The Princess and the Frog - Down in New Orleans (Finale) (HD)

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Amanda Capstick
Amanda Capstick - 2 months ago
Man why do I always tear up when Tiana sings “Dreams do come true in New Orleans” her father would be so proud of her 🥺
Lauren Victoria
Lauren Victoria - 5 months ago
lol Lottie's a pedo now
RandomAsianRetard - Year ago
0:57 that's so cute
Ani Seiana
Ani Seiana - Year ago
Disney should use CGI to recreate this like how they used it in the 2016 version of The Jungle Book
Rose Tone
Rose Tone - Year ago
If Naveen was a prince couldn't he have bought the place?? Tina would use that to buy food and others items
Tina Loye
Tina Loye - Year ago
Tiana is the hardest working Disney princess 👸
Nikki Brown
Nikki Brown - Year ago
Nikki Brown
Nikki Brown - Year ago
Nikki Brown
Nikki Brown - Year ago
Nikki Brown
Nikki Brown - Year ago
Matthew Skudzienski
Matthew Skudzienski - Year ago
Oh my gosh that was so funny
Onyx Crystalz The Lambling
1:00 **blows whistle** _R A P E ! ! !_
Hana Hesham
Hana Hesham - Year ago
They always make life look good in movies but in reality 💩
Ida Wik
Ida Wik - Year ago
Dreams always come true end wok hard more Maniss end den your dream come true
Duolingo - Year ago
I love this movie it taught that me it's okay too be hard working to go for my dreams but it also taught me that it's also okay to take a break and have fun😊
ZERO - Year ago
And the Great Depression happened...
Alex Conn
Alex Conn - Year ago
I always imagined that after the movie tiana and naveen had two children a boy and a girl who they would teach both how to work hard and how to have a little fun doing so
Girl_teen_ drama_queen
He 6 and a 1/2 and he has parents who are full gray heads lol
Rainbow Roses
Rainbow Roses - Year ago
tiana's outfit in this scene was the prettiest in the movie
maddy mcmanigal
maddy mcmanigal - Year ago
I REALLY need a sequel to this :(
Kaylie May Styles
Kaylie May Styles - 2 years ago
0:37 Did you mince those, Naveen?
Monica Bernachi
Monica Bernachi - 2 years ago
disney movie against racism. finally
D I A N A - 2 years ago
💜I love this movie forever and always 💜
TheLittleDemonClaxra x
TheLittleDemonClaxra x - 2 years ago
I thought Tiana dad was dead
Anna Martin
Anna Martin - 2 years ago
I cannot express how much I love this movie
Keep Me Weird
Keep Me Weird - 2 years ago
What I did not like on this end was how Tiana get the place because the aligator scared the men. They were assholes in the party but in the end they were selling to a better buyer, it was nothig personal. A alternative way was that Navin sell his prince crown or something like that to show how get someone to help you make everything easier.
Aili Bender
Aili Bender - 2 years ago
did anyone notice that the drums said firefly 5 awwwww FOR RAY
Michael Fawcett
Michael Fawcett - 2 years ago
Ah Disney has a HEA in all but one kids movie.
Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen
The most beautiful couple!
Bonnie Y
Bonnie Y - 2 years ago
Naveen is gorgeous
Deborah D
Deborah D - 2 years ago
Don't get me wrong the movie is good and all but I was kind of upset that tiana was a frog for more than half of the movie
변앙글 - 2 years ago
이거 내 인생작
CJCroen1393 - 2 years ago
Elsewhere, in a Lovecraftian Hell-dimension...
"So...does this mean we're not friends anymore?"
AwkwardSauce - 2 years ago
Is it just me, or does Tiana look really cute and beautiful with her hair up in a ponytail and that dark yellow dress?
Gamer18 - 2 years ago
I wish I could try Tiana's food
Mason Perry
Mason Perry - 2 years ago
Still Gives me Chills at 1:10.
Isabella Wilson
Isabella Wilson - 2 years ago
Most unique princess movie!
Just Another Fangirl
Just Another Fangirl - 2 years ago
Tiana will always be the best Disney Princess! I love her so much! 😍😘😍
Alexia Chan
Alexia Chan - 2 years ago
tiana is my favorite disney princesses
Meiji Marts
Meiji Marts - 2 years ago
Disney World should have a Tiana Restaurant
Jada Grove
Jada Grove - 2 years ago
they even draw their rings , Disney misses nothing
Phoebe shirasawa
Phoebe shirasawa - 2 years ago
"i want some grandkids"
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