I Tried Following A Soap Art Tutorial

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard - Month ago
hello friends!! here is a fun video that took me a while to figure out but now i have a lot of mediocre-looking soap!! hope u guys are having a wonderful week! :) xoxo, saf
Maiken kjær Olesen
omg try and make candel art
Djoodi 72
Djoodi 72 - 11 days ago
Everybody just listen for a sec, here’s an idea for the greatest colab on the planet, dollightfull (the girls who’s videos she used for example in her doll making series) makes a doll for safiya nigard that’s wearing some of her weird fashion items, and safiya dresses like her dolls for a week! How cool would that be? PLEASE LIKE SO SHE SEES THIS!!!!!
flower princess
flower princess - 11 days ago
Were are u
Lauren Higgins
Lauren Higgins - 11 days ago
It really wasn't that bad. It's an advanced technique and it only took two attempts to get really close!
Flora_idk •_•k
Flora_idk •_•k - 11 days ago
Safiya Nygaard :Safiya it’s 5:00am where I am I got the idea right after watching ur candle video about trying to mix as many different EOS’s together or different brands of chapsticks together to see the result.idk I just thought of it randomly
Brianna Jeter
Brianna Jeter - Hour ago
https://www.supportful.com/215e0943-1d46-43a5-b4cd-ca0a4a83764 help my friend please!
rileysie - Hour ago
The fact that Tyler brought rococo out of his vocabulary is so impressive. I’m legit an art student who learned that word at the end of my freshman year for crying out loud. Lol
Madd Hatter
Madd Hatter - Hour ago
Wait, that Markiplier meme tho
Esha_0822 - Hour ago
I wish Saf was my high school chem teacher
My Zzz
My Zzz - Hour ago
12 bars of soap for like a 100 dollars I’m so sorry sadiah
My Zzz
My Zzz - Hour ago
Thomas Degroat
Thomas Degroat - 2 hours ago
*Batter already pass light trace and into medium trace*
"Is this trace?"
"I don't think so, another 20 seconds."
Meline Sparks
Meline Sparks - 2 hours ago
Royalty Soaps! hell yes!!
Kati Towle
Kati Towle - 2 hours ago
Yo I would love to rep one of your sweatshirts. I love the red and black and I’m pretty much a sock all the time🤷🏻‍♀️ if I wasn’t so broke I’d buy one but your awesome and just wanted to mention that
Riley Corkery
Riley Corkery - 2 hours ago
We literally did this lab in AP chem lmao
Crinie The Hybrid
Crinie The Hybrid - 3 hours ago
Can y’all try making a bath bomb? Me and my mom make bath bombs I choose the scents and colors my mom says I’m amazing at the scents so i is happy about the compliment
Leah Walsh
Leah Walsh - 3 hours ago
too much science.
LoboDeSombra 861
LoboDeSombra 861 - 4 hours ago
*”...dive into the learnings I have...learned.”*
Hm, yes, great wording there Saf!👌🏼XD
LoboDeSombra 861
LoboDeSombra 861 - 4 hours ago
Other tutorials Safiya follows: “Oh, maybe I have the that, maybe I don’t”
THIS tutorial: *”BiTcH, dOn’T DiE!!!”*
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow - 4 hours ago
I know Anne Marie!!! So excited to see her on your youtube soap making vid!! She is totally a real, down to earth, whimsical, funny, sweet person who is a WIZ at business (as well as soap making, bubble bath making, bath bomb making - well, anything you might want to get you clean and smelling wonderful making!
In the future, you can just order colorless, non-scented soap base - that you can microwave and add color & scent to - then put it together in the way you want in order to get the look you want. EASY PEEEZZY!!
Your soap looks beautiful - Anne Marie would be proud. You Da Best, Safiya!!! 💜🛀💙
Reign C
Reign C - 5 hours ago
fuck yeah bish i’m about to go make some food and watch
Maria Cristina
Maria Cristina - 5 hours ago
Try to do satisfying soap cutting or anything of soap
Mia Almonte
Mia Almonte - 7 hours ago
Something that you hear a lot in this video:
*Anne-Marie recommended this*
Paradox png
Paradox png - 8 hours ago
You shouldn't do it in your kitchen...
aidan pierce
aidan pierce - 8 hours ago
I can never unsee moldy nacho cheese
Jordan Willett
Jordan Willett - 9 hours ago
Stan Davids
Stan Davids - 9 hours ago
Why do you like to say bad words🙊🙊🙉🙉🖕🏼
BunnyBrains - 9 hours ago
Why oh why do companies and individuals alike insist on making soap that looks and smells like something I really want to eat?? It's an absolute tease!
Brittney Morrison
Brittney Morrison - 9 hours ago
More soap making videos!!!
Five Smiles
Five Smiles - 10 hours ago
Is it weird I smell the soap?? :3
Lusanda Nogxina
Lusanda Nogxina - 10 hours ago
Yass for the Amanda Show reference. I feel old.
Kim F.
Kim F. - 11 hours ago
Poppy Hankin
Poppy Hankin - 13 hours ago
this is amazing great job
Randy Coleman
Randy Coleman - 16 hours ago
I must say, they were way better than anything I think I could create.👍🏻
JOVANKA KARO - 17 hours ago
Why dont you put it in a whipping bag when pouring the soap mixture onto the loaf mold thing. Right???
catherine 6l
catherine 6l - 20 hours ago
Omg it looks like a water marble ...
... I hate it Cristine where are youuu!!!😂😂😂😂
CHD Benedicto Beltran
CHD Benedicto Beltran - 22 hours ago
You should've really gone into the soap more when you were using your hanger to really get that effect, but good either way! :]
Unlimitless Power
Unlimitless Power - 22 hours ago
The top looks like moldy cheese
fate_clotho - 22 hours ago
@Safiya Nygaard My uncle, my dad's little brother and his wife, actually makes his own soap. They've been doing it for ages, now. It was the only soap my dad used lol
They are Mormon, but don't hold that against them. Their soap is actually pretty good stuffs, if you ever check it out.
PS: Congratulations on finding your dress!😆💜🎉 It looks like it will be simply stunning and I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see video of the fabric and it's "final form"!
Hey Bro It's Lo
Hey Bro It's Lo - 23 hours ago
You know Saf is serious when she cusses
Potato_ GachaWeirdo
Potato_ GachaWeirdo - 23 hours ago
and i oop-
Natalie Mueller
Natalie Mueller - Day ago
paused at the wrong time lmao

