The 2019 Honda Passport Is Honda's "Rugged" New SUV

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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro - 3 months ago
Today it is 60 degrees -- or, as the Passport would say, 55 degrees.
zanypoet1 - 6 days ago
While it is not affected as much in cold weather, in hot weather, on-car temp. sensors tend to record higher temp than what the actual ambient outside temp is, usually by 4 or 5 degrees higher. This is true with most all car temp. sensors. Check it out next time your car is parked in a scorching parking lot.
Mu'min InshaAllah
Mu'min InshaAllah - 13 days ago
Eh I dunno about this "review." A lot of the "quirks" are just you not knowing things. Those drive select buttons have been in multiple Hondas already for a while, and identical to Acura one as well. The temperature changing is obviously to calibrate the temperature, not all cars or thermometers say the exact same temp. The green light bar for efficient driving us also in the lowest trim of the civic (again, nothing new).......also that "astronaut" is asimo.....losing faith in ur content, do better...maybe check out straitpipes channel.
Alberto L
Alberto L - 15 days ago
+x x said no one ever.
P.E.M. Run Balance Wheel - RBW
Doug DeMuro ; 😄😆😆😄, 👍.
G-Force - 9 hours ago
Business upfront, party in the back - SUV
E M - 20 hours ago
Looks outdated.
BeanTube - 2 days ago
It's Asimo the robot, Doug. It's not an astronaut.
Russ Hartman
Russ Hartman - 2 days ago
The hallmark of every Honda/Acura I have ever owned since 1982.
That's 37 years w/o a single repair bill, not ONE!
Just normal maintenance, oil,tires,brakes and Timing belt/CV boots every 100k.
Sure, this is a niche car, just so happens it fall's directly into my niche.
Buy one used in 2021 for under 20k and it's a home run in my book.
Kanti123 - 3 days ago
I ha w 2019 pilot and it’s great for family(I refuse to get a minivan lol) I rather get the 4Runner for off-roading
Snow mode make the car take off slower, so you don’t slide your car everywhere.
Sand mode turns off traction control and the torque vectoring is more aggressive and rpm stays higher.
trucker V
trucker V - 3 days ago
Um you can change the temp like that so you can get a more accurate reading. If you have a more precise thermometer you can calibrate the one on the car to match. What's so confusing about that? I guess if Doug doesn't understand something it MUST be a weird quark.
Junior Buurr
Junior Buurr - 4 days ago
You don’t like Honda... WE GET IT
East Koast Emp’Rah
East Koast Emp’Rah - 4 days ago
Doug is the funniest car reviewer of all time. he makes car reviews more entertaining and fun to watch
divinejudge1 - 5 days ago
For the oil life “A” is part of the Maintenance Codes Minder. A = simple oil change service at the next service interval. If the Honda had more miles it might show B which would be additional maintenance items at next oil change (typically inspections of brakes or other systems) and numbers. In new Honda infotainment systems you can see them all for the specific car and reset them once performed.
sana afsar
sana afsar - 5 days ago
Pilot is better than passport
Nibelung Valesti
Nibelung Valesti - 6 days ago
El Cajon...El Cajones.... El Testicles
brian glass
brian glass - 7 days ago
The CR-V has the efficiency light bar display as well, guess you never drove one? 🤔
Just another Nintendo fanboy
Don't disrespect Chicago.
Toxic Silent
Toxic Silent - 9 days ago
The temp changer thing is problem so it matches with ur phone
mike h
mike h - 11 days ago
The demise of this SUV will be the price.
James Collins
James Collins - 13 days ago
Won’t really ever compete with Toyota’s 4Runner...
Bill Redding
Bill Redding - 13 days ago
Doug needs to do more research on the cars he "reviews" BEFORE doing videos on them, as he says "I guess" too much instead of knowing.
Yes, Doug, the "drive modes" on the Passports really DO change the drive-train mapping (as they also do on the Pilot, like my 2016 EX-L AWD). The programs were developed "on location" as tests/driving data were done in Minnesota (snow mode), Moscow Russia (mud mode) and Dubai (sand mode) -- and "many other locations" Honda says. And they're pretty good (I use sand mode most often out here in West Texas desert). Since the Pilot and Passport share these modes -- and the outstanding iVTM4 AWD system as well -- BOTH cars are VERY good doing mild "off-roading" but are also very good in inclement weather (snow/rain).
-- BR
joseph - 14 days ago
I really HATE those gear selector buttons. A deal breaker for me.
bigbangnone - 14 days ago
It is JUST IGNORANT to place the critical shifting buttons right next to the sloshing drinks.....only a few car designers have the skills to prevent this situation. Honda designers did a fair job with the CRV. Personally, I would like two locations at the same time.
1) steering wheel
2) Front of the right hand arm rest.
