OKC Thunder vs Golden State Warriors - Full Game Highlights | Oct 16, 2018 | NBA 2018-19

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Sthephen Curry lloyd
Sthephen Curry lloyd - 18 дней назад
Amazing player Steph curry hoooooooo idooooool
New Mbassa
New Mbassa - 27 дней назад
This is a good sign because Andre and Westbrook weren't playing I hope this is a playoff matchup.
Mark Mueva
Mark Mueva - Месяц назад
Di Pa Naglalaro Si Demarcus Cousins Nyan. Paano Na Kaya Pag Nakapaglaro Na Sya..
Dalenie Tejada
Dalenie Tejada - Месяц назад
Uff that must have been very painful 9:16 😖
Asar Ptah
Asar Ptah - Месяц назад
GSW had to battle to win this game against OKC without Westbrooks and surprisingly and different feel about how they're set up this season.
Steph Curry,Durrant,and Looney competitive night.
Solaim Macapantao
Solaim Macapantao - Месяц назад
akala ko natoloyan na si KD sayang 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
zyl zyl
zyl zyl - Месяц назад
Mark is all like ...... I "like" the defense of "OKC" ......
And as he finish saying it , Damian Jones dunks it .......
Lol ..... wow ... so much for their defense :/
Anthonio Conte
Anthonio Conte - Месяц назад
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yung bull
yung bull - Месяц назад
PG always playing smooth wen tf he go drop 50 on them dudes🔥
Mr. Taruguman.
Mr. Taruguman. - Месяц назад
FuckyouuuU currrRy.
Rayla T.
Rayla T. - Месяц назад
Tristan Furrow
Tristan Furrow - Месяц назад
Golden state worries suck
Visuality Confidence
Visuality Confidence - Месяц назад
Stevie Games
Stevie Games - Месяц назад
why is steve aams such a pussy i the hole this year smh
King Ice
King Ice - Месяц назад
Okc need a new coach !!!!
Joven Lanoy
Joven Lanoy - Месяц назад
9:27 Curry doing his NBA 2k thing :D dribbling the ball waiting for buzzer sound
Rhea Castillejos
Rhea Castillejos - Месяц назад
Curry shooting on 3
Tomas Williams
Tomas Williams - Месяц назад
Mith in the minute 5:06
Yash Kapoor
Yash Kapoor - Месяц назад
Russell WestBrick
VOICE MIXER - Месяц назад
If brooks will play, thompson will inter the court too..
jassain tajanlangit
jassain tajanlangit - Месяц назад
ang gsw ang pina ka hari na team wla ng mka tatalo sa kanila putang ina lakers yanat iba pang team gsw solid
D0Y3ON - Месяц назад
As an okc fan I have to say that for all the people saying that if Westbrook was there we would have won, hell no.
Westbrook would have taken shots that weren’t meant for him and then would start stat padding.
Do a Backflip
Do a Backflip - Месяц назад
this is hat i like about the NBA. Any NBA team is able to beat any team. notice how all games are always close, sometimes teams do get blown out but usually games are always close
Shane Sarino
Shane Sarino - Месяц назад
I love you Stephen curry
gitarrenspieler1000 - Месяц назад
Block by Schröder ?!
DC Gaming
DC Gaming - Месяц назад
Can i ask? Where is Russ?
ElementalGaming 2008
ElementalGaming 2008 - Месяц назад
why did they dont let play demarcus cousins :(
Eubien John Suco
Eubien John Suco - Месяц назад
Westbrick won't make any difference. Stat-padding MVP.
Ray Warren Jr
Ray Warren Jr - Месяц назад
Curry will always dominate on fantasy sports and make me sales :)
J K - Месяц назад
The reason OKC almost won because without Russ they can pass the ball around easily
Vito Bustamante
Vito Bustamante - Месяц назад
Where is DeMarcus Cousins?
Frequency Vibrations
Frequency Vibrations - Месяц назад
Rockets shoud be the team doing that ceremony. You know, warriors x referees 😒
Frequency Vibrations
Frequency Vibrations - Месяц назад
Refs also made the rockets so exhausted.
daisy Jesse
daisy Jesse - Месяц назад
Exactly. The Ref made the Rockets to miss 27 threes in row. Hello or LOL.
Isaac Iturralde
Isaac Iturralde - Месяц назад
O'Shen's View
O'Shen's View - Месяц назад
OKC needed to box out.
Marivic Santiago
Marivic Santiago - Месяц назад
They look better wthout westbrook. They just lost to the best team in a close game.
