Stray Kids "Get Cool" M/V

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Sofia Benitez
Sofia Benitez - Hour ago
Que canción se mandaron.
THICC CILLA - Hour ago
k idk why but this is my first time watching the actual video of dis song, wHo ArE tHEyyY?? Im scared
Selene - Hour ago
Camila Vitória
Camila Vitória - 3 hours ago
Felix e muito linduh
Nour el iman Taibi
Nour el iman Taibi - 4 hours ago
노래하기 좋은 비디오 클립
Luis Cule Navarro
Luis Cule Navarro - 4 hours ago
todo lindi
Nadia A
Nadia A - 5 hours ago
I’m lowkey confused are they just talking abt food I-... bc if they are, i love this song even more 😂💅🏾😩😤💀
mahli belle perez
mahli belle perez - 6 hours ago
how cute do you want to be
straykids: *yes*
bumblebee on a tree
bumblebee on a tree - 6 hours ago
lol seungmin drew woojin as a bear
kpop trash
kpop trash - 9 hours ago
Mom:Why is ur room like that.You really need to worry about some things you can't continue this way

Malak _Jungkook
Malak _Jungkook - 10 hours ago
كيوتتتتتت والله 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Devil allergic
Devil allergic - 11 hours ago
Hwang hyunjin is damn sexy man with those killing states n those sexy lips
ANIME wibu
ANIME wibu - 12 hours ago
Get 😎
chiesaki - 15 hours ago
This along with my pace are my favorite stray kids title tracks. I wish they could comeback with a similar concept to this again
rapmymonster - 17 hours ago
i’ve been a bts stan since debut. i think it’s time i become a multifandom crackhead.
Phoebe Brooody
Phoebe Brooody - 20 hours ago
Vladimir Brickle Cuevas
Vladimir Brickle Cuevas - 21 hour ago
No offense every on but i prefer BTS💕
Jean Pierre Alonzo
Jean Pierre Alonzo - 4 hours ago
Why not both? So you have more songs to listen to. This is not as if you chose between Messi and Ronaldo.
Thomas Choi
Thomas Choi - 23 hours ago
Comes for Brazil pleaserrrrrrrr
I live youuuuuuu
Minnie - 23 hours ago
here because the today show in australia just played stray kids on live television!!!!
Emily Chen
Emily Chen - Day ago
2:51 I caught Felix doing a fortnite dance
#Justiceforsmchinesseartists #JusticeforAilee
And Hyunjin
Dinochan - Day ago
I really love jisung hair here
Emcherii - Day ago
mom: shes talking to boys or doing something bad on her devices
The Franz Kids
The Franz Kids - Day ago
Still our favorite video in the vineyard!!
E MMO - Day ago
the 개 꿀 pun get me :,) 1:57
Kiyanna Booker
Kiyanna Booker - Day ago
Am I the only one who hears Chan's Australian accent when he sings in Korean?😊
Sukanya Pawar
Sukanya Pawar - Day ago
My cool kids❤️❤️
Bangtan Boys
Bangtan Boys - Day ago
My funny babysss
Arina - Day ago
pls the softest babies ever
Simmered Chicken
Simmered Chicken - Day ago
I like how the jeongin now gives a mature and cute vibe at the same time like what even are you??
하하하 - Day ago
근데 이노래 타이틀곡 아니지 않나요? 근데 왜 뮤비까지 나오는거죵?
Keila Bataller
Keila Bataller - Day ago
Finding Felix @ 2:52
Celina Paz
Celina Paz - 2 days ago
Sebooty and ViVi
Sebooty and ViVi - 2 days ago
Hyunjin is gonna be the end of me.he's soo adorable❤
Alisson Chacon
Alisson Chacon - 2 days ago
100% talent
Chan bam is perfect 🤤😍
Lil Freckles
Lil Freckles - 2 days ago
Lil Freckles
Lil Freckles - 2 days ago
*that moment when even your bias is your bias wrecker*
Lil Freckles
Lil Freckles - Day ago
@Minedeeper A.R.M.Y lolol IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y - Day ago
I think this is the thought of the companies that we are wrecked by our Biases 😂
st ay
st ay - 2 days ago
Mochii Gacha
Mochii Gacha - 2 days ago
*sings “Get Cool” all day long*

mom: What are you saying?

*”Get Cool”* Mom
Rosana Illesca
Rosana Illesca - 2 days ago
Y el español nadie comenta en español >:v
핑엘리 - 2 days ago
"Get cool!"
Me: lol how
핑엘리 - Day ago
@Minedeeper A.R.M.Y Aww, thank you!
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y - Day ago
You're already cool if you Stan Stray Kids
Alisa Averina
Alisa Averina - 2 days ago
I love you boys
Yoongi And Kumamon
Yoongi And Kumamon - 2 days ago
My favorite song of SKZ 😶😍
giselle arias
giselle arias - 2 days ago
han at 1:32...

