Everything Wrong With Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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BillGunslinger - 7 hours ago
I don't know what the fuck Spielberg was thinking with that fridge scene
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara - Day ago
Mainly I heard that Stephen Spielburg just HAD to have a UFO and George Lucas said NO ALIENS. So they had the interdimensional beings have a UFO to get around instead of just using a portal that would've cost less for the beings to activate.
Original Wolf
Original Wolf - Day ago
I walked out of that movie after approx. half of it. And to this day, i still want my money back.
Siv Jensen
Siv Jensen - 2 days ago
They should of had him jump over sharks in this one
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 - 2 days ago
Good video
STRIKER, SSAC - 2 days ago
Cinemasins should have given this movie a sin for every single one of the ants.
Joshua James
Joshua James - 3 days ago
heh heh heh
Ethan O'Donnell
Ethan O'Donnell - 5 days ago
Languages being translated has nothing to do with them being related. Have you ever heard of the Rosetta stone? The only reason we understand ancient Egyptian today is because the Roman empire translated it a long time ago and carved it in stone. Are hieroglyphs and ancient Roman more "related" than Incan and Mayan?
Ian Nicol
Ian Nicol - 5 days ago
Thank you for sinning Shia Labeouf for being Shia Lebeouf.

This movie came out in a stretch of film releases & franchise revisits by Spielberg, George Lucas & Ridley Scott with the curious apparent purpose of killing the franchises before selling them to someone else or them entering the public domain.
Alan Davies
Alan Davies - 5 days ago
You missed one.
Henry Jones drank from the cup of eternal life. NOT DEAD
jifdog - 5 days ago
Missed sins: controls on the Harley Davidson were modern ones and the motorcycle was a softtail and the shocks were clearly visible when the bike was sliding in the library
buoycovert - 7 days ago
Not 100% sure on this but I believe the RPG-7 that Indy fires in the tree chase scene was first designed in 1958 and not put in use by the Soviets until 1961 but the movie takes place in 1957
roguishpaladin - 7 days ago
4:03 I...kinda want to know the story behind Coke/Beer/Milkshake guy. He's apparently VERY thirsty.
Etang Bose
Etang Bose - 7 days ago
It pissed me off Indy’s dad died when he drank from the grail it makes no sense
TheUltraCarnosaur - 5 days ago
Etang Bose he can only be immortal if he stayed in the Holy Grail temple, which he didn’t so he’s mortal now
FrontMedal9 - 8 days ago
I watched this when I was little and it gave me a fear of ants
QuantumAlt - 8 days ago
Also, you cannot fully sink in quicksand.
Mr Ronald Mac tonight
Mr Ronald Mac tonight - 10 days ago
Indiana is immortal since the last crusade
Thomas Patton
Thomas Patton - 11 days ago
Those big trucks that had all the other non important troops in them are m35a2 aka deuce and a half trucks used in Vietnam war not around the Korean War era
Overtired - 12 days ago
It's light out when they enter the warehouse. Dark our for the rocket sled ride. Then light again when Indy is running around the nuclear testing town?
Mark Yang
Mark Yang - 13 days ago
The existing of Indiana Jones doesn’t effect the result of the story.
Brooder85 - 15 days ago
Should be at least 100 sins for casting Shia lebouf. He is the biggest douchbag ever.
lupe8302 - 17 days ago
The ding is extra loud: sin
Thomas Watts,  Jr.
Thomas Watts, Jr. - 18 days ago
Only 131 were you just tired...? This piece of cinematic tripe deserves at least double that!
But good job. Love the show. Keep up the great work
Adrian metzler-holden
Adrian metzler-holden - 19 days ago
Oh man this one was so good. Great critique on a horrible movie.
William Matthews
William Matthews - 19 days ago
Don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet but that reference Indy made to being kidnapped by Pancho Villa is a reference to a "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" episode so I feel at least one sin should be subtracted since it was an Indy adventure that WAS filmed.
Ghost Toast
Ghost Toast - 20 days ago
Wes Baldridge
Wes Baldridge - 20 days ago
This movie has so much in common with dog shit
Scott Will
Scott Will - 20 days ago
I enjoyed the movie because it was extremely well-made but only for that reason
There 4 You
There 4 You - 21 day ago
I'll tell you what's Wrong it's All SHIA LABEOUF'S FAULT.
