YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dirty lyanna (Official Video)

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David Palmeira
David Palmeira - Hour ago
Straight trash 🗑
supremegod official
supremegod official - Hour ago
What the heck nba u better than this
K L - Hour ago
I know this kid won't live a long life. He'll be gunned down before he turns 30 for sure.
JahsehsSon - Hour ago
Of course youngboy a xbox nigga.
Cherie Bolden
Cherie Bolden - Hour ago
This song had me dead asf😂
InventedCross10 - Hour ago
he was just tryna play some fps till his tires got slashed and his window got smashed.
YoungKaii - Hour ago
Y’all spam he sound the same in every song
He switched it up
This slidee the 2nd time listening 🚫🧢
Maria Hinojoza
Maria Hinojoza - Hour ago
Lucky_B - Hour ago
Michael Jackson were proud of youngboy
keyana Mayana
keyana Mayana - Hour ago
JKami - Hour ago
He needs new security SAP!
CastroInk - Hour ago
Fire the guards
KeepIt Sassyy
KeepIt Sassyy - Hour ago
Who ever reading this will be successful in 2020 ✨
K L - Hour ago
The reason why this is number 1 on trending is bcus of little kids. Smdh y'all kids need to stop. This MF music is straight garbage.
Rykel Zyun
Rykel Zyun - Hour ago
48thyounginn_kol - Hour ago
I swear I just seen this nigga moonwalk😳😂
Retro 2 Eight
Retro 2 Eight - Hour ago
Londan Beckman
Londan Beckman - Hour ago
this shit harrddd
Daniel Saavedra
Daniel Saavedra - Hour ago
Everybody called this shit trash when the snip came out now look , everybody saying it slaps . Fuckin squares😂
9 9 9 Visuals
9 9 9 Visuals - Hour ago
Who else was waiting for a "hee hee" lmao
Michael Garrett
Michael Garrett - Hour ago
This dude so hot rn he dropped a track like this 😂💀 he literally can drop any song he want an he knows it’s going to do numbers
Har W
Har W - Hour ago
rashad Adams
rashad Adams - Hour ago
9000 C
9000 C - Hour ago
literally one song released by nba each week
| CASH OUT | - Hour ago
youngboy gooked out
Alexander De Jesus
Alexander De Jesus - Hour ago
This man never ceases to amaze. This is art at its finest. Even though the song sonds like that indian song, (its my life what i wanna do)
Bianca McDaniel
Bianca McDaniel - Hour ago
It’s lowkey catchy doe. All the Girls named Diana had it coming for years & now every girl named Iyanna better be prepared 😂
Dirty Iyanna oooo!!! 🤣
Tim Powell
Tim Powell - Hour ago
This was simply I'm shocked at how bad this was...oh my😧
Sidney LeVine
Sidney LeVine - Hour ago
Hedeshii 0TM
Hedeshii 0TM - Hour ago
Bro smart af 🤞🏽🌟
Stocky Yancey
Stocky Yancey - Hour ago
aie r.
aie r. - Hour ago
i cant tell if he tryna honor mj or not. the og version always has my heart tho ❤️
Stocky Yancey
Stocky Yancey - Hour ago
Jose Eloa
Jose Eloa - 2 hours ago
Lmfao ayeee
milan Handson
milan Handson - 2 hours ago
Why is this exist
Stocky Yancey
Stocky Yancey - 2 hours ago
Nyla Youngblood
Nyla Youngblood - 2 hours ago
Go sit tf down
Stocky Yancey
Stocky Yancey - 2 hours ago
dean - 2 hours ago
I bet Youngboy was playin around with the MJ remix and never knew it would work out so well 💯
Syfer Jay
Syfer Jay - 2 hours ago
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