so cute!!!
Islamia Nur
Islamia Nur - 2 days ago
*just felix doing fortnite anytime and anywhere*
Natalie Rosales
Natalie Rosales - 2 days ago
More like get paid💰
fangirl ph
fangirl ph - 2 days ago
Watch Get Cool MV and Victory Song performance video to see skz's duality hahahahsksks
I'm your hope
I'm your hope - 2 days ago
Am I the only one at 2019 August???
Thomas Choi
Thomas Choi - 3 days ago
Estou apaixonada;-;
M amem pfvv
• moonchiild
• moonchiild - 3 days ago
these are the people that made District 9 and Miroh ??
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y - Day ago
Yes they are but ikr the duality
Michaela Rangnow
Michaela Rangnow - 3 days ago
That is cool 😎
Shu Kurenai
Shu Kurenai - 3 days ago
Get cooooool GET COOL!
Jasmine Laig
Jasmine Laig - 3 days ago
is it just me who likes them better when they were trying to get cool
MarieLoveJasmine - 3 days ago
Katelynn Rule
Katelynn Rule - 3 days ago
2:33 never fails to make me smile
Niloo Mj
Niloo Mj - 3 days ago
I just watched this MV on Arirang tv channel and I really liked it 😍
The choreography is so cute 🤩
Btsarmy Bulletproof
Btsarmy Bulletproof - 3 days ago
Hey guys so I’m an ARMY
And I’m currently still discovering more k-pop
And I hope you guys will guide me through stray kids and I hope I know them well
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y - 2 days ago
@Btsarmy Bulletproof you're welcomeee
Btsarmy Bulletproof
Btsarmy Bulletproof - 2 days ago
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y TYSM for this I am happy to know more about them
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y
Minedeeper A.R.M.Y - 3 days ago
Welcome to the fam 💐 I'm an Army too so yeah 😂 So first of all, in the Stray Kids Fandom we normally are talking about the Video or doing some jokes not like Armys or other bigger Fandoms about views so yeah 😂just a little warning 😂 First of all the leader Bang Chan - From Australia - Is in the aussi line with Felix - real name is: Cristopher Bang Next Woojin the oldest -Main Vocalist but he has one line in Miroh (yeah weird but okay) Nothing more to say about him he's sometimes very weird Next is Han Jisung -is in the Sub- Unit 3Racha -very weird but cute -you can recognize him easily at his double peace signs on his chin - Rapper Next is Hyunjin - Rapper - He can switch from sexy to cute in 0,0000001 second Next is Changbin -Rapper ( he raps really fast) - cutest person on this world -part of 3Racha Next is Lee Know (Minho) - very handsome -was a backup dancer for BTS in 2017 (just search BTS not today Jungkook Fancam and you can find him Next is Seungmin - Doesn't get many lines sometimes -Cute as hell Next is Felix -Is in the aussie line with Chan - his Australian accent is EVERYTHING - he can go from his low voice that is literally deeper than Taes voice sometimes to his high pitched voice in 0,000001 second - sexy and cute as hell Last one is I.N - Maknae - has the cutest face -haandsomeee Yeah that were the members so go and listen to all of their songs Hellevator( predebut ong about their time as a trainee) District 9 (debut song) I am You ( song for stays) Miroh( they got their frst win with this song) Side Effects( Recent release) Fandom Name is Stay They do the weirdest dance practices Are very weird but so funny I hope this helped you a little bit and sry if something is wrong 😂
Karina ML
Karina ML - 3 days ago
Oh Noooo, Help mee~
Im falling in *LOVE* with Hyunjin, Jeongin, Felix, and Bangchan >< ♡♡
Oliza De Silva
Oliza De Silva - 10 hours ago
me too
May _JIMIN - 3 days ago
اتخبل الأغنية ادمان عليها😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇮🇶
Chanhee Kang
Chanhee Kang - 3 days ago
I miss the old Jeongin. Please bring my baby Jeongin backkk!! The cute and innocent baby
Anna Haga
Anna Haga - 3 days ago
I sang this song just before my thesis's finals 😅 and I passed with flying color~~ the power that this song hold is amazing
AngelatheArmy 14
AngelatheArmy 14 - 3 days ago
Get Cool?
Honey, You already are cool 😎
jeongintrovert - 4 days ago
*can we just appreciate how cute they all look*
Tiger Fox
Tiger Fox - 4 days ago
Apparently the stray kids members tease Han about his looks, is it just me who thinks Han is REALLY good looking???
Neha Rai
Neha Rai - 3 days ago
Yeah for me Han is really handsome he is my bias too😍
Frezriani Nasrul
Frezriani Nasrul - 4 days ago
How can they be Changed there clothes to sexy clothes and singing cute song
Bluefire Hyeya
Bluefire Hyeya - 4 days ago
BTS A.R.M.Y - 4 days ago
So cute
Zahra Ara
Zahra Ara - 4 days ago
Do you love felix?
giselle arias
giselle arias - 4 days ago
baby bias i.n.!!!!
Suad Magal
Suad Magal - 4 days ago
Is anyone just gonna ignore the fact that they never ate that chicken they probably did after but I wanted some....😣🤣🤣
Liza Baratashvili
Liza Baratashvili - 4 days ago
1:14 minhos voice🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😲😲😵
Archery Stan
Archery Stan - 4 days ago
New fans here, Stray Kids are amazing, wish they can be much success in the future, win more awards,their music are awesome and cool,what is more amazing are their rappers can sing really well with high notes,very good... I Stan the right group.... hwaiting Stray Kids....
Sulistia Fahrunnisa Imani
Welcome, mate! Stray kids fighting.
Lucas br
Lucas br - 5 days ago
Zero defeitos ❤
Cruz Ontiveros
Cruz Ontiveros - 5 days ago
Me late el corazon cuando los beo😍😍
Nancy Parra
Nancy Parra - 5 days ago
Kanojo wa imasu ka? Shiritaikara😅🙂
BLINK jenchulichaeyoung
Aww they're such cute boys this is the first group after BLACKPINK that I'm so attracted to ....I'm liking each of their song in very first listen... gonna stan 😍
Mar li
Mar li - 5 days ago
Let's streaaaaam
كيو sa
كيو sa - 5 days ago
كيو sa
كيو sa - 5 days ago
Ultimate KC-Girl
Ultimate KC-Girl - 5 days ago
I got Seventeen “Hit” as an advertisement
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