Everything Wrong With The Nun In 20 Minutes Or Less

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that fucking guy
that fucking guy - 49 minutes ago
You know how many people got scare in this movie

oscar elephant
oscar elephant - 3 hours ago
Can you make a everything wrong with the internet
Shiny Heart
Shiny Heart - 16 hours ago
A Ghost Union which plans Jumpscares in advance?!?!?
Public Static Void
Public Static Void - 22 hours ago
That Nun is sooo hot, I'd do her!!
Jesse Brady
Jesse Brady - Day ago
Just imagine sitting next to this dude while watching a movie
Black fox Gaming
Black fox Gaming - Day ago
Saint Shorty
Saint Shorty - Day ago
I’m too afraid to watch regular horror movies so we’re here now
T-pegusus658 Franco
What time line in this movie we saw a car but yet they use lanterns and touchscreen instead of flashlights
Cheeta - Day ago
yeah about that movie... im havin NUN of that

i also died at the 19:45 "Hello bitch of death i said send me these questions three EH the other side he see" LMFAO
Miguel Chavarin
Miguel Chavarin - Day ago
Sorry for the atheism but... No one finds ironic that thr symbol to scare demons is an ancient torture device? It's like scaring demons with a hanging knot!
Some guy Who makes memes
3:00 sadly this is f’kin true
Nova Nation
Nova Nation - 2 days ago
16:51 you're actually a good singer. No joke.
Angus Smart
Angus Smart - 2 days ago
Oh ma gawd bois, it’s da nun
Sub to me for no reason
Everything is wrong with the nun
Alyssa Murphy
Alyssa Murphy - 2 days ago
I literally don't even need to go and watch any of these movies after watching CinemaSins video reviews on whatever movie it is that i wanna watch! Lol it's like watching a free movie pretty much at this point 😂👏🏼👌🏼❤️
treynk3 - 2 days ago
The Nun 3: Nuns on the Run coming in 2023
Shawn Shackelford
Shawn Shackelford - 2 days ago
OMG BOiZ! It's Da Nun!
Twinkle Doubt
Twinkle Doubt - 2 days ago
Why do you say *character* ex machina? Like, serously, I saw Ex Machina, and it has nothing to do with someone just popping out of nowhere and saving another character(s)... ☆
ƃuɐN -
ƃuɐN - - 19 hours ago
no problem dude its easy to think its something from the movie
Twinkle Doubt
Twinkle Doubt - Day ago
+ƃuɐN - now I get it. Sorry for the trouble. ♤
ƃuɐN -
ƃuɐN - - Day ago
has nothing to do with that movie it's a Latin expression here is the meaning from Wikipedia Deus ex machina (Latin: [ˈdeʊs ɛks ˈmaː.kʰɪ.naː]: /ˈdeɪ.əs ɛks ˈmɑːkiːnə/ or /ˈdiːəs ɛks ˈmækɪnə/;[1] plural: dei ex machina; English ‘god from the machine’) is a plot device where an unexpected power or event resolves a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel.[2][3] Its function can be to resolve an otherwise irresolvable plot situation, to surprise the audience, to bring the tale to a happy ending, or act as a comedic device.
ToonamiT0M - 2 days ago
Oh my God, boiz! It's da Nun!
Coldhardt007 - 2 days ago
OMG Boiz! It's da nun!
Zeljko Gluvic
Zeljko Gluvic - 2 days ago
Yeah Vatican has power in Romania....An eastern ortodox country
The Illuminati
The Illuminati - 2 days ago
Is this or the conjuring 2 better
Vaesanus Fututor
Vaesanus Fututor - 2 days ago
Omg bois its the nun
Gabriel medina blackman
Oh my god, it's the Nun!!!
Vaesanus Fututor
Vaesanus Fututor - 2 days ago
Maks Boetefuer
Maks Boetefuer - 2 days ago
Why are the nuns even speaking English, they clearly aren't native speakers. They even have the same accent so I bet they're from the same country and well nobody thinks oh let's go to this foreign country and be a nun there
I justpropaned
I justpropaned - 2 days ago
Oh my gahd boiz it’s da nun!
Orange Veemo
Orange Veemo - 2 days ago
i swear, i can still hear these d-
XyTED - 2 days ago

