Panic! At The Disco: Hey Look Ma, I Made It [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh - 28 секунд назад
who's here after listening dancing' not a crime?
Stulinger COD
Stulinger COD - 10 минут назад
Director: So what is this song about?
Beebo: Ok add a puppet version of me
Director: Awwww! GREAT ide-
Director: O_O Oooookk
Cash C
Cash C - 33 минуты назад
Mom: oh what's Panic! At The Disco like?
Me: *shuffles their songs. This video plays* uhh.....
мария кутузова
мария кутузова - 2 часа назад
а можно я куклу себе заберу!!
Abbie Newman
Abbie Newman - 6 часов назад
He was actually 🤢
Keito Minami
Keito Minami - 7 часов назад
Did you took the pills in ibiza?
Jay From the #squad
Jay From the #squad - 11 часов назад
He lived sins not tragedies
Mckinley pasiakos
Mckinley pasiakos - 11 часов назад
1:50 the magazine title is just great and the picture
Carolyn Leigh
Carolyn Leigh - 13 часов назад
woah.... so losh! (dark bro)
Meme Addict
Meme Addict - 14 часов назад
Those are some tight pants
Meme Addict
Meme Addict - 14 часов назад
He also got butt raped
Xcaliber _101
Xcaliber _101 - 16 часов назад
This is why you don’t do drugs kids 1:35
Xcaliber _101
Xcaliber _101 - 16 часов назад
This his the future of Brendon
Chicharron Draws
Chicharron Draws - 17 часов назад
2:05 -is he fucking a puppet?-
Morgan M
Morgan M - 17 часов назад
Brendon is into bdsm confirmed
Hypedragon21 - 18 часов назад
Not.... weird...... at...... all
Isaac Ray
Isaac Ray - 19 часов назад
Fun song dark video
Vietnamese ball
Vietnamese ball - 20 часов назад
Is this reflecting his life?
holly pheonx
holly pheonx - 21 час назад
brendon went from working at a smoothie place in my town to this, and he wrote a lovely song about coming up in the world
Sparky Does Everythin
Sparky Does Everythin - 22 часа назад
*who's here after the "dancing is not a crime" music video just to look back on Beebo?*
Samya Priya
Samya Priya - 7 часов назад
Your_Info - 22 часа назад
Cough cough maybe this is connected to dancing’s not a crime...
Janique - 22 часа назад
just me hehehe
just me hehehe - 23 часа назад
This is about how he got signed in a label so he turned in to a puppet. Then when the puppet gets thrown out he is his own person. Is that correct.
Carma Adams
Carma Adams - День назад
2:19 brenden said get you shit together
I'm a Banditø
I'm a Banditø - День назад
Imagine playing this on your graduation
ck - День назад
If you don't feel at least a little bit uncomfortable while watching this video clip, something's wrong with you.
LUXURY LOZLO - День назад
Tory Lanez did this first.
ponchito chido
ponchito chido - День назад
He was rapped
mxrxe - День назад
Vine aquí a deprimirme un poquito más porque decepcioné a mi madre uwu
roland jade janeo
roland jade janeo - День назад
Brendon Puppets ano kanta mo
TheaDoesSinging - День назад
Im just happy he is alive
Yass queen
Yass queen - День назад
Honestly I really don’t like panic at the disco I think they’re just annoying but I actually kind of like this song
Alexey K0610
Alexey K0610 - День назад
"Pull Yourself Together!" 2:23
gŁitches - День назад
What’s with the puppet?
Invisible Animator
Invisible Animator - День назад
Just came back here after watching dancings not a crime
lil emolover
lil emolover - День назад
sorry but the forehead on that doll was way too small
Gabi Harumi
Gabi Harumi - День назад
Brasil Alguem?
Kim Jones
Kim Jones - День назад
you know what would make this get more likes?

MAKE IT GAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean who doesn't like watching gay shit?????
Marina Powell
Marina Powell - День назад
Why’s his mum Asian??? 😂
dead aesthetic
dead aesthetic - День назад
T amo uwu rico
kendermouse - 2 дня назад
I love how creative and different all of P!atD's videos are, but I have to wonder how many directors have ended up in tears...
Smexy Rexy
Smexy Rexy - 2 дня назад
This song has nothing to do with mom
internallogic - 2 дня назад
Dear panic fans, can anyone explain why he's called beebo?
Samya Priya
Samya Priya - День назад
His nickname "Beebo" is derived from his first letter of his name (B) and his middle name Boyd, thus Bbo or simply Beebo.
Ema Shane
Ema Shane - 2 дня назад
Immediately when i saw the thumbnail: I AM A MAAAAAN? OR A MUPPETTT?
Also im getting some 5555 vibes from the end (the music videos for the discovery album by daft punk)
DCyeet C.n.
DCyeet C.n. - 2 дня назад
what was the point of this vid?
Wild Heart: Crazy Sweetheart for Life
When you tell Ma to look at how you made it despite addiction and self abuse.
Andrew Guerra
Andrew Guerra - 2 дня назад
Reminds me of The Happytime Murders
LanaDatVlogs HD
LanaDatVlogs HD - 2 дня назад
:( poor Beebo
Ryan Ross is Beautiful
Ryan Ross is Beautiful - 2 дня назад
Destiny Morris
Destiny Morris - 2 дня назад
You deserve this chance you have now😊
Sharon Shew
Sharon Shew - 3 дня назад
the sass in his hip when he pops it out is so cute lol
Barto Grochowski
Barto Grochowski - 3 дня назад
Robin Olivia
Robin Olivia - 3 дня назад
Artist spotlight stories: Shawn Mendes
Kella B
Kella B - 3 дня назад
Can we all appreciate that booty-bop at 0:54
Almojahid Kamsa
Almojahid Kamsa - 3 дня назад
Poor Brendon
Lil Delirious
Lil Delirious - 3 дня назад
Jacquie Jackson
Jacquie Jackson - 3 дня назад
2:20 - 2:23
Me every time I look in the mirror 😂😭😂
Treviana Squad
Treviana Squad - 3 дня назад
Elvis who
AvardaThatsMe - 3 дня назад
This is just CRAZY😖
Wyldfawndude - 3 дня назад
I can see someone will edit ricardo milos into this...
Flutter - 3 дня назад

