Khal Drogo's Ghost Dojo - SNL

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Kittlesnbitsx - 9 hours ago
That was so cringe Worthy
Patrick McWhorter
Patrick McWhorter - Day ago
This sucks
Matt Foley
Matt Foley - Day ago
I’m an old man now but even when I was kid back n the Nickelodeon days this Keenan or kel kid whatever his name is has never once made me laugh ... how is he on SNL really o yeah it’s horrible now
Isaiah Pero
Isaiah Pero - Day ago
How did Beck memorize all of his lines?
Tim Berry
Tim Berry - Day ago
Kenan is (and has been) the weakest link on SNL forever.
Tiffany Grant
Tiffany Grant - Day ago
jadoresephora roi
jadoresephora roi - Day ago
WTF?? did i just watch???? audience is asleep as hell..the script sounds like the writers of GOT wrote..smdh...stupid as fukk...bring back the other show..MAD much anf 10x's funnier than this show...
David Litzenberger
David Litzenberger - 2 days ago
this fucking sucked
GalacticBlader - 2 days ago
Damn Jason has no self respect doing this shit
B4TheWar - 2 days ago
They shoulda had Ramsay and Joffrey bumping shoulders trying to make it to the seat first for “most hated with everyone glad they’re dead”....they also shoulda made it funny
Cookies Tv
Cookies Tv - 3 days ago
This is stupid
Kavisha Chandraratne
Kavisha Chandraratne - 5 days ago
Wtf is SNL now anyway
Canais Young
Canais Young - 8 days ago
Why is everyone bugging on this being a bad sketch? Like SNL has never had any in the 40+ years it's been on the air and this is the first time. Oh, what a tragedy.
Nala Nkadi
Nala Nkadi - 8 days ago
The lazy brienne misgendering -> weird attempt at identity politics joke -> weird way to relate it to the oscars -> fubmled lines was really quite the train wreck to watch.

What a show they put together.
pligman1 - 10 days ago
SNL use to be funny, now it’s just terrible!
Andrew Bonafilia
Andrew Bonafilia - 11 days ago
This was really really bad.... I think my soul hurts
Artem Bentsionov
Artem Bentsionov - 12 days ago
Fun fact: In the Russian dub, High Sparrow is called His Sparrowness. No joke.
Artem Bentsionov
Artem Bentsionov - 12 days ago
“I am Groot.”
“I am Groot!”
Brian Kimball
Brian Kimball - 12 days ago
The dude doing Joffrey should take at least 2 mins. to watch Jack Gleeson... untalented, lazy performances are SOP on SNL. Sad.
Aphrodisiac - 13 days ago
This was hilarious!!!!!!
Aphrodisiac - 13 days ago
Pat Pande
Pat Pande - 14 days ago
still better than the Long Night.
Torran - 14 days ago
i only liked khal on the wall and the beard twisties
Terrence Summerour
Terrence Summerour - 15 days ago
I love the Cash me outside
ashfrog8 - 15 days ago
This is what passes for comedy now.🙄
John Ming
John Ming - 16 days ago
Dude Keenan sucks seriously. Can’t pronounce anyone’s names right. Like he is the only Snl member who can’t get a movie deal. Obviously Kel has all the talent. Keenan is a jealous grumpy bastard who poops his pants during shoots yeah I was there for the infamous Gal Gadot mishap where Keenan pooped his pants while sitting next to Gal. You should have seen her face as she tried to continue the scene. She was a trooper until Keenan stood up and turned around and there was a giant Brownish wet spot on his ass. She yakked all over him lmfao it was priceless. Security actually went through everyone’s phones one by one as we exited to make sure there were no pictures or videos. There is a rumor that someone sent a video to a friend before it got erased but that’s just a rumor haven’t seen it yet.
Edward Aires II
Edward Aires II - 16 days ago
How is this show still on the air!!!!
Tim Ingram
Tim Ingram - 17 days ago
Wow i wanted this to be funny but it was just so lame. SNL let me down everytime
Ilona Koszta
Ilona Koszta - 17 days ago
I loved it
Jackson Gibbs
Jackson Gibbs - 17 days ago
This could have been so much better... ☹️
Mercedes Johansen
Mercedes Johansen - 17 days ago
What the FUCK was the part with Brienne?
