Honest Trailers - Captain America: Civil War

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Roopesh Verma
Roopesh Verma - 7 hours ago
Wtf Batman vs superman and civil war had similar plot lines😂😂🔥
That seriously was some serious similarities
Adam Malysák
Adam Malysák - 19 hours ago
Music in 2:50 pls?
Daniel Bentley
Daniel Bentley - 22 hours ago
When you gonna do the office?
Macie T
Macie T - Day ago
G-Dub 85
G-Dub 85 - Day ago
Barnes and Noble 😂🤣
AJ The Anonymous
AJ The Anonymous - 2 days ago
Put a bird on it
Seni Josh
Seni Josh - 6 days ago
"And the greatest love story of all, as Steve Rogers once again pines for the plums of the man that only he and tumblr really care about" I DIIIEEDDD HAHAHAHA because it's true
Wishingstorm 3000
Wishingstorm 3000 - 6 days ago
Stucky is the best ship out there fight me
Fidel Salcedo
Fidel Salcedo - 7 days ago
Whoa BVS actually exist? St*pid.
RealTakerslady - 8 days ago
I didn’t know there was an Bucky/Captain fandom, I must go find some fanfiction!!!
spookynoob 69
spookynoob 69 - 9 days ago
Honest trailer v picht meeting
TWSTF 8 - 10 days ago
Haha Black Widow's signature Flying Jump Kick Head Scissor move. 😂
TWSTF 8 - 10 days ago
Haha "Find video evidence, preferably a VHS tape, showing Winter Soldier Killing Tony's parents on that random dark, country road shot from multiple angles." 😂
Naveena Vice
Naveena Vice - 11 days ago
Barnes and Noble 😂😂😂😂😂
Mark Strouthes
Mark Strouthes - 15 days ago
Cleveland rocks.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan - 15 days ago
1:25 is complete BS both in terms of this movie and the MCU as a whole.
Stephen Tharp
Stephen Tharp - 16 days ago
Cleveland Rocks!
Izy Cananua
Izy Cananua - 21 day ago
Deleted scenes of captain America having cocktails with aquaman but still leaving a virgin
ScorpionDaddy - 21 day ago
Dude Sony-Man. That's too accurate now.
Benjamin Bowen
Benjamin Bowen - 21 day ago
Tombstone would be hilarious
nelsonta00 - 21 day ago
It blows my mind how anybody can sneak into the UN summit and blow up a bunch of world leaders. It also blows my mind how 3 people in a mech suit cannot defeat the dudes on steroids. It also blows my mind how Scarlet Witch didn't just kill everybody on Iron Man's side.
rosssilver - 22 days ago
I go with stubbishly dickurn!
kumaravel devarajan
kumaravel devarajan - 25 days ago
weird British Christmas robot😂😂😂🤣🤣
djquiz6425 - 26 days ago
Can you say, "I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the wrong number that wakes you up at 3 in the morning. I am the peanut butter that sticks to the roof of your mouth. I am.... DARKWING DUCK"
Jack Wimmer
Jack Wimmer - 28 days ago
In spite of the flaws they mentioned, I still really like this movie!
kriss 25anime
kriss 25anime - 28 days ago
i actually like Batman V Superman more than this
PARV GAGARANI - 28 days ago
Complete with a premurdered uncle Ben!! Lolololol
erickythman - 28 days ago
Oh my goodness I laughed so hard with Robert Downey Jr. Jr.
Haggart9 - Month ago
Writing out Zemo's plan was absolute class. Pure gold.
Riskie iOS
Riskie iOS - Month ago
"if i really want to fk a 94 yo, i can just fk stan lee" Chill the f out XD
Nikko Flores
Nikko Flores - Month ago
RIP Spiderman(MCU)
Ryan conlon
Ryan conlon - 26 days ago
MiloPlaysThings - Month ago
0:00 adventure kid was me when I was little lol
Ultimate Space Dad
Ultimate Space Dad - Month ago
If you understand this
“Otherwise my plan is worthless”
You’ve read it too
No hands no problem
No hands no problem - Month ago
1:22 and it wasn't hunky-dory as we learned in Infinity War and Endgame.. unu
Keko Rules
Keko Rules - Month ago
"Black Widow Who's Still scissoring anyone she could get her legs around"

That Hit Me Hard...
Jean Bien-Aime
Jean Bien-Aime - Month ago
CW is maybe the #3 best MCU movie. Definitely top 5.
Hi I’m Loki of Asgard
The Narrator of this video is brilliant. Absolutely freaking brilliant I say.
Alex Katz
Alex Katz - Month ago
LMAO the whole Captain America virgin bit made my day especially the part of the epic voice man funny as heck
Alex Katz
Alex Katz - Month ago
Black widow can get her legs around me anytime 😉
Luu Nguyen Quang
Luu Nguyen Quang - Month ago
Goverment : We gonna nuke NY.
Also goverment: Avengers responsible for NY destruction.
Avengers: .......
Dylan Owens
Dylan Owens - Month ago
0:11 laughed so hard
Chandra Kumar
Chandra Kumar - Month ago
@1:25 "you thought there would be laying stakes? Come on. This is Marvel we're talking about."
After endgame and ffh
"Well, fuck!"
Chris Macavinta
Chris Macavinta - Month ago
2:28 - 2:36 did they somewhat just predict tony dying in endgame????
Red King
Red King - Month ago
Come on every Body Know Rishman v News Reporter was way better..
Lets Gamer
Lets Gamer - Month ago
he was always worthy :)
Tragoudistros.MPH - Month ago
Was I the only one furious over Captain America's betrayals?
Bucky, really? Cause you have 0 other friends, right?
Caleb Gilti
Caleb Gilti - Month ago
Really tumblr?!?!?!
Tait Jones
Tait Jones - Month ago
Walkie Rhode
Smokingun Studios
Smokingun Studios - Month ago
I think anybody would just bend over
Devasheesh Sharma
Devasheesh Sharma - 2 months ago
4:10 - awesome!
Sohinee Sikder
Sohinee Sikder - 2 months ago
IK Marvel gets a lot of shit for not having POWERFUL DIABOLICAL villains but Zemo did accomplish what he set out to do: destroy the avengers. For a simple soldier I think he did pretty well as a villain.
Karleigh Provost
Karleigh Provost - 2 months ago
I died at "Barnes and Noble"
jasonvsfreddy1 - 2 months ago
Have I just seen guy from starship stoopers at the end of this video ?
Vikram Gowda
Vikram Gowda - 2 months ago
There is a lot to read lol
Nicolas Shaw
Nicolas Shaw - 2 months ago
1:58 hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
Annie Gauderman
Annie Gauderman - 2 months ago
If this doesn’t get 100 likes this plan is totally worthless!
Eric Walsh
Eric Walsh - 2 months ago
Complete with a pre murdered uncle Ben 😂
xxxxWARPATHxxxx - 2 months ago
firefrog600 - 2 months ago
I wish the directors would come to see this honest trailer.
Zaid - 2 months ago
4:26 Except in this case, the billionaire playboy could easily destroy the other guy within 5 seconds in a fair 1v1
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