Biggest Flexes in Anime

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Silver Lion Cub
Silver Lion Cub - 5 hours ago
First time I heard his voice I thought it was a PewDiePie vid
Matt 94095
Matt 94095 - Day ago
My top biggest flexers are in no particular order order
Elf-man, Armstongs, Whitebeard, Kenpatchi, Broly, Uvo, Hanayama, All Might, Gus, Every enemy in One Punch Man
Ricky Roughton
Ricky Roughton - Day ago
Kakashi used REGULAR (illusionary) clones at the end of the bridge arc, not shadow clones. The things were more-or-less free, but couldn't actually do anything other than look intimidating (which was 100% all that he needed). Still flexing, just not the lore-breaking uber-flexing you thought.
Dillion Adjei
Dillion Adjei - 2 days ago
Idc Esconor is the king of Flexing🤷🏾‍♂️
10% 90
10% 90 - 2 days ago
Supahsneaky - 2 days ago
Play this in x2speed. Its fricken awesome
Caleb Calhoun
Caleb Calhoun - 2 days ago
When Goku and Gohan came out of the time chamber and Goku told Vegeta he's weak af compared to him to his face. The music stopped and everything
Laksh Srivastava
Laksh Srivastava - 3 days ago
All hail the sun !!!!
Dude Mcguy
Dude Mcguy - 3 days ago
Cool video, yet, you should use actual footage of the moment instead of random ones from the anime, it would be interesting instead of confusing to watch.
Mon Amancio
Mon Amancio - 3 days ago
How did Toguro knows the percentage of his power? His glasses are actually a *'scouter'!*

And please don't forget that he actually demolished a building just to invite Yusuke to join the Dark Tournament so they can battle each other on the Finals! I still believe that Toguro is the 'Godfather of Flexes in Anime".
Meeka Sama
Meeka Sama - 3 days ago
Wait.. is the background song from banjo and kazooie ???
Jirachi At Sundown
Jirachi At Sundown - 3 days ago
Okay but the percentage thing happened in Tsuna vs Byakuran from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! as well LMAO
b0ne91 - 3 days ago
With all the knowledge we have of the manga, it's even more insane to see that Escanor vs Estarossa fight.
Chucketbucket007 - 3 days ago
The greatest flex ever? Beating Treasure Trove Cove in 10 minutes. Second greatest flex? Using its BGM in an anime flex video.
Kaelys - 3 days ago
You dare not include your one true king of flexes first, mongrel?!
Epicgamer55 - 3 days ago
you sound like a drunk pewdiepie
Zapp Perrr
Zapp Perrr - 4 days ago
Your video is cool, but the scenes don't fit to the stuff you talk about... I don't like that
Plus, regarding Kakashi, he used the normal bunshin (illusion) not the kagebunshin jutsu (actual clones), that's why he didn't need much chakra
◇BlueSpark◇ - 4 days ago
What about when vegeta one shouted frost and cabba and basically saying try harder
Iestyn Morris
Iestyn Morris - 4 days ago
Nux: 17 yEeTiNg GeNiN oUt Of 21 On ThE fLeX o’MeTrE
Sankha Weerasooriya
Sankha Weerasooriya - 4 days ago
why ... is Aizen in a suit so fcking hot? its not fair
Scott Satterfield
Scott Satterfield - 4 days ago
That loud music that was playing in the background ruined the enjoyment of listening to you talk.
Savoh Amv
Savoh Amv - 5 days ago
Luffy using gear 2 for first time was a massive flex!!
Barry G.
Barry G. - 5 days ago
+1M for the Hajime No Ippo reference.
Papa Thanos
Papa Thanos - 5 days ago
Fishman island arc was an arc just for the sake of flexing
Galen Detta
Galen Detta - 5 days ago
Kakashi in general is a flex did you forget he’s omnipotent
Karla Velazquez
Karla Velazquez - 5 days ago
Did he just flex in a flex episode?
