"Doctors of Reddit" #3: Second Opinions

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Chloe Haley
Chloe Haley - 5 hours ago
Is bear a Newfoundland?
Olive Papyrus
Olive Papyrus - 7 hours ago
Why does he allow the dog to lick his face though?
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley - 8 hours ago
I hate the instant diagnosis deal. My best friend's daugther had a cerebral aneurysym bust. The local hospital decided it was drug seeking. My friend is an LPN and insisted her girl be transported. She would have died otherwise.
J M - 8 hours ago
My husband went to the doctor after hurting his foot at work, doctor didn't look at the foot, didn't order x-rays, nothing. Sent him home saying it was just bruised. He worked on that foot for a week before the pain was getting to him and went to a different doctor. Doctor ordered x-rays, his foot was broken in two places. He was set up with a walking boot and meds for the swelling.
purple boy
purple boy - 10 hours ago
metal shreds in eyes? my dad got some in his eyes and admitted in a hospital.
IamJacksColon4 - 11 hours ago
arent you afraid to get capnocytophaga canimorsus from bear licking you?
Random Person
Random Person - 12 hours ago
Just sharing a 'thank god you got a second opinion' story from my family : So my uncle had this big bump on his neck. He obviously got worried and went to see a doctor. However he told him that 'some people just have those, its not dangerous' and would be counted as cosmetic surgery to remove them. Went to another doc like a year later cause it was starting to get bigger. Turns out it was a cyst that had cancer inside. It was sitting right on his thyroid so they had to remove that along with the cyst and cancer. He will be get a check up to see if any cancer cells remained and if he needs further treatment or if its allright now next week. I hope he doesnt have to get further treatment and can just be fine now. Honestly though, if he wouldnt have gotten a second opinion he couldve died of cancer and we wouldnt even know why he died.
Also I apoligize if any of the spelling or grammer is incorrect, english isnt my first language, neither is it my second.
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee - 16 hours ago
Watching for Bear... omg I love him 😍
Iv gurl_lia vI
Iv gurl_lia vI - 16 hours ago
Omg is that a Newfoundland? 😭🥺
Farah Malike
Farah Malike - 16 hours ago
That is a HUGE floof! I love bear already ❤️
gayatri devi govindarajula
I didn't know electrolyte imbalance is such a big deal. I constantly have that. Was suggested by Drs before. I took the medication for a few days and never bothered again. It's just that I don't remember to take medicines and fall out of loop easily. And don't bother to look back.. that is very bad.
Kelsey Coane
Kelsey Coane - 21 hour ago
My "gut feeling" story. When i was 2.5 years old, i was ill. Initially, my parents were told it was the flu but when I continued to not improve, my mom knew it wasnt right and took me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Its super common for type 1 to be misdiagnosed
skippy uber
skippy uber - Day ago
my dad went to a hospital that told him he was fine, the next day we called an ambulance and he had MRSA on a foot sore and went into Sepsis. His foot was amputated.
Seungyun Katie Hong
Goodness I have good one for this.
So one day I had begun to have some simple symptoms of a cold. I had a sore throat and a runny nose. After a few days, those symptoms passed and so we didn't need to go see a doctor. However, a few days later, symptoms of coughing appeared. I started having a hard time sleeping, I was coughing every day to the point of throwing up, and I couldn't breathe without phlegm clog up my lungs and making it sound like I was growling. So the next day I visited a really famous and huge children's hospital in our city (Suwon, like, a HUGE city). I was 8 so yeah XD. They made us wait like an hour (which was pretty common) but we got our appointment and they told us it was a simple cold. So we went home and took some cold medicine. Eventually, it got so bad that one night I woke up because I couldn't breathe. I coughed it out but we went back to the doctor and they said the same thing. My sickness got worse and worse everyday, and we visited that hospital frequently for 3 weeks. ALMOST A MONTH. They told us the same thing every time. We had reached the point of me being sick for about 2 months now, and my mom was fed up. She visited a whole new hospital and they ran some scans that we'd never been through or never was told it was necessary.