Eva Maynard
Eva Maynard - 14 days ago
This is EXACTLY the 2nd gen mdx, minus the 3rd row. I paid 25k for my mdx. Why would anyone pay 40k for this? But I do like that there's an option for me to consider with the same body as my 2008.
Eva Maynard
Eva Maynard - 14 days ago
The temp display on my mdx is routinely a few degrees higher than the actual temp outside. If the ac/heat is linked to that gauge, being able to adjust it makes some sense. They could just make the car read the temp correctly, but what do I know. I just drive.
Eva Maynard
Eva Maynard - 14 days ago
It looks exactly like my 2008 mdx. Is this their way of reimagining the 2nd gen mdx, which many people like better than the 3rd gen?
Pe Pe
Pe Pe - 9 days ago
Eva Maynard Looks nowhere close to a 2008 MDX 😂
Rainbow - 15 days ago
45k and the turn signal isn't even LED. What an absolute scam.
Rainbow - 15 days ago
ECON mode on Honda dampens throttle input for efficiency. You'd think a dedicated car reviewer would know something about a Honda.
Rainbow - 15 days ago
Wow Doug is a legitimate moron. The temperature adjustment is to calibrate the thermometer, just like zeroing a scale. Absolute moron holy fuckaroni.
xp50player - 16 days ago
939 people don’t like theatrical over-enunciating.
Frank Gonzalez
Frank Gonzalez - 16 days ago
I normally like your videos but Honda has been doing the green and white eco lights and the earth dreams engines for YEARS and the gear selector is the same that’s been in the accord since last year
Rona Baq
Rona Baq - 16 days ago
Too much tech idk
Kelvin T
Kelvin T - 17 days ago
Just cant stop laughing at this vehicle
John Christopher Lansang
John Christopher Lansang - 18 days ago
Where does the passport fit? In the bag of the passenger in the CR-V 😂 🚪
saida287 - 18 days ago
I’m not sure why I continued watching this “review” when obviously Doug has not bothered to do the research necessary to answer the questions that he was stumped on. Why do you think I bothered to watch your review??? Next time do your homework!
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez - 20 days ago
45k for a Honda! The type R wasn’t expensive enough?
Fifthcell - 20 days ago
I would rather it be a true body on frame vehicle if they’re gonna call it a Passport...
Scott G.
Scott G. - 21 day ago
Maybe the temperature adjust is for, like say, if your phone shows a different outside temp than your car does, this allows them to show the same?
Sam Day
Sam Day - 22 days ago
The blue lines by the wheels on the gauge cluster show how much power is going to each wheel
crespo630 - 25 days ago
"Is this for people in Chicago?" lmao. yes it is for us. A glimpse of hope during the winter.
jstrife - 26 days ago
Doug has the most BEAUTIFUL eyes. Oh my god. The Passport is also neat.
The Doofus Channel
The Doofus Channel - 26 days ago
The letters under the oil life indicate which maintenance cycle it’s on. I don’t know what specific letters mean, but it can be looked up in the owner’s manual. Maybe A is oil change, and be is oil change and tire rotation. Such things
Nightmare Fredbear
Nightmare Fredbear - 26 days ago
It's actually been around sence 1994.
Jake Jasper
Jake Jasper - 28 days ago
The Engines are the ones that dilute the Oil with Gasoline right? You smell gas in with oil. I would not like that engine.
jay Valdez
jay Valdez - 28 days ago
Doing a review of a car but I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♂️ what all this means maybe fine out first doing a little research first so you can be up to date and give a better review just a thought 💭
Xela Oso
Xela Oso - 28 days ago
Lift kit and some offroad tires done
Didarul Alam
Didarul Alam - 29 days ago
For those of you who are curious about the green light on/off in indicator, it refers to using battery to run the car. Its due to the specific fuel consumption. On low rpm sfcm is high so more fuel js required for this reason at low rpm battery is used but when the car reaches high rpm its wise to use engine for optimum efficiency
Jiminy Cricket
Jiminy Cricket - Month ago
Wow that is on fugly dash and controls layout...looks like it belongs on a Chevy
August Harris
August Harris - Month ago
The sand mode is meant for people who are driving on beaches... that’s a pretty basic concept, no?
TheKingkingg - Month ago
Ok Doug! So many YouTubers journalists complain when Honda/Acura introduce new technology, but when others copy but improve... everyone hail praises.... example more manufacturers are putting in double display that Honda introduce 10 years ago, or versatile tailgate, and so many others?!
TheKingkingg - Month ago
Thanks it better ground clearance than 2019 Ridgeline? And is it same or better offroad than Ridgeline?
Ian Marbella
Ian Marbella - Month ago
honestly, i really dont like it. im fine with the interior, but the exterior is kinda, eh..
Roderick L
Roderick L - Month ago
This review's just OK.