I'm sorry
Shreya Bedi
Shreya Bedi - День назад
MikeMaxis - 3 дня назад
This band is the next Nickleback.
James Films
James Films - 3 дня назад
Wy such a shitty music video
Demon Wolf
Demon Wolf - 3 дня назад
Doesn’t it sound like he’s saying everything is turning up Rasist
Julia Jędrzejczak
Julia Jędrzejczak - 3 дня назад
Can we talk about that Pretty. Odd. reference in 0:59? Flowers on the microphone?
You remember?
FallOutWookiee - 22 часа назад
Yaasss. Then right after we see all the mags the OG band covered (rolling stone, billboard, etc)
Megan Whitehead
Megan Whitehead - 3 дня назад
I love your song
Ola Zaniewicz
Ola Zaniewicz - 3 дня назад
,,Brendon Urie lives sins (not tragedies)"
Dorotea fantazia fantasticno,a tako kyl!!!
**wheeze** the puppet is halarious!!! (Sorry if it's misspelled T^T)
cloe price
cloe price - 4 дня назад
I mean yeah puppet bdsm... So hot
MonkeyStompin - 4 дня назад
0:41 I thought he was about to climb the freakin wall of that building like In his high hopes music video just as a puppet..
Daisy Bird
Daisy Bird - 4 дня назад
I think 2:04 was the worst part. I’m so glad you’re better Brendon xxxx
actually brendon
actually brendon - 4 дня назад
:(( Brendon are you okay
Living Creature21
Living Creature21 - 4 дня назад
I thought beebo would climb da building😂
Zane Whitney
Zane Whitney - 4 дня назад
Dang. Brendon urie's forehead is bigger than the sun!
Andrew saunders
Andrew saunders - 4 дня назад
Interesting how, might just be a coincidence, Bo Burnham had a show called What. several years back, the finale song called 'are you happy?' or something like that, with the lyric "hey look, ma. I made it."
Lydia McDaniel
Lydia McDaniel - 4 дня назад
the song is pretty good but the music video....

my lord what the heck happened
Anthony Mac
Anthony Mac - 10 часов назад
This is based off Brendon’s real life.
Jenna Wasteste
Jenna Wasteste - День назад
Don't worry this is normal around here 😂
MARIYA DEPEW - 4 дня назад
My mom has the album "Pray for the wicked". She always has these songs on.
Skintel N.Keychain
Skintel N.Keychain - 4 дня назад
That puppet got sum thicc ass lips yo
Derrek Jeter
Derrek Jeter - 5 дней назад
Nigga must be dreaming
Wendy Gantos
Wendy Gantos - 5 дней назад
KeischCoversPH - 5 дней назад
Like his songs are series haha
Ella Laufe
Ella Laufe - 5 дней назад
1:48 Brendon Urie lives sins! Ain't tragedies.
theGamerKing 1999
theGamerKing 1999 - 5 дней назад
Vince Clarence Salangsang
Vince Clarence Salangsang - 5 дней назад
0:37 I thought he was going to climb the buliding like in high hopes
Fortnite frenzy Shaggy
Fortnite frenzy Shaggy - 5 дней назад
Moral of the story *dont do drugs*
Rebekah Powderly
Rebekah Powderly - 5 дней назад
Only brendon.
Black Death
Black Death - 5 дней назад
I have only one thing to say about this clip ,,Sing"
Parvin Rostamian
Parvin Rostamian - 5 дней назад
Chrisintheguestuser Lallier
Chrisintheguestuser Lallier - 5 дней назад
youtube logic = horrible I just got a hey look ma I made it ad before hey look ma I made it.
Taylor Wakey
Taylor Wakey - 6 дней назад
Gerda Van Haute
Gerda Van Haute - 6 дней назад
Мурат Турсынай
Мурат Турсынай - 6 дней назад
It deserves 300 million views
alisha bongfeldt
alisha bongfeldt - 6 дней назад
This video is dark and sad
Beth Gordon
Beth Gordon - 6 дней назад
😢😢 for the puppet
Beth Gordon
Beth Gordon - 6 дней назад
psycho gacha wolf
psycho gacha wolf - 6 дней назад he's saying he's a puppet..I get it ...
Dujigato Otstūstuki The 12th Hokage
Dujigato Otstūstuki The 12th Hokage - 6 дней назад
2015: "I see what's mine and take it"
2018: "I see it, I want it, I take it"
Funtime0Roxy - 6 дней назад
Every time I hear this song I get a weird feeling in my guts. The feeling kinda feels nice
Edit: it dose it when I listen to high hopes too.
samortoedthedoggo - 6 дней назад
This music vid is brendon in the muppets
sister heartbreaker
sister heartbreaker - 6 дней назад
I love the comment section and this song ovi
Nikola 2008
Nikola 2008 - 6 дней назад
I don't know why but... i hate that puppet...
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