Really bad one at that. I was hospitalized for weeks and weeks and to this day I still have a hard time breathing. I was hospitalized before that at around age 5 for the same reason, but we couldn't recognize the symptoms because they really did seem like cold symptoms.
dominick walsh
dominick walsh - Day ago
I love your dog.
Scarlett wags
Scarlett wags - Day ago
I once went to the docter because i was in allot of pain.
His respond : no you are not.
If you were in so much pain you would be here sooner..
Sam - Day ago
hot af
Charles Mayberry
Charles Mayberry - Day ago
ah, Hyponatremia, It's a real B*****, I didn't know that it was a thing until I moved to the desert, Within 2 weeks, I was out hiking and felt really awful I thought it was dehydration, so drank more, (I now know to put pedialite or other electrolytic things in my water) at that time though I was just drinking straight water, in a desert on a long hike.

it wasn't until my balance was getting really bad that I said "Alright I need a doctor" I go in, they take some blood samples, nurse gives me some water, It was a very very short time later the doctor came back, looks at me drinking the water and goes "Stop doing that, Right now." They gave me an IV that was pretty much saline and other minerals, explained hyponatremia to me.

The terrifying part of this is, The symptoms are the same as dehydration for me, except that more water makes one better, and the other worse. Absolutely terrifying experience. Like I said though, Now if I'm going to be out in the sun or desert for long, it's either pedialite in my water, or heavily diluted gatorade or powerade, whatever I happen to have readily available, to make sure my electrolyte levels aren't in a dangerous place.
alex taws
alex taws - Day ago
the psychotic patient didn't trick anybody, he was halucinating!... so much about not stigmatizing people with psychiatric disorders... :/
Legendary Dragon Nova
You should do a Reddit «how are you still alive» edition
GonnaFly - Day ago
A friend’s father is working in a hospital and when they had got a new “diabetic detector”, they tried it.
Well, they thought there was something wrong with it when it said “positive” when it was this friend’s fathers turn.
There wasn’t anything wrong with the detector...
Angel Williams
Angel Williams - Day ago
My PCP during annual exam: Your heart has a longer swoosh sound than it should. I'm going to refer you to a cardiologist for a 2nd opinion.
Cardiologist after about a million tests: You have a pin hole and a valve malformation. You've had these your whole life. I'm surprised no one has told you this before. No treatment for it, but let's keep tabs on it because it can cause your heart to age faster than what's considered normal.
Me: Stuck with extra doc appts and tests every year, but somehow made it 45 years without anyone noticing.
AtotehZ - Day ago
Not sure what you meant in the opening. Whether it could happen that they miss it or whether splinters could get stuck at all.
They can. It's not even that uncommon to happen if you work with angle grinders without eye protection. It has happened a few times to me and over a handful of times to my dad.
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WhySoSeriousGM - Day ago
Can I have your dog I have a Bernese mountain dog they can be friends
It’s Vizor
It’s Vizor - Day ago
I don’t know how, but I just got a 6 min long Max Verstappen ad, but you bet I’m watching it through.
imarielmermaid - Day ago
A doctor once laughed at me saying I didn’t have lymes disease eventhiugh I showed him pics of the bullseye. He laughed and said “that’s not a bulls eye”. And he said it’s not necessary to get my blood checked multiple times. I almost agreed with him but I’m paranoid and I’m like “no I want a blood test” because I was also going to study in Korea for 4 months and they have very diff system, hard to find dr who speaks English, and my insurance wouldn’t cover it and lymes disease untreated can end up very very badly. Once the results came back he called me and was like “uh uh ya ya....umm... you were positive for lymes disease and need to be on antibiotics immediately” like dude wtfff that could’ve ended so bad especially because i was gonna be in a completely different country for so long. good thing I’m careful about my health
jennacrack - Day ago
I had a friend that died OUT OF NOWHERE from potassium levels.... she was likely diabetic and didn't know it. Take care of your body folks
Romj Ilonggo
Romj Ilonggo - Day ago
You need someone to be in your side in time of that situation. Someone who can take care of you be your side even doctor has posibility for sickness. Dont be alone.!