808bboarder - Месяц назад
8:42 Schroeder barely breathed on him lol. NBA has a narrative for a 3 peat
jay Brrr
jay Brrr - Месяц назад
Thunders are so dumb to trade D. Sabinis.
Javier Dedios
Javier Dedios - Месяц назад
Thunder have westbrook on bench and curry's titties are frighted by him!
Joshua Butler
Joshua Butler - Месяц назад
the beginning should be on 2k. Adding the fact that your team won the trophy/championship on my career would be awesome.
Tyrus Horn
Tyrus Horn - Месяц назад
Steven Adams has absolutely no rim protection
Hasnain Karan
Hasnain Karan - Месяц назад
I wanna see Deonte Burton out there. Coach Donovan needs to play him some minutes
Christian Dela Pena
Christian Dela Pena - Месяц назад
Very sure this wont be this close if Westbrook played, it will be a blowout in favor of GSW. Without selfish Russ, ball rotates and more OKC players share the load.
Tony Lugo
Tony Lugo - Месяц назад
9 reasons why Lebron, Kahwi,wESTBROOK CP3,MELO,Harden, PG, Lonzo, AD, BARKLEY, EWING, DA MAILMAN ..will NEVA win ANOTHA RING. 1.Durant 2.Curry 3. Klay 4. Draymond 5. IGGY 6. LAVAR BALL 7. Kawhi UNCLE 8.LALA 9. JR SMITH #getwoke #dropsmic
Glorioso Reyes
Glorioso Reyes - Месяц назад
What if westbrook and roberson is there is no way can gsw can win
Supreme cute
Supreme cute - Месяц назад
rip lebron dika na aabot sa final puta
Angel Nakila
Angel Nakila - Месяц назад
kailan nag simula ang laro ??
Christopher Milton
Christopher Milton - Месяц назад
Everyone talking about how good the Thunder are since they lost a close one without Westbrook and Roberson. I think this more shows that the Dubs are beatable this year.
TJ Jackson
TJ Jackson - Месяц назад
when they share the ball and play as a team they’ll have a chance. westbrook is stunting the teams growth.
TJ Jackson
TJ Jackson - Месяц назад
maybe they play better without westbrook????
Ivan Forte
Ivan Forte - Месяц назад
Good job Dubs !
Killua - Месяц назад
People really don’t understand basketball... just because you add westbrook don’t mean they would win... they COULD have won but they COULD have also lost by more... either way this doesn’t mean shit lmao... its regular season and by now you should have gotten used to the warriors not playing hard in the regular season considering last season and the season before they lost to low tier teams more than top tier teams
TheFlowG - Месяц назад
LOL... Dennis "Airball" Schröder...
syed aamer ansari
syed aamer ansari - Месяц назад
Biggest disappointments of the season OKC and 76ers..They have the potential to beat warriors but they can't...
stke23 - Месяц назад
hackel hidalgo
hackel hidalgo - Месяц назад
julia shane Cabrera
julia shane Cabrera - Месяц назад
Warriors not on their phase yet.
Darrell Coon
Darrell Coon - Месяц назад
KD only that good cause he was coached by kevin bacon in the Air Up There. He still doing that shake n bake that kevin taught him! 🤣🤣🤣
Jewry Hernandez
Jewry Hernandez - Месяц назад
Okc is really good, especially PG13....wait till Russell is back they gon be beasting
Chad Edward
Chad Edward - Месяц назад
Everytime curry hits a 3 he breaks a record.
I'm sure he thinks of it that way too.
irie man
irie man - Месяц назад
OKC is much better team if without Westbrook!.
Ryan Lord
Ryan Lord - Месяц назад
They better give deonte burton some min against the clippers over Patterson I swear if they don’t we gotta see what he’s capable of doing
creates100 - Месяц назад
Anyone drawing significant conclusions about either team after one game is an idiot.
__x__ [Wotb]
__x__ [Wotb] - Месяц назад
Adams really a good man caring others even enemies when KD falled hard
CAF420ALLDAY7 - Месяц назад
Wheres westbrook fuck
Jr abella
Jr abella - Месяц назад
Kaiser Em Syn
Kaiser Em Syn - Месяц назад
People blabbering about Russ not there ... 5 all star in warriors...
Haha all stars are as well NBA players not any special human.. it's just that warriors are better close win or not win is win...
And if you wanna keep saying about Russ not playing the game.. how bout Cousins... ?
metalester - Месяц назад
This is not a preseason?