Austin acuna
Austin acuna - 5 days ago
Using that garou theme I see
Daniel Patterson
Daniel Patterson - 5 days ago
Lord Escanor is the king
Dakota Nelson
Dakota Nelson - 5 days ago
This was a good video... however maybe show the scene you’re talking about?.. Instead of just random scenes from the anime. I know very little of Fairy Tale and JoJo and I didn’t get to understand a single thing you were saying. And I missed out getting to see Escanor and Isens flex again... because it’s just random scenes😶
FG BEAST - 6 days ago
Music way tooo loud!! I can barely hear what u say!!
Derploop - 6 days ago
The idea of the undefeated boxing champion being the best is a thing that only exists because of Floyd Mayweather. All boxing greats had losses, and I'm pretty sure Hajime no Ippo predates the casual fan idea of the necessity of being undefeated to be the best.
Derploop - 6 days ago
Being Escanor is indeed a pretty big flex
Ungodly Sock
Ungodly Sock - 7 days ago
Kenpachi is Just a walking Flex
dude's secret technic was Using sword with 2 hands
Shashwat Tripathi
Shashwat Tripathi - 7 days ago
Escanor truly deserve his sin. Other just have them for its sake.
Lord Escanor
Unknown Loser
Unknown Loser - 8 days ago
Nah bro when Baki was getting mugged and he just yeeted the dude over his head
Emmanuel Bretfelean
Emmanuel Bretfelean - 8 days ago
Call him flexenor
Václav Šálek
Václav Šálek - 8 days ago
When escanor jumped in front of assault meliodas and said that babysitting is my job and then THE ONE
Václav Šálek
Václav Šálek - 8 days ago
Escanor the sin of flex
RRoJ - 8 days ago
tien5tri - 8 days ago
I liked when Hiei measured his punch crater vs Toguro. That was a great flex without even being there lol
Joseph Neris
Joseph Neris - 8 days ago
Fought a bear? You mean bearo?
David Kling
David Kling - 8 days ago
Yes, Escanor is the boss of anime.
Vince - 8 days ago

Edit: sate sate sate
Planet Watcher
Planet Watcher - 9 days ago
Jojo, the anime flexfest.
ignoble !!!
ignoble !!! - 10 days ago
This made me go see all of the lion sin of pride one liner videos
lasorify - 10 days ago
At 9:20 a backround theme starts, What is it called? I recognize it but don't know the name
Finnafish Dish
Finnafish Dish - 10 days ago
U forgot the part in the dub where escanor called himself the pinnacle of all races
SKULLxFR3AK - 10 days ago
Can’t believe you skipped escanor line where after he punches estaross through his guard and he falls down he says “perhaps you dropped a coin or something”
Ronald Gee
Ronald Gee - 10 days ago
Actually Nux the Kakashi Shadow clone bit he admitted that they were just shadow clones and not the real thing
Remember Naruto's shadow clones are special not just for the numbers but the fact that they're solid
The Symbol of Peace
The Symbol of Peace - 10 days ago
Every Episode of JoJo is the ultimate flex.
Silver Chariot
Silver Chariot - 10 days ago
Kars using hamon was also a pretty awesome flex.
Dude used the main character's signature technique, the only thing that is supposed to be his weakness, 10 minutes before using it would have melted him from the inside but now not only is he using it at will but his hamon is infinitely stronger than any hamon master in history.
