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Caleb Walker
Caleb Walker - 8 months ago
They didn’t need to flex on us when they went from airborne to cars to robot mode
Patolagos - 8 months ago
I cant stop repeating the part where Dropkick says
"Wait, what are you doin'?
This is humiliating..."
It gives so much personality to him
MagmaSheep - 8 months ago
0:30 is it just me or does dropkick look like he is badass when he stands and does that.
SpartanMatt117 - 8 months ago
I watched the transforming part in 0.25 speed
I missed
I missed - 8 months ago
0.25x at 0:00 is so satisfying
Jude Watson
Jude Watson - 9 months ago
The Decepticons doing some actual deception, for once
Jampolo - 9 months ago
It would've been less suspicious if they identified as Cybertronians instead of Decepticons, but the language barrier means they probably don't know that
You Tube
You Tube - 9 months ago
They cut the scene when they a helicopter
Harrison Weir
Harrison Weir - 8 months ago
Um, no they didn't. Edit: Well they had it here but was moved to a different scene
Rashad Moore
Rashad Moore - 9 months ago
The Decepticons are actually good villains and DON'T get blown to scrap two minutes later?
Thank you Travis Knight.
darth fury
darth fury - 9 months ago
" *this is humiliating* " best line from a live action con imo !
Shyam Malasani
Shyam Malasani - 9 months ago
Damn bruh they transformed twice just to flex.
END3R_X - 9 months ago
0:32 john cena?
Shark Boy
Shark Boy - 9 months ago
0:30 where are Dropkick's wings? (Car Doors)
Calvin Fujii
Calvin Fujii - 9 months ago
What I wouldn't give to see Justin Theroux, Angela Bassett, and Dylan O'Brien doing the voices behind the scenes.
StingerMaple 03
StingerMaple 03 - 9 months ago
When your allies charge into battle in Battlefield V
선법 - 9 months ago
They’re badass
neiljuice - 9 months ago
triple changers are so interesting to look at
Genji Jaeger
Genji Jaeger - 9 months ago
Dropkick sounding like drax
Upendra Hang Limbu
Upendra Hang Limbu - 9 months ago
I thought they have a specified transformations. This 2 decepticons could transform to jet and heli and than cars afterwards😃
goon2Agoblin - 9 months ago
Might as well just made into an animated film
isaaci _ßaci
isaaci _ßaci - 9 months ago
This clip was better than the fracnchise
Ratchet4483 - 9 months ago
Is this just me or Shatter and Dropkick remind me to Knockout and Breakdown from Transformers Prime?
I don’t even upload Any MorYT
Shatter: we are decpticon peacekeepers
Drop kick: wait what are yo- *sighs*
Abinzar Baihaqi
Abinzar Baihaqi - 9 months ago
You can see me?
Broose Wain
Broose Wain - 9 months ago
I’m glad that these actually act like decepticons, deceiving humanity into thinking they are the good guys instead of acting shady right from the get go!
ERIC SUN - 9 months ago
What are they filming at 0:32 ? I can’t see anyone
Ryan Nick
Ryan Nick - 9 months ago
dropkick its funny hes say
wait, what are you doing?
El Matadores
El Matadores - 9 months ago
Wait, there’s no lingering shots of a girls ass and some awful frat-boy bad humour?
Is this finally a transformers film that isn’t nasty and remembers it’s a kid’s show?
RE:projekt - 9 months ago
I can't see agent Burns
Whiskey Fists
Whiskey Fists - 9 months ago
Never would I have expected them to get Angela Bassett to voice a Decepticon
Hugsworth - 9 months ago
I love the way Shatter’s wingblades shoot out when she finishes transforming.
Robotic Spiderguy
Robotic Spiderguy - 9 months ago
Dropkick has a PG-13 Blaster
Harrison Weir
Harrison Weir - 8 months ago
Imagine if when he fired his gun, the humans turned to a bunch of burnt bones or if liquified, the goo was red
Rayquaza Δ
Rayquaza Δ - 9 months ago
0:00-0:06 triple changers
BanyMany - 9 months ago
At least they are smarter than bayformers decepticon.
