Everything Wrong With Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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Kevin Dunse Outdoors
Kevin Dunse Outdoors - 8 hours ago
The part where Indy asks Mutt for his knife to cut open the chamber thingy of the 400/500 year old guy. You mean to tell me that that guy just goes around with a gun and bullwhip doesnt carry a pocket knife?
StupidEarthlings - 12 hours ago
Im pretty sure gold wld not be pulled toward that "magnet"..
MississippiRebel - 20 hours ago
I grew up watching Indiana Jones movies and this is by far the worst for several reasons. Why in the hell did they have to make this movie about fucking ALIENS!!!! The whole movie just sucked and as much as I love Harrison Ford, he should have told them HELL NO after reading the script to this piece of shit movie.
Grand Moff Tarkin
Grand Moff Tarkin - 22 hours ago
This movie could have been a lot more interesting. They could have made Jones a washed up addict hiding in Mexico city. The plot could have centered around him owing the cartel money. They could have called the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Meth.
Manfred Deters
Manfred Deters - Day ago
Wow! World Champion in fast talking.
chase mendosa
chase mendosa - Day ago
Frank Bowman
Frank Bowman - 2 days ago
Any given episode of "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" TV series is superior to this piece of crap film.
makz524 - 2 days ago
a magic box that kills you if you look at it is normal, magic stones that let you reach into someones chest and grab their still-beating heart is totally believable, a magic cup that makes you immortal {until you die} is completely acceptable, but a space ship and aliens?!?!? raped my childhood!!!
Reed R
Reed R - 3 days ago
Love how nothing has to be said for the Shia LaBeouf entry ding.
Johnny - 3 days ago
2.08 the gofer from caddyshack
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast - 3 days ago
0:51 - you know there's no gunpowder in hand-grenades, right? Typically a pin separates two chemicals that mix when it's pulled. And what did they do? just pop the top off it like a candy container? +2 sins!
S.V. Prophetess
S.V. Prophetess - 3 days ago
You could of done this video in 5 seconds or less just by saying "Shia Lebouf".
Rick Norris
Rick Norris - 3 days ago
Disney will probably reboot indiana jones, or make a series of young indy films, once they've completely exhausted Star Wars. Then after that maybe Willow or something.
worldwideinterests1 - 3 days ago
Someone took a picture of Henry Sr. when he was being confronted on the blimp in Crusade and gave it to Indy on a frame. DING
Hyper Trophy Winner
Hyper Trophy Winner - 4 days ago
This movie is so terrible I can’t even finish this video.
Charlie Lima
Charlie Lima - 4 days ago
What? Only 131 sins for this bullshit movie? Seriously? Ey dude, you can do better.. where are all those extra sins for this crap?!
Kratios 3 3
Kratios 3 3 - 9 days ago
I have a good alternate story, Indy gets kidnapped and his son (shia) who he doesn't know comes to rescue him. Big father son adventure, leave aliens out.
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - 10 days ago
I'm so happy I didn't pay to see this nonsense. I see Galadriel finally updated her hairstyle.....
JacAttack - 11 days ago
Hey, I'll have you know this movie was made by a genie. WHO ONLY GRANTS C***Y WISHES.
Richard Siddaway
Richard Siddaway - 11 days ago
I wish America would stop tryna make Ray Winston happen! He was fantastic in Nil by Mouth but his career has steadily gone down until his horrific appearance in The Departed. And that accent in that film. WTF?! Since then? Lead stone in murky waters. Sadly, not disappearing without a trace.
Alyra R
Alyra R - 11 days ago
Which movie is worse, this one or Temple of Doom?
T J - 11 days ago
What a stupid question
Jerry - 13 days ago
Where's Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons when you need him: "Worst...movie...ever !!!"
supermanscottforever - 13 days ago
Temple of Doom takes place before Raiders. Every.true Indiana Jones fan knows this. It was a prequel. Hell I knew it in 1984 !
supermanscottforever - 13 days ago
This was a good film. People who hate on it, didn't understand the movie at all.
