!
Jourdon Patron
Jourdon Patron - 7 months ago
I should really turn my notification bell off.
Azwan R.
Azwan R. - 7 months ago
So 3DS not dead yet?
Forever Zero
Forever Zero - 7 months ago
I've been waiting for this so long, that launch edition will be mine
ArtFenixAsordis - 7 months ago
Thank you for releasing this physically in Europe, Atlus! I pre-ordered my copy already. I would love to see the series continue on Switch. Hope to hear some news soon!
McD5791 - 7 months ago
how do you reckon they would handle losing a dedicated map screen for the Switch (if a version was made for it)?
Craig A. McLeod
Craig A. McLeod - 7 months ago
Stuck on the 3DS, F O E!
modirufa6317 - 7 months ago
The next Etrian game has been confirmed to be on a different platform
Tepig Ninja
Tepig Ninja - 7 months ago
I seriously cannot wait for this!
Starious - 7 months ago
Espero que este en español
D空 - 7 months ago
Feel kinda hyped but at the same time I remember...I got Etrian V at launch and still haven't touched it.
SunnyD-Pad - 7 months ago
It seems that we are not going to have a new Direct, I know that it has been 4 years ago the death of Iwata but he had more charisma than Kimishima and Furokawa, he was more communicative with the fans, almost every month we were having new directs, now we seldom have a direct.
Ciro Amaya
Ciro Amaya - 7 months ago
I will get it but when are they going to make the move to main console because this series really does have a lot of potential.
modirufa6317 - 7 months ago
They already teased the next EO game to be on a different platform
Ciro Amaya
Ciro Amaya - 7 months ago
@Jon Prz I can see what you mean though I liked it for the Wii U with the pad for support to serve as a sort of map as you explore but the thought of how beautiful they could make the landscapes and the monsters just makes me want it.
Jon Prz
Jon Prz - 7 months ago
I don't really don't want it on any other console. The mapping is one of it's main features and with it gone then it's just like any other drpg.
More HACKER FRIENDS - 7 months ago
Haven't seen a 3ds game come out in a long time
Kotori Chan
Kotori Chan - 7 months ago
that music is nut
KenC - 7 months ago
Hype is real
Comeon Andslam
Comeon Andslam - 7 months ago
God awful thumbnail.
Kyle Free burg
Kyle Free burg - 7 months ago
Who else pre-ordered this even though you haven't finished all your other EO games?
Best 3lawe
Best 3lawe - 7 months ago
Detroit Become Human 2 pleeeeeeease
G2 LTT - 7 months ago
It is sony exclusive so Nintendo can't do anything about that!
Miles Grande
Miles Grande - 7 months ago
I wish it came for the Switch, I don't really play on my 3DS anymore
modirufa6317 - 7 months ago
The future next entry has been teased to be on a different platform
Blooded Arisen
Blooded Arisen - 7 months ago
Yup you must earn EXPERIENCE.
Shinu - 7 months ago
The least satisfying style of combat system, in existence. No thank you.
Overstar - 7 months ago
I know this meme is dead, but...
*_Let it die, let it die!_*
*_Let it shrivel up and die!_*
BESTV - 7 months ago
we want persona 5 on switch please :(
Ultra Dork
Ultra Dork - 7 months ago
Nintendo: What new game should we make?
Executives: Just hire mobile game devs
Nintendo: On it.
Ultra Dork
Ultra Dork - 6 months ago
But you know, that's your problem. Either take the joke or keep yelling at me to prove your somehow right. That isn't my deal. Just know you're yelling at a rando because your feelies somehow got hurt by someone you don't even care about. uwu
Ultra Dork
Ultra Dork - 6 months ago
Take improv classes thats like the first step.
Ultra Dork
Ultra Dork - 6 months ago
Jokes are suppose to be misleading. Thats what makes it funny because it doesnt exist.
modirufa6317 - 6 months ago
@Ultra Dork Sorry, but a joke needs to be accurate, in order to be funny. Having to deal with rabbid fans is annoying enough on it's own, so we don't need misinformation on top of that.
Ultra Dork
Ultra Dork - 6 months ago
It's okay. I love the game very much. XD
Naoto Shirogane
Naoto Shirogane - 7 months ago
If the 3ds is dead, then how has this sold 100k units in Japan in its first 10 weeks
Mr Switch - Nintendo Power Life
Exciting!! Looks like a great game! 🤗🎮🤗
Banana Child
Banana Child - 7 months ago
I'll take any 3DS games at this point. Just don't kill the console like everyone told you guys to Nintendo.
Banana Child
Banana Child - 7 months ago
@Jinsei Cast Yeah I know. Everything has to end someday. But the 3ds is the only dedicated gaming console I have (for now), that's why I didn't want it to die just yet.
