9 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!

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Sam Jarvis
Sam Jarvis - 16 hours ago
RapaNui is a Pacific Island and the natives there are the same as the rest of us Polynesians in Culture, History and DNA.
I can even understand some of their language because of that.

By my translation "RapaNui" might mean something like "Great Discovery" or "Great Search".
"nui" is easy, we use that in Polynesian all over the pacific, It's mean "Great/Vast" so like the Great Plains.
Rapa is a bit harder to translate but it's possible a variant of our word for "Vision, Seek, Search"
The Polynesians spread all over the Pacific, not just South-East Asia.
Getthepicture - Day ago
Horse shit video
hi ppl
hi ppl - Day ago
11:32 XD that voice crack hahahahaha
cofee Paste
cofee Paste - 2 days ago
There are allso have that tree in the philippines that tree called Dita tree
red command
red command - 3 days ago
Yay island in an island
Hedgehog - 3 days ago
Can we give it up for David Attenborough 💪🙌
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - 3 days ago
Siminthesky - 4 days ago
5..island of the dolls became tge satanic symbol of their many sacrificial rituals where babies were raped and cut alive and eaten..so each doll stands for a killed child
bjørn jørgensen
bjørn jørgensen - 4 days ago
turn down the dramatic voice omg
Joshua Choo
Joshua Choo - 5 days ago
The only thing i got frm this video is that the voice over was so monotone i felt asleep lol. Highly recommend to those who have trouble sleeping at night lmao
KKeith YT
KKeith YT - 8 days ago
Im from philippines and we went to taal volcano we swam in there for a minute and got scared because of the mud because the seems to pull you down so i got scared to swim in there for a minute more and the water is greenish and underneath is so dark
And actually taal volcano is not dangerous people have lived in there for about 50 to 500 years a lot of people have lived in tgere until now I just visited them this august
gavingus - 8 days ago
Gold= canadian coins!!!
Tribal FX
Tribal FX - 9 days ago
Polynesians found Rapa Nui, the peoples of Rapa Nui are Polynesian brah our ancestors sailed those islands and sailed the whole pacific
M M - 10 days ago
Was hoping to see Epstein's Island on this list
Rainbow Kite Gacha
Rainbow Kite Gacha - 10 days ago
The Island of Dolls is Very Creepy 🤪
Horde News
Horde News - 10 days ago
how did they get to eastern island...... well they sailed there then re-populated on the island...  Half of this is just copied from other you tube videos, even with the same footage and pictures from the other videos. Like the doll one.
Kiba Liu World
Kiba Liu World - 11 days ago
The narrator voice is so dramatic but somehow I find it attractive and sexy😬
Lonnie McDonald
Lonnie McDonald - 12 days ago
the Floating eye island isn't the only one. I've seen several others just like it all over the planet
liway macuja
liway macuja - 13 days ago
shiet i live in philippines and im so scared because someday it will explode
Trainz10 - 13 days ago
I know doll island!
Xzdogg Jameson
Xzdogg Jameson - 13 days ago
False. Pepole live at Socotra Island, It has an airport & It's part of Yemen.
Mooto Shah
Mooto Shah - 14 days ago
I am gost
Tamanna Jannat
Tamanna Jannat - 15 days ago
Door Mouse
Door Mouse - 15 days ago
oi mate ya missed 1 ;)
Sandro Mamo
Sandro Mamo - 15 days ago
you forgot malta!! its the only island in the mediterranian sea, you just imagine that sicily is 73 times bigger then malta. just misteriously in malta fits, india, pakistan, libya,sirya, somalia, africa, serbia these are the places i can remember.
Yhan Saredlab
Yhan Saredlab - 16 days ago
Dude i leave in Philipines
Michael Jack
Michael Jack - 16 days ago
Hope you long life because now got satellites 🛰️ laser weapon which travel in light speed 300k km / second 🐒 . GPS location tracker
Wilson Galo
Wilson Galo - 16 days ago
If you are in Luzon and if ur a filipino. Leeave a like.