Kahl Drogo
Kahl Drogo - 19 days ago
anha tikh ogat zhey men she zhey shiqethi suits ma ohharat zohhe their negwin houses!
120starter - 19 days ago
Hey, game of thrones doesn't have any black people in it..
nobledonkey17 - 19 days ago
"Hold the door" T_T to soon
Starr Dawn
Starr Dawn - 20 days ago
Too funny lmao
Ethieria Fey
Ethieria Fey - 21 day ago
I loved this 😂😂
SnazzySazerac98 - 22 days ago
This skit was awful. I love Mamoa, but this was just lazy and pandering. Davidson saying “you ruined my potato sack” was kind of funny tho
Thomas Zimmerman
Thomas Zimmerman - 22 days ago
Wow! SNL really does suck anymore. This was not funny AT all! Why is this show even on still? Should have gave up years ago!
SK Wills
SK Wills - 22 days ago
I know its a joke and aklkl but, how can you "Question Religion"? Religion doesn't actually exist and no one follows it. People follow different beleif systems, whoch arent really the same thing. We use the term Religion to describe a type of thing, but Religion doesn't exist on its own right... wouldn't it just make him qustion the specific Religious beelifs he had andnot "Religion" as a concept?
Mikey LaFave
Mikey LaFave - 22 days ago
Yup I can't even finish this. I have to much respect for Momoa. You guys fucked up
Ahmed H
Ahmed H - 23 days ago
I'm glad olenna put on some weight
James Hunt
James Hunt - 23 days ago
The real Khal Drogo -
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 23 days ago
That is one FAT ASS Bloodrider.
RandomRuss - 23 days ago
That guy looks like aquaman
Sebastian Wach
Sebastian Wach - 25 days ago
Ken Gribnitz
Ken Gribnitz - 25 days ago
i watch at least a few of these SNL skits once a year... how are they still around?
Wyatt Barrett
Wyatt Barrett - 26 days ago
True, not SNL’s best skit but it still got a few laughs out of me and thats all it really needed to do
Jubeidono2012 - 27 days ago
Very Sad skit.
fishan 1996
fishan 1996 - 28 days ago
I gotta say...this was terrible!!!
Jennifer Atwood
Jennifer Atwood - 29 days ago
DEAN 5897
DEAN 5897 - Month ago
OH WAIT HORDOR DIED! Shit I’m only at session 3! Wait don’t say anymore I’m watching the rest now! AHHHHHHHH!!!?
Edda233 - Month ago
So much potential in this idea, good job for dropping the ball entirely SNL.
Jacob Pelletier
Jacob Pelletier - Month ago
Like... someone please answer this... how is snl still in business? How is it still a thing? Honestly.
Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue - Month ago
wow! they are not funny at all!!!
Maximus Augustus
Maximus Augustus - Month ago
this sucked big time
bbb - Month ago
Chance the rapper's skit on hockey was funny
bronxbombers 2211
bronxbombers 2211 - Month ago
that guy that plays joffrey is extremely not funny. Too bad her biggest hits are trying to be young guys
Kevin Pearson
Kevin Pearson - Month ago
This was not funny.
Eric Serakas
Eric Serakas - Month ago
They should have done Ned Stark with Jon Snow and say “And you are NOT the father!” and have Ned go crazy.
Navya Warrier
Navya Warrier - Month ago
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia - Month ago
I think they should had Pete portray Viserys and then had him shout out “Oh no, not again” when Drogo poured the melted gold over him.
Subtle Nature
Subtle Nature - Month ago
Definitely more visual than audio..better luck next time snoozers
LivingTheSaltLife - Month ago
I love Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson. I never thought a skit with either of them could suck; unfortunately, I was wrong....
OneMeanArtist - Month ago
You wasted a golden opportunity with Jason Momoa. Shame... Shame... Shame...