The new element in the periodic table is now *SOAP*
ASEDHOSAIN - 2 days ago
Where in the hell did Germans bomb Romania anyway
Connor Hill
Connor Hill - 2 days ago
Omg boiz its da nun
Alex Bos
Alex Bos - 2 days ago
OH MY GOD BOIZ! It's da nun.
Meme Supplier
Meme Supplier - 2 days ago
Elizabeth Crossley
Elizabeth Crossley - 2 days ago
Stephen Zevon
Stephen Zevon - 2 days ago
I can't take all the quips in such quick succession. Ding!
ChronoBrin - 2 days ago
Oh ma gawd bois, it’s da nun
Neostead 2000
Neostead 2000 - 2 days ago
Mior Ghazi Mior Khairi
Mior Ghazi Mior Khairi - 3 days ago
No.1 The Nun herself
Igor Djordjevic
Igor Djordjevic - 3 days ago
omg Boys its the nun
Elizabeth Crossley
Elizabeth Crossley - 2 days ago
TheBoldBlackBari - 3 days ago
TheBoldBlackBari - 3 days ago
huge creature
huge creature - 3 days ago
Imagine if this guy made a movie it be the most realistic boring ass movie ever
SAM_ART - 3 days ago
Bodies can stand up by themselves after death its called rigor mortis
Sean Nisbet
Sean Nisbet - 3 days ago
Watched This Movie And It Is Indeed Scary
It’s Me TheRealGeoBoy
I watched this in class
And my teacher said “Let’s Watch This”
And we were grade 4
My classmates loved the movie
My friend said ok 👌🏻
sona11111111 - 3 days ago
Any DaThings1 fans lurking? The Nun
Desirous - 3 days ago
As a German I can confirm we still pray to Hitler
Jason Zhang
Jason Zhang - 3 days ago
Everything wrong with "Everything wrong with the nun in 20 minutes or less- 20:36 Mins
Robyn Jacques
Robyn Jacques - 3 days ago
My biggest sin was that the nun was pretty creepy when we were not up close, but by the end of it, like after the water scene, I actually started laughing cause she did NOT look scary AT ALL
chubnom Cosplay
chubnom Cosplay - 3 days ago
Make everything great with the curse of la llorona and everything wrong with the curse of the llorona and make everything great with the nun
zzpza - 3 days ago
This is so much more fun than watching the actual movie! 😂
Mr Giogio
Mr Giogio - 3 days ago
Fork Jax
Fork Jax - 3 days ago
You forgot the part about how FRENCHIE touched the blood of Jesus Christ but was still able to get possessed

Benjamin Dorough
Benjamin Dorough - 3 days ago
Sin #40
Its been established in these Conjuring movies(and a lot of others) that the spirits have to break you down and make you vulnerable to possession, so that's why it didn't just possess one of them during that scene. Otherwise almost no demon movie makes any sense, because it would possess them as soon as they walked into a space it has power in and the credits would roll.

I think that it only attached a bit of itself to him, like it marked him, while the rest was sealed. That's why it took 20 years for it to possess him maybe? Only real one I can think of, but still stupid.
Basiliskos - 3 days ago
That celibacy vows bit was just awesome
naota3k - 4 days ago
tfw religion tries to pretend it isn't literal cancer.

