11 Minutes of FL4K Gameplay in Borderlands 3 - IGN First

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Christian müller
Christian müller - 2 days ago
In every review of different channels they let noibs play the game and it always looks boring then when I see his movement 😂
Low Res Studios
Low Res Studios - 3 days ago
This guy reminds me of Lysanderoth
King The Fairy Guardian
Wow they actually have the vault hunters talking in this game when interacting with the characters...
Russianbot-Not#80085 - 6 days ago
Fl4k is a *HE*
I can't wait to play *HIM* in game
jackson - 7 days ago
I'm 100% playing fl4k they're so damn cool
LittleMerc56 - 7 days ago
LoOkS JuSt LiKe ThE TrAiLeRs
Deadlift - 8 days ago
Gonna play FL4K and call him "male Robot"
Jack Ripper
Jack Ripper - 8 days ago
Andrew M
Andrew M - 9 days ago
En taro adun much?
Gold - 9 days ago
" *HEUGH* I think that enemy got - the point!"
Cursed Agnostic
Cursed Agnostic - 9 days ago
Their choice for the actress to play Lilith is horrible.
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man - 9 days ago
Do you choose a name for your pets or do they already have a name?
raahkaa - 10 days ago
FL4K is male ? or at least his voice sounds like a man`s.
Delbert Grady
Delbert Grady - 10 days ago
Loving the sound design
Dee Rivear
Dee Rivear - 11 days ago
why do all these testers have the worst aim....
The Nemesis
The Nemesis - 11 days ago
FL4K is my first character for sure. Definitely can't wait to try HIM. Also, HE'S going to be super fun to play.
Hasler Anonymus
Hasler Anonymus - 12 days ago
Beste Top 🤣🤣
bass out
bass out - 13 days ago
cant wair for the game to drop. got friday off so idk what i want to play more the new MW or borderlands 3. uuuuuuuuuuuurg
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester - 13 days ago
lilith, lemme smash!
Sen Pyres
Sen Pyres - 15 days ago
why are all "game journos" so bad at games?
IIISabot - 15 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks this game isn't gonna be all that great?
Agent Washy
Agent Washy - 16 days ago
ign have some of the worse players i swear lol
S-Heaven Low
S-Heaven Low - 16 days ago
My Hype is here
Tigerspaz - 17 days ago
Hope this game runs ok on ps4. Cuz I'm getting it on ps4 to play with the GF until it releases on steam.
alexander herzing
alexander herzing - 17 days ago
Really nice game man
Golden Boy
Golden Boy - 17 days ago
This just looks like a bl2 dlc to be honest, sorry I know the repetitive gun play is gonna bore me since I played so much bl2
Dawniix - 17 days ago
His voice acting sounds great
BanditoDorito - 17 days ago
This game is going to be incredible
dj-chemicalz - 18 days ago
mah boy Prozd moving up in the world voice acting for gearbox is. Huge thing hopefully this will spring board his career to new heights
Virtual Shopping
Virtual Shopping - 18 days ago
Randy said they wouldn’t make Borderlands 3 until there was a huge jump in graphics. The example he gave was GTA3 to GTA4, but Borderlands 3 just looks like a cleaner Borderlands 2. I hope the world is more interactive to compensate and not just invisible walls paradise
Riley Schopf
Riley Schopf - 19 days ago
This gameplay really makes you feel like FL4K
貝里沙海王星 - 19 days ago
no 4k? wtf IGN?
KiwiCanadian - 20 days ago
I wonder if recoil will be added
ZOMGItsNathan - 20 days ago
Cool! Flak! That guy is cool.
MasterOfNothing - 21 day ago
I swear he is using like level 4 guns against level 24
Mitchell Sidebottom
Mitchell Sidebottom - 22 days ago
Big? Yes
Cool Voice? Yes
Robot? Yes
Loves Animals? Yes

I'm rollin' FL4K, baby.
Arturo Salinas
Arturo Salinas - 22 days ago
I can decide between fl4k and zane as my main
Existenz - 22 days ago
6:54 he tried to attack his own pet xD
Денис Охритько
I hope that you can name your pet
I would call my scag Archibald
Felipe Godoy
Felipe Godoy - 22 days ago
Is it just me, or the recoil in the guns feels kinda bland?
Dany Jolicoeur
Dany Jolicoeur - 17 days ago
Felipe Godoy the only thing that is a drawback for me atm
Big Homie
Big Homie - 22 days ago
I just noticed. It's reticle is slightly lower than the middle. Holy Hell that's gonna bother me.
woocoheed - 23 days ago
ProZD is the best
Adam - 24 days ago
Dude FL4K looks so cool! I cannot wait to play him!
Absolute AlphaMale
Absolute AlphaMale - 24 days ago
Hey I’m new to pc but if I get it on epic store will my data save to steam later
Samuel Pierce
Samuel Pierce - 23 days ago
I’m not really a PC expert, but there probably is some way to move the files around or something. And if it doesn’t let you do that, someone will probably make software for converting the saves.
Vince :D
Vince :D - 26 days ago
Damn this is awesome
SHELLshockKEEN - 28 days ago
Definitely sounds like a—> HE
SHELLshockKEEN - 24 days ago
newton ok than I’m not sorry lol. I just say like it is *in my opinion*. Deep voice equals big nuts to me 🥜. The robot obviously doesn’t have a pair of big nuts or feminine traits at all but I get it... I now bestow the power of knowledge toward nonbinary robots. But I hope you and many others learn to have some skin when it comes to this. You didn’t see me throwing a fit when people said banjo kazooie was a dog and the bird was a rooster when they were accurately representing a bear and peacock!. You start to interpret a problem when you realize the actual facts toward this. But I swear this is my last time fishing the comments to purposely offend someone for the fictional state in which they may or may not be living in hehe. Goodbye newton(?)
newton - 25 days ago
@SHELLshockKEEN I don't need an apology, I just hope you realize that your comment is offensive to nonbinary people.
SHELLshockKEEN - 25 days ago
newton maybe you should have some respect and productively accept my apology lol or would you rather argue
Deedrix - 28 days ago
HE looks cool
Win From Within
Win From Within - 29 days ago
Game loos gritty
BootyJenkins - 29 days ago
So it’s clearly a *he*...
음_땡큐 - 29 days ago
I really like hyperion reload
Rowan - Month ago
I'm loving how much voice acting there is in this game!
Austyn Gillis
Austyn Gillis - Month ago
Was leaning towards Zane but Fl4k has a better voice and looks like more fun. Zane's gameplay looks less fun than the other 3's
Weston Vaughn
Weston Vaughn - Month ago
Female psychos huh
wmears zinderpop
wmears zinderpop - Month ago
чет стрельба выглядит хуже чем во второй (( никакого импакту, как говорится ...
Billcee - Month ago
Doesn’t look like the pets tank at all though
LockedLoadedDestruct - Month ago
Visual upgrade is definitely whats up
Judas Petta
Judas Petta - Month ago
the second they revealed flak I knew I would pick them. I love this big burly robot and everything about them
Dawniix - 17 days ago
It’s a guy robot tf
Blackcrusader - Month ago
That SMG Resembles The Plasma Rifle From Halo...Nice.
C.C Fellton
C.C Fellton - Month ago
Gunplay looks so polished. I'm so excited for this.
Raúl  Aragón
Raúl Aragón - Month ago
I just want to hear Troy say "For real?!" just once.
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