Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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CinemaSins - Month ago
Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!
Sierra Faith
Sierra Faith - Day ago
Do the rest of the Ice Age trilogy, Open Season trilogy, and the Madagascar trilogy please!
Jacob Lannister
Jacob Lannister - 5 days ago
We need Willy Wonka now!
gacha Charlotte
gacha Charlotte - 20 days ago
heyyyy its 16:16 not 16 minutes or less(joke)
Victoria Bryer
Victoria Bryer - Month ago
okay i thought so, I knew i watched this video before, when you said this 8:06
Cade Terry
Cade Terry - 9 hours ago
Wonka: I think that one's got a bad nut.
CS: That's why we named him Lance.
......I don't get it.
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson - 2 days ago
I wanna try some of Wonka's grass
sava mobile
sava mobile - 2 days ago
You know this is gonna be a good video when the first sin is "this movie exists"
paktype - 2 days ago
What an awful movie.
Dominic's Phone
Dominic's Phone - 3 days ago
The Good Charlie
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 4 days ago
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 4 days ago
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 4 days ago
WONKANDA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 4 days ago
LOL SNOWGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asriel Wonka
Asriel Wonka - 4 days ago
what do you want? its a movie for kids. i dont care about mistakes..
Kerrin Elyse
Kerrin Elyse - 4 days ago
I actually always really loved this movie. Still do, not sorry lol.
Midnight River
Midnight River - 4 days ago
lets not forget who wrote this movie basically is a psychopath
Laura AHernandez
Laura AHernandez - 4 days ago
10:43 YASSSS!!! Please tell me this reference means Jeremy is part of the Hamiltrash fandom too!
Locke Lafleur
Locke Lafleur - 4 days ago
first 4 sins are retarded
Locke Lafleur
Locke Lafleur - 4 days ago
otherwise sins r valid
Locke Lafleur
Locke Lafleur - 4 days ago
flashbacks were good too
Locke Lafleur
Locke Lafleur - 4 days ago
story was engaging
Locke Lafleur
Locke Lafleur - 4 days ago
music was not bad way better than lorax
Locke Lafleur
Locke Lafleur - 4 days ago
make that 5
Maestro Jack
Maestro Jack - 4 days ago
Johnny Depp, the baby raper.
Whorellyweird is crawling with pedophiles.
Mr McGregor
Mr McGregor - 4 days ago
Mr McGregor
Mr McGregor - 4 days ago
who else realize the original was about child murder and legit mentally terrifying yes? why the hell would you want a remix of Bird box 4 kids?
Shane Edmundson
Shane Edmundson - 5 days ago
I wonder if CS would consider making playlists by who narrated the sins?!
Amina Unicorn Uk
Amina Unicorn Uk - 5 days ago
Wes Prang
Wes Prang - 5 days ago
Why I hate sequels: They take something that was barely tolerable, remove everything we like about it, replace it with shit, then wonder why their new shitfest is shitty.
limpkin_capacue - 5 days ago
i now don't like this movie because every day for a school year my mom woke us up with good morning starshine the earth says hello it is now my least favorite group of words
Adventurous 101
Adventurous 101 - 5 days ago
I enjoy the original version better
liah uribe valdez
liah uribe valdez - 6 days ago
Honestly I remember seeing this as a little kid and thinking, “is Willy Wonka gay”
I still think about it to this day
He gives me strong chaotic gay energy...making a musical every time a kid nearly dies and all
Aira Cummins
Aira Cummins - 6 days ago
Shut it the railing was to high
Aira Cummins
Aira Cummins - 6 days ago
Those f-ing meditation adds are back
Trevor Wong
Trevor Wong - 7 days ago
8:38 hahahhahhahahhahhaha
Kevin Howard
Kevin Howard - 7 days ago
I think the Golden Ticket contest would be the greatest publicity stunt ever concocted. Hundreds of Millions of chocolate bars are being sold yet only 5 have golden tickets.
ChillArtist - 8 days ago
you say lance i think mcclain
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker - 8 days ago
Jeez i forgot how weird this movie is
Macy Eaton
Macy Eaton - 8 days ago
P - 9 days ago
This movie has a special place in my heart . Because...well...reasons
Pheonix Rainbow
Pheonix Rainbow - 9 days ago
Everything is wrong about this movie.
Dominick Khoshaba
Dominick Khoshaba - 9 days ago
2030 anyone
Logan Does stuff
Logan Does stuff - 9 days ago
3:16 he probably told people from around the world to deliver these edit 5:11 he bought it so he could get a lifetime supply of chocolate
Hubbsplace :D
Hubbsplace :D - 10 days ago
That moment when it says in 16 mins or less and is 16:16 long
olivia joelle
olivia joelle - 10 days ago
Willy Wonka: mama,,,,papa
CS: i cannot tell you how quickly i would remove children from this mans presence