AnonymousScout - Day ago
A lot of this happend even to me. Why do medical professionals do this? We're talking about someone's health and life.
robotsneedlove - Day ago
Heres mine. Still pisses me off. Took my son to the er for a seriously high fever, dr ran no tests and just started pumping him with antibiotics. Meanwhile a wonderful nurse called the nearest children's hospital and gave a dr my sons symptoms. Immediately in an ambulance on our way there. 2 weeks in the hospital with my son, really scary, a zillion tests, and because of the antibiotics the first dr gave him they never did figure out what was affecting him. Best guess was some sort of bacterial or blood infection. It was a scary year after waiting to see if it would happen again!
Beckie Hubley
Beckie Hubley - Day ago
My dad had been to see his dr. I forget if it was routine, but he was having abdominal pain and tried to see the dr again later in the day...dr wasn't allowed to give him a second appointment. Keeps getting worse, so my dad goes to a drop in clinic. Doc tells him to take an antacid and he GUARANTEES he'll be fine. A couple hours pass, and my dad is worse, so he goes to the ER. Turns out he has acute pancreatitis. He almost died. 11 touch and go days in the ICU. 3 weeks total in hospital. Was on insulin due to damage to his pancreas. Took months to recover enough to have his gall bladder removed, so it wouldn't happen again.
The next time he saw that doc at the drop in clinic, (for something unrelated) he told him what had happened after he was sent home to take an antacid. Thecdr turned white and said he was lucky to have survived. As to whether the dr learned his lesson, I saw him as well at some point after that, I forget what for, but he told me he thought I was fine, but that there were NO guarantees and not to to hesitate to come back or go to the ER if things got worse. So the dr learned an important lesson.
KittenAroundWith Zachary
I have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which causes a lack of collagen in the body and can lead to joint pain.
About three years ago I went to my peds ortho complaining about wrist pain. He gave me a brace and sent me on my way.
Over the next year I went back 7 times, he eventually told me I was imagining the pain and recommended a therapist, I advocated for myself and told him something was wrong and he agreed to do an exploratory surgery.
After surgery he apologized to me saying that he made a mistake, I was not imagining it. The soft tissue in my wrist had almost entirely fused together to try to make up for the lack of collagen.
Listen to your bodies.
KareBearAssasin Bear
My daughter has hydrocephalus, congenital, it’s amazing how few people know what it is as over 1 million people in the US suffer from it
James Fuchsberger
James Fuchsberger - Day ago
That can happen in welding. It's happened to me before. Metal always can get in your eye if you are using a grinder with a wire and/or grinding wheel.
Joshua Guerrero
Joshua Guerrero - Day ago
Tell me why I laughed so late after the annoying orange seen. I laughed like a whole min late
Tessie M
Tessie M - 2 days ago
I rolled my car going between 60 and 70 mph and was coughing up blood and they didn't do any scans or anything on my son or myself..
Thankfully we were okay, but my mom was pissed they didn't check us over better (she's a nurse)
the nooby animator
the nooby animator - 2 days ago
I have had a thunder clap headache 4 times in my life and didn't go to the ER
August Valencia
August Valencia - 2 days ago
I once went to the gyno because i hadnt gotten my period in 3 months and i was told it was “normal”
bladeofbattousai - 2 days ago
Regarding worst headaches of your life--My sibling had a coworker who had a terrible headache. She refused to go home, and it got much worse. Then everyone was trying to get her to go to the ER, but she refused, till she suddenly dropped to the floor. The hospital was very close and EMTs got to her in less than three minutes. She had an extreme brain bleed. The staff had never seen anyone living with a bleed that bad because they would pass before an ambulance could arrive. She survived.
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