The Best Nick Bloopers 🤣 ft. Jace Norman, JoJo Siwa, Kira Kosarin & More! | Nick

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Nickelodeon - 8 months ago
Tag the timecode of your favorite blooper in the comments below! We LOVE 2:19!
Şimalin Dünyası
Şimalin Dünyası - 14 days ago
What's mean "blooper"
ArmyTop251 - Month ago
Lol 1:50 so funny
Cocos Life
Cocos Life - Month ago
Gaming Girl and
João Vitor
João Vitor - Month ago
Eu estou com saudades do the thudermas 😭😭😭😭
Isabella L Courtney
Lol so funny
Breslyn Brown
Breslyn Brown - 2 days ago
6:27 is not a blooper she was ment to do that
Benito Fernandez
Benito Fernandez - 7 days ago
Jajajajaja 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Red Foxy Panda
Red Foxy Panda - 8 days ago
This makes me laugh HARD XDD
Pradeepa Ratnayeke
Pradeepa Ratnayeke - 8 days ago
5:18 when jack dropped his lollipop 🍭 aww poor him 😄
Elgina Hu
Elgina Hu - 9 days ago
Does anyone know which show the one with the thundermans and henry danger called or something like that
Banda celestial 99
Banda celestial 99 - 10 days ago
“We’re! Tssssmmm hmhmhehe
natalie - 13 days ago
aidan's laugh is the purest ever omg 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Mohammed Mamun
Mohammed Mamun - 15 days ago
It was soooooo funny
millies world
millies world - 17 days ago
Phobe ways says blaa
holly hall
holly hall - 19 days ago
i mean the 3rd one
zachary and crystal
zachary and crystal - 21 day ago
When dawn falls that was so funny
- Egg -
- Egg - - 22 days ago
I wonder if actors like Aidan have to go to the bathroom during a scene then he’s like “stop stop stop lemme just go do something real quick”
Kevin Abel
Kevin Abel - 22 days ago
1:49 they actually put that in the episode.
Sayeed Qureshi
Sayeed Qureshi - 22 days ago
My favourite is the one where dawn falls over
holly hall
holly hall - 22 days ago
my favourite blooper was the 4th one
Eltayeb Osman
Eltayeb Osman - 27 days ago
It made me laugh when Lizzy greene fell
Joshua Clemente
Joshua Clemente - 27 days ago
5:17 max crying over lolipop
Chenai & Layelle Parham
Chenai & Layelle Parham - 28 days ago
And the one where Jace Norman said “Where’d the camera go?”
Chenai & Layelle Parham
Chenai & Layelle Parham - 28 days ago
My favorite one was when Dawn/Lizzy Greene fell down on her part
Giorgia Mamprin
Giorgia Mamprin - 28 days ago
I like when jojo drops the potatoes and when max drops the baby!!!
Still all so funny
Michelle Celine
Michelle Celine - 28 days ago
It was all
Ayla and Asher Altman
Ayla and Asher Altman - 29 days ago
Rip lollipop
DIANA Dim - Month ago
Pixel Bros
Pixel Bros - Month ago
5:10 by far the best thing ive ever seen in my life!!!!!
Maliah Anderson
Maliah Anderson - Month ago
7:01 the first one
Maliah Anderson
Maliah Anderson - Month ago
7:00 1
Clowniesh #
Clowniesh # - Month ago
All of the thundermans
Dora Milovac
Dora Milovac - Month ago
1:49 so funny
Lauren Morgan
Lauren Morgan - Month ago
When dawn went ” you do one of these and one if these” and then she fell over 😂... I cracked up laughing
Beeenzboy - Month ago
None of them
CrustyDusty_G.O.A.T Yeh
1:58 lol the potatoes
CrustyDusty_G.O.A.T Yeh
4:46 lol
jaeminxmauren shi
jaeminxmauren shi - Month ago
jaeminxmauren shi
jaeminxmauren shi - Month ago
3:54 *[yelling]*
jaeminxmauren shi
jaeminxmauren shi - Month ago
3:52 *Is this how old people dance?*
Chloe Gantala
Chloe Gantala - Month ago
I like 3:40 to 3:47
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson - Month ago
im famous
Caitlin Lord
Caitlin Lord - Month ago
#JoJo Siwa
Bryant Belfort
Bryant Belfort - Month ago
3:53 that my favorite hahahahaha
Courtney Gilbert
Courtney Gilbert - Month ago
1:52 add it to the list!!!😂
Mrmrmrm lol
Mrmrmrm lol - Month ago
3:49 бляя
Gergely Oláh
Gergely Oláh - Month ago
:D :D :D
doughnut lover 2007
doughnut lover 2007 - Month ago
His face
JazPotato :3
JazPotato :3 - Month ago
Jack Griffo *nhaaaa......blahajhdIehdnxj* everytime he messes up
Tessa and Keeley
Tessa and Keeley - Month ago
at 0:06 he said the f word
Maisie Murtagh
Maisie Murtagh - Month ago
No he said the cops
AA 123