lmfaoo that killed me
ZJG Love Juliana
ZJG Love Juliana - 10 days ago
As much as I love this movie, I knew befote watching every second in the factory would be a sin.
Pomelo Girl1
Pomelo Girl1 - 10 days ago
This is so fing lol
Whimsical & Cold Fire 5
Whimsical & Cold Fire 5 - 10 days ago
Ahem the oompa loompa one guy did a lot of takes. Every move that was done ge did that repeatedly. I say respect you can look it up. An interview on it too.
Johnny TYRRELL - 10 days ago
The old film is 100000000000000000000000000 time's better then this shit film. Gene Wilder is Willy Wonka not Johnny D. The old film still holds up today.
Pcuccs123 - 10 days ago
That one scene when that fat kid went up the tube used to scare the shit out of me as a child I used to look away ever time I watched the movie.
Fell Man
Fell Man - 10 days ago
Charlie Bucket is a pretty annoying character I mean I get that they're trying to make him a cheery kid but does he have to smile every 10 seconds? In relation to that he's like a robot, only focused on the goal without any position or opinion on anything.

Same was true in the original movie though not as bad. And yes this sin video was hilarious.
Emily Callaghan
Emily Callaghan - 10 days ago
I like the original film the best.
Goodolwacko - 10 days ago
Anybody else correct him when he said dragon? I’m pretty sure that was a seahorse lolz
The Golden Turd
The Golden Turd - 10 days ago
Young child: **dies a horrible and gruesome death**
Oompa Loompas: **D A N C E N O I S E S**
Fredster Gaming
Fredster Gaming - 10 days ago
Child: *gets murdered by squirrels* Oompa Loompas: *default dances*
KzCreationz & More
KzCreationz & More - 10 days ago
Okay so I haven’t watched the video yet but if this doesn’t automatically get sinned for 1) being a knock off of the original and 2) just existing, imma be personally offended 😂

Edit: Well you got one of them 😂 thank you!
Edit: oh good you got there eventually 😂
Reba Winchester
Reba Winchester - 10 days ago
So just gonna gloss over the fact Charlie made Wonka and his dad make up?
Or the actual reason why they rebuilt the house in the factory because Charlie wouldn’t accept the factory without his family being there too?
Sin *ding* sin *ding*
Eveilyn And Annaliveoso
Eveilyn And Annaliveoso - 10 days ago
We watched this last night and my sister started singing
“The candy man can can cause he mixes it with MeTh! AnD MaKEs tHE WorLD FEeL GoOd
Adam Eheart
Adam Eheart - 10 days ago
10:12 that’s what she said🙂
BrodyPlayz Roblox
BrodyPlayz Roblox - 10 days ago
If you haven't noticed that the the chocolate is one dollar and he gave the cashier 10 dollers and Charlie never got his change
Virginia Clark
Virginia Clark - 11 days ago
Two things. One: Maybe Grandpa Joe was waiting for Charlie Bucket to finish the chocolate factory model before telling him all those stories. Two. What's wrong with British people using American words? I'm British and I go between using American and British words. Anyway this has got to be my favourite Roald Dahl story. From Virginia Clark :) :( ;)
TheBulletBot - 11 days ago
Dugly Uckling
Dugly Uckling - 11 days ago
You guys should do a series called “forgotten sins” where you go through the comments and say all the sins that people pointed out that you may have missed
DatSoulBoi_ - 11 days ago
Sinnin' sinnin' on and on
Bradarious Spar
Bradarious Spar - 11 days ago
I said, because this is a reboot/remake(whatever. Never saw it) of the original so I predicted the first sin being "This movie exists." I was right :)
Vexxus - 11 days ago
Wonka: Dad...... Papa.....
CinemaSins: I cannot begin to tell you how quickly and forcefully I would remove children from this man's presence
Ive never laughed so hard.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - 11 days ago
Wonkanda forever😂😂😂😂💀
Oddy Nuff
Oddy Nuff - 11 days ago
Reuben Dowthwaite
Reuben Dowthwaite - 11 days ago
That moment when you realise that the oompa loompas are just one guy repeated over and over thanks to CGI
PARALLEL Phoenix - 11 days ago
Charlie gets no Chang after buying a 10$ chocolate bar. Shop keeper scammer get scammed. (My finger slipped)
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - 11 days ago
Everything wrong with CatCF:
Secret recipe legit has the words “secret recipe” stamped on envelope.
Literally lacks all the backstory the book has.
Silly bonka’s silly hairdo.
No one has any motive for whatevs they did
Candy mysteriously turns INTO A SKULL after being burned.
Girl manages to go through a locked door without keys while guy with keys took 5 mins to unlock it and this happens just for development
(Will be edited whenever find a new sin
Dark Tomato
Dark Tomato - 11 days ago
did anyone else's teachers make you watch this as like a religion?
Kati Kerner
Kati Kerner - 11 days ago
Johnny Depp actually doesn’t have a big ego he actually refuses to watch his movie because he has such a low ego and low self-esteem
lazyboy king kingdom
lazyboy king kingdom - 11 days ago
Umm. Peta
lazyboy king kingdom
lazyboy king kingdom - 11 days ago
9:36 yet you let him go out but he can't eat the candy also he wolnka didn't ever need that brace his dad must have done that
lazyboy king kingdom
lazyboy king kingdom - 11 days ago
Well those Oompa Loompas better watch out for Donald trumpet
lazyboy king kingdom
lazyboy king kingdom - 11 days ago
OMG lmao 6:27 my favorite part hahaha😂
Zoleroid - 11 days ago
No its Captain Obvious not Admiral Obvious.
Banana_ Man
Banana_ Man - 11 days ago
The original is way better than this
Will Ellis
Will Ellis - 11 days ago
no, no, no. you misspelled the title. It's not "Everything Wrong with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", it's "Everything's Wrong with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". At least this version anyway.
AMBER ROSE LEE - 11 days ago
Well the movie was a pile of shit
Comfortable Sofa
Comfortable Sofa - 11 days ago
Original version is 100% better.
ElitezDan11 - 11 days ago
0:03 Charlie and the Chocolate Pudding Cup
aloha the inkling
aloha the inkling - 11 days ago
"U can suck it all year and it wouldn't get any smaller" Remind u of anything ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gigs unicorn
Gigs unicorn - 12 days ago
Gigs unicorn
Gigs unicorn - 12 days ago
I hated Charlie and the 🍫 fountain even now case
1 wonkla is creepy and he's ugly
2 the movie is creepy
3 all of them are creepy
4 they say things creepy
Gigs unicorn
Gigs unicorn - 9 days ago
@Hatsune Memeku sooooooo truuueeee
Hatsune Memeku
Hatsune Memeku - 9 days ago
Gigs unicorn Not to mention: Kid: dies Oompa Loompas: danciiin dancin is what to do
Kazakazee Yt
Kazakazee Yt - 12 days ago
Willy wonka looks like a druggie
??????????????? - 12 days ago
I never thought of it like that
??????????????? - 12 days ago
I never thought of it like that
LilShrimpToast - 12 days ago
A major sin on this channel..

