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Andy Liu
Andy Liu - Minute ago
holly mack
holly mack - 2 hours ago
Trevor talks about trump so much he must say his name in the bedroom when hes fucking his boyfriend did you hear what trump did a lil bit lower ,,,trump did this omg I'm gonna bust trump trump explosion trump just Twitter on his Facebook time for round two lol
Sucrey galgo
Sucrey galgo - 5 hours ago
America is going down china will soon rise thats how it is. China will soon have a rival.
TheSocialHandGrenade - 7 hours ago
I really wish Obama was assassinated because he would have done more good for black people dead than being president for 8 years 🤦🏽‍♂️
SAMEER AHMAD - 8 hours ago
China is the best in terms of technology
Ghughu Maal
Ghughu Maal - 11 hours ago
Ghughu Maal
Ghughu Maal - 11 hours ago
And ... V=IR???
New method...
Ghughu Maal
Ghughu Maal - 11 hours ago
Talk about bringing birds down
Susie H
Susie H - 12 hours ago
Brings a new meaning to fake it till you make it 🤣
hsdte95 - 13 hours ago
China might spy on us. The US will spy on us.
JAMES VICTOR - 19 hours ago
I'm watching this on huawei phone 😁
Jay Dars
Jay Dars - 19 hours ago
oh man u fuck trump america and apple
Jay Dars
Jay Dars - 19 hours ago
i hate america
Carlos Lunna
Carlos Lunna - 21 hour ago
trevor noah 2020!!
Chi Huang
Chi Huang - Day ago
Same tactics Thomas Edison used to smear Tesla a century ago! You can teach an old dog new tricks...
Hui Chen
Hui Chen - Day ago
Pir Raza
Pir Raza - Day ago
5g is great. Just let it happen america
Liana Love INFJ
Liana Love INFJ - Day ago
suraj bhatt
suraj bhatt - Day ago
5g will be the end of us
We can't handle that much radiations.
By doing that we will se surrounded by radiations all the time no matter how close your devices are..that surely goona affect the upcoming generation severely.
Let’s start with some basic background on 5G technology. Faster processing speeds require more bandwidth, yet our current frequency bandwidths are quickly becoming saturated. The idea behind 5G is to use untapped bandwidth of the extremely high-frequency millimeter wave (MMW), between 30GHz and 300GHz, in addition to some lower and mid-range frequencies.
High-frequency MMWs travel a short distance. Furthermore, they don’t travel well through buildings and tend to be absorbed by rain and plants, leading to signal interference. Thus, the necessary infrastructure would require many smaller, barely noticeable cell towers situated closer together, with more input and output ports than there are on the much larger, easier to see 4G towers. This would likely result in wireless antennas every few feet, on every lamp post and utility pole in your neighbourhood.
Here are some numbers to put the dangers of 5G into perspective: as of 2015, there were 308,000 wireless antennas on cell towers and buildings. That’s double the 2002 number. Yet 5G would require exponentially more, smaller ones, placed much closer together, with each emitting bursts of radiofrequency radiation (RFR)–granted, at levels much lower than that of today’s 4G cell towers–that will be much harder to avoid because these towers will be ubiquitous. If we could see the RFR, it would look like a smog that’s everywhere, all the time.
Moi Hoi
Moi Hoi - Day ago
And us dont spy???
Karina Bedonia
Karina Bedonia - Day ago
Donald trump is a dick
VENUSWAGGON k - 2 days ago
MX Q - 2 days ago
Aali145 Aali145
Aali145 Aali145 - 2 days ago
Nice joking person love you
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed - 2 days ago
In Egypt to download a 2 hour film it you will need about 48 hours
Chelseee A
Chelseee A - 2 days ago
Firoz M
Firoz M - 2 days ago
China cannot be trusted in terms of any national security or rather in any terms...
Marta Marta
Marta Marta - 2 days ago
You should thank Trump ... so you have a subject to speak about .
