Get Good Vibes With Our DIY Clothing Hacks & Girls Hacks by Blossom

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Nesrine Bouaita
Nesrine Bouaita - Month ago
Mohammed Sabri
Mohammed Sabri - Month ago
7:45 彼氏半身!?
Lili Bergeron
Lili Bergeron - 2 months ago
Où sont les Français 🙋‍♀️
Leah :3
Leah :3 - 2 months ago
i dont want to wear used underwears ;-; at 00.05
Cosmin Horvath
Cosmin Horvath - 3 months ago
Fane și nouă o inimioară și să scrie pe ea Bianca
Anonymous - 3 months ago
Yeah no thanks...
I am not wearing my brothers underwear as a shirt
WindowsEffects 2019 HD
WindowsEffects 2019 HD - 3 months ago
Elen Routs
Elen Routs - 4 months ago
The video is cool!
Cake Chocolate
Cake Chocolate - 4 months ago
When they can water marble but Christine can't...
Вика Васильева
Кто русский?
محمد العيسى
محمد العيسى - 4 months ago
Shasvin Suresh Kumar
Shasvin Suresh Kumar - 4 months ago
Blossom is the best
carlos Daniel olguin Ortega
carlos Daniel olguin Ortega
carlos Daniel olguin Ortega
carlos Daniel olguin Ortega
carlos Daniel olguin Ortega
Que yidos videos
shahod ali
shahod ali - 5 months ago
Here yoy am mestrong
Luciana Ferreira
Luciana Ferreira - 5 months ago
Siemens Siemens
Siemens Siemens - 5 months ago
8:14 nice haare
Happy Kids
Happy Kids - 5 months ago
I Like
Desy And Best friend
Desy And Best friend - 5 months ago
QT channel
QT channel - 5 months ago
Tamara Escobar
Tamara Escobar - 5 months ago
amo ber estos vodeos
ゆき - 5 months ago
Valdeci De Paula
Valdeci De Paula - 5 months ago
Adorei essas dicas
Rafaela Botella Monje
Rafaela Botella Monje - 5 months ago
I love
smutny krokodyl
smutny krokodyl - 5 months ago
Ana Pereira
Ana Pereira - 5 months ago
Love the last one
Kaila Seiger
Kaila Seiger - 5 months ago
I loved it
ferat cinar
ferat cinar - 5 months ago
Olala omaygat
123_y - 5 months ago
7:44 = single life
JoTokutora - 6 months ago
Shine Ahre
Shine Ahre - 6 months ago
Muy chido y todo pero tod@s aquí somos gord@s -.-
I smell bread
I smell bread - 6 months ago
Cute sports bra wear did you get it?

My dad's underwear drawer!

Also, if you can afford underwear you can afford a sports bra...
Fatihhh Yilmaz
Fatihhh Yilmaz - 6 months ago
Hey you
tetetet lolololo look
tetetet lolololo look - 6 months ago
Unicorn S
Unicorn S - 6 months ago
Yay I’m first!

Yeah, I’m never first (sigh)
Carmen Diestra
Carmen Diestra - 6 months ago
Shady Wayne
Shady Wayne - 6 months ago
Nul nul
borhi Rania
borhi Rania - 6 months ago
vous avez toujours répété les mêmes idées 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
anita sundari nita
anita sundari nita - 6 months ago
Fatih Cılız
Fatih Cılız - 6 months ago
Türkler +1
Saanshi Pomegranate
Saanshi Pomegranate - 6 months ago
1:05 *what is this witchcraft*
Like of you get it
Mehul Patel
Mehul Patel - 6 months ago
I love your hacks
Pari Awasthi
Pari Awasthi - 6 months ago
I love your video and you love this video one like please
Elza Xavier
Elza Xavier - 6 months ago
VIRGEN GUTIERREZ - 6 months ago
Jose adan Acosta García
Jose adan Acosta García - 6 months ago
5:30 parecen sandalias de Indio 😂😂🤣
Hani-Chan :3
Hani-Chan :3 - 2 months ago
lela lezhava
lela lezhava - 6 months ago
ძაან მაგარია!!!ძაან მომწონს და დედაჩემიც გიჯდება!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😁😁😁🙃🙃😜😝🤡🤡🤡🤡სასაცილოებიც ბევრია!!!😀😀😀😀👻🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🙎‍♀️🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️💏💏💏💏💏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👫👫👫👫👫💅❤❤❤👄👄👄💖💖💖💖💌💝💝💝👑👑👑👑💍
ii Amm Amie x
ii Amm Amie x - 6 months ago
Simply nailogical has left the chat
Luci Marrero Pèrez
Luci Marrero Pèrez - 6 months ago
I Love you Videos 👍✌
Maxpein Zin Del Valle-Moon
Pavithralal krishna
Pavithralal krishna - 6 months ago
The dress was the worst part
Sude - 6 months ago
ikide bir 5-minute Craftsdan kopya çekiyor blossom
Margrét Jakobsdóttir Jakobsdóttir