3ric - Месяц назад
Shrouder choking worse than Kim Kardashian did on Ray J🙄
117 Infinity
117 Infinity - Месяц назад
We only choosing teams player s who can reach 100 points to play in heaven s
Stephen The13th
Stephen The13th - Месяц назад
Golden State is a great team but they're going to have to earn it this year. I really liked what I saw from OKC though. They got a bunch of long limbed defenders and hungry ballers. To hell with the NFL if every game has this playoff energy it'll be the most competitive season we've had in years.
Co Money
Co Money - Месяц назад
Westbrook gone fuck everything up for a triple double
Taye Goon
Taye Goon - Месяц назад
Listen to SHE WASNT THERE FEAT DON VALACHI by Taye Goon #np on #SoundCloud
Ellie Dahl
Ellie Dahl - Месяц назад
Full Game Highlights
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson - Месяц назад
westbrick comes back hogs the Ball they lose HORRIBLE
SadBoiK - Месяц назад
Okc and Houston got a chance this year and if Lakers live up to be anything close to the hype the west is gonna be fun to watch
south side Strider
south side Strider - Месяц назад
Russell Westbrook
King of the prairie
Ruthann ned wase
Ruthann ned wase - Месяц назад
Durant go see lebron!!
Crush Dupree
Crush Dupree - Месяц назад
Ferguson wasn't ready, Abrines was ok and I seen them last year. BUT I rather see Dialla & Burton!
jacin abapo
jacin abapo - Месяц назад
Kaya natalo Ang okc Kasi wla c westbrook
T Will
T Will - Месяц назад
When you see that ass walking out the tunnel at 4:36 and totally zoned out for a few seconds. I blame the colour blouse she has on. ok back to the game
Davon Charles
Davon Charles - Месяц назад
Only if Russ played😞
purnomo Darmo Wasito
purnomo Darmo Wasito - Месяц назад
No respect for curry !. Almost everytime he scored, he made unnecessary move. He think he is the best player in every match for his team
Ayaz Mehmood
Ayaz Mehmood - Месяц назад
Thunder seems to play better without Westbrook. Not saying Westbrook is a bad player, but maybe OKC should rethink their play-style.
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson - Месяц назад
Lol y'all clowns I don't understand why y'all putting that much into a season opener
Paper Team Drew
Paper Team Drew - Месяц назад
You know warriors taking dubs like always but we're DeMarcus cousins
Yan Perry N. B. Valorise
Yan Perry N. B. Valorise - Месяц назад
okc stars : denis schroder,russell westbrook,steve adams and paul george
golden sTATe wARRIORs
golden sTATe wARRIORs - Месяц назад
David Matsunaga
David Matsunaga - Месяц назад
OKC is good Without Westbrick.
Blafard666 - Месяц назад
Fuck the Warriors.
Anthony White
Anthony White - Месяц назад
*Paul George is no joke, this guy is the BOMB.*
Brandon ERail
Brandon ERail - Месяц назад
This was the game I was been waiting for lol
Brett O
Brett O - Месяц назад
GS vs. Celtics !!!! Lets hope for no major injuries and that these two meet in the finals. Boston can come at you in waves now.
Angelica Paez
Angelica Paez - Месяц назад
Whres cousins?
Imen Mhadhbi
Imen Mhadhbi - Месяц назад
like a monster ^golden state warriors^ ..... fuck off 😅
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman - Месяц назад
Thunder should trade Westbrook for butler lol. Westbrook tends to bring the team chemistry down and butler has the heart of a champion, thunder did a really great job against GS without Westbrook..... Now imagine butler added. Play offs for sure
Fabian Kynly
Fabian Kynly - Месяц назад
Beautiful threee.......
Manny Godinez
Manny Godinez - Месяц назад
Westbrook may have hurt thir chances even more had he played so this was probably a blessing in disguise. I think Roberson wouldve been helpful for the Thunder in this game. Could have used his defense in key moments!
Khalani 904
Khalani 904 - Месяц назад
KD and Klay shot was off today. Plus Boogie didnt play. OKC cant beat the Dubs in a series..... be 4real delusional OKC fans lol (the Warriors always come out lackluster on opening night: they lost to the Spurs by 29 points in Golden State last year..... calm down)
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior - Месяц назад
Jordan Bell & Damien Jones are probably the two best athletes on the Warriors no cap
Snowy City
Snowy City - Месяц назад
Fuck you Warriors. 3 peat? Suck!!!
X҉îçr҉øñïX҉ - Месяц назад
The last time Russ and Roberson played, the Thunder obliterated the Warriors on the road.
So how df is this game proof that this team is better without Russ? Not even stats back up that cancerous, incompetent statement that anyone would basketball knowledge wouldnt even think about saying. Westbrook gets too much hate for no reason. Hes a Top 10 player.
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