Shatter: " we are deception peace keepers "
Midget Vision
Midget Vision - 9 months ago
"This is humiliating"
~Best line ive heard
MJAestheticFilms - 9 months ago
Hold up why they use the beginning clip when they is about to attack Bumblebee but then switch to the next clip when they meet the humans?
Hernán Ferreras
Hernán Ferreras - 9 months ago
Me encantan estas transformaciones
Triple changers 4 life
Potatoo King
Potatoo King - 9 months ago
The movie is good
Son Arata
Son Arata - 9 months ago
God im so glad Bay isnt here anymore
Adspecter - 9 months ago
I see Shatter as a Valkyrie warrior and dropkick as the executioner
ban3bunk3r - 9 months ago
I see shatter as "good" cop and dropkick as bad cop
Creativity At Random
Creativity At Random - 9 months ago
DropKick is one of my favorites now
vidupanda - 9 months ago
I loved them they where so cool in the movie much better than any bay decepticon also they change this scene a little bit in the movie
Mad Titan
Mad Titan - 9 months ago
“We are Decepticon peace keepers” ha yeah right, that’s rich
shamatuu - 9 months ago
most dumb ass scence
Night5225 - 9 months ago
There’s a few noticeable changes from the actual theatrical release. They never changed into their aerial forms; they just scan them beforehand. There’s also a little more planning from Shatter before the kneeling.
Radic The Hedgehog
Radic The Hedgehog - 9 months ago
“Decepticon Peace Keepers”
It’s literally Deception with another “C” and The Humans still haven’t figured it out yet.
Radic The Hedgehog
Radic The Hedgehog - 9 months ago
Aidan Farren-Hart
Aidan Farren-Hart - 9 months ago
“They literally call themselves ‘Decepticons’! That doesn’t set off any red flags?”
PINK - 9 months ago
And that dangerous creature is?
Ryan G
Ryan G - 9 months ago
Love how their personalities contrast with each other. Shatter is tactical and deceptive whereas Dropkick doesn’t care about anything and just wants to blow everything up
Ivan De La Garza
Ivan De La Garza - 9 months ago
One of my favorite jokes from the movie are “These guys are called Decepticons...is that not raising any red flags with you guys?”
The Screenslaver
The Screenslaver - 9 months ago
This is gonna be the first Transformers movie I’ve seen and I already like it. I don’t even know who these two are but I can tell that I’m gonna like them.
The Screenslaver
The Screenslaver - 9 months ago
Decepticons superior thanks I saw the movie last week. These two are better than any other Decepticon from the Micheal Bay movies.
Decepticons superior
Decepticons superior - 9 months ago
Armada 2045 the red one is Shatter and the blue one is Dropkick
uncut guy
uncut guy - 9 months ago
is transformed into a car's necessary?
Filthy Disgusting Ape
Filthy Disgusting Ape - 9 months ago
Angela Bassett?!
Count Lazuli
Count Lazuli - 9 months ago
Dropkick, a decepticon that is both funny and badass.
RyanTyanMyan - 10 months ago
In the actual movie, they only transform from air mode to vehicle to robot mode when they attack bumblebee. This scene in the movie has them driving to the area shows them scanning their air forms
Patrick Sam
Patrick Sam - 10 months ago
What was the point of transforming into cars when you could just fly right up to them? Lol
Relicvault 15
Relicvault 15 - 10 months ago
oof, these cons have more personality than knockout.
BLADESTER128 - 10 months ago
Is it weird that they remind me of Obsidian and Strika?
Matthew Cool
Matthew Cool - 10 months ago
Now, _these_ are true Decepticons.
Bowen Orcutt
Bowen Orcutt - 10 months ago
Oh, I can already tell I'm going to like the dynamic between these two in this movie. Might even end up as my new favorite decepticon duo, supplanting Knock Out and Starscream from Prime.
Mohammed Abbas
Mohammed Abbas - 10 months ago
Went To Watch This Movie Today And It Is Absolutley Brilliant! DropKick And Shatter Stole The Show As Decepticons. Bumblebee Is An Absolute Boss As Always! I Loved SoundWaves Commands And The War On Cybertron Scene Was Phenomenal.
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