Stray Kids "Get Cool" M/V

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Kate Wells
Kate Wells - 34 минуты назад
where can i get these clothes tho
Marina Almeida
Marina Almeida - 34 минуты назад
BEBES i love you😭💞
-blank- - Час назад
They must had some much fun filming this
Shizuka Endou
Shizuka Endou - Час назад
they look like really cute nerds < 3
Hey Lee Know, you know ?
Hey Lee Know, you know ? - Час назад
Morena flai tchu discai
Hey Lee Know, you know ?
Hey Lee Know, you know ? - Час назад
Gué cuuuuuul
Hey Lee Know, you know ?
Hey Lee Know, you know ? - Час назад
Devem estar com torcicolo de ter que aguentar o peso de serem os amores da minha
Hey Lee Know, you know ?
Hey Lee Know, you know ? - Час назад
Sla o jeito q eu qr proteger vcs de td o mal do mundo é diferente
Hey Lee Know, you know ?
Hey Lee Know, you know ? - Час назад
Iti lindos meus bbs
Hey Lee Know, you know ?
Hey Lee Know, you know ? - Час назад
Ta eu ainda não superei
Kanaya Activity
Kanaya Activity - Час назад
Wow this is amazing😍
Alpha Girl
Alpha Girl - 2 часа назад
Checkout onf complete me
Alpha Girl
Alpha Girl - 2 часа назад
Soooo cute
iinaomii - 3 часа назад
I wanna stan Stray kids! umm.. help me!! Where do I even start?
im chan on twitter
im chan on twitter - 55 минут назад
watch their survival show~
Ra Ratih
Ra Ratih - 3 часа назад
9.1M NOW
please stream ,
Let's get 10M before stray kids comeback🙏
K-POP love
K-POP love - 4 часа назад
awww these youngsters r so cute JYP definitely has a good future coming for him with this group and all his others because he picks members so well xx
Jessalyn Butawan
Jessalyn Butawan - 4 часа назад
Who are they? tell me everything
sans shiber
sans shiber - 6 часов назад
I always come back to this cause they are such babies🥺
Just milly
Just milly - 6 часов назад
Get coollllll
im uwuing over my love
im uwuing over my love - 7 часов назад
im still listening. it never gets old
Yon Se0k
Yon Se0k - 7 часов назад
Andy Vu
Andy Vu - 7 часов назад
Do take the L
key 7w7
key 7w7 - 7 часов назад
cool? .... Son super tiernos (,,>᎑
Lady ChimChim
Lady ChimChim - 7 часов назад
I'm totally obsessed with Chans ,,Fly to the sky" 💜
R. H
R. H - 7 часов назад
Lucie Wegschmiedová
Lucie Wegschmiedová - 8 часов назад
I lIVE FOR COOLER JISUNG like jdvbdusfgi he's so hot???
Emma Jimenez
Emma Jimenez - 8 часов назад
Amos stray kids que cool
Get cool 2019
sea of what
sea of what - 9 часов назад
glob was here!
glob was here! - 11 часов назад
They all look like a whole mood😂 and they're also cute💖
Lucy .a.c
Lucy .a.c - 12 часов назад
I am: cool
Luisa Maria Bohorquez Ardila
Luisa Maria Bohorquez Ardila - 12 часов назад
ciertamente amo esta canción 💖
Larissa Saraiva.
Larissa Saraiva. - 12 часов назад
Can we talk about how well made the video is? Absolute gold!
kimberlee fraser
kimberlee fraser - 13 часов назад
I am definitely a proud Aussie when i watch them😆😆
priscila kashima
priscila kashima - 13 часов назад
My Goat Ate My Walet
My Goat Ate My Walet - 13 часов назад
Corrado Armeni
Corrado Armeni - 14 часов назад
woojin got jelous beacause felix stole his chicken
S.K.Y Viguis
S.K.Y Viguis - 14 часов назад
JUJU dith
JUJU dith - 15 часов назад
This deserves more viewssss💜💜💜💜
Mady Arsola
Mady Arsola - 16 часов назад
i love stray kids
Trisha Nicole
Trisha Nicole - 17 часов назад
If JYPE enjoys Big 3 privilege, Stray Kids would have won on a music show by now and TWICE wouldn't have taken so long to win theirs. Being from the Big 3 has its advantages, yes. But #ITZY1stWin ain't part of it tbh.
