Stray Kids "Get Cool" M/V

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Jia Ryo
Jia Ryo - 4 hours ago
Jeongin's expression always on point ❤
bang chan’s “ sNAkE “drawing
3:15 changbin SMACKED hyunjins arm bc he did the wrong pose 💀
juana l
juana l - 14 hours ago
Chan sorry for all stay
Thk for help us, and sorry for not help you
Ella ARMY - 15 hours ago
This is my first time I ever heard them, they're really talented 😭💕
I like this song ❤️
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez - 16 hours ago
Is it just me or can i get a job with them and see kids just eatind honey
Candice amd
Candice amd - 18 hours ago
*best honey, limonade and chiken commercial ever*
Hwang Hyunjin
Hwang Hyunjin - 19 hours ago
living the multistan life
The last parts when they actually got cool was the beginning for Miroh
anna 1267
anna 1267 - 22 hours ago
0:35 Uwu hyunjin is so cute
Kelly Andrea
Kelly Andrea - 22 hours ago
Yep,,, I'm healing my heart by str34m1ng an ungodly amount Stray Kids vids
Kumi stitch
Kumi stitch - Day ago
Stray Kids and GOT7 marathon. These boys are truly helping me survive exam season. Thank you for being by my side.
amaya nj
amaya nj - Day ago
h-h-hold up I'm s-s-shook can someone help me I just found out about them and I know nothing but they're so good
DAY6 - 11 hours ago
What do you need help with
Park Jae
Park Jae - Day ago
Ariqah Dyah
Ariqah Dyah - Day ago
Going back to miroh after this
Marina Jones
Marina Jones - Day ago
❤❤❤ Feli
❤❤ Felix
❤ lee
봉유깡패 - Day ago
Влюблена в эту песню😍💞
Enable 300
Enable 300 - Day ago
(I am french)💖💞
Cherry Gãchã
Cherry Gãchã - Day ago
C’était le jour de mon anniversaire quand cette chanson est sortie 😍💕❤️🥰
Laura Fragoso
Laura Fragoso - Day ago
I wish this would have blown up in Views like Got 7 - just right
Though I kinda like this one better :P
Valeria Huerta
Valeria Huerta - Day ago
صلاح عزاوي
my Love you😘😙💕💕💕💕💜😄😘😍😙😙😙😙
katy 7u7
katy 7u7 - Day ago
I love them💖
katy 7u7
katy 7u7 - Day ago
나는 그들을 사랑한다.
katy 7u7
katy 7u7 - Day ago
나는 너를 사랑한다. 나는 그 노래를 사랑했다.
katy 7u7
katy 7u7 - Day ago
los amo💗💟❣😍😍😍😍
Jessica Hughes
Jessica Hughes - Day ago
Just remember this was I.N's last mv with braces
Heba - Day ago
3:01 STAY 😀
BTSARMY k - Day ago
This my first stray kids song and really i like
Vasili Gaming
Vasili Gaming - Day ago
here in just one problem it ends
Divya Adheera
Divya Adheera - Day ago
This video is the visual representation of Stray Kids and their personalities:
1. Hyunjin being adorable 0:05, 03:13-03:15 at the same time sexy as hell rapping and dancing. And OmY gawd his visuals. (I cry)
2. Changbin being pouty and being patted on head coz he's a baby 3:07. (my Hyun-bin shipppp)
3. Baby Jeongin with braces and that butt wiggle at "daegurii" and him adorable as hell EVERYWHERE.
4. Dorky Hyungline
5. Changbin proclaiming love for maknae at 1:28
6. Han and Binnie rappers spitting fire while being excited for things like 1+1 or getting package delivered. (i live for these both and their duality)
7. Tom and Jerry Seungmin and Jeongin at 2:00 always bickering.
8. Woojin being the art masterpiece that he is. 2:23
9Minho being the Model/CF worthy visuals and damn oozing sexiness 2:24
10. Felix. Fortnite.
11. Chan being the amazing inspiration he is with his lines.
I stan amazing legends.
