Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey - Launch Trailer - Nintendo 3DS

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Advent - 6 hours ago I the only one who really thinks that this shoulda been on the switch,
Marvar28 DRAGON
Marvar28 DRAGON - 5 days ago
Favorite Mario Game Of All Time
pantoangel - 15 days ago
Lando Bro
Lando Bro - 16 days ago
I think Partners in Time needed a remake more sense that game had a lot more flies that I think could be improved
omar عمر
omar عمر - 19 days ago
Why not fawful in smash?
-he has A LOT of moves to choose
-he took bowser castle AND peach’s castle and the entire kingdom! No one have done that
-he is a genius
-he just deserves to be in smash more than a plant and a dog that only animal crossing fans knows (piranha plant isn’t “iconic” he is just a normal enemy and being a normal enemy doesn’t make you iconic)
Freak-o Mania
Freak-o Mania - 26 days ago
Why does this seem like a trailer made in 2013..?
QwertyPc Gaming
QwertyPc Gaming - 28 days ago
*It is I, who nuts to that!*
MarioMineZ - Month ago
Bowser’s Inside Story made way more money. That’s why Partners in Time was skipped. You’re welcome.
ImMatureWaffles - Month ago
"Get ready for a gutbusting adventure, inside and outside Bower's body"
Interesting ;)
ItsHayden - Month ago
literally my childhood
Waluigi - Month ago
I love how accurate the double screen in battles is. It's very cool!
Michael Randazzo
Michael Randazzo - Month ago
This game seems amazing!
Eevee co Offical
Eevee co Offical - Month ago
*A M I I B O*
Eevee co Offical
Eevee co Offical - Month ago

Oh jeez Nintendo
Galaxy - Month ago
I’m baby
Sunny Wayman
Sunny Wayman - 2 months ago
Can You Add Wireless Multiplayer?
3DS = Mario And Luigi
3DS XL = Bowser
Justin Vanhouten
Justin Vanhouten - 2 months ago
This version is better then the orher one
doggie218 crazy
doggie218 crazy - 2 months ago
I think the only possible contestant for a remake on the Switch is Partners in Time due to the top screen mostly being used for the map, but theres also some parts where the babies are on their own on the top screen. That's the problem with bringing these types of games to the switch.
Hope Nolan
Hope Nolan - 2 months ago
Is this truly a remake or did they add another game?
MarioPlays ROBLOX and more
"Massive-ness." XD
Jairen Jespn
Jairen Jespn - 2 months ago
I have this game :)
Samir Shiekh
Samir Shiekh - 2 months ago
Riksor VB
Riksor VB - 2 months ago
inside story awakened my vore fetish
Cody Battery
Cody Battery - 2 months ago
Kai Tube
Kai Tube - 2 months ago
Wouldn’t it be cool if a Mario and Luigi game came out on the switch and you could battle online
Sandra Barrera
Sandra Barrera - 2 months ago
Can you make super mario 3d world
Toad ‘
Toad ‘ - 2 months ago
They already did
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia - 2 months ago
The woman announcer is right. Making an army is very chaotic, but very fun.
Ann J
Ann J - 2 months ago
Try to make a Dark Bowser in cgi, please?
coolmasterishaan playz
coolmasterishaan playz - 2 months ago
I need a NEW STORY of Mario and Luigi on the SWITCH! Please!!!
rocky_gourmand - 2 months ago
"encourage to boost stats*
*Shows Bowser jr. Screaming at his army*
The moon has risen
The moon has risen - 2 months ago
That’s just gay Nintendo
The moon has risen
The moon has risen - 2 months ago
TheFanMan ohhhhhh I am sorry to that I got all defensive I love the Mario and Luigi series to there great games and they need to make new ones (maybe for switch) I was reading way to much into the game I should just enjoy the game my bad to 😅😅😅👍
TheFanMan - 2 months ago
The moon has risen Oh, I misinterpreted your comment. My bad, I’m sorry. I love this game and this whole series and have been defending it, actually. I don’t dislike it at all.
The moon has risen
The moon has risen - 2 months ago
TheFanMan how is that hating I freaking love this game it’s gay because you go inside bowser (A MALE) as Mario and luigi (WHO ARE BOTH MALES) your the hater sense you don’t like this game
TheFanMan - 2 months ago
Like you, hater.
