Biggest Flexes in Anime

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Serafin Schaller
Serafin Schaller - 2 days ago
9:20 guys! When Nux say's the world here, doesn't it sound like he accidentally wanted to say ZA WARUDO?
JustinRS - 2 days ago
Escanor is the biggest Flexer of all time
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Big flex right here.
Eren: Who could've destroyed the walls?
Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie: AYAYAYAYAAAA
TheGamer - 3 days ago
He killed the bear with his "bear" hands
The Imperialist
The Imperialist - 6 days ago
Escanor the walking Flex
saryn toews
saryn toews - 6 days ago
Anime characters flexing is like crack to my brain.

I c-can't get enough! 😫😫😫
The Real Mr. Shaddow
The Real Mr. Shaddow - 8 days ago
His voice has changed so much over the years lol
Patrick durgens
Patrick durgens - 9 days ago
U should make ur avatars shirt a merch I lowkey want it
Wiz Kid
Wiz Kid - 9 days ago
Shows this guy didn't watch Naruto. Kakashi didn't make shadow clones he made mirror clones, that's why he said thanks they didn't try anything, if they didn't it would've just been him
r ir
r ir - 13 days ago
I like the concept, but your voice is nails on chalkboard. Left a like anyway, thank god for subtitles.
Josh Normal
Josh Normal - 15 days ago
Me: milly rockin to this choice music
twitchkey - 16 days ago
Me: being like what's that anime called i think it's hagime no ippo
Subtitles: Well really it's hajime no ippo
Coroshia - 16 days ago
not to say it is necessarily an error but if I remember right on the bridge kakashi doesn't use shadow clones but simple multiply jutsu, basically the same jutsu that sakura use multiple times against that sound ninja I forgot the name about. if she can, Kakashi even with a 0.00001% of his chakra could make 1BILLLION multiplied immages of himself ahahah apart from that liking all this videos :3
Portugese Desk
Portugese Desk - 23 days ago
I thought it was adorable when zeldris screamed brother and flew over to estarrosa when estarrosa was about to die
ete nat
ete nat - 23 days ago
Nux please do korosensei memorizing all textbooks in japan. season 2 episode 13
Harsh Ahuja
Harsh Ahuja - 23 days ago
This guy sure talks a lot
Pzykotic Mennace
Pzykotic Mennace - 24 days ago
How about the fact that kuma in one piece literally asks where youd like to take a vacation before bitch slapping you to your destination
Patricia Maydenne Camaligan
Lord Escanor is on a different level! PRAISE THE SUN ☀️
Perseus Bolt
Perseus Bolt - 26 days ago
17 yeeting genin’
Addicti0nz1 - 27 days ago
Braackkaaa sttarrr!!!
Target842 - 27 days ago
Who came here for Escanor 👍
ftodd1 - 28 days ago
With Zoro vs Milhalk he does actually say that too: Milhawlk: I do not do all out when hunting a rabbit. to Zoro re skill level. Biggest Flex ever
Tushar Namboodiri
Tushar Namboodiri - 28 days ago
Escanor is literally the anime equivalent of zlatan ibrahimovic
NTLuck - Month ago
The Kakashi clone thing is just that. Regular clones. He even says it himself that they are all regular clones.
dasin6 - Month ago
2 best flexes are escanor and kenpachi. they live to flex
Max Agnew
Max Agnew - Month ago
Should’ve called this video
Escanor kills everyone and some other powerful characters in anime
Magic Bushbaby102
Magic Bushbaby102 - Month ago
The meat and potatas!
Civi Pus
Civi Pus - Month ago
Dude I just like your voice. It’s... it’s just so extra. I love it.
Freddie Williams
Freddie Williams - Month ago
light or L just put em in
vp 787
vp 787 - Month ago
furuta from tokyo ghoul: re reading gintama in the middle of a fight
Dylan Brooks
Dylan Brooks - Month ago
I'm just gonna say Zoro flexed back that whole fight, the calling out the worlds best was a flex, making the worlds best recognize you is a flex, and homie took every attack head on which was a flex, not to mention he has the dude he's tryna beat one day train him. both parties flexed hard
Awesomesause 111
Awesomesause 111 - Month ago
Who’s here on Biggest Anime Flex 14?
Ben F.
Ben F. - Month ago
What about the biggest counterflexes in anime, where the only flexes considered for the list are ones that were employed to counter another flex and are an order of magnitute bigger?
alen legović
alen legović - Month ago
18:04 dont flex the flex master ahahahahah
Devarshi Gupta
Devarshi Gupta - Month ago
Can't believe Madara wasn't in this video. 50% of his screen time is fighting and the other 50% is flexing.
Jess Ayanka
Jess Ayanka - Month ago
I think y'all sleeping on all the flexes in BAKI and KENGAN ASURA tho
Mercenary Tau
Mercenary Tau - Month ago
Escanor is basically Ultra Instinct Ned Flanders.
Heather Du
Heather Du - Month ago
This is the vid that got me subscribed
William Torres
William Torres - Month ago
Wait, wasn't Don Krieg's Ship cut in 3 with 1 Slash. Which is in itself a Flex on Math?
Austin Hudson
Austin Hudson - Month ago
I wonder if anybody else knew what flash game the background music came for the first part of the video
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