Divya Adheera
Divya Adheera - Day ago
@1:57 I'm cryinggggggggg!!!! these punny video makers... Dog and honey coming when the say "Get cool" respectively.. coz dog is 개(gae) and sounds similar to get(갯) and cool being 꿀(kkool) means honey. This video and whole probably was planned my stray kids themselves. I swear. I never noticed until now.
Dakota Bruton
Dakota Bruton - 2 days ago
this song and crown by txt radiate the same energy, i’m loving it
Caroline Zuniga
Caroline Zuniga - 2 days ago
Jeongin looks soooooo familiar when he try's to look evil after stepping on the coin🤔 but looks soooooo cute🥰
Meztli Muñoz
Meztli Muñoz - 2 days ago
que hermosa canción me pone de buenas :3
Kim Taehwon
Kim Taehwon - 2 days ago
Army support stray kid
Lirio CF
Lirio CF - 2 days ago
no ya wey que pasa aqui chama
sebooty jibooty nambooty gimme the booty
0:41 omg Jeongin that sly mischievous smile omg I'm dead😂😂
teturesa1 amerio
teturesa1 amerio - 2 days ago
noona, do you have a boyfriend?
Sashiyomu - 2 days ago
*You something is wrong with you when you have to get all dressed up just to watch a Stray Kids' music video*
amina2166 - 2 days ago
1:58 woojins walk ayy!
bts exo nct twice blackpink momoland IU lvr
this has made my day even purple(ier)💜💜💜💜💜
Jiminaa Nagisa_sama
Jiminaa Nagisa_sama - 2 days ago
0:20 bananee 😂😂
Sovia mariska
Sovia mariska - 2 days ago
Ariana Barredo
Ariana Barredo - 3 days ago
I'm new to the fandom (like 4 months), and I absolutely fell in love with them with this song, if you need a new background, 2:04
Luana Beorlegui
Luana Beorlegui - 3 days ago
Eu amo essa música❤❤❤
Vkook Comes Be4 My Existence
At 3:00 there is a word search and in the word search one of the words was "gay"... 
loli nobody
loli nobody - 3 days ago
the orange justice eh, smh. forkknife to overrated :3
mingh8 - 3 days ago
After this go watch the victory song
gods_ holy_water
gods_ holy_water - 3 days ago
They are so adorable I’m crying
ireumeum jungkook
ireumeum jungkook - 3 days ago
*Did Felix choreograph this song?*
Mariel - 3 days ago
Paola Geronimo
Paola Geronimo - 3 days ago
Los Amo voy a llorar ❤😇🤗😭
Angel Sabrina
Angel Sabrina - 3 days ago
Just Jyn
Just Jyn - 4 days ago
why are they so cute
Samantha Kim
Samantha Kim - 4 days ago
0:06 Han looks so traumatized LOL
g.loria - 4 days ago
1:34 should’ve been felix, minho and changbin
Kaitlyn Diep
Kaitlyn Diep - 4 days ago
This puts me in such a happy mood 😍😍😍😍😆😆UwU
Kaitlyn Diep
Kaitlyn Diep - 4 days ago
This song is so catchy 😍😍 I love it
Ashly Jarquin
Ashly Jarquin - 4 days ago
Esta es mi canción cuando estos bien feliz
Silverbird 3000
Silverbird 3000 - 4 days ago
They all nine have super powerful voices, I stan Talent
Silverbird 3000
Silverbird 3000 - 4 days ago
They all nine have super powerful voices, I stan Talent
Yenifer Rosas
Yenifer Rosas - 4 days ago
que lindo son
Le geek du jeu video l
Le geek du jeu video l - 4 days ago
Wesh grave bien pr’
junmyeon luvr00
junmyeon luvr00 - 4 days ago
rapper line. whew
Gy Mobile
Gy Mobile - 4 days ago
ฟังเพลินๆค่ะ (สนุกดีออกเลยเนอะ)
YOONGGI IS MINE - 4 days ago
This song is such a BOP!!
