Can You Swim in Shade Balls?

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BassFishingStud - 3 hours ago
Swimming in giant caviar
Tyrone Scott
Tyrone Scott - 4 hours ago
Use a surf bord to skate across the shave ball
Bristol Lewis
Bristol Lewis - 4 hours ago
What is a shade ball
sebas C
sebas C - 6 hours ago
2:14 That's what she said!
Lightning rainbow
Lightning rainbow - 7 hours ago
mini_eilish YT
mini_eilish YT - 10 hours ago
*Venom has entered the chat*
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop - 11 hours ago
too many balls
Carver Hamilton
Carver Hamilton - 11 hours ago
me to
i dont know
James Deleon
James Deleon - 11 hours ago
I saw you spit on those balls ewwwww
JJ Kirby
JJ Kirby - 13 hours ago
I got shade ball #4436
V S - 15 hours ago
How long did it take to get them all out?
Ribbons gloss
Ribbons gloss - 20 hours ago
10:00 is that a toilet back there?
Ribbons gloss
Ribbons gloss - 20 hours ago
heres the do you get them out? btw when i saw the thumbnail i thought they where the balls from uhh whats it called? the movie about emotions and they controll a girls brain? yeah in dream world they remind me of where joy swaam in the memory balls that went grey just me? ;-; okay fine then
Migz Llamas
Migz Llamas - 20 hours ago
6:45 your welcome :)
Christian Andrei Ocon
Swimming in large scale caviar eggs😂
Matt Burch
Matt Burch - Day ago
i got my ball today!!! #4595! thanks for the awesome giveaway to the patreons!!
sad tulip
sad tulip - Day ago
i wanna bite them
Gigabloodhawk - Day ago
your so close to atomic, its unbearable xD
Conner Miller
Conner Miller - Day ago
3:50 thats tripy
JaxSwat - Day ago
Wow I just received my Shade ball in the mail today. #9284 . This is awesome. This was amazing that you sent this to me. It’s a little heavier and harder than I thought it would be. What an cool thing to have and show my friends. Thank again .. Fan for life! 👍
Daniel A
Daniel A - Day ago
I got my shade ball!!!
H M - Day ago
My question is why ? Why spend what 4-5 thousand for curiosity sake?
Richard Christopher Selmours
I cringed watching him swim freestyle with his hands wide open 😭
Jennifer Gallegos
Jennifer Gallegos - Day ago
Kyle - Day ago
I got my shade ball #8684 today thank you so much Dr. Muller!
Is the Signature DM Ve? I think so but can’t really tell.
Jazzy - Day ago
Got my shade ball today :D #7817 thanks so much!
Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lawson - Day ago
I received ball number 2929 Thank you.
Scott Reser
Scott Reser - Day ago
I received my shade ball. signed and numbered is so cool. these are great. thanks for sending me one. I watched this video and now I have one from it. that's cool.
some autistic guy
some autistic guy - Day ago
just got my shade ball. thx bro :D
Jakob Jakobson
Jakob Jakobson - Day ago
just got my signed shadeball today! thank you, this is a very cool thing to have
Gacha Grape
Gacha Grape - Day ago
So much science in this vid
Robert McCain
Robert McCain - Day ago
I got my ball today. So happy. My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy.
Odin - Day ago
Got mine #7157 Thank you ! My wife can't understand what do i need it for :D
Daniel Velinov
Daniel Velinov - Day ago
Reminds me of Empty Walls video :D
_ C_
_ C_ - Day ago
Received mine #3893 20/07/18
Deep hug
Deep hug - Day ago
Dude keep your fingers together.
Fight Food - Boxing Stories
My balls are always in the shade
Rhys Evans
Rhys Evans - Day ago
I received my shade ball today! (20/07/2019) thanks so much! It means so much to me that I now own and can physically touch and hold something that 35M people have watched in a video and one held by one of my favourite YouTubers. Thanks again! Shipping to the UK and everywhere else must have cost a fortune!
Salvi - 2 days ago
Got mine #8159
Deep hug
Deep hug - Day ago
HOLY SHEET I actually just got my SHADE BALL in the mail! Thanks! its dope
Rob Alinder
Rob Alinder - 2 days ago
I just received my shadeball. #450!
Notification Squad
Notification Squad - 2 days ago
This video gave me a mini heart attack as a lifeguard.
Notification Squad
Notification Squad - 2 days ago
Got my ball, #5606. This guy is a legend!
Just got my shade ball in today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #5332
Raymonds Entertainment
Raymonds Entertainment - 2 days ago
Did the shade balls hurt your skin balls when you jumped in?
Taylor taylor
Taylor taylor - 2 days ago
He loves them balls in his face
shanedestroyer - 2 days ago
Just got my ball, completely forgot about it. #230 cool, thanks!
Wat Dat
Wat Dat - 2 days ago
Damn, nice. I was late to the party and got #7782
Firealarm102 - 2 days ago
Ayy!!! Just got my signed ball today!! #9,165
me too!
Rebekah Welsh
Rebekah Welsh - 2 days ago
Man 1 "It's time to release the balls!"
Man2 *starts pulling panties down*
"No! The shade balls ,not your balls!"
Man 2 " uww😐"
Man1 * slaps face*
Delve - 2 days ago
Just got my shadeball, Derek! I can't begin to describe how excited I am! Thanks!
Anthony TeixeirA
Anthony TeixeirA - 2 days ago
I just got mine I was so confused what this random package was in the mail ball number 5615
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