Kidd_L3vi - 10 days ago
you got my sub sir
BASTIAN DIRK - 11 days ago
Fore shadowing and plot holes
Vanessa Chanelle
Vanessa Chanelle - 11 days ago
The background music sure takes me back ahah
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia - 11 days ago
What about ban getting his beard shaved by Jericho's move that was totaly gonna kill em
DestructionBroz - 10 days ago
Pablo Garcia thats in part 2
Bryce’s Life
Bryce’s Life - 11 days ago
Escanor is just a walking flex
jamie kormes
jamie kormes - 11 days ago
Goku casually back handing Zamasu into a building after Black told him he killed Goten and Chi Chi. Or Jiren in the entire ToP arc, pretty much just like "Y'all not even close to my level" for 95% of the time 😂
Twimbo - 11 days ago
"Who decided that?" - Escanor (Lion's Sin of Pride)
Mega Master
Mega Master - 11 days ago
Not only does Aizen flex on everyone in Bleach he also flexes on the audience. In the episode where Captain Hitsugaya explains the different kinds of stronger hollow, he says that if Aizen has more than 10 Vasto Lordes under his control then the soul society is royally fucked. It then cuts to Aizen greeting Ulquiorra and Yammy, he then casually states how that there are 20 Vasto Lordes in the room aside from Yammy and Ulquiorra. He didn't need to state how many vasto lordes there were. He just said so to show the audience that he had more than enough of them to wipe out the soul society. So he does in fact flex on everyone, audience included.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez - 11 days ago
I know escanor is gonna be #1
Odaine Royal
Odaine Royal - 11 days ago
Zoro vs the samurie in wano when they were going to kill him. He used a small knife. Mihawk moment
Odaine Royal
Odaine Royal - 11 days ago
Minato vs 1000 stone ninja, when he beat the shut out of them by himself
ThisPleb IsTrash
ThisPleb IsTrash - 11 days ago
your voice is annoying af
Dave Cousins
Dave Cousins - 11 days ago
Love ur videos but just wanted to correct u about Kakashi, He made regular clones at the end of the Land of Waves Arc, Not shadow clones. KEEP UP THE VIDEOS THOUGH!! UR AWESOME!!
Riley Sutton
Riley Sutton - 12 days ago
In the Land of Wave arcs after the fight with Zabuza when he summons the clones, they aren't actually shadow clones (solid clones) but instead just regular clones (illusions).
In the panel he thinks that he doesn't have enough Chakra for a solid clone but a bluff should be enough.
Angelo Molina
Angelo Molina - 12 days ago
Joost Olinga
Joost Olinga - 13 days ago
I remeber a scene Where One man just stands in the Sea with his Spear
Against an enTire Army
Swings it Once and the enTire Sea just disapears
kaminari - 13 days ago
I just got here.... I'm confused...
But you are rly entertaining! Thank you keep it up. I love your character
Mathew Flack
Mathew Flack - 13 days ago
Can we just watch the clips and you stop talking
Coada Catalin
Coada Catalin - 13 days ago
Kelly Valle
Kelly Valle - 13 days ago
Dangit I'm too distracted by the fantastic banjo&kazooie tracks playing in the back woamsms
Potato Luna
Potato Luna - 13 days ago
Gildarts and Mystogan in Fairy Tail are literally the biggest flexers. Mystogan puts everyone to sleep so no one can see his face and Gildarts literally has to have the whole damn town get out of his way to get into his guild. Another flex in Fairy Tail was Gajeel beating Rouge with his own damn power.
eike malmberg
eike malmberg - 13 days ago
Escanor is basically every single chuck Norris meme
Parsa Shahabi
Parsa Shahabi - 14 days ago
I mildly dislike your voice
Maurice Fullenwider
Maurice Fullenwider - 14 days ago
Android 18 over Vegeta(You're not that challenging) and SS Goku vs Frieza (I'm done) better be on here.
Exosphere90 - 14 days ago
The PewdiePie ripoff sounds really awkward.
Itachi - 14 days ago
escanor is ass meliodas claps this ugly foo
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia - 14 days ago
This was made more perfect just because Toguro is in it.
Brad Spliff
Brad Spliff - 14 days ago
What Is The Song Playing At 14:30? Sounds So Familiar 😭
Cupid's Favourite Cherub
Cupid's Favourite Cherub - 14 days ago
9:18 Nux had to stop himself from saying ZA WARUDO
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