포도잼 - 4 days ago
Amalia Guzman aiza
Amalia Guzman aiza - 4 days ago
alguien mas le dise a hyunjin el chico de love it
tea bitches
tea bitches - 4 days ago
i love twice and itzy love
O my it's allready 17m Str3am harder fellow stay's goal is 20m figthing❤👍
Edit: this the so cute 2:50😂
Kåishi World
Kåishi World - 4 days ago
New stay here✨😍💯
Creator 195
Creator 195 - 4 days ago
Welcome to Stay fandom 😊
unapersona más
unapersona más - 4 days ago
Como es que este arte solo tiene 17M de vistas ? :(
Nadine Capaldian
Nadine Capaldian - 4 days ago
District 9 and get cool are showing the totally different sides of SKZ😍 love the fact
Changbin大佬짱! - 4 days ago
Dark Changbin: NOOOOOOO!!! That guy in the MV ain't me. I Love dark.
Creator 195
Creator 195 - 4 days ago
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves - 4 days ago
"I love dark", Changbin says.
Sydney Eloisa
Sydney Eloisa - 5 days ago
I saw this first before District 9 and like How cAn ThEy bE CuTe and hOt aT tHe SaMe tIme??!(i think Stray kids can only do that hihi)
mikumiku - 5 days ago
Watching this MV or even just listening to this song always makes my day!! Love you SKZ♥♥♥
Castor Pollux
Castor Pollux - 5 days ago
Jeongin so cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Mae Francis Sabellano
Mae Francis Sabellano - 5 days ago
stray kids new fan here😊
Creator 195
Creator 195 - 4 days ago
Welcome to Stay fandom 😊
Josefina Johnson
Josefina Johnson - 5 days ago
get cool vs miroh,, i’m just -
Melissa Gzz
Melissa Gzz - 5 days ago
They're are so sweet yet cool
Maria Mb
Maria Mb - 5 days ago
Es mi grupo favorito
bean pleesed
bean pleesed - 5 days ago
Margot Autret
Margot Autret - 5 days ago
okay i'm in love with you thanks Lixou
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - 5 days ago
For new stays (I’m like here commenting hundreds of years after this song came out but I was too busy listening to these cuties instead of writing comments) :

Chan : the cute one (2:41)
Woojin : the cute one (0:48)
Lee Know (Minho) : the cute one (0:42)
Changbin : the cute one (1:18)
Hyunjin : the cute one (0:27)
Han (Jisung) : the cute one (1:31)
Felix : the cute one (2:34)
Seungmin : the cute one (0:21)
I.N (Jeongin) : the cute one (0:15)
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - 5 days ago
I don’t even know who is my bias anymore
جود الحربي
جود الحربي - 5 days ago
دونت احتكاك في هان وهيونجين وكل الفرق🙂💕💕💕💕💕💕😭😭
Rukaiya F
Rukaiya F - 5 days ago
you do not know how many times my heart spontaneously combusted through out the whole video!!
mr.bang.talka. bout
mr.bang.talka. bout - 5 days ago You.
Anika Oni
Anika Oni - 5 days ago
I LOVE IT!!!! Get cooooooooool!
Laura Fragoso
Laura Fragoso - 5 days ago
I’ve been sleeping on Stray Kids , but Miroh has shown me xD how amazing and cute they can get
Kelsey Pink
Kelsey Pink - 5 days ago
Amalia Mhd
Amalia Mhd - 5 days ago
What's the name of the rapper at 1:33? bcs his rap..whew!
Lisa Ramirez
Lisa Ramirez - 5 days ago
Han Jisung :"D
Ursula Valentina
Ursula Valentina - 5 days ago
Grace Acosta-Pajarillaga
They are so cute 😍😍😍😆😆😆I really love this song so much 💓💓💓😘😘😘my favorite song of stray kids 😊😊😊when I'm listening to this song my day keep happy 😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😍😍😆😆😆😆😆😆
Love you all stray kids 😝😝😝😁😁😁
Z-Jheyy 10
Z-Jheyy 10 - 6 days ago
Bang Chan, Bang Chan es Muy Hermoso y Perfecto 👑❤
Alex Nwoko
Alex Nwoko - 6 days ago
y'all see i.n.'s face of disgust at 3:05
jungle gardes
jungle gardes - 6 days ago
Get cool
Berrator Moura
Berrator Moura - 6 days ago
Next videos