10 DIY Edible Makeup Ideas / 10 Funny Pranks

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Snow_Wh1te44 - 2 days ago
Трум трум уже и до англ комьюнити добрался..
Sneha Mishra
Sneha Mishra - 7 days ago
Red head and Kristie are both so beautiful😇😇😇
Asna Khalid
Asna Khalid - 16 days ago
I love you troom troom...... Red hair you are the best
User amora
User amora - 16 days ago
User amora
User amora - 16 days ago
Klau sk beruan donloet
Farzana Moon
Farzana Moon - 20 days ago
I love you and your canals
Pornprom Kokpraprang
Pornprom Kokpraprang - 24 days ago
Gelatin is made from bones
Chloe Denson
Chloe Denson - 23 days ago
Pornprom Kokpraprang what?
Geeta Tiwari
Geeta Tiwari - Month ago
West the sKin and teth
Kohinoor Khurshid
Kohinoor Khurshid - Month ago
I like u 😘😘
Mỹ Lệ Nguyễn
Mỹ Lệ Nguyễn - Month ago
Hay quá đi thôi
Vaishali Shinde
Vaishali Shinde - Month ago
Jay Nigam
Jay Nigam - Month ago
Crazy Nishi
Crazy Nishi - Month ago
Watch my channel crazy nishi also
shaya s tube
shaya s tube - Month ago
I would use a makeup set
fahad rami
fahad rami - Month ago
Maychel Rtv
Maychel Rtv - Month ago
Lubina Kareem
Lubina Kareem - Month ago
Can you do more videos of unicorns? Please. I Love you troom troom 😍😘😍
Lubina Kareem
Lubina Kareem - Month ago
I Love you troom troom 💖💗💝
Priyanka Singh
Priyanka Singh - Month ago
Du of to do kku.
Asha Rose
Asha Rose - Month ago
Asha Rose
Asha Rose - Month ago
Cod 😁
Zhiphile Torn
Zhiphile Torn - Month ago
They just
The same thing
And over.
Nasića serinix
Nasića serinix - Month ago
I 😍all of them
Hasnain Butt
Hasnain Butt - Month ago
Wow so amazing
vy bui
vy bui - Month ago
very good
aman deep
aman deep - Month ago
Fadila zaskia ulfa
Fadila zaskia ulfa - Month ago
Bacot tai
Janine Cruz
Janine Cruz - Month ago
2:20 nice slippers😂😂
Akem Stone-kelly
Akem Stone-kelly - Month ago
i really like the candy lipstick
Mallika Das
Mallika Das - Month ago
Rania Halawi
Rania Halawi - Month ago
4:12 you were putting on maskara when you were holding the phone upside down . What!!?
Afsana Khan
Afsana Khan - Month ago
Oh yeah good spotting
Antonius Bambang
Antonius Bambang - Month ago
It all a lipstick😍
Shakeel Ansari
Shakeel Ansari - Month ago
tum bahut acche ho bahut accha accha ideas dikha do tumhare ek mishor main tumhare message nahi Kare Hain har Roz dekhti Hoon isliye Tum ko chale baat ka do hamare liye dil se Hindi mai
alya kamylla
alya kamylla - Month ago
Can u make a fake braces
abs gaming xo
abs gaming xo - Month ago
abs gaming xo
abs gaming xo - Month ago
@glorybe Corpuz good I thought i was the only one
glorybe Corpuz
glorybe Corpuz - Month ago
Christina Rohr
Christina Rohr - Month ago
WHAT IS UP WITH YOU AND 🤬 COCONUT?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😤👎🏻😠
Regita cahaya
Regita cahaya - Month ago
360 - Month ago
please ANY body subscribe to my channel I am new 😢😪😓
Mariah Salleh
Mariah Salleh - Month ago
Vectarix - Month ago
At 2:33 it looks like ceeday's logo (ceeday is a fortnite youtuber)
Khadem Jan
Khadem Jan - Month ago
Its umm chanels logo
Monwarul Hamid
Monwarul Hamid - Month ago
M shiva M shiva
M shiva M shiva - Month ago
Manas Manna
Manas Manna - Month ago
You like to eat lipstick 💄💄💄💅💅💅👅👅👅
DoubleAAtwinsquad - Month ago
Good hakes though
حسين محمد
حسين محمد - Month ago
تعليم حط كنتوري
Alianah Andi & Alianah
I chos read head
Kimi Carlile
Kimi Carlile - Month ago
nyx and mentos are sueing lady panda
hadiya syed
hadiya syed - Month ago
look carefully at 4;13
Bhumi Laxkar
Bhumi Laxkar - Month ago
Who has time to do
Mustafa Harki
Mustafa Harki - Month ago
Subscribe to your channel you have prak
سيدرا ياسر
سيدرا ياسر - Month ago
هذا الفيديو غريب 😕😕😮😮😞😞😞
Kalpana Kakati Bakal
Kalpana Kakati Bakal - Month ago
Make the like button blue lf u love your DaD❤❤❤❤❤
xXpotato_land Xx
xXpotato_land Xx - Month ago
Girl one : hey wanna sandwich?
