Mini Pen Fishing Rod Catfishing Challenge!

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THE TANKER - 3 days ago
THE TANKER - 3 days ago
My biggest bass was 12.4
Alijandro Boyd
Alijandro Boyd - 3 days ago
It’s a mini bait caster
Michelle Suit
Michelle Suit - 6 days ago
Did you fin lucky
Jamie C
Jamie C - 10 days ago
1 minute in, including a skip and i can tell theres nothing here but autism. Im out, enjoy the dislike lol.
Turtle Head
Turtle Head - 12 days ago
Adam is a stone cold killer bruh.
Landon VanKempen
Landon VanKempen - 13 days ago
Do more chalagens
zingzing16 - 15 days ago
*We purchased this fly rod as a birthday gift for my friend's>>>** **   He absolutely loves it. The storage case is great.*
Justin Vincent
Justin Vincent - 20 days ago
Watching in 2019, RIP Cluck Norris...
Randall Wilson
Randall Wilson - 23 days ago
Love it
ZACOJU GAMING - 25 days ago
I was watching When you hit 1 million subscribers 😀😀😀
Swarit Bhetwal
Swarit Bhetwal - 27 days ago
Thumbs up if you like catfish
Turtle Head
Turtle Head - 29 days ago
I got that exact rod for a birthday lol, thanks for showing me that it works 👍👍
Joseph Azevedo
Joseph Azevedo - Month ago
jack dingle
jack dingle - Month ago
Your voice annoys me so much as it’s such good content
James Shook
James Shook - Month ago
kendal: set this in the water real easy (through fish in pond )
Majestic910 - Month ago
Ive never seen anybody fish for catfish with bread lol
a rose
a rose - Month ago
it's like your farting silent but deadly
Drew Kahler
Drew Kahler - Month ago
How do you catch like a 10 pound catfish on a micro pen so like this comment if he deserves a trophy
Mason Amich
Mason Amich - Month ago
2:34 very gently
Erica Hasan
Erica Hasan - Month ago
is that real 22 carot gold
Thegaming Aussie
Thegaming Aussie - Month ago
Kendall you should get a mud or musk turtle for the pool pond but you’ll have to watch it in a mini pond at first to watch him/her and teach him/her to only eat certain things and make sure you get one big enough the bass won’t eat em and give em a bit of structure to sun bath on along with a basking lamp other then their pretty good things for pool ponds but then again they aren’t the best please consider my suggestion pls no hate
Jacob Fort
Jacob Fort - Month ago
Yee yee
savagesausageo39 fortnite mobile
I want that pole so bad
Nikki Anderson
Nikki Anderson - Month ago
Do a kayak pin rod cat fishing challenge
lil lunm
lil lunm - Month ago
Tristan Ortiz
Tristan Ortiz - Month ago
Ok guys gonna set this guy in the water real gently(tosses fish) 😂😂😂😂
Butternut Best boy
Butternut Best boy - Month ago
R.I.P. cluck noris
Braeden Goemer
Braeden Goemer - Month ago
Cluck Norris,perfect
butt Cruz
butt Cruz - Month ago
Can i have your pen rod
Lori Perez
Lori Perez - 2 months ago
Your awsome
NsO_Never- -
NsO_Never- - - 2 months ago
I would take the reel off and go to a pawn shop
Explorewithme - 2 months ago
I want to punch u so bad
Robert White
Robert White - 2 months ago
Y'all should check out his merch it is amazing he has all kinds of things
Exotic-Whisker YT
Exotic-Whisker YT - 3 months ago
If you wanna see big ones go to MTA Miller Time Angling
Exotic-Whisker YT
Exotic-Whisker YT - 3 months ago
That's a small catfish
GRANT GUILBEAU - 3 months ago
I just got a bate caster yesterday and I was wondering how to use one.
Leo Prince
Leo Prince - 3 months ago
I will like to meet Kendall and have some fun
Bianca Loria
Bianca Loria - 3 months ago
2:35 just gonna out him back in gentle *throws* good enough
Russ Rogers
Russ Rogers - 3 months ago
U are cool
David Booth
David Booth - 3 months ago
Kendall:i and Adam me:Adam and I
FlickRandom - 3 months ago
only fishes dislike his video
slime fun
slime fun - 3 months ago
Do you see the fish at 7:05
Egmont van Eeden
Egmont van Eeden - 3 months ago
You could have used a clip on sinker and that would hve casted the line a little bit
henco du preez
henco du preez - 4 months ago
when you touch the eggs she will never lay on them again.
Devon Phillips
Devon Phillips - 4 months ago
For Merch u should make a fishing pole
bogeyboy4044 - 4 months ago
Well done! Now I want that rig....Looks like fun.
Travis Roberts
Travis Roberts - 4 months ago
People probably disliked this because you didnt pull the fish out of the water and land it with the rod, ill admit im a lil disappointed too
Silas Tebbitt
Silas Tebbitt - 4 months ago
rip cluck norris
Miles Blair
Miles Blair - 4 months ago
Where did u get the rod
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