save urself some time and just don’t swear?
Tundra Potter
Tundra Potter - 11 days ago
LilShrimpToast respect this guy. Besides, children of all ages are watching this, so the people who are older are fone, and the younger kids won’t have to hear it
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Pinkamena Diane Pie - 12 days ago
“Grandpa joe is the villain “
flame of war
flame of war - 12 days ago
This is a movie from my childhood wtf did I watch this
Alivia Hughes
Alivia Hughes - 12 days ago
I got something so creepy
Its Bunneberry_playz
Its Bunneberry_playz - 12 days ago
Do everything wrong with pup star
Peppermint Snowdrift
Peppermint Snowdrift - 12 days ago
I don't have an issue with this Wonka, but....I really love Gene Wilder's Wonka.
Mia Nikitovic
Mia Nikitovic - 12 days ago
*Child dies*
Chandana Kulasooriya
Chandana Kulasooriya - 12 days ago
you cant sin it for "wakanda forever". black panther is released later.
Hypnotic Dragon
Hypnotic Dragon - 12 days ago
First sin:This movie exists.Best sin ever

Edit:i don't know why exists and best turned blue
OhNoItsMaya _
OhNoItsMaya _ - 12 days ago
Try Wonkas g r a s s
Francisco Vaca
Francisco Vaca - 12 days ago
So no ones gonna say anything about the fact he has a ten dollar bill in Britain are wherever they are your failing cinemasins
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad - 11 days ago
It's deliberate to make the setting feel ambiguous
Sisi Charriere
Sisi Charriere - 12 days ago
3:25 i mean the obvious explanation is that those vespa dudes are confectionary golems of some sort
Shelbi_Gacha xx
Shelbi_Gacha xx - 12 days ago
Other than all that though, it's a really cute movie. Still love the video!
Livingtoliveagain21 - 12 days ago
Oh crap! Charlie's The Good Doctor!!!
PIElet Pi
PIElet Pi - 12 days ago
Wonka didn't send them to non-english countries so he can understand the kids.
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad - 11 days ago
Germany doesn't have English as its first language, though a lot of the inhabitants speak English of course
unikitten3684 - 12 days ago
Bobtheguy sports and gaming
10:09 that's what he said
Views 1738
Views 1738 - 12 days ago
Are we not going to talk about how the old dude laid in bed until Charlie found the ticket
Natasha B
Natasha B - 13 days ago
it's a seahorse, not a dragon
Sara Wilson
Sara Wilson - 13 days ago
Wonkanda forever
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