VOLTOR LIGHTNING - 11 days ago
Very specific
Timothy Stephens
Timothy Stephens - 17 days ago
Palmyra Atoll sounds it could be also known as Gilligan's Island
cyberhawk80 - 17 days ago
whahahahah well somalia and eden are lightyears apart..
Katherine kay Alcantara
Katherine kay Alcantara - 17 days ago
Been in Taal Volcano many times.. stayed overnight but its not as creepy as they're shown here..That place is so beautiful indeed!!!
BCPO IDM - 18 days ago
that doll island is scary
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - 18 days ago
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - 18 days ago
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - 18 days ago
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - 18 days ago
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - 18 days ago
Barbie Doll
Barbie Doll - 19 days ago
Taal is very scary huhu when we went to philippines.. !!!!!
Langit knows
Langit knows - 19 days ago
Yayyyyy do u know i live in phillipines and i know how to speak phillipines word wacth and learn maganda ka ba meaning are u beautiful
Arnold piencenaves
Arnold piencenaves - 19 days ago
Taal is now a mysterious island. For us filipinos it's ordinary.
thomas TheAlpha
thomas TheAlpha - 20 days ago
6:10 that is one of the most haunted paces in North America
Alerson Acabal
Alerson Acabal - 20 days ago
5:54 is fake
Ratso Stroiraws
Ratso Stroiraws - 20 days ago
Possibly a hoax but maybe somebody died there at some point in time in history before electricity
Travis Jeremy Quijada
Travis Jeremy Quijada - 20 days ago
there is more scarier than taal volcano in our country!
Amaetika Studios
Amaetika Studios - 20 days ago
2:17 Do yall not check for this shit
jim jim
jim jim - 21 day ago
its not an island ?
lovekoh you
lovekoh you - 21 day ago
Filipino here...
i dont really believe that
taal volcano is creepy and scary you can even go there and go camping. and is so beautiful and relaxing..
The General
The General - 21 day ago
Hey was that Koh Dok Mai, Thailand in the thumbnail??
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude - 22 days ago
If EPSTEIN ISLAND isn't listed I'll be very disappointed 🤣🤪
nora arrowood
nora arrowood - 18 days ago
srishti - 22 days ago
Chagossians were expelled by British govt from their own land so that US build a military base. They are still trying to return, arguing that the forced expulsion and dispossession was illegal. US used this base during Gulf wars and Iraq wars. So selfish and inhuman!
sheena burger
sheena burger - 22 days ago
Here’s a question.... Do fish sneeze?
deborah Love
deborah Love - 21 day ago
Ahaha I would like to know!!
Bangtan Queen
Bangtan Queen - 22 days ago
imagine if the people from easter island made the statues because they thought "yo, you know what would look sick? a giant version of me...right over there" and then everyone else was like 'yooo, one of me too!"
Dana Lisa
Dana Lisa - 22 days ago
poveglia itsland, seems like a perfect place for a creepy MK ultra operation!
Bettina Fullerton
Bettina Fullerton - 22 days ago
Typical America.
samera macadato
samera macadato - 24 days ago
nakakatakot lng nman ang taal volcano pagpumutok. but it is one of Philippine tourist spot.
Steve Lamperta
Steve Lamperta - 24 days ago
Obviously you never read about the garden of eden .
KateOwlNebula9 - 24 days ago
Easter Island's Pacific ancestors were among the best navigators on earth: birds, "underwater lightning", winds, stars, reading water were some of the many natural navigation methods. They also created beautiful maps, one of which is at the Met in NYC.
Khristine Buban
Khristine Buban - 25 days ago
2:24 remembered Prof McGonagall
John Chohon
John Chohon - 25 days ago
Dude we would all appreciate it if you tried not being spooky and just telling the truth 😂
yurkie shigen
yurkie shigen - 26 days ago
The islans of dolls wtf ohh noo
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