Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

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Dave Simkiss
Dave Simkiss - 28 minutes ago
This is such an important video. Thank you Joe.
Lucas Dotto
Lucas Dotto - 35 minutes ago
If you believe any of this 2 guys, just watch this: . You're welcome.
ChicanoPridex08 - 2 hours ago
Interview would of been much better without annoying ass Jeremy Corbell. Fucker can't explain a single fuckin paragraph without jumping to a different topic or talking about him self. Stfu already.
Matthew Higgins
Matthew Higgins - 3 hours ago
Bob " I'm not Stephen king" lazar
sarikatimmi - 4 hours ago
so they don’t care about wasting the fuel that we can’t reproduce?
Danner mags
Danner mags - 4 hours ago
Bon sounds like a liar... but was still a decent podcast...
Freddy Santiago
Freddy Santiago - 6 hours ago
Gen.Albert Stubblebine is Bob Lazar’s biological father. Time to wonder why they had to hide this fact.
austin mckelvey
austin mckelvey - 7 hours ago
Migraine....idk however now they admitt they see shit they can't identity so I imagine just like technology, what they actually tell and show us is 50 years behind
Jason Lee Trater
Jason Lee Trater - 10 hours ago
Oh crap! Humans merging with technology, and primates evolving! The future is Planet of the Borg!!!
Stevey Sevenn
Stevey Sevenn - 10 hours ago
aliens from the future who don't rock dope beats from huge subs in their ride sounds like bullsh!t to me. j/s
Heather K.
Heather K. - 11 hours ago
snacks1973 pepeco
snacks1973 pepeco - 11 hours ago
Joe competing hard with brown buffalo for shiniest forehead
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith - 11 hours ago
This comment section at least proves Joe's theory that there are some real fucking whackos out there.
sarikatimmi - 11 hours ago
can he draw these things or work w an artist/graphic designer to do it
snacks1973 pepeco
snacks1973 pepeco - 11 hours ago
Why isnt anyone talking about the drone footage from utah. That craft was 6feet large and did 17000mph.
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony - 12 hours ago
42:57. You sure this guy isnt lying?
Luke Lawrance
Luke Lawrance - 13 hours ago
I feel like he's lying. Always been a firm believer of the story but after this not so much
Aiden Mccarthy
Aiden Mccarthy - 14 hours ago
Let’s all give a thanks to bob
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith - 14 hours ago
@ perfect video you all did.
Informative and honest collaboration. truly Gods blessing to viewers.
I'm grateful that you have enlightened me.
I thank you and I am glad you wish amen and faith to your fellow people.

With a humble heart I share this song's lyrics with you all because the truth you shared with me is greatly appreciated. Please patiently allow me to share these lyrics. Amen and a huge thanks to everyone generous enough to share your time with me. Amen.
+ peace and respect I feel for the truth you all teach /
I straight up studied to be a priest /
We all need integrity to survive in this life /
Proud to be alive and happy with the facts before our eyes /
You gentlemen are awesome for saving humanity /
I'm grateful for the opportunity to be peacefully vibing you all and me /
High IQ is obviously what you all got /
Shout out to the Earth for growing healing pot /
I was just in the hospital for a week and a day /
I'm eternally grateful they saved my life so thanks I say /
I think that the whole point was proving to me prayers come true /
Success I accept when I earn it happily paying my dues /
Money is paper and some people burn it /
Some deserve better then go out and earn it /
As a civilization coexisting in earth we can thrive /
By SUPPORTING our fellow beings and strong faith in our stride /
We are powerful enough to be a hero and perpetuate life /
Balance and trust greatly enrich your life /
Love only the loyal and trust your self /
You're soul is eternally beautiful and has natural wealth /
The conquerors were beasts of a survival necessity /
I'm Shawn Smith Solitude Fuego Da G from CT /
I speak no evil and wish not one person ill will /
Anyone that's Famous and rude to their fans ain't real /
I blessed to be here in spirit and Express the appreciation I feel /
Peace please God bless all those who don't have it /
Humble and the offer of my dreams becoming true is magnet /
The Magnificent facts you allowed us increase our appreciation of the universe /
So genuine and giving to all for free is our Earth /
Enjoy the sky and be especially excited to see the sun /
It shines on bright and illuminates the perfection of the chosen one /
Peace is the goal of this process and it will mold /
Our existence into a gem God and Jesus would be proud to hold /
+I love my life and I'm grateful to be alive. I'm Shawn Smith. I am a guy in Connecticut with a grateful soul and respect for my entire surrounding community. With a Prayer for us all to be healthy and an amen of gratitude I thank you for your time and generosity. Amen.
