Angry Donald Trump clashes with CNN reporters at news conference

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Stacey Bailey
Stacey Bailey - Day ago
Cnn more like BSN
Josephine Wairimu
Josephine Wairimu - Day ago
nobody wants illegal immigrants invading their country including mine, kenya. migration has to be orderly and controlled. i hope my country finds a president like Trump. u dont bilieve me? ok bring your salty 'sheethole replies'
robert pineau
robert pineau - 2 days ago
cnn fake news again
wintersongs1 - 2 days ago
It's amazing how he can maintain his composure when the reporters keep coming at him.
Josh Matthews
Josh Matthews - 3 days ago
EF - 4 days ago
Trump is the B.O.S.S
Paul Orquiza
Paul Orquiza - 4 days ago
These are the very same thing they are doing to Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, spreading fake news, quoting the president word by word in front of these is the CNN Philippines.
Yesmean - 5 days ago
Trumpi has balls! BALLS, BALLS, BALLS! 😂
Manuel Montiel
Manuel Montiel - 9 days ago
Weres that guy that kick out George Ramos, sometimes the injustice is so bad.
eatc12 - 9 days ago
I want to tell CNN..BACK OFF!!!!!! He is the president..Show respect!!! Let him do his job. At least tells it as it is..Get rid of the people don't belong in this country. He is not like the other presidents, he can't be bought out...BUILD THE WALL!!!!!!! At least he has balls....
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez - 10 days ago
A Vote for Trump is a Vote for PURE Stupidity!!!
Big Dog
Big Dog - 10 days ago
POTUS Trump is more lenient than myself those rude reporters would have been escorted out and barred for 2 months.
craig roark
craig roark - 10 days ago
CNN stupidity continues. I don't understand how Democrats can be such traitors to the USA.
ROrlando SP
ROrlando SP - 12 days ago
I was waiting for Trump to step off the podium & body slam Acosta. Would have been glorious!
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - 14 days ago
Trump can't handle the pressure and should not be president
Liam - Day ago
Lololol desperate much?
Dylan sample
Dylan sample - 15 days ago
“That’s enough,that’s enough,that’s enough” 😂 died laughing
MHTsuma - 15 days ago
They are so hostile.... like kindergarteners ..... what happened to quality journalism .... did they all retired.... instead of bashing the president, where are the educated questions about our economy, healthcare, and important policies that actually affects our country and it’s citizens... sounds more like a protest than a press meeting...
Andre Williams
Andre Williams - 17 days ago
And everybody that kicks the president's Hornet's Nest they get ripped to pieces stung and exposed oh, but they come back to kick it again expecting different results
So, if the millions of migrants were white, he would dismiss it?
blue falcon
blue falcon - 20 days ago
Fake news is the enemy of the people.
Gargola18 - 21 day ago
LMFAOOOO trump is the best!! This was gold Comedy
joniel garcia
joniel garcia - 22 days ago
Some of media are Biased 👍👎
michael irizarry
michael irizarry - 23 days ago
by nexted yr..that communist draft dodging heathen,will be in a cage..tic-tock stupid.time's almost up.
Happy - 25 days ago
Trump is RIGHT! Trump 2020...USA---USA-...USA
Christina B
Christina B - 26 days ago
King Super Saiyan
King Super Saiyan - 27 days ago
CNN should be destroyed
vvDrxgo - 28 days ago
Night Wolf
Night Wolf - 28 days ago
Lack of respect
Abdul Muthlib Choudhury
My only quest in life is to break nose of these right wing terrorists.
Tabor Talk
Tabor Talk - Month ago
Crazy Trump
Type Beat
Type Beat - Month ago
Go Trump!!! 👍The best USA president!
Scrap - Month ago
Knock that orange motherfucker's teeth in man
Margaret H
Margaret H - Month ago
America is ashamed of Trump he acts like a dictator when he is paid by the people and journalists ask questions on behalf of the people. Trump is supposed to answer questions not go on and on about fake news Trump is a fake president we all know that.
nividi kevichusa
nividi kevichusa - Month ago
i used to be an Obama fan and hate trump.But after watching Ben Shapiro its so obvious how bias cnn n other popular news channels are.including hollywood. arent they suppose to report news? and not their opinion.
The Best One Classics
The Best One Classics - Month ago
Time to shut down CNN
Somdev Saha
Somdev Saha - Month ago
I'm Indian I can easily tell American media is biased, disrespectful to Trump. Given the freedom they hv, Just do the same thing with Saudi Arabian prince. Hahaha Jamal Khaggoshi is waiting abv
Angel Messtanoffski
Angel Messtanoffski - Month ago
One thing i like about Trump is that he never backs down. He's admitted from day one that the government is stupid and the media prints fake news. And he has not changed his ways since. He's got a lot of fight in him for an old guy!
eatc12 - 9 days ago
Vintage Seller
Vintage Seller - Month ago
I cant believe this is the president of the most powerful nation in the world. I'm bloody indian from india dam it!!
TheCoolProfessor - Month ago
I can't believe people voted for this sponge!
RandydnaR MoorerooM
RandydnaR MoorerooM - 14 days ago
Your point?
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez - Month ago
Trump can't handle it hahahah freaken bot
akash gupta
akash gupta - Month ago
Trump is great
kasey LOCKRIDGE - Month ago
That dam Trump!!..
goose green
goose green - Month ago
Conor Russell
Conor Russell - Month ago
Comedy club at the White House
Conor Russell
Conor Russell - Month ago
Trump is great
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - Month ago
Trump is the people’s voice who the fake news media is ignoring and call racist everyday. That’s why we love trump. He speaks the truth and the fake news can’t stand it
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
Patcell Daley
Patcell Daley - Month ago
Read your comments a president should be humble trump is a pig
Do S
Do S - Month ago
8 months later and now someone shoots randomly at Mexicans. Trump is responsible for the hatred and damage he has caused.
TX Johnson
TX Johnson - Month ago
We should overthrow CNN
Joe Mullins
Joe Mullins - Month ago
I love our president he is not having these clowns direct his answers
Robert Di Risio
Robert Di Risio - Month ago
TEFLON DON...TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tammy goodman
tammy goodman - Month ago
that must be how Trump is still free. ( Dems being weak on crime)
Dj - Month ago
Trump is correct CNN is very biased with their liberal, pro muslim, pro migrants, anti America anti india, anti Christian and anti hindu agenda
Spacewolfen Fenris
Spacewolfen Fenris - Month ago
He is like a giant baby, trying to be the teacher...
Mohamad Almarzouki
Mohamad Almarzouki - Month ago
2:15 . I’m not a big fan of yours either 😂🤣
The Green Iguana
The Green Iguana - Month ago
The news media are the same as most Hollywood celebrities, who promote anti-Trump propaganda, their not out here in streets where it's dangerous and full of drugs and violence. And we don't care about ratings and sponsorship. He's making them safer and that what we wanted. I'm with Trump!!!
Jagne Ismail
Jagne Ismail - Month ago
He's the worst president ever so that's why those journalists are treating him like that
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