Jinsei Cast
Jinsei Cast - 7 months ago
Banana Child While that is nice and all, you know it will eventually end, right?
kyle miller
kyle miller - 7 months ago
But it's just persona q, except no animation for attacking
Jon Prz
Jon Prz - 7 months ago
No, Persona Q is this with Persona skin.
Super Stykz
Super Stykz - 7 months ago
i saw odyssey and now i'm heartbroken
Rubber Pritzell
Rubber Pritzell - 7 months ago
Psssst. Pssssssst. Psssst. Persona Q2.
modirufa6317 - 7 months ago
After this game gets released
Benqbarbeque - 7 months ago
Why use nintendo switch hastag? Its a 3ds game
Randomly Uploaded
Randomly Uploaded - 6 months ago
To call the attentions of other switch owner that 3ds is still alive. 😂
DrCalamari - 6 months ago
@Nicholas KiefYeah, saw that about 3 hours after I posted the comment. Was too lazy to take it down.
Nicholas Kief
Nicholas Kief - 6 months ago
DrCalamari but they did though
DrCalamari - 6 months ago
Because they didn't
CDW3176 - 7 months ago
Tell Me I'm not the only one who saw that there were 6 Full Team Members @ 0:40
Dharc Vasquez
Dharc Vasquez - 7 months ago
It's the hero's skill
Starious - 7 months ago
the hero has been cloned
Jon Prz
Jon Prz - 7 months ago
I think it was decoy skill for the hero as it vanishes a sec later and had less health compared to everyone else with triple digit health points.
Hmbs - 7 months ago
Does anyone know what the nintendo network features are? Is it just downloadable stuff?
Jon Prz
Jon Prz - 7 months ago
Just DLC
Hmbs - 7 months ago
I like the series, esp for the music. This piece though wasn't that nice. I'll have to listen to the whole ost
Chase Barnard
Chase Barnard - 7 months ago
Even the trailer looks grindy
modirufa6317 - 7 months ago
Don't let that mislead you : as far as classic DRPG goes, the etrian games on the 3DS are among the least grindy!
Elliepopcorn - 7 months ago
That cat face at 0:57 tho
Colson Abel
Colson Abel - 7 months ago
killustrator - 7 months ago
Nice! The same game repackaged and sold again for the 10th time!
Garchomp Play
Garchomp Play - 7 months ago
Se não tem português então não penso em comprar
frEnzZx - 7 months ago
Can we please get an etrian Odyssey game for switch.... I love the etrian series and would love to see it get better graphics and maybe a larger story on the switch.
modirufa6317 - 7 months ago
They already teased a new EO for a different platform
Dharc Vasquez
Dharc Vasquez - 7 months ago
It Will be on the switch, this game is the end of the ds/3ds saga
Carlos André Reis
Carlos André Reis - 7 months ago
Fawk! I thought it was a switch release...
BlackMask Gamer
BlackMask Gamer - 7 months ago
Ewww 3ds games in 2019
Marvelous Metroid
Marvelous Metroid - 7 months ago
The first 3DS game in months. I was starting to think you hated the 3DS.
Marvelous Metroid
Marvelous Metroid - 7 months ago
Huh, I forgot about that. But that still is just a remake.
oscarzx n
oscarzx n - 7 months ago
Bowser Inside Story came out last week.
PrismaticAngel7 - 7 months ago
like the music
ElSAVALDORfunes - 7 months ago
Can we get lost magic switch
Crystal Raptor
Crystal Raptor - 7 months ago
I know this will sound kind of dumb but, what is Etrian Odyssey. I don’t play RPG games normally so sorry!
modirufa6317 - 7 months ago
@Crystal Raptor sorta, yes : each classes has it's own skills and stats, and are usually designed to fill a specific role. You can make several party of 5 peoples max, though it's best to stick to a single group to avoid grinding. If you're interested, I recommend checking the demos for EO4 & EO5!
Crystal Raptor
Crystal Raptor - 7 months ago
Actually, that sounds kind of cool. Thanks! Is it like Final Fantasy where you can have a party of different characters?
X Trem
X Trem - 7 months ago
It's a dungeon scrawler JRPG with its main gimmick being the ability to draw and mark yourself the labyrinth's maps as you progress, using the DS and 3DS's top screen for first person exploration/combat and the bottom, tactile screen for map making.
My Geek Life
My Geek Life - 7 months ago
in this day and age id think youd be able to see your characters at least attacking. this just showed attacks happening like its dragon warrior on the NES.
Joseph - 7 months ago
It's a deliberate choice. The whole series is a throwback to classic RPG's like Wizardry, first person combat is part of that. It's fine to not like it, like I'm not knocking that. I'm just saying it's an artistic choice rather than one born from laziness.
Jorgehobby - 7 months ago
I have never been a fan of the perspective of games like this... That first person during combat is weird for an rpg, I prefer to see what my characters are actually doing lol
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