Liz Li
Liz Li - 2 days ago
elias varela
elias varela - 2 days ago
people dont know the purpose of 5G yet, Mormons do! America does spy on us already!
Chou Ali
Chou Ali - 2 days ago
Anybody watching this video while using Huawei? Lol😂
Achu Harsh
Achu Harsh - 2 days ago
i will probably go with china coz us is the greedest country i have ever seen exploited middle east for oil. Worked apart ww2 to get the power no. 1 spot. Bombarded japan. Afgan nd iraq. Us ain't what u think its the villian which trys to be the hero. Us will stab u from the back to achieve what they want. Cheater of the nations.
Harvey Lu
Harvey Lu - 2 days ago
"Huawei" a beautiful land or place. Which really means China or the middle kingdom
Harvey Lu
Harvey Lu - 3 days ago
5g no buffer, philippines' dream
Orkapipo Orkalino
Orkapipo Orkalino - 3 days ago
5g is bad for us
danish cookie
danish cookie - 3 days ago
Looks like china needs a little democracy.
terry smith
terry smith - 3 days ago
Is that why Trump have a big problem with Mexico too.. they can do things he can't.. Obama has style class and a wife who loves him so he hates him too... TRUMP is a true white caucasian from America.. he's not American, an American person would NEVER turn on their military and shake hands with a foreign leader or sleep with a foreign lady.
Naga videos
Naga videos - 3 days ago
Using 5g it is going to kill more birds. By getting billions money is not matter . this technology can create a new problems. China can spy at anywhere.
Adam Johns
Adam Johns - 3 days ago
America is synonym for whites - the white devil.
Anton Vlasov
Anton Vlasov - 3 days ago
China new bee!
Juan Mercado
Juan Mercado - 3 days ago
This is a fact:5g causes brain cancer. Look it up sheeple
reuben vhengani
reuben vhengani - 3 days ago
This war tho...
Benji1982 Zhuang
Benji1982 Zhuang - 3 days ago
I used to respect USA but for this huawei case i think USA goverment so are lame and a loser. Its like a sport when u almost lose u just break the others legs and wont admit u lose. And try to win back in the next round like a gentleman....
Haha Haha
Haha Haha - 3 days ago
Mom can we have 5G
Mom: We already have 5G at home
5G at home : 5Ge
Driftsイクラス - 3 days ago
Typical American policies, play it dirty...
Tut Seng Lim
Tut Seng Lim - 4 days ago
Amazing, only you could put such hard topics in a light hearted manner, thumbs up!
Jason Robertson
Jason Robertson - 4 days ago
5G is shit for your health. Let em have it. We need to stop pushing for it.
影雨 Jeremy
影雨 Jeremy - 4 days ago
影雨 Jeremy
影雨 Jeremy - 4 days ago
哔哩哔哩乾杯 []~( ̄▽ ̄)~*
Nadia somethin
Nadia somethin - 4 days ago
Genius, hilarious, creative 😍, great comedian! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
hayat lenas
hayat lenas - 4 days ago
Alex Pangadapun
Alex Pangadapun - 4 days ago
Spy US and Trump??? Or apple is going down. Or China is smarter than Trump.
Wretched The
Wretched The - 4 days ago
Well said on that race
I AM CM - 4 days ago
Trading your brain and what little privacy left for faster technology...im good. Nothing good comes out of it.
zaid taha
zaid taha - 4 days ago
Lmao so many chinese bots.
Amore saw
Amore saw - 4 days ago
In Iraq we don't have 4g not 5g 😭😭😭
My Cup Of TAE
My Cup Of TAE - 4 days ago
Huawei phones as great, and their cameras 🤯. I don’t know why in the USA everyone is so against Chinese phones, they work better than iPhones.
phoeniximperator - 4 days ago
America may have its faults but putting that kind of power in a totalitarian state like China is a mistake... just ask Hong Kong how they feel about their big brother's tantrums.
ko chulip
ko chulip - 4 days ago
American: we can’t trust them, they can spy on us
Also American: PRISM surveillance system activated
China: Bruh...
gan zou
gan zou - 4 days ago
影雨 Jeremy
影雨 Jeremy - 4 days ago
Ir. Djonny Simarmata Msc
Naaaknow 😁 well may be there are so many socially retarded people in china who want spend his entire day researching in the lab .
