Simon Lynge in Greenland

Jean Mégly
Jean Mégly - 10 months ago
M. Simon Lynge. My best respects for you - as an human being, as a connecting boy, and as a tribute to your never-be-extinct life. I love you. Be welcome in my SW France. + 39° C in summer. Ready ? Komma !
Sherie Shackleton
Sherie Shackleton - Year ago
Wonderful..... adore your music.......
KSER FM - 2 years ago
We love Simon at KSER 90.7 FM in Everett Washington USA! Iceland looks beautiful - On the bucket list for sure!
Tove Motzfeldt
Tove Motzfeldt - 3 years ago
Smukt og altid smukt i syd Grønland.
Ken Hatley
Ken Hatley - 3 years ago
Love this !! Reminds me of Ralph McTell's style, early Donovan, Fairport that shows in the background, but Simon Lynge, brings it totally into the 21st century, with a great message, and very clean production. Nothing gets in the way of anything else in the track. Great Job Simon, you made a fan out of me !!
Irela Williams Herrera
Irela Williams Herrera - 3 years ago
Simon, you have made my life happier. Thanks.
Keith & Co.
Keith & Co. - 3 years ago
This is my very favorite video. I have shared it with many people and through it have not only introduced others to Simon Lynge, but also to Greenland. Thanks for posting, hope this video stays online!  (Keith in Boston, MA)
Dora Nielsen
Dora Nielsen - 4 years ago
Super god Simon Lynge. Flot stemme og gode tekst.
Katinka Jonathansen
Katinka Jonathansen - 5 years ago
He has voice! And nice music. :)
Antoine Premellieure
Antoine Premellieure - 6 years ago
Are there any hipsters in Greenland? I know you're out there!!!
Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller - 8 years ago
So beautiful to see you doing so well. Many blessings and merry christmas from Nashvegas
Bruce, Patricia and Forest
PS. Forest has a pretty cool band..
The Least Of Your Worries
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