FlyingScotFilms - Dax
FlyingScotFilms - Dax - 21 day ago
WRONG! Everything about this movie a sin.
ZaneTruesdale007 - 22 days ago
Please do the original indiana jones movies for cinemasins
Radar Red
Radar Red - 24 days ago
Do all of the Indiana Jones movies!
Boozy - 25 days ago
How awesome would a spoof of the gophers/prairie dogs surviving in a post apocalyptic world be?
Devlin Allistar
Devlin Allistar - 25 days ago
David Koepp is the worst screenwriter in Hollywood.
jonathan laws
jonathan laws - Month ago
The siafu, or army ants, are actually native to Asia and Africa. How did they end up in freaking Brazil or Peru of all places.
Plus the year is 1957, so there was a divide between the socialites, and the second class, also called the 'Greasers'. Basically, if any one of the two attacked each other (like in a bar fight), it would start a huge f*cking brawl.
TH3DOC - Month ago
This may be the only movie where they did not sin the logos😅
Ethanj31 - Month ago
How is there not an EWW for the other Indiana Jones movies? Come on with Last Crusade at least!
David Crews Ph.D.
David Crews Ph.D. - Month ago
What a debacle of a movie....
theoden alexander
theoden alexander - Month ago
the crystal skulls dont look like the real crystal skulls.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson - Month ago
what if Disney indy is much worse
Zelnyair - Month ago
How do we not know that Indy survived the nuke because God owed him one for protecting the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail?
Danny Strange
Danny Strange - Month ago
The lettering green to blue not yellow orange /shifted the story to MYSTERY re sets the tone.
Ashley Searle
Ashley Searle - Month ago
Is there no raiders if the lost ark!? Why can’t I find raiders of the lost ark!???
Maggie Christi
Maggie Christi - Month ago
It’s funny how many reviews bitch about the fridge scene...it’s Indiana Jones for God’s sake,lol
Darth Rowsdower
Darth Rowsdower - 28 days ago
How can people love temple of doom but hate crystal skull? Strange.
GeorgeMonet - Month ago
"The treasure wasn't gold, it was knowledge".
What knowledge?
GeorgeMonet - Month ago
2:40 The inside of that fridge would probably have been a thousand degrees or more from all the radiation it absorbed. Indy would have been cooked by the fridge oven.
GeorgeMonet - Month ago
Why didn't Indy just look for the crate with the Ark and trick the Russians into opening it?
ifluro - Month ago
SteelSoul - Month ago
Gold is not magnetic
john pierce
john pierce - Month ago
his side kick in the movie, who was like a double spy or something was annoying he kept saying jonesie . and the female german leader just didn't fit the movie, her acting was off, I think lebouf, just wasn't the right fit, and karen allen had more sex appeal in the first movie, this one, not so much
Flat Earth Pond
Flat Earth Pond - Month ago
Im from the future and im going to save you a lot of time... He averages 10 "cins" per min... fast forward to the last 2 mins of each for the best parts...
Tomi - Month ago
Hahah ginecology chair
gamergod8778 - Month ago
maybe he did not die from radiation because of the movie before this one you know when he drinks the cup that gave him immortality
Jennifer Cunningham
Jennifer Cunningham - Month ago
And just think, they signed a 5 picture Indiana Jones movie deal, way back when, so we will get to see 1 more someday, sigh...
Jennifer Cunningham
Jennifer Cunningham - Month ago
@Rodzilla lol!!
Rodzilla - Month ago
Prequel with a guy who looks nothing, sounds nothing, and acts nothing like Harrison Ford. Has that been done?
markus30musik - Month ago
I love Indiana Jones 4
GreenDinoRanger - Month ago
This is the third movie that I know of that has used the Wilhelm scream for something other than someone falling or being thrown.
Binh TC Nguyen
Binh TC Nguyen - Month ago
Chris Pratt would be a better Mutt.
61citystars - Month ago
jim from neighbours 3.16
Melchiah - Month ago
hahahaha ffs
Rainbow Runner
Rainbow Runner - Month ago
6:07 Sin #62
Raiders of the Lost Ark is in the same franchise. Why are you considering this a ripoff? They have the traveling by map thing in all 4 movies!
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