I've seen other Doug DeMuro reviews.

The Honda Passport is what it is. Just a Pilot w/o the 3rd row seats.

For me, for other people who doesn't need the 3rd row seats, this would be a great fit.
Tons of storage, room for a few passengers only, V6 engine, more than adequate towing capacity, etc.

I'll wait for the next iteration of it.

The Ridgeline may be something to consider instead.

Taylor Pickering
Taylor Pickering - Month ago
Pleeaaaase review an Edge ST. I’ve seen other lame reviews, I wanna see your version!
kimmy0868 - Month ago
Honda pricing is idiocy!
TWENTY EIGHT - Month ago
And just think, somewhere, someone is fukkin asshole..
Alexander S.
Alexander S. - Month ago
News on 4 Runner ?
Grant Campbell
Grant Campbell - Month ago
0-60 is not in the high 6 second range. Car and driver showed a 5.8 sec 0-60 time. While not especially quick, it is among the quickest in its clsss
Supahr_Ed - Month ago
A better comparison would be the Subaru Outback, empty nesters maybe with dogs :) The Subie is a super capable All-Terrain vehicle but definitely not a 4x4 Off-Roader. Honda understands where the market is going, just look at the new Rav4
arturo j guzman
arturo j guzman - Month ago
What a name “el cajón” 😳sounds ugly in Spanish and English 😂
Rhoderick Dalangin
Rhoderick Dalangin - Month ago
Nothing can beat the Range Rover
Kenny Helppie
Kenny Helppie - Month ago
The day you recorded it was on my birthday 🎁
Louis Gappy
Louis Gappy - Month ago
Is that Cowles Mountain in the background?
TheDiamondApple - Month ago
Wtf did I just watch 🤦🏽‍♂️
Durbar Biswas
Durbar Biswas - Month ago
You need to cut back on your sarcastic tone....very fucking annoying.
Ed San
Ed San - Month ago
probably to calibrate it doug, in case the sensor is a few degrees off.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith - Month ago
Seemed bias from the very start.
Lance Beare
Lance Beare - Month ago
Dial Down Dorkiness Doug
Ed Bentz
Ed Bentz - Month ago
This vehicle looks like it’s gonna be discontinued soon like the Honda Element
talal ali
talal ali - Month ago
I really would like your take on the quirky mitsubishi eclipse cross 🧐
malbac6 - Month ago
Your reason for giving a 9 on practicality is exactly why I think it deserves a 10. If this had a third row it would be a Pilot.
Parker Yocum
Parker Yocum - Month ago
Ah the pilot has the same transmission the same off road modes
Q- Bert
Q- Bert - Month ago
Is this another Isuzu? 😆😆
Q- Bert
Q- Bert - Month ago
Don’t really care for it
King Ryan
King Ryan - Month ago
This the type of dude I can listen to all day yapping and I can never get tired or annoyed by lol 😂 and subbed
P William
P William - Month ago
Now we know that Doug lives somewhere landlocked - couldn’t understand why you would need a sand setting - ever heard of driving on a beach Doug?
P William
P William - Month ago
Doug’s knowledge gets a 2 out of 10
P William
P William - Month ago
This guy has no clue about features that have been in Hondas since 2015 - calling temp calibration a quirk - no credibility
LordMarkQuad - Month ago
OMG the taillights look so weird 🤣😂 (kinda reminds me of the Ford Explorer)