Sar - 4 days ago
"On 4G, you'd be waiting six minutes."
Bhavya Dubey
Bhavya Dubey - 2 days ago
@Tausif Karim slower probably,,
Tausif Karim
Tausif Karim - 2 days ago
Is it faster or slower ?
Naeem Muhammad
Naeem Muhammad - 4 days ago
Good job
Ramadhan Makata
Ramadhan Makata - 4 days ago
in china we trust and we will win this race
allan jane
allan jane - 4 days ago
jcgameryt519 - 4 days ago
fuck trump
Sally Boyer
Sally Boyer - 5 days ago
AT&T is faking it 😂 we are so doomed
Girish Kumar
Girish Kumar - 5 days ago
6:07 really America
Arian z
Arian z - 5 days ago
A joke ,we America government never spy anything
RYAN56721 - 5 days ago
What is China going to do about intercepting our internet traffic with 5G?? There not going to find much
*Message pop up
China tech: hey i dont get this where im at they banned all the sites, can i browse with you?? Hope my boss doesn't find out
Me: *types "haha sure"
Me: *Browses more Emily Bloom "shes a looker isnt she"
China tech: Thanks m8
Me: hey wana look up Redheads ;P
China tech: shit my boss is coming gtg
Me: ahhh :(
Tech boss: what a wanker, go find something else to watch yeahh, were suppose to be intercepting important targets not watching porn!!
China tech: fine...
Tech boss: OOOO is he looking up redheads
China tech: :)
fazri zul
fazri zul - 6 days ago
Woooowww same to me i also see at my iphone 7 5c
Raist Oner
Raist Oner - 6 days ago
What US company sells 5G equipment? I'll wait
Raist Oner
Raist Oner - 4 days ago
@Damar Alexander infrastructure equipment not UEs
Damar Alexander
Damar Alexander - 4 days ago
edy barthelemy
edy barthelemy - 6 days ago
NASA got better than 5g
TechMagnet - 6 days ago
nice content. you should upload more on this topic
Okito Lim Wai Kit
Okito Lim Wai Kit - 5 days ago
Me when I saw a verified user comment... *IMMEDITELY 1ST COMMENT AND LIKE IT!!!*
Josh Cate
Josh Cate - 6 days ago
I love how trump is trying to sell us on 5G by saying it will help the farming community. I've never heard a farmer say that his crops would grow better if he had faster cell phone data speeds.
7 - 2 days ago
There's machines that work online. Just read about how someone's cow milk machine (or smthing like that) was hacked because it was online.
ForAmerican - 6 days ago
Just fake it like Apollo moon landing. All done in a studio and Arizona desert.
Olga Sanchez
Olga Sanchez - 6 days ago
You need to get your self better informed my dear Trevor, 5G will kill and destroyed the brain and the organs litle by litle, day by day because it's extreme radiation and it will affect all of Us my dear Trevor, You need 2 do better research 😎
umumararungu caritas
umumararungu caritas - 6 days ago
Ismael Mote tell him
Ismael Mote
Ismael Mote - 6 days ago
Hahha, if 5G thus have something bad effect to our health, then why NASA has a lot faster connection? And why their not ill?
