'Special' Mbappe on display as PSG dominates Manchester United 2-0 | Champions League

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steven clark
steven clark - 7 months ago
Makes you think why did they throw it away in Paris I know utd took there chances but the team was mainly all second team players...
Jackpot Winner
Jackpot Winner - 8 months ago
The comments on this video are hilarious. A lot of people thinking they know football. United have the heritage and champions league pedigree that PSG are trying purchase. Bigger club by far and knocked PSG out on their own patch. Fuck all of u EINSTEINS
fullershady_COB - 8 months ago
French Oxide Chamberlain
0981247937 - 8 months ago
This aged well... 😂
tk Dele
tk Dele - 8 months ago
Im dedicating a phrase on Alan Walker's faded song called "where are you now",to all of you who had written Manchester United out incl those pandits. Always remember its over wen its actually over n miracles do often happen
tk Dele
tk Dele - 8 months ago
Im dedicating a phrase on Alan Walker's faded song called "where are you now",to all of you who had written Manchester United out incl those pandits. Always remember its over wen its actually over n miracles do often happen
Mapuia Pachuau
Mapuia Pachuau - 8 months ago
Captain Hindsight here
Maybe, just maybe, y'all should have waited for the second leg before sounding like an ass.
Captain Hindsight.. Away!!!
Tenzin Tselha
Tenzin Tselha - 8 months ago
I came frm future n i just want to say rashford is also very special n man u just won against psg
wizkid01 - 8 months ago
Yea Craig Burley.. A BIG step up for man united...? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wtf do you know?
Ismaiel Tape
Ismaiel Tape - 8 months ago
reailty is we won and went to the quarterfinals its never over until the very end ....MAN UTD.... all the way
Robert Smith
Robert Smith - 8 months ago
This is my comment after the second leg 3 _ 1 man utd win glory glory man utd
Prince Madathileth
Prince Madathileth - 8 months ago
2 min silence for Craig Burley, Alejandro and Stevie Nichol! Manchester United through to the CL quarters!
Robert Hernandez
Robert Hernandez - 8 months ago
Imagine if just neymar played also with mbappe this game 😂
fodinski1 - 8 months ago
Mbappe? Really? That’s what you saw in the game?
Raphael - 8 months ago
The arrogance tho...PSG did a reality check. Imagine when Neymar is back..
ojideagu - 8 months ago
Another reality check, PSG bottlers
Ben O'Brien
Ben O'Brien - 8 months ago
The French league is a joke and psg players are too, we know psg will win ligue 1 but the likes of mbappe and Neymar should actually want to test themselves
William Ng
William Ng - 8 months ago
Kimpembe should've been sent off early 1st half on his 2nd yellow.....
Dr Chunky Biscuit
Dr Chunky Biscuit - 8 months ago
PSG dominated us??? 😂🤣😂🤣 You're joking right? Fairly even game until our 2 players got injured & don't forget, PSG have free oil money to buy who they want, we do it with our own money & we have tight owners! #GGMU
Bryson Sabun
Bryson Sabun - 8 months ago
ojideagu - 8 months ago
Tottenham School Dortmund Man Utd KO PSG, yeh really overrated.
Bryson Sabun
Bryson Sabun - 8 months ago
Yeah sure, PSG is not just about the front three
Bryson Sabun
Bryson Sabun - 8 months ago
There was no Cavan, no Neymar.
PRINCE DOH FONCHAM - 9 months ago
paul fail the team and kill the moral of the team with red card ahead of the away game.his card was just stupid one.He is the main man and is leading the team this way.it unacceptable.
Shubham Vashishtha
Shubham Vashishtha - 9 months ago
Only stupid ESPN will talk about pogba mbappe more but won't talk about di maria who was the protagonist of the game
Shubham Vashishtha
Shubham Vashishtha - 9 months ago
This game is not about mbappe ....this game was about di maria....he was the superstar in the game
carol gruber
carol gruber - 9 months ago
All these guys do is talk about Mbappi, Mbappi, Mabappi. Marquinhos, DeMaria and Varatti were awesome and has much more time on the ball than Mabappi. They are just hyping Mbappi because they want "sheep fallowers" to see him instead of Neymar. It is all about discrediting Neymar, they would probably have a canniption if Neymar won ballon d'e or.
carol gruber
carol gruber - 8 months ago
@Lem Nil I am not really trashing Mbappe I just think pitting him against Ney is not fair bacause they are actually good friends and respect each other. During the world cup Ney told the Brasilian players they would have to watch out for him.That Brasilian at Madrid, Vinicius Jr., is one is one all are also ignoring when it comes to greatness (18 years old).
