Can You Swim in Shade Balls?

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Siddhant Tiwari
Siddhant Tiwari - 8 hours ago
Were you okay after jumping ?
SMOKEY - 9 hours ago
Sunlight still needs to get through, in order to stop algae blooms.
Big D Killa
Big D Killa - 9 hours ago
First video: Great succes
Second video: Lets milk this goat
Samantha Martinez
Samantha Martinez - 21 hour ago
That looks like so much fun!
Juan carlos Pulido
Juan carlos Pulido - Day ago
Did you get brusis
Diana Smile
Diana Smile - Day ago
Can you actually die this way?
Diana Smile
Diana Smile - Day ago
What is a shade ball? 😕
Marion Hemker
Marion Hemker - Day ago
Schade das ist nicht auf deutsch
Sam Augustyniak
Sam Augustyniak - Day ago
Flood Family Skits
Flood Family Skits - Day ago
Hello this was a great video. I'm new to YouTube. I'm from Baltimore MD where there is so much violence. In my city people are fatally shot everyday. My dream is to make it on YouTube so I can remove my family from this city. I'm not trying to beg for subscriptions but if you guys can find it in your hearts to Subscribe to our Channel please Subscribe. Thank you with all of my ❤️ heart.
Amit Garg
Amit Garg - 2 days ago
you are awesome bro and I am pretty sure your are gonna be in the trending column
jaclou17 - 2 days ago
wow. complete disregard for human health. the introduction of plastic into their drinking water , the disregard for the loss of wildlife and the introduction of more plastic on the planet. Could they not treat the water between the reservoir and the houses?
Will Wharton
Will Wharton - 2 days ago
Top Cringe
Top Cringe - 2 days ago
Wats a shade ball
NyanGelato Crazy-Eyes
NyanGelato Crazy-Eyes - 2 days ago
“It’s time to release the balls”
Jason GUNN
Jason GUNN - 2 days ago
this would be a great trainer for water sports, would build those muscles for swimming better and faster.
Arda Ege
Arda Ege - 4 days ago
Richard gross
Richard gross - 5 days ago
was this the first time you had balls in your face? this is California isnt it? LMFAO
Jett Carver
Jett Carver - 5 days ago
Don’t be scared it’s just balls
KK Tuco
KK Tuco - 5 days ago
Me in the morning 2:13
Sam DeRenzis
Sam DeRenzis - 5 days ago
jeremiah1711100 - 5 days ago
Two shirtless dudes holding you up in a chair 🤔balls to the face??🤔🤔
Pete Kondolios
Pete Kondolios - 6 days ago
Floating solar is a better idea
Nife Shoyinka
Nife Shoyinka - 6 days ago
4:18 ASMR
Dave - 6 days ago
it kind of reminds me of vanilla dots
Irfan Ali
Irfan Ali - 6 days ago
I can make under water swimming very easy
Manthan Patel
Manthan Patel - 6 days ago
I am your Supporter from India.
AnimationNation - 7 days ago
The Chuck E. Cheese ball pit but its Edgy colored
chuncky buckets
chuncky buckets - 7 days ago
I was on the swim team and oh my god do those men have good form!
sm555 - 8 days ago
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee - 8 days ago
I did a lot of laughing watching this Veritasium video!
Mike351025 - 8 days ago
I've never understood the you cant swim in drinking water. The resevoir near me you cant swim in yet there are fish in it. The fish pee and poop all day long...
Alexander McKay
Alexander McKay - 8 days ago
Wow!!!! Currently at 22,042 Comments as of September 09, 2019. I have never seen this many comments about "Shade Balls" since published in over 3 months (from June 13 thru September) of 2019. Wow, the views (over 12.6 Million) to your channel must be really making you a chunk of change $$. You have to do an analysis video of the viewing: "Shade Balls" across the world on YouTube. Incredible content and idea to see you do this. Thanks for sharing and keep doing what your doing to explore.
Da Choking Lad
Da Choking Lad - 8 days ago
Activate Scrooge Mcduck mode 1:03
xImBeaST12321x - 8 days ago
1:32 .......................... 1:01
RZX•Dragon - 8 days ago
Thats satisfying
BeautifulToeNail - 8 days ago
5:39 '' im not actually the best swimmer so I brought over some friends that are good at swimming"
*first guy belly flops*
Keist Zenon
Keist Zenon - 9 days ago
Derek bro really uped his youtube game
Matthew Swinney
Matthew Swinney - 9 days ago
At 1:24 look at his left foot
Zemani - 9 days ago
Gave me anxiety cuz I can't swim 😭
LUCY X - 9 days ago
Does it hurts when u jump on it?
Damublphgor999 - 10 days ago
Dude is balls deep......
creator Space
creator Space - 10 days ago
It's done well.
Mute Davinci
Mute Davinci - 10 days ago
You're throwing so much shade lol
ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKEᔕ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT 👈❤️🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT🔥

By the way my guy great video, thanks for the content
Mah Men
Mah Men - 10 days ago
2:14 me when Im home alone
Mah Men
Mah Men - 10 days ago
2:13 me if no one else on my house except my gf
Fionna Bambalan
Fionna Bambalan - 10 days ago
Looks like black sesame seeds...
Mariana Grayeid
Mariana Grayeid - 10 days ago
I wish water parks have a shade ball
Jonathan Watson
Jonathan Watson - 10 days ago
Hey Veritasium, I would like to get about 10 or so shade balls, but I do not have a Patreon account, and I can’t get one, is there another way you can send people that don’t have accounts some???
Light Blessing
Light Blessing - 10 days ago
Jonathan Watson I would suggest emailing them? Idk if it’s possible but that might help
Mark Hinman
Mark Hinman - 10 days ago
I don’t know what a shade ball is but I want one now.
Shadow 101
Shadow 101 - 11 days ago
Why are they called Sade balls
Kayla Crump
Kayla Crump - 11 days ago
It gave me anxiety when he jumped in doesn’t it hurt your private parts
gunnerdan70 - 11 days ago
Do you still get light coming through with mutiple layers?
Edvin - 11 days ago
About to recieve one of these balls! Unfortunately i had to pay import fees because swedish ”PostNord” is stupid
XLXL - 11 days ago
No offense but he looks like elon musk wait is he...
Paraplegic octopus
Paraplegic octopus - 12 days ago
Video description:''I bought 10,000 shade balls and tried to swim in them. ..''
Me: ''Rich prick!''
Kim's Coffee
Kim's Coffee - 12 days ago
2:22 this and going foward is so satisfting 😍
Jay Cowling
Jay Cowling - 12 days ago
What upsets me the most is that you clearly didnt learn how to carry out a swiming storke correctly before you posted to get 6.3 millions views
Tiamat - 12 days ago
@Veritasium im super interested if you still have leftover shadeballs, if so is there a way to buy one from you?
Im a huge fan of your videos. interesting and fun stuff, with the science behind it explained.

hope this comment reaches you, Tia
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