Nhuần Vũ
Nhuần Vũ - 17 часов назад
Am i the only one who think beside Woojin and Seungmin, Lino is also a underrated member:((
Mia Min
Mia Min - 18 часов назад
Kait the Dreamer
Kait the Dreamer - 19 часов назад
I literally love this video so much it’s so fun and quirky!! And the song is catchy as hell too 😄
Aikel Redilla
Aikel Redilla - 19 часов назад
Description of T.G.I.F ♡
Dr. D
Dr. D - 19 часов назад
Taka Hiro
Taka Hiro - 20 часов назад
new stays here
Creator 195
Creator 195 - 3 часа назад
Welcome to Stay fandom 😊
Ermyla Villaflor
Ermyla Villaflor - 20 часов назад
I keep on watching this video, they really help me to forget all my worries.
Tey Stay
Tey Stay - 20 часов назад mood so high with this song 🤗🤗🤗
Kaylee S.
Kaylee S. - 20 часов назад
My little sister: Who’s your bias?
Me: *Points to all of them* WHO CAN PICK JUST ONE???
KPOPthecrackversion BTS Army for life
KPOPthecrackversion BTS Army for life - 21 час назад
Here after my pace huge difference I got shook my wig flew all the way to Felix fortnite dance love stray kids
im chan on twitter
im chan on twitter - 21 час назад
imagine them performing this song on award shows
kpop/kdrama lover Exo'L, SongJongki
kpop/kdrama lover Exo'L, SongJongki - 21 час назад
OMG they are so cute😍 unfortunately I don't know them I just accidentally press this MV😕 but I like it😊😍
Michelle :D
Michelle :D - 21 час назад
I’m so excited for their comeback💗
Bangtan Boys
Bangtan Boys - 22 часа назад
My cute babysss
Agatha Mitiko
Agatha Mitiko - 23 часа назад
meubdues que fofos
Milo - День назад
When I need good vibes, I hear this song. Thanks, SKz.
Shiela Mae Blay
Shiela Mae Blay - День назад
Milanesa En Dos Panes
Milanesa En Dos Panes - День назад
I know this is unrespectful but I also know stays are really waked and educated and they are willing to help who's underrated and talented.
So, there's this band, 24k. I won't make the story long, I just want to say they've been in the industry for a long time now and still haven't got the popularity they deserve. I think you may like their songs.
Please, please, please go check out their new song "Bonnie N Clyde", and if you like that one, please listen to other songs.
Thank you so much for reading ily
only for stray kids
only for stray kids - День назад
who comes here everyday?
Stray Kids My Loves
Stray Kids My Loves - 17 часов назад
Tey Stay
Tey Stay - 20 часов назад
Me. More vie\/\/s
magiiiic - День назад
Stan a group where everyone’s a main vocal and a main rapper
Clare Ahn
Clare Ahn - День назад
Get better quickly seungmin 😭 i want to see u dancing happily soon😭😭💓
Lucy Eliza
Lucy Eliza - День назад
the fact that i saw this live two days ago omg i miss them
Clare Ahn
Clare Ahn - День назад
Omg same😭🤧
Army vk ym nj
Army vk ym nj - День назад
3:14 ahre hyunbin presente 💜
Marcia Santana
Marcia Santana - День назад
Get Cool ♥️♥️♥️👏👏👏
Marcia Santana
Marcia Santana - День назад
Que musica da porra chocada 🤩🤩😻😻😻😻😻♥️👏👏👏👏
Agustina Oviedo
Agustina Oviedo - День назад
son hermosos y amo su concepto
Milene Carrillo
Milene Carrillo - День назад
Niiku Hyung
Niiku Hyung - День назад
Ay no los amo:(❤
Faith Roark
Faith Roark - День назад
I LOVE STRAY KIDS yeasssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
run1492 - День назад
My daughter only thinks 'bout k-pop, she is obsessed, It's too much. She should be more responsible, study a lot more, help in house... I am very saturated about k-pop , listening it whenever I am in home. I think I have developed severe allergy about it. They all are the same, same songs, same formula, same faces and style... I admit they dance very very well, but I am very saturated. Why good music like Jazz, classical, and Rock and Pop music classics are not good for very young girls ? I think it could be hormonal. There's nothing I could do
pLoT_tWiStHeHaS jAmS
pLoT_tWiStHeHaS jAmS - День назад
iM sOfT dOnT tOuCh mE!!!!
Jimin's Jams
Jimin's Jams - День назад

imlikeabirdnotaturkey and sprite
imlikeabirdnotaturkey and sprite - День назад
This song always cheers me up ❤️💜😊
Rojena jabbar
Rojena jabbar - День назад
مين يسمعها للآن 👍👍
Roos Winkel
Roos Winkel - День назад
love the song and i love the concept
Roos Winkel
Roos Winkel - День назад
love this!!!!!!!!!
Retardada. Com
Retardada. Com - День назад
Perdi la cuanta de cuantas veces he visto el MV y sigo muriendo de ternura por SeungMin.): ♡
Eduardo Fernandes
Eduardo Fernandes - День назад
Muito bom, se inscreve lá no meu canal!