Jessie b. Evans
Jessie b. Evans - Month ago
Sergio Gutierrez
Sergio Gutierrez - Month ago
That does not look like Jason Momoa
Jakester428 - Month ago
this is fucking awful
Erica Sigwalt
Erica Sigwalt - Month ago
I really wanted to like this. SNL is just awful. Hasn’t been funny since 2000.
Efrain Martinez
Efrain Martinez - Month ago
In the prequels, I wish he gets his own show. Khal and the Viper are the two most interesting characters in GOT. My thoughts. I would get HBO if they bring them back from the dead.
Sasha Fox
Sasha Fox - Month ago
calanthiarose - Month ago
This is the very thing I wish to get across. Shit like THIS! Don't blame the actors. If you A. Have good writing and B. You have good direction then you will have C. The complete opposite of this...Awesomely Good. PunkExMachina is right. This is LAZY! They just threw this mess together. It feels like it was just someone's random thought and it's fine for just that and only that. A random thought. But if you're going to do it then you think it through and you do it right or not at all. How many things have you seen over your life that were awful but what really made you mad is that it could have been great if they had done it properly. A big old Lazy WASTE!
Allyson Wonderland ASMR
The joke commercial break was the best part of the sketch and then probably the actual commercial break would be the second best part.
Aletoni Mataitusi
Aletoni Mataitusi - Month ago
Whatta waste of good looks and perfect physique...they should've just let him sit there saying nothing like eye candy. Their writers were horrible and talentless in this lame skit 😈
“Man spreading “🤣🤣
Gabriela Komínková
Gabriela Komínková - Month ago
Got a GoT ad before Hungarian wtf
poogen - Month ago
Honestly, this was probably funny only to the participants...
Zach Cole
Zach Cole - Month ago
Hey Drogo!!! Let's do the Brass Marlin Lady Tron self dead fish next time we meet. I know the soup and deals can't meet without Prada! Da! I think "the Dude" had a little more help than he thinks.
Non Wilson
Non Wilson - Month ago
Julianna Kopa
Julianna Kopa - Month ago
I really wanted to like this
Raeyne Jaymeson
Raeyne Jaymeson - Month ago
When they brought out Joffrey, this turned to trash.
Jake Beach
Jake Beach - Month ago
What a train wreck
Willard Lockerman
Willard Lockerman - Month ago
thats not drogo
Christian Cancio
Christian Cancio - Month ago
This was terrible. I wish I was dead
Dougla82Airborne - 2 months ago
This is awesome!
marinaliteyears - 2 months ago
Madtv > SNL
flamingbabygames - 3 months ago
I laughed more at my grandmother's funeral than this skit
Sylvia Dominguez
Sylvia Dominguez - 3 months ago
Lmao! I died when they started fighting 😩
Kyle Bucheri
Kyle Bucheri - 3 months ago
I feel momoa is like an in shape john belushi.....he should bring back the samurai sketch
jimdeanjr - 3 months ago
To be honest, as a Game of Thrones fan I really enjoyed this the bar when I was drunk and (more importantly) there was no audio.
Austin Jon
Austin Jon - 3 months ago
If Pete Davidson is 10" Jason momoa must be 10'. No homo. Just saying.
Katherine Hale
Katherine Hale - 3 months ago
what about jojen reed? he died right? (i don’t watch got, i just know about thomas brodie sangster)
Okay, this was cringy, but I laughed at the references.
Kiaria Luna
Kiaria Luna - 3 months ago
Is there a reason they made Khal Drogo a little more extreme than he is in Game of Thrones?
Proverbs31 10
Proverbs31 10 - 3 months ago
This was hilarious to me 😂😂😂
NoKittyMyPotPie - 3 months ago
this was terrible but Jason is hot so it's all good.
GINU1NE 1 - 3 months ago
Lil beard twisties... Funniest thing about it!
Erica Crystal
Erica Crystal - 3 months ago
Bae drogo ❤️😩
// Emilou //
// Emilou // - 4 months ago
The only funny part was when they started to fight and she called him Justin Bieber 😂
Thad Lozensky
Thad Lozensky - 4 months ago
That was dumb
Ryan Webb
Ryan Webb - 4 months ago
holy fuck what a lazy skit
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