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Dynacreeper - 19 minutes ago
Jessenia Plaza
Jessenia Plaza - 20 minutes ago
Hey you have to see this now!!!!!!
Anthony Blue
Anthony Blue - 22 minutes ago
This very well may be the last real Bond movie. If they have a blackie or a female play Bond then the franchise is completely dead and will lose millions of true Bond fans. Period. Let's all hope the social justice warrior trash doesn't kill Bond.........
Nafiu Islam
Nafiu Islam - 23 minutes ago
Who else love James Bond? 😎😎
Wendy Scott
Wendy Scott - 26 minutes ago
this looks like it'll be like The Last Jedi, just an absolute humiliation and destruction of a beloved character
LifeAsVee - 26 minutes ago
I have a small YT Channel and I’m trying to grow it as well! I would love for you guys to go check out my first story time! It would be awesome you y’all would like. Comment. And subscribe! Love y’all anyway‼️😘😘😘 I also follow back
Eric Smith
Eric Smith - 27 minutes ago
Wheres mah transgendered disabled LGTBQ+ muslims?
Danny Scofield
Danny Scofield - 27 minutes ago
Hmmm looks like the studio paid for comments. #obvious
18matts - 27 minutes ago
Wish this was coming out during Christmas lol
Aditya Tiwari
Aditya Tiwari - 27 minutes ago
He looks old but grown and lived through it all. Cheers to Daniel Craig and James Bond.
Danny Scofield
Danny Scofield - 28 minutes ago
Mitchoo 22
Mitchoo 22 - 28 minutes ago
I've never been a big Bond fan, but when I realized one of my favorite actors, Rami Malik, starred I became a million times invested.
Marcus Kay
Marcus Kay - 31 minute ago
"Only your skills die with your body, mine will survive long after I'm gone"
My legacy will survive long after I'm gone
CoolethanPG3D - 32 minutes ago
Florian Dodaj
Florian Dodaj - 32 minutes ago
Fragile loking good
A.B. - 32 minutes ago
Rami Malek acts as the villian, Hell Yes!
nintendokings - 32 minutes ago
Daniel is still doing this goddamn can we get a new bond already
Isaih Obrien
Isaih Obrien - 33 minutes ago
Never. Trust. Bitches.
Sirbrams - 34 minutes ago
He sounds more American than English
M mortim
M mortim - 35 minutes ago
I hope bond is still a womaniser and this me too campaign has ruined it.
Sam J
Sam J - 37 minutes ago
I can already tell rami is gonna kill it in this movie too.
Paul Allen
Paul Allen - 38 minutes ago
Bartender: Shaken or stirred?
James: Do I look like I give a damn?
Foyej official
Foyej official - 40 minutes ago
Sub at me plz
Ahmed Kamal Khedr
Ahmed Kamal Khedr - 40 minutes ago
Rami looks phenomenal
Lukeyskywalker 12
Lukeyskywalker 12 - 40 minutes ago
Goodbye Craig, you’ve been replaced by the greatest actor of them all, diversity. It’s able to convince America it’s what it needs despite being the worst thing to happen to this country.
Ronald Mkiza
Ronald Mkiza - 40 minutes ago
Daniel Craig is the most tortured looking James Bond I've seen
Wronke - 42 minutes ago
Next movie is gonna be called, "Lots of time to live"
JD B - 43 minutes ago
Looks like a total yawn! LOL
Incredible T
Incredible T - 45 minutes ago
Joel Backwoods
Joel Backwoods - 46 minutes ago
Fw my music shi slaps deadass b 💯
Reagan Bond
Reagan Bond - 48 minutes ago
>go to KFC
>chicken, fried not grilled.
>pays with food stamp
>guy starts being white
>pull out tec 9
>shoots guy for being white
>evades racist police on a stolen bike
>be 007
Warrior_ 91
Warrior_ 91 - 49 minutes ago
Sub to my channel
Neesin Neepoe
Neesin Neepoe - 50 minutes ago
Wasn’t there a Colombo episode with the exact same title?
Jonny Gernannt
Jonny Gernannt - 56 minutes ago
Daniel Craig has turned out to be one of the best Bonds ! No Time to Die looks like another classic and will just add to his Legacy
CB - 57 minutes ago
your time has passed, white man
actress that looks like an african child soldier said so
emmanuel williams
emmanuel williams - 57 minutes ago
and of course they have to put a split tail in the movie that is a 00 as well, well done lgbtq freaks!
salma amira
salma amira - 59 minutes ago
Sonny Digital
Sonny Digital - Hour ago
How many times has that DB5 been shot to shit?
Ddlala63 - Hour ago
God he seems so mad in the first 10 seconds “we didn’t get to yours yet” damn
Überkritz - Hour ago
"I would rather slit my wrists than be in another James Bond movie"
-Daniel Craig
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