Top 10 Celebrities with TERRIBLE Plastic Surgery

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MA S - 12 hours ago
Funny how people who get plastic surgery do it to try and look younger when in reality it makes them look WAY older! And it seems to shrink their eyes. Or maybe it's all of the filler and implants in their face. 😳 NONE of these people look better after plastic surgery.
Alexdrinksbleach13 - 12 hours ago
3:59 Matt Dillon is in the left!
Donna Sikes
Donna Sikes - 13 hours ago
All these ppl were beautiful before horrible
Lawrence Grott
Lawrence Grott - 15 hours ago
"Industry racism" to explain why Michael Jackson destroyed his appearance? GTFOH with that bullshit. Nothing but trying to virtue signal.
Doc Lo’s Beast Mode
Doc Lo’s Beast Mode - 18 hours ago
When you are a man from the get go, it’s hard to change that fact.
k7777 A
k7777 A - Day ago
Bob Czz
Bob Czz - Day ago
All these so called women are actually men.
Sue Roberts
Sue Roberts - Day ago
Donatello is a man... So obvious!!!
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez - Day ago
Most of These “actresses and actors” careers are over. It’s sad what happened to Mickey Rourke as of 2019 he looks way different than in this video. I really like Mickey.
Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez - Day ago
Meg ryan looks like the joker 🃏
Colleen Grady
Colleen Grady - 2 days ago
Surgeons charge for this?!
Musicians Alliance For Progress
Zellweger looked MUCH better prior to her plastic surgery. This announcer woman is nuts
Dead Soul
Dead Soul - 2 days ago
Lil Kim became Asian 🤑
Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis - 3 days ago
There should be lawsuits against the plastic surgeons who made these stars unrecognizable, or the butt of jokes.
danicakes921 - 3 days ago
People die all the time getting NECESSARY surgery. There's no way in hell you're cutting me open for some shit I can do without! Just thank God you woke up this morning and keep it moving!
lia lorenzo
lia lorenzo - 3 days ago
vitaligo doesnt cover yer entire face evenly mj bleached just like sammy sosa did
John Amato
John Amato - 4 days ago
The only reason that these women get plastic surgery is to hide the man that is coming out of them as they age because they are ALL MALE ,every single one of them. Tranny androgynous FREAKS IS ALL WE ARE getting FROM Hollywood, the music industry, high-level politics and on the news and even pro sports!!! WAKE UP!! This is gone on long enough, anybody on TV is reverse gender of what you grew up believing them to be. This is why they are pushing the LGBTQ community, freaks like Bruce Jenner . His whole family are transgender , they are all freaks and they worship Satan and they hate real people! Wake up
Angel Suarez Garcia
Angel Suarez Garcia - 4 days ago
Que pena
Kristen berer
Kristen berer - 4 days ago
Peter Burns still makes my heart hurt. Such a troubled man
Can we reach 1,000 subs without posting?
This is why I am fine with being ugly.
Gordon Adams
Gordon Adams - 4 days ago
Melania doesn't make the list? Her cat eyes are scary.
Barber of Seville
Barber of Seville - 5 days ago
Good, serves em right for being so vain.
C. - 5 days ago
Barber of Seville - Society is to blame for putting extreme pressure on them and judging them on appearance in the first place. Have some compassion.
You Tube
You Tube - 5 days ago
Tranny men must have surgery they don’t care if their face looks bad just so long as the people can’t tell they are actually men. Easy to pull off when they are young but skulls of men are hard to hide in old age.
Dee Kobald
Dee Kobald - 6 days ago
They are all trannies and are falling apart... creepy hollyweirdm..
Lee Francis
Lee Francis - 7 days ago
Renne does look better
Sarah - 7 days ago
All fake and all ugly. they not only ruined their looks but they're careers asl for being so stupid.. Don't they know most of us make fun of them ? ..
Lance Manyon
Lance Manyon - 7 days ago
Stallone looks awesome for a guy in his 40's much less a guy in his 70's wich i believe he is .
TheAstrius - 7 days ago
Meg Ryan and Jennifer Grey were tragedies.
nay - 8 days ago
Mickey was fine as hell. He should never had done that shit
Syrr Mogerite
Syrr Mogerite - 8 days ago
Anna Em
Anna Em - 10 days ago
You cant expect them to look the same as they did in there 20’s.
UHeardMe1stTime - 10 days ago
10:31 I literally can't stand when people don't know the meaning of literally.