Interloper - 14 hours ago
Joe ground his teeth so hard when he said "cheers gentleman" he had to have dental work done after the podcast 🤣
Project Harmony - Bus Life Oz
imperative to drink after doing a cheers.
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
Frisbee Lost On Holiday - 15 hours ago
I can’t wait for the film version of this to come out as long as it’s produced by Walt Disney and directed by Woody Allen. They can get Stephen King to write the screenplay and Bob could even have a cameo role as a janitor. They might even give him the lead role because Hollywood is gonna struggle to find a better actor. 🎬🎥👽
Old Wives' Tale
Old Wives' Tale - 14 hours ago
@Sleight Of Hand HA HA it will be bigger than E.T. this is Oscar material if Bob gets the lead. They will have to make the entire film on location at Area 51 - not just for realism, but to keep Jeremy Corbell the fuck out of it.
Sleight Of Hand
Sleight Of Hand - 14 hours ago
If they premiere the film at Christmas they can borrow seven dwarfs from the Snow White pantomime, together with Danny DeVito and Joe Rogan to make up the nine aliens and complete the story.
S-4 Janitorial Supply Co.
S-4 Janitorial Supply Co. - 15 hours ago
Not many people know this but Bob kept the same broom for the entire six months he was cleaning at S-4. He only changed the head five times and the shaft twice but he looked after that broom.
Alien Complaints Department
It took him a week to clean Barry off the walls after the second explosion.
Eric Masson
Eric Masson - 16 hours ago
Thanks Joe, Jeremy and god bless Bob for your integrity...
The Emissary
The Emissary - 16 hours ago
We lost nine UFO's can anybody help out?
Interloper - 16 hours ago
Ha Ha losing nine is bloody careless even by American standards. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adam Shockley
Adam Shockley - 17 hours ago
Thank You Bob Lazar we know it was not easy!
S-4 Janitorial Supply Co.
S-4 Janitorial Supply Co. - 16 hours ago
Dammned right, some of those UFO's took the best part of a day to clean.
scoww kauendji
scoww kauendji - 17 hours ago
Im scared and happy ... do i believe . ??
scoww kauendji
scoww kauendji - 18 hours ago
I love this
ST34ZY - 18 hours ago
Thank you, Bob, Jeremy, and Joe.
Filip Von Filbert
Filip Von Filbert - 19 hours ago
Hold on. Creating antimatter from 115 and destroying it produces energy densities that are smaller than zero? What?
Old Wives' Tale
Old Wives' Tale - 16 hours ago
That sounds stupider than stupid.
Mike Page
Mike Page - 20 hours ago
Seem like Joe doesnt like that Corbell guy
Frisbee Lost On Holiday
Frisbee Lost On Holiday - 20 hours ago
Has anybody detected intelligent life on this podcast yet?
Dustin Fields
Dustin Fields - 20 hours ago
Everyone look for Barry. He has the information we need.
DJ Shrevie
DJ Shrevie - 20 hours ago
I plan to go and visit Bob
Mik Mer
Mik Mer - 20 hours ago
sure took you long enough Joe... but you got there...
pR1mal - 22 hours ago
I believe Fravor, think Lazar is full of shit.
ChuCho The Ace
ChuCho The Ace - 22 hours ago
Who’s to say the flying objects in the videos from the crommander and gible aren’t just humans still practicing the machinery. It doesn’t make sense we’d stop flying them if we know how
Thaddeus Nall
Thaddeus Nall - 22 hours ago
This podcast is amazing. I'm so relieved to hear this version of Bob's story, because there wasn't enough of Bob in the documentary.