A Simple Squid
A Simple Squid - Day ago
1:43 bottom left corner. Anyone else from Missouri?
lorena cuesta
lorena cuesta - Day ago
Marjorie Cam
Marjorie Cam - Day ago
You should mix every lush soap together

(i want saf to see dis)
Vika Blaire
Vika Blaire - Day ago
PlayingWithLizzie Kitty
Her soap on top looks edible like frosting!
PlayingWithLizzie Kitty
“Woah, it’s a whole new world out here.” -Saf after she takes off her goggles. Me when I put on my glasses. Who else
PlayingWithLizzie Kitty
I like how on the first try (second batch) Saf poured everything equally.
Brianna Evans
Brianna Evans - Day ago
You should do this with candles!!!
Michele Davis
Michele Davis - Day ago
Saf...it’s soap so you’ve done it perfectly this second go round! It’s gonna be gorgeous! It’s advanced soap making beautifully made by a novice! Your soap is lovely...I’d like to buy your soap! You should have some type of giveaway with your soap to your subs! It would be great! I have never said “soap” so many times in one sitting!
Hayden Cato
Hayden Cato - Day ago
Amber Mcfarland
Amber Mcfarland - Day ago
4:08 on the right is markiplier give this comment a like if you noticed that
Julianna Skill
Julianna Skill - Day ago
Please make another one of these videos PLeASeeeeeeee
Queen of Narwhals
Queen of Narwhals - Day ago
So I am re watching escape the night and I just watched you die
baby zone
baby zone - Day ago
i have that same thermometer
ARDRA -asmr-
ARDRA -asmr- - Day ago
12:55 DEAR GOD
Ssundeex Eex
Ssundeex Eex - Day ago
I want see more of safiya making soap
Marie-Josée M.
Marie-Josée M. - Day ago
You are awesome! for a first attempt at making soap... you nailed it..
i used to forget the fragrance a lot at first.. i was so worried about trace and having time to do my design! 😂
there is 18k comments.. but i still will leave this one right here 👌
Tabatha Erickson
Tabatha Erickson - Day ago
*Quote of the Year*
Let's jiggle this bitch
-Safiya 2019
Cringe Central
Cringe Central - Day ago
I love that Anne Marie kinda looks like holly from the office
Hammy and Me-tv
Hammy and Me-tv - Day ago
Hey saf probably won’t read this but this is also a psa to all your subscribers as well but I noticed the yellow mica powder you were using it is also commonly used in makeup to add shimmer but I suggest you have a look at the conditions that the mica miners work in also many of them are children
No hate though
Talia - Day ago
A loaf of soap
Shawna Wirl
Shawna Wirl - Day ago
I have been sick since Saturday, so I’ve been rewatching all of your and Tyler’s videos. :)
Sydney Williams
Sydney Williams - Day ago
I’m sorry can you not talk with your eyebrows please ?
Sydney Williams
Sydney Williams - Day ago
Just an innocent pomegranate I didn’t mean it that way
Just an innocent Pomegranate
Yes I'm sure she'll see this comment and immedietly stop something she can't control.
Fangirl Bookish
Fangirl Bookish - Day ago
Unrelated but Safiya looks so adorable with her hair tied back❤
Lucy Cobabe
Lucy Cobabe - Day ago
Hey... it has *character.*
ms great
ms great - Day ago
good job i love you so much 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
CuteSuperParrot !
CuteSuperParrot ! - Day ago
Do more
Lynne Evans
Lynne Evans - Day ago
