Mr Hanzo
Mr Hanzo - 9 days ago
Where is hulk trailer
Tasos Rousmenis
Tasos Rousmenis - 9 days ago
Minh Khoa Lê Hồ
Minh Khoa Lê Hồ - 9 days ago
Where is Venom?
Mattias K
Mattias K - 9 days ago
Small mistake, Ant Man and The Wasp came out before Infinity War
Jamie Shaftoe
Jamie Shaftoe - 9 days ago
Anyone else recon they should revamp the hulk films, but make them better
el pobre noob
el pobre noob - 9 days ago
Los mejores 53 minutos de mi vida
ipank advocate
ipank advocate - 9 days ago
Iron man fis superheroes film masterpiece
Jayson Lorenzana Briseno
How did iron man got the stones in the movie endgame
Nicolas Rodama
Nicolas Rodama - 9 days ago
d f
d f - 9 days ago
Bro....bro everything from iron man to now...i been there and seen all of still hype from these god dang trailers maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan avenger nerds rise up!
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit - 9 days ago
cant believe im watching one hour of trailer of movies that i have watched already
i love it
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko - 9 days ago
18:38 Its Noobmaster69
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko - 9 days ago
Why is there no Hawkeye Trailer
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko - 9 days ago
Cut off one head, two more shall take its place.

Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko - 9 days ago
2008 the days when Marvel keeps no secret

2019 now we dont even know what to trust
PIDGE - 9 days ago
54 x 60 = 3240 Close enough. But i love this vid 3000.
Samster101 - 9 days ago
the streak of movies I watched in theaters are 3
Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker - 9 days ago
Iron Man
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man 2
Captain America: The First Avenger
The Avengers
Iron Man 3
Thor: The Dark World
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Guardians of the Galaxy
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Captain America: Civil War
Doctor Strange
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Thor: Ragnarok
Black Panther
Avengers: Infinity War
Ant-Man and the Wasp
Captain Marvel
Avengers: Endgame
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Noobelli - 10 days ago
The new Marvel movies are way better than the older ones... which is a GREAT thing!
mindSCAPE - 10 days ago
The infinity war trailer still gives me chills to this day
Braeden Gausden
Braeden Gausden - 10 days ago
Natalie Abrahamson
Natalie Abrahamson - 10 days ago
00:00 Iron Man
02:24 The Incredible Hulk
04:49 Iron Man 2
07:14 Thor
09:37 Captain America: The First Avenger
12:02 Avengers
13:59 Iron Man 3
16:24 Thor: The Dark World
18:48 Captain America: The Winter Soilder
21:11 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1
23:37 Avengers: Age of Ultron
25:47 Ant-Man
28:10 Captain America: Civil War
30:35 Doctor Strange
32:55 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
35:17 Spider-Man: Homecoming
37:27 Thor: Ragnarok
39:53 Black Panther
42:10 Avengers: Infinity War
44:43 Ant-Man and the Wasp
46:50 Captain Marvel
49:07 Avengers: Endgame
51:32 Spider-Man: Far From Home
Logan - 10 days ago
“ ‘Mr. Stark displays textbook narcissism’ “
*Looks at Fury*
*Fury Stares*
*Tony Stares back*
*Fury stares harder*
Rolando Rios
Rolando Rios - 10 days ago
Dude why do I not remember these badass songs playing during the trailers when I first saw them
Heartless Tulip
Heartless Tulip - 10 days ago
"ALL" Marvel trailers, yet no old school Spiderman nor the animated 2018 one??
sowley - 10 days ago
9:42 “yeah I know...”
_ LilVicOnDatKoolAid _
_ LilVicOnDatKoolAid _ - 10 days ago
This is pretty hot
Pelayo Suárez
Pelayo Suárez - 10 days ago
HOOOOLLY shit CA's trailer had freaking TOOL MUSIC in it
Smackd0wnKing - 10 days ago
He protect...
He attack....

Lol jk he took the tesseract.
gacha arifa
gacha arifa - 10 days ago
Iron man is dead in end game
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark - 11 days ago
Two words: Full Circle.
Gamer 239
Gamer 239 - 11 days ago
25:24 thats an endgame spoiler
Doggie with Egg Doge
Doggie with Egg Doge - 11 days ago
53:19 Small Venom
Doggie with Egg Doge
Doggie with Egg Doge - 11 days ago
Silver Iron Man = Comment 🔥
Red Silver Iron Man Like 🔥🌀
Zetch_ - 11 days ago
Damn, the Ragnarok trailer really gives the whole movie away, huh?
Mr Vrom
Mr Vrom - 11 days ago
DeadPool... WHERE IS DEADPOOL?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
SilentRaider53 - 11 days ago
It's been a long road.
Noodle's Club
Noodle's Club - 11 days ago
Noodle's Club
Noodle's Club - 11 days ago
Thor God of Thunder: *Defeated by a tazer*😂
spearsom3 - 11 days ago
I would say I just wasted my time on 1 hour of marvel trailers but it's marvel so it's not time wasted
The Car Who Talks
The Car Who Talks - 11 days ago
My Favorite Trailer is Captin America Civil War
Cubertral - 11 days ago
Top 5 trailer music ranking (in my opinion)
Dr. Strange
Civil war
Captain marvel
The Avengers 2012
Spider - Man: far from home