ChuCho The Ace
ChuCho The Ace - 23 hours ago
I was thinking this stuff must have come from the future and if u can control time with gravity it seems possible
Solly Ismail
Solly Ismail - 23 hours ago
Did he just solved the mystery of building the pyramids? because the gravity machine he is talking about is the only thing that make sense in building the pyramids and there was a theory that pharaohs was using some kind of magical power to control gravity to lift the heavy stones of the pyramids, magic don't make sense to me but that machine make sense specially he said the ship he was working on they founded deep in the ground which means it's very old! and there is a theory that says that the pyramids true purpose was to produce electro magnetic waves wireless to spread wireless energy power over earth, which make sense that there is a lost civilization or part of history that is lost or we haven't been told about were they reached a peek of technology that is way a head of us and they got destroyed for some reason or maybe some kind of war, i'm only guessing..that's just my opinion!
dimitri c dth
dimitri c dth - Day ago
BR BA : Breaking Bad..
youssef zadim
youssef zadim - Day ago
Bob is a hero ...I admire him strongly ... one day he'll get all the credit he deserves.
Turk - Day ago
Thank You Mr Lazar. Thank You for your unwitting sacrifice (at the time), along with Dr Greer's Disclosure, Dr Paul Laviolette work (TTBrown) and many more yet to put their head above the parapet you inspire (no i wont be visiting :P ) ..., just, thank you.
Melanie Mathews
Melanie Mathews - Day ago
I kid you not, my husband was walking with a few friends and their mother when they saw 3 flying saucers. He is the most level headed honest man that you could ever meet (and he doesn’t broadcast this) and I believe him. They were flat, but not perfectly flat with rainbow lights on them. Gay Aliens? jk They were hovering pretty close to the mountain not far away when the adult in the group waved and tried to get their attention, but whatever they were took off really fast. I think it is interesting. My husband and I grew up in the desert in Utah and there is a weird place on the top of a Mesa that “supposedly” test airplane equipment but I never meet one person that worked there. I wonder if it came from there? He doesn’t know if it was an alien spaceship or it could be something they military was working on, but it is interesting to say the least.
Jake Fields
Jake Fields - Day ago
Interesting he mentions the UFOs are from the Zeta star system. It matches the stories of Betty and Barney Hill and their abduction which under hypnosis Betty drew the exact same star system. Home planet they think.
Aditya Gaur
Aditya Gaur - Day ago
I was interested and slightly convinced till the gravitational wave part. For one, that was huge news and any physicist or scientist would never just dismiss it or be like "idk" about the discovery. Second, that discovery has nothing to do with "gravity being a wave", and Lazar seems to neither weigh in or refute that, as any credible scientist would. It is a ripple in spacetime, it has nothing to say about the nature of gravity itself.
I had my hopes up, but now I think this guy isn't credible.
Toby Ewing
Toby Ewing - Day ago
Why cant we grow chickens and food in the back yard - joe rogan
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete - Day ago
cardinalraven - Day ago
Civilian "Q" clearance!!!!
cardinalraven - Day ago
Don't we need Bob at SpaceX?
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris - Day ago
Bob, the reprehensible confirmed pathological liar and sociopath who can't provide any documentation in his own possession for his "two masters degrees".
Robert Dillahubris
Robert Dillahubris - Day ago
I want to see Joe Rogan's orangutans with spears take on Jordan Petersons' bedroom-cleaning lobsters. Then I want the winner to eliminate Bob the Bongo Brothel Bandit Bizarre and his lies and for Bob's followers to screech, "But what about element whun-fif-teeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn....".
jef allen
jef allen - Day ago
that corbell guy is so annoying he should stop talking hes making the story questionable his voice is awful is he gay?
Jack Batchelder
Jack Batchelder - Day ago
This guy is a national treasure. We need answers!!
Chris Seymour
Chris Seymour - Day ago
Joe, love u man, but why would u invite this guy jeremy back after this episode....he is hurting Bob's credibility. U did not need him on the show at all, let alone more than once, and honestly just gets under your skin. No, it's not just the ridiculous craft beer master look he tries to portray. There is a reason why most of the people seeing this agree with me and all feel the same way. I wish I knew a way to edit him out so I could enjoy it. Shame on u joe u know better...this guy needs to go.
Dark Lord Angel
Dark Lord Angel - Day ago
I hope they never find out how it works. Sounds like an arms race war. Image how the elites of our government would control us peasents if they would get control of such power.
papinbala - Day ago
bob lazar is billy meier with a way different approach
papinbala - Day ago
if only this was true...…..
Mozzarella Ball
Mozzarella Ball - Day ago
Element 115 as fuel huh? Wonder if anyone had played with that before.
James Foster
James Foster - Day ago
I don't know what's crazier Bob being able to keep all his facts together for a thirty-year-old lie or that aliens visited Earth. I think the first answer is more intriguing
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