Read more
Margrét Jakobsdóttir Jakobsdóttir
Did I trick you?
Anushka Hitang
Anushka Hitang - 7 months ago
Too much nice vedio
DyxieGypsy - 7 months ago
Who cares about your damn “likes” people? Like this if you agree
Katya логика
Katya логика - 7 months ago
Я одна русская?
Alisha Khan
Alisha Khan - 7 months ago
1:11 this will never happens me like that 😑😑
Milk Pudding
Milk Pudding - 7 months ago
1:40 Faker than my will to live tbh
Nicole AD
Nicole AD - 7 months ago
the legend says that everyone looking at such clips looks at the 2.0 x speed
Priscila Peters
Priscila Peters - 7 months ago
Bem legal
Nikola and Jaina
Nikola and Jaina - 7 months ago
You guys make awsome ideas!!
Yuii Soul
Yuii Soul - 7 months ago
GOD is always beside
Asmaa Najih
Asmaa Najih - 7 months ago
Jennifer Salzano
Jennifer Salzano - 7 months ago
Love these ideas
christalyne costa
christalyne costa - 7 months ago
Иван Мишин
Иван Мишин - 7 months ago
Ставь лайк если ты тожи русский
Binak Hasaj
Binak Hasaj - 7 months ago
Granthonie Caparros
Granthonie Caparros - 7 months ago
3:19 how if we need to pee?
Gurmeet mann
Gurmeet mann - 7 months ago
All those old hacks...atleast make some new
فطومة فطومة
فطومة فطومة - 6 months ago
Tuğba Karaman
Tuğba Karaman - 7 months ago
Maşallah gelecekte ZC ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
amelija amelija
amelija amelija - 7 months ago
Likę 😁😁
alfi wilfi
alfi wilfi - 7 months ago
5:27 chanclas de hippie
Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez - 7 months ago
Nikki Gaitan
Nikki Gaitan - 7 months ago
0:52 *simplynailogical is triggered*
Marta Hernandez
Marta Hernandez - 7 months ago
Como lo ase
Somadrita Ghosh
Somadrita Ghosh - 7 months ago
Too many designs at 5:28
Brf Fahim
Brf Fahim - 7 months ago
faiza islam
HANI MASHHADI - 7 months ago
Татьяна Иванова
Я руская
Татьяна Иванова
Yahir Mora
Yahir Mora - 7 months ago
I love blossom😍❤
Kaylee Rules and likes to Game
chelsea biles
chelsea biles - 7 months ago
This is anazing
Василь Лазорік
I love you
egadze nino
egadze nino - 7 months ago
mahiii a directioner
mahiii a directioner - 7 months ago
They are old I saw them already
Алмаз Андашев
Алмаз Андашев - 7 months ago
Livia Brigo
Livia Brigo - 7 months ago
Melhor canal de dicas
giovanna alves oficial
giovanna alves oficial - 7 months ago
Só coisas repti
ضحكة الم
ضحكة الم - 7 months ago
حلو كتي فنانين
طيور حلوة
طيور حلوة - 7 months ago
انتي الي فنان
ضحكة الم
ضحكة الم - 7 months ago
واو واو واو
The Naz Planet
The Naz Planet - 7 months ago
I looove your channel!
Hanh Duong
Hanh Duong - 7 months ago
vikram singh
vikram singh - 7 months ago
pewdie pie gamer's
pewdie pie gamer's - 7 months ago
cinderella Princess
cinderella Princess - 7 months ago
Mia chan
Mia chan - 7 months ago
Amanda Herding
Amanda Herding - 7 months ago
I’m probably just dumb but could someone please just tell me what the meaning of those little pockets in men’s underwear is?
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