How Air Traffic Control Works

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Wendover Productions
Wendover Productions - 5 months ago
Hey all, so in case you didn't see the announcement video, we launched a new scripted podcast last Wednesday called Extremities. It's all about why and how people live in earth's most isolated and extreme settlements.
In season one, we tell the story of Pitcairn Island--a small British territory in the South Pacific with just 50 people. It's 300 miles/500 kilometers away from the nearest other inhabited place, 3000 miles/5000 kilometers away from the nearest city, and 10,000 miles/16,000 kilometers away from its capital city in London. The twist and turns that Pitcairn takes through history and the explanation of why and how Pitcairn still exists today are fascinating, in my biased opinion.
Episode 1 is out now, episode 2 comes out tomorrow, and I'd love it if you'd give it a listen. Extremities is available at the following places:
Apple Podcasts:
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I hope you enjoy!
bootfan !!
bootfan !! - 3 months ago
4:35 Your INCORRECT GRAPHIC does not match with the spoken words. The graphic shows "<24,500 ft" or LESS THAN 24,500 while the spoken words describe Maastricht air control in control of traffic GREATER THAN 24,500 ft. The correct graphic would be ">24,500 ft". Please correct your graphic.
Khalid Bin Walid
Khalid Bin Walid - 4 months ago
Your name is not Wendover?? My whole life...
Effah Osei
Effah Osei - 4 months ago
Wendover Productions wee
Anmol Dani
Anmol Dani - 4 months ago
Ege Bilgin
Ege Bilgin - 2 days ago
London - Frankfurt uhm?
Wonder how Eurocontrol want to control flights after Brexit !?
Gillian Cockroft
Gillian Cockroft - 3 days ago
Ait traffic corruption more like.🛫🛬
Randy Mack
Randy Mack - 4 days ago
10:37 RIP
Bald Guy Flies Planes
Bald Guy Flies Planes - 6 days ago
All the thumbs down are those who didn’t get the domain they wanted. Great video, keep them coming!
You are breathing
You are breathing - 9 days ago
Great. This is another thing I'll think about when I'm flying in an airplane. I hope I won't have anxiety over thinking this.
Dominic Johnson
Dominic Johnson - 17 days ago
This is amazing
John Ramirez
John Ramirez - 18 days ago
Thank you for answering the question i have in my mind.
Mathew Kurland
Mathew Kurland - 18 days ago
Lol, flight level 245 in the US means your at 245,000 feet
7:50 5 nanometers seems a bit close to me...
GaryNumeroUno - 21 day ago
Short of controllers!!! Have they thought of advertising for new ones? At least they don't have to worry about the Thomas Cook flights anymore!
flx51 - 24 days ago
10:35 Never mind no more :c
4HEad - 25 days ago
belgian and dutch people when he says Maastricht: TRIGGERED
Ashok Naik
Ashok Naik - 28 days ago
Hlo sir .ur explanation is good nd understanding I need some topics onair traffic control for a mini project.
Wai Ki Yuen
Wai Ki Yuen - Month ago
Thank you for making our professor’s life easier. She literally just play this video in lecture. What the fuck.
joseph lemons
joseph lemons - Month ago
Kim Lau
Kim Lau - Month ago
Did you just go to Brussel and did an interview???
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson - Month ago
*this is a Thomas Cook flight*

yakikadafi - Month ago
I'm an air traffic controller in Australia and here the minimum horizontal separation is 2000 feet!
fobpower88 - Month ago
RIP Thomas Cook 10:37
Samuele - Month ago
Prissinotti orgoglio italiano porcoddio!
At times the planes are spaced in such a way that their airstreams eventually widen and merge with the one next to it resulting in a thin but
total cloud cover. One can imagine that the area trees hate those days.
Alina Vinnytsia
Alina Vinnytsia - Month ago
*EU control comfortable
Holidays: I'm gonna end this man's whole career
Brian Beard
Brian Beard - Month ago
So where is the US ATC video? Its different over here.
Ehab Mheibes
Ehab Mheibes - Month ago
somebody answer the phone! :p
Frat Peker
Frat Peker - Month ago
Poor Thomas Cook flight
Chuk Wow
Chuk Wow - Month ago
Sorry, this robovoice didn’t make it for me😕
Benjamin Lahr
Benjamin Lahr - Month ago
Maybe they shouldn't have delayed the Thomas Cook flight...