Others I liked:
Avengers Infinity war
Avengers Endgame
Thor ragnarok
Avengers: age of Ultron
g5g5g5 aj
g5g5g5 aj - 11 days ago
I love Tony 3000
g5g5g5 aj
g5g5g5 aj - 11 days ago
All i can say is thank you for this
Donovan Vazquez
Donovan Vazquez - 11 days ago
The Incredible Hulk trailer really told us the entire movie...
Jarion Joseph
Jarion Joseph - 11 days ago
Watching the Endgame trailer compared to the movie is like two different movies like damn 😖😓
Nikola Dragojevic
Nikola Dragojevic - 11 days ago
Where is X-Men and Fantastic 4, you said MARVEL not MCU!
Watercraft - 11 days ago
Iron Man 1 Trailer had a lot of spoilers
aaliyah jordan
aaliyah jordan - 11 days ago
officially why, may is my favorite month
Rafaelcordoba 236
Rafaelcordoba 236 - 11 days ago
44:09 me and other marvel fans running the theater to watch avengers endgame.
The real Jesus
The real Jesus - 11 days ago
I will never forget this decade long journey. I love it 3000.
Rafaelcordoba 236
Rafaelcordoba 236 - 11 days ago
22:40 WOAH, I THOUGT THIS WAS A MARVEL MOVIE! Not a porn video!
Trefelien Naarden
Trefelien Naarden - 11 days ago
Here after end game
specific ocean
specific ocean - 11 days ago
Wth happened to that hulk tho
Phú Đào
Phú Đào - 11 days ago
Aryan Pushkar
Aryan Pushkar - 11 days ago
Infinity War trailer is possibly the greatest trailer you will ever come across. Uncountable superhero legends with perfectly in-sync with the situation background score, wholesome.
and the best part? The movie lives up to it.
Aryan Pushkar
Aryan Pushkar - 11 days ago
44:09 Hulk : A scam :(
Claire - 11 days ago
Thor Ragnarok ; truly one of the best movie of all the MCU!
Abdus Sami
Abdus Sami - 11 days ago
Well where is iron fist
Nathawat Park Su Wan
Nathawat Park Su Wan - 11 days ago
Halk before ironman
Iron Spider426
Iron Spider426 - 11 days ago
Man that Hulk trailer makes me wish Mark Ruffalo will get a shot at a solo film.
Edit: And a Thor 4
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis - 11 days ago
Lol old trailers loved using shitty rock songs
r Dívíñě
r Dívíñě - 11 days ago
*00:00** Iron Man*
*02:23** The Incredible Hulk*
*04:49** Iron Man 2*
*07:13** Thor*
*09:36** Captain America: The First Avenger*
*12:01** The Avengers*
*13:57** Iron Man 3*
*16:22** Thor :The Dark World*
*18:46** Captain America:The winter Solider*
*21:10** Guardians Of Galaxy*
*23:35** Avengers :Age Of Ultron*
*25:45** Ant Man*
*28:08** Captain America : Civil War*
*30:32** Doctor Strange*
*32:53** Guardians Of Galaxy Vol.2*
*35:14** Spider Man: Home Coming*
*37:23** Thor : Ragnarok*
*39:49** Black Panther*
*42:06** Avengers: Infinity War*
*44:30** Ant Man and the Wasp*
*46:47** Captain Marvel*
*49:04** Avengers: Endgame*
*51:29** Spider Man : Far From Home*
bren healy
bren healy - 11 days ago
Joey Belz
Joey Belz - 12 days ago
You missed venom
History of Video Games
History of Video Games - 12 days ago
Venom isn't part of the MCU.
Mkforlife - 12 days ago
*baby groot uwu*
TheEpicBanana - 12 days ago
40:52 Black panther = Etika
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts - 12 days ago
I forgot how much shitty music were in these earlier ones
Skim - 12 days ago
Captain America was so small
Ritter Kreuz
Ritter Kreuz - 12 days ago
RIP Iron man
Desuscribete De Badabun
Desuscribete De Badabun - 12 days ago
Jajajaja, pinche trailers de antes te mostraban toda la puta película en 2 minutos
Jenna Hauser
Jenna Hauser - 12 days ago
Endgame trailer proves the Avengers have been driven crazy:

Nat: Thanos did exactly what he said he would do. He wiped out half the population of the universe.
Steve: We lost... all of us...