Hands over bread with slice of lettuce
Red head: 😅😅 no...
Mehar Kapoor
Mehar Kapoor - 2 months ago
Who always watches these vids but never have time to try them.. Comment and hit the like button!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily Heart
Emily Heart - 2 months ago
Why doesnt it workkkk 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Heena Shaikh
Heena Shaikh - 2 months ago
I love this vid
Ruchi Mehta
Ruchi Mehta - 2 months ago
Love your Channel... Watch your videos everyday.. Am 9 year old.girl.. Please the people working in troom troom give a comment... Please... Please... Waiting for your comment... Please.... Love your videos. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
Red dirt softball Girl
Red dirt softball Girl - 2 months ago
2:43 why coconut shavings
rendhita bellawati
rendhita bellawati - 2 months ago
ini lucu😋
John frayster
John frayster - 2 months ago
this show is so weird
It‘s Isabel
It‘s Isabel - 2 months ago
On the “concealer” it said foundation
La Xiong
La Xiong - 2 months ago
Love ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💔❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟
Saima Azeem
Saima Azeem - 2 months ago
Give thumbs up if you love makeup or if u like food then give comments.
Emma Omg
Emma Omg - 2 months ago
Edwina Chavez
Edwina Chavez - 2 months ago
Hesni Janah
Hesni Janah - 2 months ago
Xxxprincess 123
Xxxprincess 123 - 2 months ago
Why do y’all share the same spoon
Play with Me and friends
Play with Me and friends - 2 months ago
TTV- Tblack
TTV- Tblack - 2 months ago
Troom troom is so🔥👁❤️it
TTV- Tblack
TTV- Tblack - 2 months ago
Great ideas,keep up the good work 👍🏾😜
crimson king
crimson king - Month ago
How tf is this a great idea
Mayenssi Diaz
Mayenssi Diaz - 2 months ago
I loved it
Lps Kelly
Lps Kelly - 2 months ago
Abbey Odell
Abbey Odell - 2 months ago
No offense but the commentary is ubet ANNOYING!! Her voice is like being stabbed in the eye with a rusty spoon.
And the people in these videos are just eye sores. The attempt at trying to be like 5 minute crafts is cringe x1,000,000. Red head kys.
Smrithi Nuvvula
Smrithi Nuvvula - 2 months ago
Put the names na
Animals Rule!
Animals Rule! - 2 months ago
At first I thought it was actually real lipstick 💄
Oops 😂
Animals Rule!
Animals Rule! - 2 months ago
Arpitha D R what does that mean?
Arpitha D R
Arpitha D R - 2 months ago
Animals Rule! Kannad
Anthony Zuniga
Anthony Zuniga - 2 months ago
Cool how do you do that
Tarus Gaither
Tarus Gaither - 2 months ago
The yogurt topping had the ceeday logo
muqtda Hashim
muqtda Hashim - 2 months ago
عير لفجن ولف كسوستجن
BlueGamer3D - 2 months ago
4:26-4:30 Like ppl are gonna have all those different wafers lying around.
Op Po
Op Po - 2 months ago
Demah kake je
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