Calvin Link
Calvin Link - 3 months ago
2:09 are those some donkey Kong barrels
Preston McQueen
Preston McQueen - 2 months ago
ItWasCalvin Duh no
Massive Iron
Massive Iron - 3 months ago
You guys should start making a Mario and Luigi game on the Nintendo switch
キムマスター - 3 months ago
Why couldnt they release this the first time..... I already bought the orignal one without bowser junior story... dont wanna waste money
TheFanMan - 2 months ago
It’s not a waste, get it.
inky fun times
inky fun times - 3 months ago
They need to make a partners in time remake
OVXX - 3 months ago
dear god i remember this so vividly
Armand Bier
Armand Bier - 3 months ago
when I first saw this game, I though it would be bowsers backstory
ur daddy
ur daddy - 3 months ago
Ugh but do I want to fight everything, try to find all the bro attack pieces and beat the game with rainbow rank again?... I guess :P
Pastel Crayons
Pastel Crayons - 3 months ago
I loved this game... good times...
GamingHashBrown - 3 months ago
It's a shame this game did so bad in sales. It's a good remake imo
gottahave mypops
gottahave mypops - 3 months ago
This shouldve been remade for the switch.wouldve been a great way to introduce the game to people who are new to the series plus it wouldve looked awesome
TheFanMan - 2 months ago
Uh, no. It would look bad on switch. This needs two screens and controls that the switch doesn’t have.
Mel reed
Mel reed - 3 months ago
Just make a new game . I love this game but just make a new experience.
TheFanMan - 2 months ago
You do know that this game released in January, right? They have probably been making a new one since they finished this one so these kinds of comments are ultra pointless.
Mattias Andersson
Mattias Andersson - 3 months ago
Het ready for a nut busting adventure
gina reeves
gina reeves - 3 months ago
I'm so happy this is happening, cuz I remember playing this as a kid and beating dark bowser after so many attempts and being so happy
Agent Blackbird
Agent Blackbird - 3 months ago
I heard this game didn't sell well, which sucks. I've never played it, but it looks fun.
TheFanMan - 2 months ago
You should get this game, it’s great.
Jayse Andrade
Jayse Andrade - 3 months ago
Mario and Luigi partners in time
Jayse Andrade
Jayse Andrade - 3 months ago
Mario and Luigi partners in time
Jayse Andrade
Jayse Andrade - 3 months ago
Mario and Luigi partners in time
Jayse Andrade
Jayse Andrade - 3 months ago
Mario and Luigi partners in time
lilbonsly - 3 months ago
I was so excited to play this, it was lovely to see Midbus again
but then I played Junior's Journey and there was this really annoying push to make sure everyone knew that Junior was Bowser's *only* kid and that soured the whole experience for me.
I grew up with the Koopaling's being Bowser's kids and I'm not gonna let some sidegame tell me otherwise
TheFanMan - 3 months ago
There’s so much nostalgia in this post that it oozed out of my screen onto my fingers when I tapped reply. All jokes aside, I think canon is canon and I see no reason why the Koopalings can’t just be minions instead of his kids. It’s just a detail because it changes literally nothing about their actions, personalities, or relationships at the end of the day.
Gearmo - 3 months ago
Koopaling were never bowser kids lol
Quiques - 3 months ago
This game is fine but the original ds game looks so much better
TheFanMan - 3 months ago
Exploded Productions I am genuinely concerned for your mental health if you had a meltdown because a remake’s graphics are different from the original’s. I still think that everything about the remake is better. Take off your nostalgia goggles, I have zero tolerance for this childish past-glorifying!
Exploded Productions
Exploded Productions - 3 months ago
@TheFanMan this one looks terrible and the music is terrible everything about the OG is better I actually screamed when I saw these graphics
TheFanMan - 3 months ago
I think this one looks better.
christel vermote
christel vermote - 3 months ago
i want partners in time remade plz
alangame 60
alangame 60 - 3 months ago
Mario an luigi partners in time remak please
Jim Bo
Jim Bo - 4 months ago
I never completed the original game... but I am starting to play the game again so I’m gonna finish it soon. I hope
Iván García
Iván García - 4 months ago
I can only hear Palutena narrating this.
Leonaaron10 - 4 months ago
I don't really get why people like the original better and the remake is WAY newer so why should it be slower it's just the way it is?!
Billy Lazo
Billy Lazo - 4 months ago
Toad is fat like a balloon
Bre Fujimoto
Bre Fujimoto - 4 months ago
now you can explore bowsers innards
AJ C - 4 months ago
Wait I need Reggie to make this game a meme too
Cyber Scarfy
Cyber Scarfy - 2 months ago
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia - 4 months ago
I'm going to get that game for my brother on his birthday, because he has the ds classic game.
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