Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Live on SNL)

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Hannah Ochoa
Hannah Ochoa - 17 hours ago
So proud of how far you have come Harry :,) Much love to you and see you on tour!
Amritesh Mishra
Amritesh Mishra - 19 hours ago
Why are you doing this to me one day before my exam♥️♥️♥️
Breadbin Urie
Breadbin Urie - 19 hours ago
He looks so dead until the end ahha
Amo Amo
Amo Amo - 20 hours ago
Love your smile ☺️
Hz Ayda
Hz Ayda - 21 hour ago
Please tell me I'm not the only one who catch his hand shaking so hard on 00.40
Tabita Vilas Boas
Tabita Vilas Boas - 21 hour ago
que vontade de sentar
Jhoany Gómez
Jhoany Gómez - Day ago
Como te amo 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ como me duele no poder ir a verte cuando llegues a Perú 😭😭😭
mehr Bano
mehr Bano - Day ago
Harrry styles we love you and so proud of you
mehr Bano
mehr Bano - Day ago
mehr Bano
mehr Bano - Day ago
Naukden - Day ago
This songs just blows my mind and I takes me back to summer . It will mean a lot if you could check my cover to this
Sara of Isla
Sara of Isla - Day ago
*i made a cover of this song, it would mean the world if you could check it out* 💛
Filiz Gürdal
Filiz Gürdal - Day ago
He obviously has back pain he keeps touching his back
monazza Fatima
monazza Fatima - 2 days ago
I think taking a break from 1d was the best thing they could have done for themselves and their mental health. Recently Liam mentioned how after the band broke up he didn't even know his own interests.
Right here, Harry smiling before the chorus , I don't think 1d would have let that happen.
Lindsay Grizi
Lindsay Grizi - 2 days ago
aly - 2 days ago
1:46 I’m in love
Tess cg And Movies
Tess cg And Movies - 2 days ago
Wow. Just wow. Ever since he debuted his first solo album I've Been a fan. Not so much of his 1d stuff but his solo music? Thsts the shit right there I'd listen to everyday!
xClaaryy Styles
xClaaryy Styles - 2 days ago
I LOVE thiss😍😍
isaac Chavez
isaac Chavez - 2 days ago
El mejor sigue así hermano
S.S Iyer
S.S Iyer - 2 days ago
Why does his voice sound so scratchy??
o o
o o - 2 days ago
I mean....flawless.
Brittany Fahnestock
Brittany Fahnestock - 3 days ago
I love you Harry Styles so freaking much 😘🔥
Luci Brito
Luci Brito - 3 days ago
Amazing,live the Song 🤩
Archana Singh
Archana Singh - 3 days ago
Lol did anyone notice his watermelon nail art?
Vasilena Valeva
Vasilena Valeva - 3 days ago
Why does he put a nail polish on his nails ? I want an answer 🙋‍♂️
Vasilena Valeva
Vasilena Valeva - 3 days ago
@Kelseyy Dennis that's obvious, but what is the meaning of nail polish on his nails ,because in my country is fobbiden.
Kelseyy Dennis
Kelseyy Dennis - 3 days ago
Because he can and he wants to 🤷‍♀️
gentelNatan - 3 days ago
My love
Dany Lu
Dany Lu - 3 days ago
Nagyung Kim
Nagyung Kim - 4 days ago
진짜 좋다. 이번 앨범 전으로는 아이돌 이미지만 갖고있었는데 이런 음악적 영감과 감성을 갖고있을줄이야 ㅠㅠㅠ 이전에 얼빠였다면 지금은 해리의 다른 노래도 더 듣게된다.
Livi McCarroll
Livi McCarroll - 4 days ago
Antonela Adanto
Antonela Adanto - 4 days ago
Thought 1D was terrible.. but this grown Harry Styles just blowed my mind
amelia hemmings
amelia hemmings - 5 days ago
he literally dressed like an actual watermelon
ryana row
ryana row - 5 days ago
2:14 "YEAH" love it
ryana row
ryana row - 5 days ago
1:24 "withoUt"im in love fuck
Veronica Stylinson
Veronica Stylinson - 5 days ago
Harry dancing during Watermeon Sugar is such a blessing
kevin most
kevin most - 5 days ago
Another top song from Harry
eliwa's requine!
eliwa's requine! - 5 days ago
god! i cry....
Juan Leiva Pacheco
Juan Leiva Pacheco - 5 days ago
Thandeikka flake
Thandeikka flake - 5 days ago
0:57 damn lol I love that part.
kim taetae
kim taetae - 5 days ago
I miss 1d
Tayfun Genç
Tayfun Genç - 5 days ago
Perfect Performance 👍
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