PASSUR Aerospace
PASSUR Aerospace - Month ago
Great educational video!
Den Topseje Gummiand
Den Topseje Gummiand - Month ago
Rip Thomas Cook
Lex - Month ago
taking the FEAST tests at Eurocontrol in about a month wish me luck
McKayla Medina
McKayla Medina - Month ago
There goes our ozone layer
sjakebaas - Month ago
What happens , if your system has a failure ,with planes in the air?
Mark Moire
Mark Moire - Month ago
At 1:54 is that a Facebook mom minion meme above the persons desk?
Major Kong
Major Kong - 2 months ago
Ahh, the French strike again!
47ambrose42jpm - 2 months ago
How does one become an ATC person?
Tom Donnelly
Tom Donnelly - 2 months ago
This would have been a lot more interesting if it had been about US airspace rather than European airspace.
unknown unknown
unknown unknown - 2 months ago
Today schedule 1615 to 2115
Jeff Ray
Jeff Ray - 2 months ago
Nose to tail aircraft noise morning noon and night over Calderdale, has someone blown their top ? 😂🔥
Ibirdball - 2 months ago
2:42 Funny you show that area with EGSH, that's my local airport! However sometimes flights to the Middle East out of Manchester or from America do come over that area.
Andrew - 2 months ago
Wonder if I could get a Visa to go work at eurocontrol
John Daltrocanto
John Daltrocanto - 2 months ago
You really butchered that Italian name
DaRobo - 2 months ago
I regret checking if checklistmas{ was actually taken.
Neurofied Yamato
Neurofied Yamato - 2 months ago
Wow cool, you actually went to eurocontrol.
badlandskid - 2 months ago
Twenty flights daily equals more than one an hour? Must be on metric time in Europe.
UConnhuskyandrewnduati - 2 months ago
This is probably my favorite video ever, like Wendover Productions, Half as Interesting, Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, any*fucking*thing ever.
Shadowwolf TD5000
Shadowwolf TD5000 - 2 months ago
2:38 There's also an RAF base there
Incorrigible Panda
Incorrigible Panda - 2 months ago
Step 1: raise ATC wages.
Seriously, how much could it cost to pay that small group of highly talented individuals enough to not strike.
Geometrical Gamer
Geometrical Gamer - 2 months ago
It really depends on where the ATCs are working. In my area they get paid 100,000+
NadChel1 - 2 months ago
The seventh reference is just a search result
Scooty789 - 2 months ago
seems like a nice job worth pursuing
Oliver Gray
Oliver Gray - 3 months ago
I work for a European airline as cabin crew and pretty much everyday we get ATC slots causing us delays! Especially over summer as norther Europe airspace is mad!
Shanghao Zhong
Shanghao Zhong - 3 months ago
ATC would be one of the most complicated work in the world
Alex - 3 months ago
Good pay though
cluck - 3 months ago
Thought this was Captian Joe.
Nathan Gehman
Nathan Gehman - 3 months ago
1: 37 Man, they have NICE chairs!
Michael Hall
Michael Hall - 3 months ago
Not in FAA facilities!
JP Labs
JP Labs - 3 months ago
I like how a Dutch control centre controls Belgian airspace......
funkyleah - 3 months ago
Fake! It’s like ATC in Microsoft flight simulator steam edition
Michael Hall
Michael Hall - 3 months ago
Looks like a Traffic Management facility.
GopzU - 3 months ago
12:30 my dream place to work
Amaral Monteiro
Amaral Monteiro - 3 months ago
Ágora tou na Madeira. Muito giro.❤
A Throbbing Peanuts
A Throbbing Peanuts - 3 months ago
Can't wait for the moment all these human "controllers" are replaced by AI
Michael Hall
Michael Hall - 3 months ago
Spoken like someone who doesn't understand the job. When you can put 135 (I had about 95 of those) airplanes on 4 runways in an hour then maybe you can voice an intelligent opinion. There is no IA that could have kept up with that hour! BTW, using EuroControl is probably not a good example of volume. Try the busier FAA ATC facilities. We rarely limited flights based on staffing. Volume goes up and we just work harder/smarter.
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet - 3 months ago
In this day and generation, I'd have expected ATC software be able to render flights (with their projected vectors) and terrain in 3D perspective to give them better visualisation of separation or impending danger.
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