Lem Nil
Lem Nil - 8 months ago
@carol gruber I agree with you. Neymar is my favorite player and it's difficult sometimes to read all these bullshits on him. People don't know what they are talking about, they just "hate". I watch every PSG games so I perfectly know that Neymar is not the shadow of Mbappé, it's such a stupid thing to say! To me, he 's the best player in the world and don't worry, soon or late, he will shut all the mouths who trashed him so much. I'm absolutly sure about it. So keep cool and love Neymar ❤️ But please, don't trash Mbappé to defend Neymar, it's a mistake.
carol gruber
carol gruber - 8 months ago
@Lem Nil I am a reactionary!!! Pundits and fans, " like yourself," STARTED the Mbappi/Neymar hate saga with slogans like "Ney left Barsa to escape the Messi coronation now he is in the shadow of Mbappi and defenders should kick the hell out of Ney and so on and all the nasty names they call him giving him ( Ney.) little credit.So, so, so, I am one who will defend him against all the hounds of hades who try to put him down and discredit him and he never took anything from them, he just play jogo bonito and entertain. Churchill said " great men have more enemies than friends.
Lem Nil
Lem Nil - 8 months ago
@carol gruber If you want people to stop comparing Neymar and Mbappé, begin by yourself. And whether you like it or not, Mbappé is indeed a phenomen. Nobody did that well at that age in Champions League, that's a fact. And he's world champion at 19, being a major player of the team. It's just insane. Carol, you so wrong to bash MBappé to value Neymar, you should enjoy to see them play together. Finally, you are just like all those Neymar's haters who don't know anything about football.
carol gruber
carol gruber - 8 months ago
@Lem Nil Not really, I want people to stop comparing him to Neymar. Neymar carried Barca for more than a month when Messi was injured and single handedly tore PSG apart in that game at Camp Nu and won the South American Championships with Brasil. Mbappi is very good, but a phenom. he is not, at least not yet. Phenom is reserved for the Ronoldo's, the Zedan's and Ronaldinho's etc. He MUST earn that not hyped it and most of those people in the media that are hyping him against Neymar are haters because of his wealth.
MUFC Fan - 9 months ago
I'm a United fan and I have no problem with admitting that Mbappe and PSG were by far the superior team. We weren't good enough, got overran in midfield, and were sloppy in the 1st half, but give credit to PSG cos they deserved to win. It's a big task to go through in the 2nd leg but if we defend well, keep a clean sheet and be dangerous on the counter we might just have a chance to overturn this. C'mon Utd 💪💪
Martin Hasson
Martin Hasson - 9 months ago
Martin Hasson
Martin Hasson - 9 months ago
PSG are .........
Two world class players and....
A mother load of work ethic...
United Have to get EVEN STEVEN
To get back to 2008
Andres Penuela
Andres Penuela - 9 months ago
It’s amazing how brits know just as much as Americans about football .. nothing
Ben Howie
Ben Howie - 9 months ago
Kimpempe should’ve been sent off?.. not mentioning that he was the scorer of the first goal?.. if they had actually watched the first half then they would’ve seen a controlled first half from united waiting to counter which looked more threatening than PSG. Injuries ruined it at half time and PSG deserved it in the end. But they did not “dominate” the game
Efe Adah
Efe Adah - 9 months ago
Criag Burley's voice is always loud when it comes to bringing Manutd down. He should shut up
Herve Nanfa
Herve Nanfa - 9 months ago
Now people see what Paris have become.With Tuchel we have build a deadly team with a crazy system.Marquinhos is just wonderful in the middle with verratti .The pressing from paris is infernal and we control the whole game with the possession ,and counter attack.In fact . at Liverpool Ney and Mbappe did not defend with the team throughout the whole game and event cost us the defeat goal at the last minute but it made us realize that we need to defend as a team .Now with the caliber of our team we need to have decent opposition when we play la ligue 1 so that way we can put more our system in practice and make it a trademark
Need Midfielders
Need Midfielders - 9 months ago
It's hard to beat a team with 12 men let alone with sanchez playing for psg as a destructive midfielder breaking down man utd play
Vincent Vries
Vincent Vries - 9 months ago
PSG have everything except for thee coach, a manager that will make them the best team in the world.
Judge - 9 months ago
no words about their supporters ? they owned old trafford, all i could hear was their chants, it felt like they were already in Parc des Princes ! And that from the beginning of the game, no excuses about them scoring first...
Trevor Estrada
Trevor Estrada - 9 months ago
Just came here to say I told you so
Cedric Thouenon
Cedric Thouenon - 9 months ago
ICI C'EST PARIS ! Farmer league
BOSS BLAAAZE - 9 months ago
Everybody needs to remember psg basically has all Brazils starting defenders psg best team the world to me
Omar Hydara
Omar Hydara - 9 months ago
It's really hard to say if leage 1 is the famers leage Liverpool got one short In PSG which was the plenty and today man urine got only two short on target to me English leage is just rubbish , Buffon should have make coffee to drink in his post and have his meal he was not even need for any save . English leage is all about the median .
