Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel | CGI Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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lord t a c h a n k a
lord t a c h a n k a - 14 hours ago
man they should make a cgi movie for rainbow six
gubisoft:-hides possible movie that could get alot of money for and also doesnt make another like this one cuz they succ p e e n-
G Eonia
G Eonia - 14 hours ago
4:28 for honor EG
I have depression
I have depression - 14 hours ago
I hope they make more
ThePolishPolarBear - 16 hours ago
"I only pick pro strats"
*pulls rook*
Gary King
Gary King - 16 hours ago
I could imagine this being a part of Love, Death + Robots
Quack Destroyer
Quack Destroyer - 18 hours ago
Anybody see the warden helmet in the background?
Kiana Putri
Kiana Putri - 20 hours ago
Hammer is arguably better
BlackRose Love02
BlackRose Love02 - 22 hours ago
Doc and Slege: aM i A jOkE tO yOu?
mythorganizer - 23 hours ago
Who is the guy consoling dokkabei?
Max Sainz
Max Sainz - Day ago
Moar please
Julian Licata
Julian Licata - Day ago
Fookin laZer SighTs
HiLostBoy - Day ago
We need a full rainbow six siege movie
NRT SoundWave
NRT SoundWave - Day ago
The always ask how’s your mom but never ask how are you
d callendar
d callendar - Day ago
Damn doki thicc tho
justicegear85 - Day ago
See, even Thatcher says "No lag, then." - Get your internet up to speed, bois!!!
Taylor Cutlery
Taylor Cutlery - Day ago
Make a movie already!!
R3v0ltn - Day ago
Dokki *thicc*
Seth Mckin
Seth Mckin - Day ago
Who tf is Henry, Rainbows leader is John Clark
DaDa9202 _
DaDa9202 _ - Day ago
Make more plz 😇
Bbhdseyk Bldlsx
Bbhdseyk Bldlsx - Day ago
pls make more of theseeeee
Zee Naught
Zee Naught - Day ago
6 is supposed to be John Clark
bambazy - 2 days ago
When’s this coming out
dragon 2964
dragon 2964 - 2 days ago
Wait what happened to SIX anyway?
Zee Naught
Zee Naught - 2 days ago
AHarice - 2 days ago
I want a look it to more of the ops lives
Rindran 808
Rindran 808 - 2 days ago
You misspelt sickle
It’s yo boi Jager Gaming
I love tachanka he’s one of my favorite operators
Mooose - 2 days ago
Make another one already GOD DAMNIT
Recon - 2 days ago
Whats the song called when thatcher is fighting?
Shiba Toast
Shiba Toast - Day ago
Elephant by Tame Impala amazing band
Dokkaebi besto waifu
gameplay review
gameplay review - 2 days ago
I don't understand what is this
Zai Husky
Zai Husky - 2 days ago
Tachanka and kapkan
게임폭판마 - 2 days ago
Laptop and emp->Hammer and scapel->Laptop and emp
게임폭판마 - 2 days ago
Perfect hammer is an emp
buriq TV
buriq TV - 2 days ago
I have playing rainbow six siage in android
Seven Kings
Seven Kings - 2 days ago
FH helmets in the director office
My pp very small pls help me
I want Thatcer to nail Dokk
Vishal Kamalaksha
Vishal Kamalaksha - 3 days ago
Umm, what was the point of this?
Raul Philip Goco
Raul Philip Goco - 3 days ago
Who would win
*An Internationally trained Hacker Woman!*

*F O O K I N L A S E R S I G H T S*
Moby Decker
Moby Decker - 3 days ago
song: Tame Impala , Elephant.
Koopa6 _
Koopa6 _ - 3 days ago
Dokkabae is fire 😍
Wolf Dragon
Wolf Dragon - 3 days ago
0:22 look at her weapon swap speed
Maple Gum
Maple Gum - 3 days ago
0:46 I like how Ubisoft is teasing Nøkk with that Norwegian flag in the background
x- InViNCiBle -z
x- InViNCiBle -z - 2 days ago
and you couldnt see her because she was using her ability
TheDarkNightAwaits - 3 days ago
the guy hit thatcher with a pool cue, snapped it on his back and it only pissed Thatcher off more
TheDarkNightAwaits - 3 days ago
what song is thism
King Loui
King Loui - 3 days ago
Kingmans vibes?
Yudi Salimi
Yudi Salimi - 3 days ago
Still waiting for the next one
showlegacy619 - 3 days ago
What’s the song that plays in the bar?
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog - 3 days ago
4:33 it`s just a for honor secret?
big chair
big chair - 3 days ago
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen - 3 days ago
1:04 My British friend said that "2 fingers" was the American equivalent of the middle finger for the British.
WaywardHero 117
WaywardHero 117 - 4 days ago
I want to see one for Vigil, he’s mysterious and definitely need some light shown on his character, especially with his dark past.
Adibass Mane
Adibass Mane - 4 days ago
What software does ubisoft use to make these type of animations?
youthfulseat 389
youthfulseat 389 - 4 days ago
zetta _
zetta _ - 4 days ago
hearing that classic rainbow six siege music when dokabi was talking to harry made me tingle a bit, don't know why.
