Mercedes w126 development #w126

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Tone Dune
Tone Dune - 10 days ago
My aunt had one of these in the 80's in California and when I went to visit from UK, she took us every where in it Nevada, the west coast, lake Tahoe. Yosemite etc. Amazing
Suiunbek Jeenbekov
Suiunbek Jeenbekov - 14 days ago
👍👍👍 Мерседес бенс🚗
Asd Zxc
Asd Zxc - Month ago
Aziz Oulmoudane
Aziz Oulmoudane - Month ago
my friend have an E240 TD model 1979 , mileage on 999999 finished no more space for more numbers and it's still running and performing like a 2 to 3 years old car
RetroCool78 - Month ago
i LOVE MY 1986 300SDL! Back when Mercedes really built a car. My W126 has 267000 miles and is still looking and driving excellent!
awais pervaiz
awais pervaiz - 2 months ago
Mercedes Benz The Legendary best car
James French
James French - 2 months ago
This car appears with the word prestige in the dictionary.
Roshdy Aborigène
Roshdy Aborigène - 2 months ago
عسلي ه
özi Bizi
özi Bizi - 2 months ago
Heute kostet s Klasse 100.000€! Viel zu teuer! Es gibt heute automarken die für weniger geld die gleiche Qualität bauen!!
Khaled A.
Khaled A. - 2 months ago
We had few of this modle. Top design and built car 👌🏼👌🏼
REMY`S - 2 months ago
I love that car i love that times...💖💖💖💖
Juan A. Sánchez Santiago
Juan A. Sánchez Santiago - 2 months ago
El Mercedes por antonomasia
aaaaaaaaa4564564 - 3 months ago
Best car, best times
Danny Geuens
Danny Geuens - 5 months ago
Mercedes benz war der beste ist der beste und bleibt der beste immer!!!!!.
özi Bizi
özi Bizi - 2 months ago
Nicht ganz mercedes war mal bester! Inzwischen nicht mehr es gibt so viele automarken die gute autos für weniger geld anbieten! mercedes audi bmw vw haben nichts anderes gemacht als die preise zu erhöhen seit fast 20 jahren!!!
Alaa Alhindi
Alaa Alhindi - 5 months ago
After 1985 there is no Mercedes.
Lobo Estepario
Lobo Estepario - 7 months ago
I love my 1990 300SEL, 211.000 kms, running like new. I've found tourists taking selfies with it :)
Mushtaq Jimmy
Mushtaq Jimmy - 7 months ago
When Mercedes basic objectve was to Earn Name not Money
Clint Lowe
Clint Lowe - 3 months ago
AMEN, brother. That's the truth.
Brand Wald
Brand Wald - 7 months ago
Каждая деталь продумана. 👍👍👍 делалось до сегодняшних дней. Ведь до сих пор на ходу.
Samuel Mwangi
Samuel Mwangi - 7 months ago
My dad owns one like this one. Now I understand why he never wants to sell it.
R9 Cheverny
R9 Cheverny - 7 months ago
4:37 l hate these wippers! they are ugly....
Tigerfire75 - 8 months ago
All this thought went into the planning and making of this car and yet no cup holders.
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison - 9 months ago
We love our W126
Alaa Alaa
Alaa Alaa - 10 months ago
this is my love
ROOT ROOT - 10 months ago
Like this it is first my car
Vampire Bat
Vampire Bat - Year ago
I just love the sleek shape of these. My dad had a W108 S class, and a W116. I have a C class W202 and a W203. Must say they dont make them like they used to.
pega17pl - Year ago
Der 500 SE war mit 8,5 l/100 km (DDR-Transit-Autobahn) unschlagbar im Verbrauch. Die Maschine blieb dabei im Bereich 1000-1100 Umdrehungen (Leerlauf 900).
classic kool
classic kool - Year ago
The beauty of German engineering! ..
Aleksandr Neskazu
Aleksandr Neskazu - Year ago
Вот я понимаю инженеры работали, а сейчас маркетинг. Вёдра штампуют да и всё.
Da hatten noch die Ingeneure das sagen und nicht die BWLer. Mercedes ist heute ne Proletnmarke genau wie Audi für mich.
ulrich micheel
ulrich micheel - Year ago
The best of the century. No more.
Veysel Mızraklı
Veysel Mızraklı - Year ago
Never will be built a car like w126. Even by MB. Long live Sacco.
Anton Kurt
Anton Kurt - Year ago
Watch 2:56 - it's W222 interior ))
Vadim Onufer
Vadim Onufer - Year ago
Вот видите как раньше делали машины всё было чётенько не то что сейчас (((
gkc mgk
gkc mgk - Year ago
mercedes has became mercedes with this car..
Stefan Paulus
Stefan Paulus - Year ago
Airbag bereits in den 70ern – was für ein Fortschritt!
saad Algamdi
saad Algamdi - Year ago
Nice video. W126 the best
cnd. - Year ago
The car that changed the game! An absolute icon!
momo imad
momo imad - Year ago
حلمي اشتريها .....يارب
khaled Ali
khaled Ali - Year ago
after the king w140 this car
Dexter Treehorn
Dexter Treehorn - Year ago
Man- not (dehumanized) computermade cars.
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