Hael Hachi
Hael Hachi - 9 months ago
Frensh Farmers league 😂😂??
Lyon better than man city and PSG better than manchester united.
ojideagu - 8 months ago
How do you feel now? PSG out by the 4th team in England.
Abubakari Sadik
Abubakari Sadik - 9 months ago
He is average player pogba
Jordan Boze
Jordan Boze - 9 months ago
I like how the didnt even touch on the fact that Kimpembe should have been sent off a few minutes in to the second half, but then said that Pogba's second yellow was plain as day.
Ohyouri& Black
Ohyouri& Black - 9 months ago
After all said and done, EPL is overrated. Just because you compete in a race amongst fellow cart-pulling horses does not make you a match for a toro bred racehorse.
ojideagu - 8 months ago
Tottenham Destroy Dortmund, Man Utd KO PSG, yeh really overrated. Real Madrid are amazing aren't they? Premier League is NO:1
Shoeb Mohammad
Shoeb Mohammad - 9 months ago
I have started watching football since 2010 and I have never seen Manchester United as great as it has been described for years. Whenever I saw them playing against Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Juventus they have lost almost all the matches except few. I have since started to feel that Manchester United is overrated.
Edit: Manchester City looks far better to me.
peter chukwuma
peter chukwuma - 9 months ago
These experts are idiots. if united go to psg and score three goals then they change their tune like, yea united have great players and i knew they will turn it around? bullshit.
Ahm S
Ahm S - 9 months ago
Mbappe is going to be one of the best. Good luck.
Lovjyot98 - 9 months ago
Marquinhos outclassed Pogba
Moses McCree
Moses McCree - 9 months ago
Explain to me how?
Pvnvme PsG
Pvnvme PsG - 9 months ago
Tbh i still cannot understand how in godsname, all those ppl thought that psg will be the absolute underdog... for me, as a psg fan, it was a game wich was 50/50. I didnt thought there is a special favorite for going trough.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - 9 months ago
Kimpenbe shouldn’t have been on the pitch
Harris - 9 months ago
farmer league they said
ojideagu - 8 months ago
Still a farmers league, PSG 1-3 in Paris out
HarmanPreet Singh
HarmanPreet Singh - 9 months ago
MariNate - 9 months ago
Every time I feel like we’re back(UTD) some bullshit happens. Pogba and Matic were outclassed. Veratti and Marquinhos looked world class.
Luis Villa
Luis Villa - 9 months ago
Mbappe missed two clear opportunities . I believed an elite striker would of netted those chances!
I'mTheDaddy Q
I'mTheDaddy Q - 9 months ago
@That guy D.R.E mbappe is a great talent but to suggest he is top 3-4 or even 5 is absurd, the guy misses too many clear cut chances put on the plate, add he is a striker, not on the talent level of a neymar maradona type player ie, dribbler, playmaker, goal scorer i really do want to see him in the neymar role and see his passing ability dribbling ability not just pace and scoring a one off goal from 3 easy chances to prove myself wrong.
That guy D.R.E
That guy D.R.E - 9 months ago
remember now he is 18/19 still has much to learn he has a world Cup and goals like crazy though
calou01 - 9 months ago
mbappe the rocket player .... this guy is so fast hahahaha unbelievable !!!!
aubame-bloodclut-zette - 9 months ago
Look at these twats repeatedly defending United saying "they had injuries". Don't see these excuses for other teams
Excel - 9 months ago
*Jose Mouriniho has joined the chat*
Don Corleone
Don Corleone - 9 months ago
"Dominates" lol
James McAuley
James McAuley - 9 months ago
Anyone who thinks Pogba would dominate this match hasn't a clue about football. Biggest fraud and most overrated player around. No defensive awareness, zero ability to control a match, sloppy childish play and an immature attitude as well as zero positional awareness. Guy scores a few goals and penos and fancy assists against weak pl teams and people think he's world class. He's never dominated the midfield against a top side, and Marquinhos dominated him and Veratti gave him a football lesson. Didn't help that Herrera and Matic are bang average too.
Holy Ghost
Holy Ghost - 9 months ago
Why was not the goal allowed for ajax today ?
That guy D.R.E
That guy D.R.E - 9 months ago
player was offside and also got involved in the keepers space and the rules say that's not aloud really unlucky because Ajax deservedo the win with three performance top class
Forrest Ford
Forrest Ford - 9 months ago
I wouldn’t say dominate
Kev Marray
Kev Marray - 9 months ago
Lol only in soccer and hockey is 2-0 a dominant win. Smh
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