ThePanda Shipu
ThePanda Shipu - День назад
Stray Kids tus dioseeees
BTS aRMy - День назад
I'm surprised that they haven't gotten their first win...
apenas um kpopper BR
apenas um kpopper BR - День назад
algum br ai, mano essa musica e muito top serio rsrs estou super viciado !!!!
Hannia Molina
Hannia Molina - День назад
i love this song
panchita mamani montalvan
panchita mamani montalvan - День назад
felix and his dance xd I love him
radwyh m_
radwyh m_ - День назад
All of them were so great with different talented. Thats why stray kids are always unique for they own style, they even make their own lyrics song and dance 💝
Siraton Chawingram
Siraton Chawingram - День назад
ทีมแม่ไทย ทางนี้จ้าา 😍😘💓
Blo ble
Blo ble - День назад
I got lost in Youtube, I did not know this group before now.
I do not think this song will be my favorite, but it's punchy with a good mood, perfect to aerate your head
I want to hear more of the guy's voice at 2:35 ... I've had litteraly an heart attack when he start to sing... ♥
STAN DAY6 - День назад
listen to voices, hellevator mia and insomnia (with lyrics) also for the guy you liked his voice listen to 3rd eye or grr to get even more shook, his voice is so deep
micka saraña
micka saraña - День назад
I love this video and stray kids I'm happy every days
Hirai Momo Edits
Hirai Momo Edits - День назад
*sponsored by "Cool"*
Hirai Momo Edits
Hirai Momo Edits - День назад
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Fighting! 😘
Nicole Cavieres suazo
Nicole Cavieres suazo - День назад
Felix i.n d.o los amo
히비 스커스
히비 스커스 - День назад
To whoever disliked this precious video-
*1V1 ME*
Kirsten Gale Ardaniel
Kirsten Gale Ardaniel - День назад
but how do i fly to the sky??!
• AshieDaBerry •
• AshieDaBerry • - День назад
*I.N-na In Glasses Is My Aesthethic*

*Edit: It's My 999,999,999,999 Times Coming Back Here, Since November* 😂😂
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman - День назад
00 fans
00 fans - День назад
hyunjin stan yowww
Thisacc Isfake
Thisacc Isfake - День назад
oki but like who owns those really nice hands at 1:26?? They're honestly art??? I'm questioning my existence rn
I gUEss You'Ve WoNDeRed WheRe I'vE beEN
Let's fly together
Let's fly together - День назад
Sorry for this long comment that none of you will probably read, but if you're interested, go ahead!!!

Don't be mad if I say I'm an ARMY, because I know people usually will come at me if I say that. Anyways, I've known Stray Kids since last summer, when I visited the Philippines to see my family, and that's when my cousin introduced me to k-pop but I didn't really start stanning Stray Kids much but BTS after he introduced me to them. I really love BTS with my whole heart, because if you didn't know, they really treat each other and us, fans, like we are their family, and they write and compose their own songs and lyrics which are very deep and meaningful which have helped tons of people around the group and that's why we love them. They are just a very hardworking group!! And, about Stray Kids, it seems to me that they'll be the next bg I love more than any other after BTS for right now (along with TXT who are about to debut, but please don't judge me if I already stan them) because their songs are really something and I also love their lyrics which I'm sure helped a ton of fans, too. I don't know much about them, but I heard they write and compose their own music which is really what I love about a group. They seem to treat each other like family, too, but that's probably like all JYP groups anyways, and I love it. Also, if you want to know my favorite gg, which I started stanning a month ago, it's (G)I-DLE. You should definitely check them out, too, because they also write and compose their own music and have only debuted last year, and their comeback is in just four days so you're in luck hahaha. Their songs are also very unique, different, and they are really amazing!! I don't claim myself a Stay right now, but if I do start stanning them, then they'll be the fifth group I'm stanning. It'll be hard to stan that many, but I usually try my best to get updated to all of them which works out pretty well. A fifth might be additional, but it's worth it. I hope maybe you all could welcome me to the family:) I MIGHT stan them, but I just don't know yet and still need to learn more about them. Hope y'all can help me through this. Stray Kids fighting!!! (Also, I heard their comeback is around next month so I'm waiting and anticipating in it!!!)
JusticeLego15 - День назад
So i Saw this bangchan meme
The baby girl meme
And now i'm here.
Now u know how i became a STAY uwu
Creator 195
Creator 195 - День назад
Welcome to STAY fandom 😊
trap queen
trap queen - 2 дня назад
if Anpanman and Just Right had a baby it would be Get Cool.
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