EYE - 6 days ago
If you don’t know now you know chigga
genesis llamado
genesis llamado - 6 days ago
Just Fake it! like it was made on china hahaha . make it even
ncode03 - 6 days ago
Moon landings, if you can't do it fake it. Only decades ago everybody swallowed everything the media tells them and we all know now what that kind of power can do to a person and what governments are willing to do
Ng Yang
Ng Yang - 7 days ago
Donald Trump should steal huawei 5 g technology so it will become fair for both sides
J T - 7 days ago
It really funny, I enjoy!:p
But what all said is true! Include facts how US playing dirty just to win 😂
But about spying, hardware alone itself cannot spy on it own! Even if huawei provides the hardware, the nations telecom provider and the software use in the telecommunication system the one control the data, so people should stop being misguide on how tech work.
George Norman
George Norman - 7 days ago
Where have I been? Trevor Noah is great now! Jesus Christ!
Santiago Ventura Manjarrez
Don't lie to your stupid people who believe every shit you say to them. Your gov lost and that's it.
kaitel Lee
kaitel Lee - 7 days ago
lovepeacebliss - 7 days ago
5G has detrimental health effects. Research.
Ismael Mote
Ismael Mote - 6 days ago
NASA uses a lot faster connections than 5G so if you have a problem with 5G then you should have also a problem with NASA's connection
Ismael Mote
Ismael Mote - 6 days ago
You do believe that having a wired setup reduces electro magnetic radiations? Well maybe your right but the thing is, NASA will still emits lots of radiations if your speculation are true about 5G's health concerns.
lovepeacebliss - 6 days ago
@Ismael Mote And "what I call 5G"? That is its name......
lovepeacebliss - 6 days ago
@Ismael Mote hmmm well i dont work at nasa nor do i know anyone who does so I cant comment intelligently. Although a simple search tells me its exagerated and a whole different setup. A wired setup which dramatically lowers electromagnetic radiation. 5G is many many towers spread out through city that releases radiation. I recommend researching and not just believing memes.
Ismael Mote
Ismael Mote - 6 days ago
If thats the case, then why NASA has a lot faster connection than what you call 5G? Health issue is not real.
Zer - 7 days ago
"just fake it baby.." then Apollo landing moon image 😂
MRPJ1! - 5 days ago
Funny........but true.
mickey sup bro
mickey sup bro - 7 days ago
Guess the daily show is sponsored by communications companies now
Eden Adam
Eden Adam - 7 days ago
Just fake it baby! Like Apollo
person of person
person of person - 7 days ago
5g ad in a report on 5g huh
WhyAlwaysMe? JuanClawdGahwd-Damn
USA gonna play a Nicola Tesla's on Huawei 😂
Mohamed Hijas
Mohamed Hijas - 7 days ago
Just like going to moon. fake it baby.
geo745don - 7 days ago
Even Noah know USA Faked the Moon Landing, us fakery at.it's best
Waqar Ghulam
Waqar Ghulam - 7 days ago
Africa will have 5G before the great old USA
顾wilson - 7 days ago
this guy so interesting. he is right
Little Wolf
Little Wolf - 7 days ago
Sounds similar to the “Moon Race”....
Yaro Dukal
Yaro Dukal - 7 days ago
To get 5G USA have to update wire lines first. Which is very expensive. Forget about 5G in USA...
S.P.Requiem - 7 days ago
Well China banned many American companies like Google and Facebook, which is why companies like Huawei could rise on the first place.
I'd say Trump is just playing fair here. Although he can no longer say America is "free market" as oppose to China.
They are essentially the same now.
Mohamed Hijas
Mohamed Hijas - 7 days ago
Facebook is banned in china only. Huawei is famous all over the world. Banning Facebook has nothing to do with huawei being famous tech giant. If there is anything that is chinese prople became efficient after banning facebook. I think every country should do that.
ab nice
ab nice - 8 days ago
The ending of his segment was cold-blooded LOL
Berzerius - 8 days ago
Such bullshit.
Fresh Jamaican
Fresh Jamaican - 8 days ago
America has fucked the world , I don't trust them but hey who knows what china will do with their 5g? Id rather stick with the devil I know, fuck china in the knee
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