Ryan Nguyen
Ryan Nguyen - 3 days ago
Kinda expecting a whole CGI movie reveal afterwards lol.
InstinctSpider - 4 days ago
Smokeing hell
XTZSpitfire_217 - 4 days ago
Ubisoft plz nerf bandit
Jeremy Bonilla
Jeremy Bonilla - 4 days ago
Paul Bauman
Paul Bauman - 4 days ago
Wtf have I been missing?
Gunther Stottlemyer
Gunther Stottlemyer - 4 days ago
Damn IMA use Thatcher now
vRxce - 4 days ago
Jestem Gruby
Jestem Gruby - 4 days ago
Pls goobisoft make a campaign
Dead Wolf
Dead Wolf - 4 days ago
already better than new starwars :D
Kasper Lanza
Kasper Lanza - 4 days ago
Dokkaebi:two more seconds we have eyes in the room
Nøkk:"genuine laughter"
Tesla Animates and Does Other Stuff
Thatcher looks manly unmasked, but when he has his mask on he looks like a cute peashooter.
XenoFeild - 5 days ago
New Operator
Name : John “Billiard” Pitcher
Ability: Huts people with 8 Balls
Guns: nerf ball guns and custom guns that shoot pool balls
J RMZ123
J RMZ123 - 5 days ago
Can someone explain the ending
Feuertaufe - 5 days ago
I want vegas 2 remastered
Ryan Dan
Ryan Dan - 5 days ago
"He's a hammer and I'm just his nail"
I get it cause thatcher can *bang* her
tlongworth19 - 5 days ago
When are you guys gonna make some swiss operators?
Tre Bond
Tre Bond - 5 days ago
If you pause at 4:28-4:29 you can see the faction helmets from For Honor Knights Vikings and Samurai cool little Easter egg
MasterHalo012 - 5 days ago
Still waiting for another
SparkyTheFox - 5 days ago
swelter skelter beanie from watch dogs 2
V V - 5 days ago
God damn, Thatcher reminds me of John McAleese
n o
n o - 5 days ago
Thatcher is a brute
Miguel Angel Rangel
Miguel Angel Rangel - 5 days ago
I wished they could do this more often.
Softjames-gamer #cool
Softjames-gamer #cool - 5 days ago
4:28 easter egg in the background
Brohdy Carver
Brohdy Carver - 5 days ago
Low-key you guys should make a movie. Just saying.
Mr Meme
Mr Meme - 5 days ago
Yo this is legit beautiful
Diego Velasquez
Diego Velasquez - 5 days ago
That's why thatcher is ma main
A Triggered Boi
A Triggered Boi - 5 days ago
Song: Elephant by Tame Impala
Dragon with passion
Dragon with passion - 5 days ago
I really want to know that fight song
Dragon with passion
Dragon with passion - 4 days ago
+Laura Garcia thank you thank you I have been searching for days
Laura Garcia
Laura Garcia - 4 days ago
elephant tame impala
Zodiac Box Gaming
Zodiac Box Gaming - 6 days ago
Dokkaebi out here looking hot
Jekabs Ojārs Uļskis
Jekabs Ojārs Uļskis - 6 days ago
I have always liked the SAS uniforms more than any other oporator gang. Well thought out and damn awsome.
Shiny Giratina
Shiny Giratina - 6 days ago
rainbow HARRY: seige
CHAINS OF OLYMPUS - 6 days ago
This was sick
Nightmare 34353
Nightmare 34353 - 6 days ago
Harry future operator?
Andromeda - 4 days ago
+Nightmare 34353 nah, harry is the new Six
Nightmare 34353
Nightmare 34353 - 4 days ago
Andromeda you mean dokabie or however you spell it
Andromeda - 5 days ago
nah, he's the new overseer of Rainbow Six, the black lady in the intro was the old one
Tiberius - 6 days ago
Make this a Rainbow Six Siege serie
FaZe Libertarian
FaZe Libertarian - 6 days ago
Yo dawg we heard you like our characters so we added more character to our characters
Im a Bot
Im a Bot - 6 days ago
Who's Harry?
HIII_ROME - 6 days ago
Rainbow Harry siege
Wub - 6 days ago
You can easily tell apart the normal people from the degenerate basement dwellers in this comment section.
Tragedyq - 6 days ago
Fookin laser sights
*When a Weeb gets told that anime battles dont exist in real life*
GMONEY SNIPER907 - 7 days ago
We want more of these
DozyProductions - 7 days ago
These graphics are both cartoonish and realistic
Angry Ninja
Angry Ninja - 7 days ago
I don’t know why I hate you,
I’m not sure what you’ve done,
Andy Murray’s mums
Aw Naw
Aw Naw - 7 days ago
Iron Maggie
Iron Lady
Margret thatcher
zhang matteo
zhang matteo - 7 days ago
i'm cumming,it's too beautyfull
Dorian Bromberger
Dorian Bromberger - 7 days ago
Amazing CGI *Thatcher disliked that*
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