AA 123 - Month ago
Hlfk l
Fl fanciful
Forevergirl13 ¡!¡
Forevergirl13 ¡!¡ - Month ago
0:20 "You better hope he's not allergic to Crazzayy" -Jack Griffo
It made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂
Reem Youssef Elsayed
Reem Youssef Elsayed - Month ago
I like the Nicky Ricky Dicky and dawn ones
Jace King
Jace King - Month ago
1:49 😂😂😂
Jace King
Jace King - Month ago
4:38 and 5:19
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha - Month ago
1:42 she said “I’m sorry!” Then wheezes. Also 1:45 she did too
1:44 i’m crying
WEKS LIFE - Month ago
1:50 LOL I couldn’t stop laughing at lizzy hahahhaha irl
puppy paws
puppy paws - Month ago
I liked when Max always says blah when he messes up
Dans Keiratje
Dans Keiratje - Month ago
1:51 and one of ...... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rim Albitar
Rim Albitar - Month ago
Now burp me
Khaye Angela Razonales
I mean at 00:06 I think he said the F@*& word
Maisie Murtagh
Maisie Murtagh - Month ago
Khaye Angela Razonales no he said the cops
sportstacker 606
sportstacker 606 - Month ago
1:47 haha lol
Emma Ryan
Emma Ryan - Month ago
Baby’s World
Baby’s World - Month ago
Why did you say Eden Eden is my nephews name
Esme Lop
Esme Lop - Month ago
Wait was it the actual police or not in the beginning
Rose I
Rose I - Month ago
The life of Reagan Decker
1:43-1:57 is so funny
Mary Kwan
Mary Kwan - Month ago
The funniest moment for me was when Dawn said " Oh and they just walk the red carpet and they do one of these and one of theeeese .......... ." Then she just falls Lol! 😂😂😍😂😂
Kit Kit
Kit Kit - Month ago
“I just fell on nothing”

Story of my life
Ya_gurl_ jordyyy
Ya_gurl_ jordyyy - Month ago
Mine was”where’d the camera go?
Luisa - Month ago
Whoes her gets stuck in Kiras armpit 😑😑😑
needygrxnde - Month ago
When dawn fell over 😂
Liv :p
Liv :p - Month ago
Did jace swear at the start?
Andjela Tanackov
Andjela Tanackov - Month ago
Love you 😊😊😊💎
soccer life
soccer life - Month ago
Richard Jjw
crkable - Month ago
That was soo funny when dawn was like with on of these or these and falls
juliana... - Month ago
1:43 Lizzie’s face 😂
Jana Snape
Jana Snape - Month ago
I really like to hear them in English/American language cuz I live in Croatia so they synchronized all series 😂👌
YuvikaTheHuman - Month ago
1:47 was by far the best I'm *WHEEZING*
Number 5
Number 5 - Month ago
santidad de dios pan de vida
mi favorito es el de danw ajaj
Speghettiman100 YT
Speghettiman100 YT - Month ago
What dose mochco mean
FortniteGod Who’s got 500 dubs
Selling replays it only cost 1 like 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52 1:52
Aveslikes Soccer
Aveslikes Soccer - Month ago
1:57 LOL
paul Allen 4472
paul Allen 4472 - Month ago
Kira: I'm not even canadian".
Kid Perfect
Kid Perfect - Month ago
Kid Perfect
Kid Perfect - Month ago
The lollipop deop
Matilda Smith
Matilda Smith - Month ago
Jace and Kira : If you could have any other name for doctor 👨‍⚕️ Colosso what would it be ?
Kayla Berry
Kayla Berry - Month ago
None made me laugh
Hayley Lambert
Hayley Lambert - Month ago
you guys are amazing you inspired me to be an actresses I love acting because of you love you Nickelodeon: )
Hayley Lambert
Hayley Lambert - Month ago
I wish I could become one
Glam Girls
Glam Girls - Month ago
Chloe’s blooper
Sigge 070
Sigge 070 - Month ago
hollymartha - Month ago
2:19 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
It’sJackelyn!!! - Month ago
2:37 where the camera go LOL 😂
Kyla Eastbury
Kyla Eastbury - Month ago
my is 2:19
Brite bomber
Brite bomber - Month ago
0:20 1:16😆😆😆
susannathelpsgirl101 - Month ago
This was soo funny 😂 pls do more bloopers
susannathelpsgirl101 - Month ago
Blitz Art
Blitz Art - Month ago
1:43 tho XD
susannathelpsgirl101 - Month ago
4 : 39 when your ready for school even though it’s Saturday😂😂😂😂
alfa wolf
alfa wolf - Month ago
2:42 she keeps geting her hair stuck in my armpit
sparkly unicorn
sparkly unicorn - Month ago
1:34 who else saw the kid in the background
SkeletonCoco 123
SkeletonCoco 123 - 6 days ago
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