I Said Yes to My Dad For 24 Hours! - Challenge

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Preston - Month ago
Subscribe or I'll say no to you for 24 hours...
Zachary Hirschmann
Zachary Hirschmann - 4 days ago
Someone that's not subscribed: will you not buy me a Lamborghini Preston: has to say no
Elvis Gallaher
Elvis Gallaher - Month ago
I'm subscribe to u already
jonathan lunsford
jonathan lunsford - Month ago
Toebe Halvorson
Toebe Halvorson - Month ago
im subscribe
Sharfunnessa Khan
Sharfunnessa Khan - Month ago
James Martin Caberoy
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez - 6 hours ago
Preston you should say yes to your family for 24 hour's
VANESSA DUNIGAN - 20 hours ago
How much is the person style T-shirts T-shirts
2028.Rosselyn McDougall
2028.Rosselyn McDougall - 22 hours ago
I love your channel is my favorite channel and I made sure to do that do you thumbs-up I am going
Ethan Staudt
Ethan Staudt - 23 hours ago
I am sub
Ethan deMoya
Ethan deMoya - Day ago
Do a I will let the control my life
Alberto Cyriaano
Alberto Cyriaano - Day ago
I've never in my whole life heard someone say I want all your money in these say yes for 24 hours
amine khatir
amine khatir - 3 days ago
Carolin Drake
Carolin Drake - 3 days ago
Love you and your wife
Alan Little
Alan Little - 3 days ago
I love ea
Karolis Sinkevičius
Karolis Sinkevičius - 3 days ago
Hey Preston i subscribed and hit the bell to support you :D
Mustafa Munir
Mustafa Munir - 4 days ago
Preston are you happy because electronic arts sponsored you
Skyler Jones
Skyler Jones - 4 days ago
Old dude
Brandon Montiel
Brandon Montiel - 4 days ago
Next time you do this never tell anyone
Reign d. panuayan
Reign d. panuayan - 5 days ago
what's you yers old are you are.
Lyla Connor
Lyla Connor - 5 days ago
You left your drink at Chick-fil-A I feel bad 😢 for the guy at Chick-fil-A
Charley Quinn
Charley Quinn - 5 days ago
U left the drink at Chic-fil-A. Lol
Claudino Costa
Claudino Costa - 5 days ago
Rusty Potato
Rusty Potato - 6 days ago
5:16 watch when he puts the phone down
Marco GnV
Marco GnV - 6 days ago
You should do I say yes to myself for 24 hours.
foxyboy101 - 6 days ago
Cooking with Jackson
Cooking with Jackson - 6 days ago
What the!?!
Harry Cass
Harry Cass - 6 days ago
lil_ozzo - 6 days ago
Preston's dad is a real Texan
Meixia Chen
Meixia Chen - 7 days ago
Preston did not call anyone I saw his phone and he wasn’t
Meixia Chen
Meixia Chen - 7 days ago
I wish Preston could have a meeting with his fans 4th of July to 10th of July
Zac Parker
Zac Parker - 7 days ago
Pubg Sucks64
Pubg Sucks64 - 7 days ago
I love apex!
Jesus Galvan
Jesus Galvan - 7 days ago
Fox King
Fox King - 7 days ago
Ethlyne Heriveaux
Ethlyne Heriveaux - 7 days ago
Tim Hartley
Tim Hartley - 7 days ago
Sorry. Your dad is evil
john strout
john strout - 7 days ago
I love apex legends
Glenn Verret
Glenn Verret - 7 days ago
Did anyone notice he left the drink at Chick-fil-A
Kelley Murphy
Kelley Murphy - 5 days ago
I did
GAMER HD DJ - 8 days ago
lol build a father's pizza arcade and a lambo
Khlese Jackson
Khlese Jackson - 8 days ago
That embarrassing to Carry 3 pacs of tolet paper with ur dad
Khlese Jackson
Khlese Jackson - 8 days ago
Can you comment his age if anyone knows it ?
Charles Stipanovic
Charles Stipanovic - 8 days ago
I loved your vid Preston I love your channel
Abigail and Ben
Abigail and Ben - 8 days ago
Pause at 6:20 lol his face
William Warren
William Warren - 8 days ago
Like the video
xi xi
xi xi - 9 days ago
xi xi
xi xi - 9 days ago
xi xi
xi xi - 9 days ago
Easton Skorseth
Easton Skorseth - 10 days ago
10 mil
kenneth robinson
kenneth robinson - 10 days ago
Is Nick his agent or does everybody he knows likes PIZZA
kenneth robinson
kenneth robinson - 10 days ago
When Preston had to say yes to Brianna she should have asked for the car earlier like Preston’s DAD
Magik YT
Magik YT - 10 days ago
Morgz 2.0 but better than morgz no hate
JXVE - 10 days ago
Every year do this!
Lilyn Mymn
Lilyn Mymn - 10 days ago
i sucribe yay for me now......
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