Robert Vallie
Robert Vallie - 4 days ago
@16:07 The word is "pupae"
Green Beans For life
Green Beans For life - 4 days ago
This is funny because last month (when he made this video) I was at Rome
Nagmaa - 4 days ago
katy. x x
katy. x x - 4 days ago
*i'm from romania, and at this point I do everything in my power to have no connection with nuns.*
Bonka24 - 5 days ago
This movie did suck and I’m glad I didn’t go see it
Carson Applebaum
Carson Applebaum - 5 days ago
I think you need to stop waiting for movies to tell you how to feel/whats happening (especially the first one), read between the lines
Whydonttwe .Daniel
Whydonttwe .Daniel - 5 days ago
why do I feel ur scared while doing this? 😂😂😂
Cole Smith
Cole Smith - 5 days ago
The nun can’t kill them because it needs a living vessel to escape the abbey and go into the world. Also, it doesn’t just possess them there because (explained in the conjuring or the conjuring 2 can’t really remember) theres steps for demonic possessions. You have to weaken the body and faith/belief whatever you wanna call it so their body and spirit isn’t strong enough to fight back the demonic possession. Also the gateway was almost open for the demon but wasn’t fully there was still a link for the demon to push through and it was the dukes castle before it was an abbey but the saints blessed it and made it holy ground. Did you even watch the movie before making this?
casey coco
casey coco - 5 days ago
i don't actually care about CS' opinion, I just watch these to see abridged versions of movies i didn't get to see or want to spend money on
Klespyrian - 5 days ago
If I liked the Annabelle origin movie, would I like this? Asking so I know whether to watch this video before or after seeing the Nun.
BjLeigh - 5 days ago
That singing solo is a bop!
edward dobrianski
edward dobrianski - 5 days ago
Your voice is driving me nuts!
Ryan WasHere
Ryan WasHere - 5 days ago
Oh god No
HakunaMattato - 5 days ago
No sin for the license plate that reads “Valak”?
beast wolf
beast wolf - 5 days ago
The nut
Jack of Knives
Jack of Knives - 5 days ago
Sins for this movie? There are Nun. I'll see myself out.
Bipsty McBipste
Bipsty McBipste - 4 days ago
your joke is shit and your statement is incorrect
Albi - 5 days ago
3:46 anyone else realises something about the license plate? Valak?
Patricio Matanić
Patricio Matanić - 5 days ago
3:46,anyone see valak on indetification plate?
Rfl Xxx
Rfl Xxx - 5 days ago
Waait valak is the demon from the conjuring 2 righttttt 🤔🤔🤔🤔
p 23
p 23 - 5 days ago
Yea apparently
CAUSTIC_Riot - 5 days ago
if somebody is watching this on a chrome book type awesome on the key board see what happens
Micah Baird
Micah Baird - 6 days ago
1952 had no busses idiot
Julz XD
Julz XD - 6 days ago
I'm as confused as cinema sins as to which film this actually is. Annabelle four.... Or amityville/meets the conjuring verse part 36??
Linards Hartmanis
Linards Hartmanis - 6 days ago
Seen this movie several times and only now I notice the truck's plate has Valak written on it. :D
Brandon B'
Brandon B' - 6 days ago
6:47 the NUN!
Mason Constantine
Mason Constantine - 6 days ago
The black hole sun cover was a personal favourite
Dalthorin - 6 days ago
You forgot to sin the part where he rang the bell and yet somehow she KNEW it was Father Burke. There was nothing previously established that would make her even consider that Father Burke is ringing the bell. She just hears a bell ringing and just knows that it's him, somehow.
unstoppable doggo
unstoppable doggo - 6 days ago
Wow can u stfu
Burtasaurus Rex
Burtasaurus Rex - 6 days ago
Lol big fan of terrible horror movies or just unfamiliar with the entire concept of the channel?
Exxcaliberr The Wolf
Exxcaliberr The Wolf - 7 days ago
I'm having *nun* of this movie

*End my life please I am suffering*
Alex Grey
Alex Grey - 7 days ago
isn't suicide an unforgivable sin though? asking forgiveness wouldn't even work
Kay Lynn
Kay Lynn - 7 days ago
5:38 - So he’s being “diplomatic” with demons? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard so far! 😂
8:20 - Because Satan likes smooth jazz. Didn’t you read that on Tumblr?!
iVTECInside - 7 days ago
3:47, plate says VALAK... Sin?
DucksForDays - 7 days ago
Am I the only one who watches these so I’m not scared to watch the actual thing!
Primed Kingz
Primed Kingz - 7 days ago
it said 20 minutes or less but the time is 20:36 this video is a lie. Disliked
robert cooper
robert cooper - 7 days ago
I thought nuns were holy
robert cooper
robert cooper - 7 days ago
same and also I thought nuns don't say oh god and god as in take the lords name in vain
Outsider 001
Outsider 001 - 7 days ago
This movie really wasn’t scary to me
pluto-Keelan - 7 days ago
I watch these instead of watching the movie
Stephen Reynolds Ilioes
i just envy how the picture clarity here compare to what i watch at movie
Ma nem Jef
Ma nem Jef - 8 days ago
My main problem with this movie is that it's not scary
FrightNightHD - 8 days ago
3:49, the number plate reads out Valak.
Steven Delgado
Steven Delgado - 8 days ago
Everything wrong with endgame 🤭
Jacob Mccrary
Jacob Mccrary - 7 days ago
Hold on there
Angel CityGirl
Angel CityGirl - 8 days ago
It was a really bad movie. Not original just silly. In one point the audience was laughing.
The Brotha
The Brotha - 8 days ago
everything wrong with as above so below
lifefiber - 8 days ago
To be fair, in regards to demons not killing their prey immediately; I believe they treat humans much like a roast, or something marinated. They feed off fear, giving them strength, & likely a tether to this world. So they torment their victims until they believe they’re ready to be devoured.
They are demons after all. In a way, killing someone immediately is too humane.
Ameeth Ram
Ameeth Ram - 8 days ago
"Frenchie Ex Machina, in one of the ex-machina-iest ex machinas ever machinaed." I think I'm going to put that one my grave.
SkyLarke Wolf
SkyLarke Wolf - 8 days ago
Nenel - 8 days ago
Screw the Nun 2. I just want to see what happened to hell when the portal to hell absorbed the water with Jesus' blood.
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