science with safia, i just got smarter
CuteSuperParrot !
CuteSuperParrot ! - Day ago
Mix it!!!!!!!!
Treky 228
Treky 228 - Day ago
Bramble berry...
*like it you recognize that name.*
Maya D
Maya D - Day ago
6:16 After ordering all of our *soapplies*
Brianna Barnett
Brianna Barnett - Day ago
Next can you do I mixed all the bars of soaps at bath and body works to make a frankin soap
Gumdropp 22
Gumdropp 22 - Day ago
Does Anne-Marie know about this tho
kim jennie
kim jennie - Day ago
You should combine all the soaps from lush and make a big franken-soap
Hannie Marie Mason
Hannie Marie Mason - Day ago
i was obsessed with watching soap queen like 5 years ago when i was 10😂
Evidd Jance
Evidd Jance - Day ago
I was being a dumbass and cut a bit of bar soap I had. That was a fun ER trip...
Adah Larson
Adah Larson - 2 days ago
love how she watches the office
Mittens To Kittens
Mittens To Kittens - 2 days ago
Does that mean if I eat soap then I will eat ly?!
Bring on The rainbow
Bring on The rainbow - 2 days ago
You said your merch was the only thing not bought by bramble Barry.com .................So your house is bought by bramble Barry.com ??????????🤔
Erin Lee
Erin Lee - 2 days ago
my mom: "yOuTuBe iSnT edUcaTioNaL"
Ban Dit
Ban Dit - 2 days ago
At least that hair was inside of the soap like Jaclyn hills lipsticks
Maddie Miller
Maddie Miller - 2 days ago
Check out MilFamSoapworks website!!!
ItsCatheryn Lmao
ItsCatheryn Lmao - 2 days ago
You should try another soap
Explosive Kitten
Explosive Kitten - 2 days ago
You had me at that chocolate bar of soap.
Lydia Rice
Lydia Rice - 2 days ago
The design on top is giving me beauty and the beast vibes
Lexi_ Plays9
Lexi_ Plays9 - 2 days ago
Another mixing video like mixing sanitizers from Bath and Bodyworks or soap from anywhere or nail polish from anywhere or just do more mixing
asmr lovely
asmr lovely - 2 days ago
Saf should start a soap company called "soaps by saf"

Just me? Ok.
Ema's den
Ema's den - 2 days ago
the amount of times she said Anne-Marie😂
Samantha Grace
Samantha Grace - 2 days ago
i was just blasted back into high school bio thanks for the flashbacks safiya
Amanda Rivera
Amanda Rivera - 2 days ago
Loved the soap, it came out great. If I saw it at a farmers market would totally buy 👍
medusa626 - 2 days ago
Make bath bombs
Fatal Phenotype
Fatal Phenotype - 2 days ago
look the exact same to me
Alex Fertig
Alex Fertig - 2 days ago
Pt two
justanothergirl_xx - 2 days ago
Mya Jenkins
Mya Jenkins - 2 days ago
I thought she was gonna say “ hook LYE and sinker” 😂
Karoline Ingemann
Karoline Ingemann - 2 days ago
Cristal Geode
Cristal Geode - 2 days ago
Kermit is shaking
fsoon yoog
fsoon yoog - 2 days ago
Swift's nerd
Swift's nerd - 2 days ago
Polymerisation leggo
Swift's nerd
Swift's nerd - 2 days ago
Joleigh Ergle
Joleigh Ergle - 2 days ago
Safiya gave us a soap science lesson
Sunshine Wheelock
Sunshine Wheelock - 2 days ago
At my school we had to make digital portfolios using Wix and our sophomore year chemistry class was essentially just making soap for a semester
Cookie Alpaca
Cookie Alpaca - 2 days ago
Why make soap from Scratch when you can make it from Nuzzle?

Does anyone get this???
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