Math *100%*
Jenna Hauser
Jenna Hauser - 11 days ago
+History of Video Games Lol I was just being sarcastic :)
History of Video Games
History of Video Games - 12 days ago
Steve was saying that in the sense of everyone lost not that literally everyone was lost.
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat - 12 days ago
iron man is the fucking best
FireFrogGamer Tv
FireFrogGamer Tv - 12 days ago
Thor ragnarok
TunableJoker16 - 12 days ago
Why the fuck does Hawkeye And Black widow not have a movie...
Mike Hadley
Mike Hadley - 12 days ago
22 more trailers! 10 more years! Lmao
BonyXVIII - 12 days ago
God going back and watching those early trailers after seeing Endgame, it feels like a million years ago
Mike Hadley
Mike Hadley - 12 days ago
With mandarin being confirmed as real I wonder if they'll ever use him. Maybe he can be a spidey villain
Stellar Belt
Stellar Belt - 12 days ago
43:09 song name?
Timo - 12 days ago
perfect summary of the MCU XD
Exnivus - 12 days ago
Lol, you know the movies are old when they take a picture and say “this is going on Facebook”
JC - 12 days ago
Old hulk kinda looks like Garen from LOL
TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth - 12 days ago
Wish you went with the second Avengers trailer. It's way better, and it's the trailer I actually remember seeing as a kid
Kid Trix
Kid Trix - 12 days ago
I ❤️ MCU
TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth - 12 days ago
5:18 "If you could make god bleed, people will cease to believe in him" Tony make Thanos bleed in Infinity War
Green Back
Green Back - 12 days ago
2 Benedict
3 Chris
villie zdoh
villie zdoh - 11 days ago
And 1 robert
Colonel Aleph 0
Colonel Aleph 0 - 12 days ago
I feel myself becoming 11 years younger then rapidly aging back to normal
No One Ever Subscribes to Me
Man that first Iron Man movie looked awesome! Can't wait till it's out this summer!
ProwTheGamer - 12 days ago
Iron Man started it all

Chill_Skrubalツ - 12 days ago
Atqa Rafif
Atqa Rafif - 12 days ago
why do they think each superhero comes from murica!!!
Ronin Raiden
Ronin Raiden - 12 days ago
Gotta watch every single film again. Love this adventure.
Ronin Raiden
Ronin Raiden - 12 days ago
Ryan M I usually marathon the films in release order. It’s cool that your beginning to see these films. Have a good time 👍
Ryan M
Ryan M - 12 days ago
Disregard. I found a video on it and Im starting with captain america now.
Ryan M
Ryan M - 12 days ago
Im dead serious. I did see a thor movie with the girl from a comedy show(i like the girl), but I havent seen any of the others. Bits and pieces in the barber shop I thought were cool. Where do I start.
Ronin Raiden
Ronin Raiden - 12 days ago
Ryan M seriously? You’ve never seen one film in the entire MCU, not even Iron Man back in 2008? Surprising.
Ryan M
Ryan M - 12 days ago
Ive never seen a single one of these movies because I considered them kids movies, but every time im in the barber shop and theyre playing they put a smile on my face. I want to watch them but dont know where to start. Any suggestions?
ThePeacebro11 - 12 days ago
I can’t believe it started with Iron Man 2008! Now it’s over. My life is literally over 😭😭😭. Love you and miss you 3000
Arshad Abdullah
Arshad Abdullah - 12 days ago
Captain America Civil War Trailer
Iron Man:Sometimes I just want to punch you in your perfect teeth
Captain America:We’re not all perfect
Iron Man:But your teeth are
I wish that happened
ChiefMan69 - 12 days ago
These are all fake aren’t they
Kram SuckABird
Kram SuckABird - 13 days ago
*He Died...*
GalaxyRunaway - 13 days ago
I never realized how PERFECTLY executed the Age of Ultron trailer was until watching this!
Dimekako - 13 days ago
Man, Age of Ultron had so much potential
BadAtGaming - 11 days ago
Jokes killed it.
Jeff Dallo
Jeff Dallo - 13 days ago
5:20 Um I think you're in the wrong cinematic universe.
SOLOMON CALIOT - 13 days ago
I can’t believe it’s over

But I can’t believe it happened
Marie Angelique
Marie Angelique - 13 days ago
I heard that if the second Spiderman movie is the same length as the first one that the 23 movies added up will last 3000 minutes...
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