Rhyan Simmons
Rhyan Simmons - Month ago
It's for calibration man!
Doogie G
Doogie G - Month ago
Would love to hear... “Okay, let’s get this out on the road (tray). Nice.”
QRS3C273 - Month ago
What the fuck is that 'change outside temp'?????? Honda????????????
Kevin Ronske
Kevin Ronske - Month ago
Not an astronaut.Its Honda robot.
MrUnit1105 - Month ago
Ford Explorer Is that you
Артем Кательницкий
50 years from now the car with all original stickers will be very desirable. So appreciate the stickers :D
Joaquim Yzekiel Ventenilla
i didn’t know that the 4runner had 2 rows of seats
Sam Beaumont
Sam Beaumont - Month ago
Can you review a Suzuki Jimmy?
Sashimi 2nite
Sashimi 2nite - Month ago
Outside temp reflects the AC temp. Outside temp 69 and you want AC 65 your AC will be not as cold, oppose to outside temp 77 and you want 65, the AC air is much colder. Vice versa with heat.
So if you manipulate the outside temp you can get colder AC and hotter heat.
josephboot1 - Month ago
The temperature adjustment might be for matching the actual temperature outside with what the vehicle is reading. I've been in many vehicles that read a certain temperature but was off by a few degrees compared to what the local weather networks said it was.
Infiniti 81
Infiniti 81 - Month ago
honda it’s 2019 can you finally put a premium brand audio system in your vehicles???
Kumulaau - Month ago
Too bad it looks so mini van-ish.
Kumulaau - Month ago
Pilot: SUV
CR-V: Suv
HR-V: suv
Passport: Hold my beer
david reznic
david reznic - Month ago
CRV: am i a joke to you?
David F
David F - Month ago
The ‘adjust temp’ is something every car (that tells you the outside temp) should have because, as I’ve found over the years, they are usually off by a few degrees. My current car is always about 3-degrees low so I wish I could adjust it up by 3, but I can’t. So, while you may be baffled why they have this option, it makes complete sense.
tnurse50 - Month ago
Regarding the ability to change the outside temperature. My guess would be that it is there so that you can adjust to take Wind Chill Factor into account. Maybe not something that you would need in California but critical here in Northern Canada.
Charlie Hein
Charlie Hein - Month ago
Why anybody would buy one of these over a genuine American SUV from the big two is beyond me. There's just no reason to not support the American car industry anymore.
pcosta816 - Month ago
This thing’s no 4 runner.
B Black
B Black - Month ago
I did not know I lived near Doug my entire life !
Shenel Queen
Shenel Queen - Month ago
I guess we’re back in that era with brands coming out with vehicles with dumb names that will last a few years and get discontinued soon.
Bennett Chason
Bennett Chason - Month ago
My moms 2013 Chevy suburban has second row heated seats. Take that Passport!
Mike Benz
Mike Benz - Month ago
Пересмотрели вас за неделю, подписка
jgvtxman - Month ago
You are obnoxious
kimberly sepulveda
kimberly sepulveda - Month ago
Honda should have kept the regular switch gear...
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