Raiders, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade were set in the 1930s. They were homages to the Serials between the 1930s-earlyv1950s.
Crystal Skull was an homage to the "B" movies of the 1950s. That's WHY there were aliens (Extra-Dimensional beings) in the film. The whole movie was a fun nod to that era.
Al Baba
Al Baba - 16 days ago
Shia le beouf is the worst thing about this film!!
David Ray
David Ray - 16 days ago
1:38 - it is, Jeremy.
David Ray
David Ray - 16 days ago
You should have added at least 1,000 sins for the "fridge in a nuclear blast" part.
Frost Studios
Frost Studios - 17 days ago
I honestly thought this was a decent movie.
Underground Warrior
Underground Warrior - 19 days ago
Be good or bad, it's just a movie. I have seen worse.
Sam Strong
Sam Strong - 19 days ago
Anyone watching this to see how many sins the fridge scene gets?
soSAMuk's UK slot channel
It would have been easier to do an “everything right” with this film!
David Ray
David Ray - 16 days ago
That's CinemaWins job. I hope he does it someday. Even this movie, which is mediocre at best, intolerable at worst.
TheOliver8000 - 20 days ago
11:49 what was so wtf about them getting chased? someone please explain
Cisco4kid1990 - 21 day ago
this was a great movie and would be even better if Lucas wasn't given full control I mean Spielberg could have done some more I am fine with the aliens and Mayan theme but the gaint fucking ants and mutt flying thru trees like he is George of the Jungle like come on
o and the stupid gophers now idk wtf is up with Lucas and kid jokes but kids don't watch his movies adults do
The Aces
The Aces - 21 day ago
Wow this old cinemasims is actually good, it's not just crappy pop culture and in jokes
Pharaoh Bhang
Pharaoh Bhang - 23 days ago
He's not saying "mom" he's saying "ma'am".
Someone needs to make a video documenting all of the errors in your videos, because there are constantly a ton of lazy mistakes and contradictions.
F L - 23 days ago
You missed the god-awful Marlon Brando rip-off when Mutt is revealed
Cooldude Awesome
Cooldude Awesome - 24 days ago
Yea this movie is so sucky
Trust Your Senses Lead Yourself
was a sitter for a caddy shack reference...
Christopher Cassar
Christopher Cassar - 25 days ago
That dude with the milkshake, soda and beer is a maniac
CLEMEXX - 25 days ago
Fuck you bitchass nigga
Woopty Do
Woopty Do - 25 days ago
10:53 everything should be anti-communist nature.
Gregor Eisenhorn
Gregor Eisenhorn - 26 days ago
Cate's accent alonw should be worth a thousand points.
Karan Driehuys
Karan Driehuys - 27 days ago
Should have sinned that dumb ass line where Indiana says "their treasure was knowledge" then repeats the exact same line in reverse.
Marc Hewitson
Marc Hewitson - 27 days ago
Awful film, made only to cash in on the previous films
Chris Smith
Chris Smith - 27 days ago
Every Indiana Jones movie is laced with stupid, impractical situations. I hate that Crystal Skull is singled out as this terrible movie compared to the original 3. Temple of Doom has so many head scratching moments but because it’s “classic” Indy it is immune from criticism. There’s a point in TLC when Indy tells his dad that a tank is “well out of range” when it’s like 300 feet from them. There’s a road sign in TLC that says “berlin go right and Venice go left”. Lol
Christian Dixon
Christian Dixon - 28 days ago
Sin "The Fugitive" please! It is a very underrated film and you've used it in the outtakes so much!
TruthMcBane - 28 days ago
This might be the most sinful movie of all.
Jacob Atkinson
Jacob Atkinson - 29 days ago
I remember playing the PSP game for this
Theoriginal thinker
Theoriginal thinker - 29 days ago
13:46 Very funny!
14:06 How could somebody so smoking hot, be believable as a villain? Come on...
Jesús Malverde
Jesús Malverde - Month ago
Wilhelm scream needs to be retired already. It Should’ve been retired after Star Wars. Which was when it was first used.
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