Jessica Brandenburg
Jessica Brandenburg - 11 days ago
Some fixed it. Courtney quit getting lip injections and looks much better now.
VERY UNHAPPY - 11 days ago
Aldo Monti
Aldo Monti - 11 days ago
The Wall is undefeated!
Tabitha S.
Tabitha S. - 12 days ago
Kim also has A LOT of self-hate, and issues with Foxy Brown. Look at Lil Kim's IG. She has lightened her skin ON TOP of getting shitty plastic surgery. MJ also got a lot of teasing and berating from his dad and brothers about his looks. Emotional and verbal abuse never goes away. I feel like he did it to try and fix what for years his family saw as flaws. I hope he's found eternal peace he couldn't find in life. R.I.P. MJ.
5D or Bust
5D or Bust - 12 days ago
LOL... all these 'women'...they're ALL men....trannies. There are NO real women in hollyweird on the screen.
jae pae von
jae pae von - 14 days ago
For some reason I enjoy that they spend thousands and maybe millions and only to look like a total wack job.
Cycle Rider
Cycle Rider - 14 days ago
"Industry racism"? What a joke. Jackson was a product of an abusive father and he never had a childhood. He had no idea who he was.
Merari zetina ramos
Merari zetina ramos - 14 days ago
No, not Michael Jackson
Alien Calling
Alien Calling - 15 days ago
Donatela Versace
swe c
swe c - 15 days ago
Because they are trannys! Ts don't age well
BubbaTheBulldog - 16 days ago
I'm jealous, these humans have more wrinkles than me!!!
Voo Doo1
Voo Doo1 - 17 days ago
I can't beleive people PAY to look like this...WTF??? SERIOUSLY
Theodetvaren - 17 days ago
I’m just saying WTF. MICHAEL JACKSON DID 2 SURGERYS! And you out him as number 1. Grose. Get your facts right MoJo
Meghan Emery
Meghan Emery - 18 days ago
go fuck yourself.
Caileigh - 19 days ago
He had vitiligo, it takes one google search to figure out Michael Jackson did. He may have done a lot of plastic surgery, but there’s no evidence he got skin lightening treatments.
Bryon Stephens
Bryon Stephens - 19 days ago
Micky Rourke was a boxer? That is a serious joke...check out his fake fights on youtube!
Gucci Clone
Gucci Clone - 20 days ago
Natural is better
Kathy Mercer
Kathy Mercer - 20 days ago
Michaels surgerys started when he got burned during the Pepsi commercial when the pryo effects burned his face arm and neck. I think i remember it was those parts. With getting him back from those burns started it all.
Anne Harris
Anne Harris - 20 days ago
I loved how Renee looked before. Very unique. Now she has gone from a 10 to 1.
Very sad. No reversing it.
R&R\n/ - 20 days ago
Is it bad I still think Tara Reid Is Hot?
Jessica SmokeyMcPot
Jessica SmokeyMcPot - 20 days ago
Rene Zellweger fucked her face up, she looked wayy better before.
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott - 22 days ago
Michael the freak....😨😨😨😨😨😝😝😝 wanted to be white so much but turned out a total freak....
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott - 22 days ago
Good heavens DONNATELLA......😢😢
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott - 22 days ago
LAURA.....omw girl 😢😢😢😢
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott - 22 days ago
Meg, what were you thinking?
Ellen Casey
Ellen Casey - 22 days ago
Never Satisfied these stars
MJ Saran
MJ Saran - 23 days ago
Slan Isa
Slan Isa - 23 days ago
I say...they look like hell...
Slan Isa
Slan Isa - 23 days ago
Y' all couldn't run away from getting old and ugly...better way make it welcomes to your life...
abalone317 - 23 days ago
I feel like Angelica Huston just gained a natural amount of weight for being an older woman. She has always had a very square jaw, and the weight gain only emphasized it. Terrible that we are over here judging her for it...
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas - 24 days ago
Renee is also still hot
Ricardo Lamas
Ricardo Lamas - 24 days ago
Courtney cox is still hot
ignfan4life - 24 days ago
It's weird how some people think looking like a blobfish is superior to looking older.
BooDotBoo - 24 days ago
Every single person on this list looked a million times better before plastic surgery. Why ruin your looks because of pressure to stay young? I'd rather just get out of the business if this is what is expected of you to stay in Hollywood.
BooDotBoo - 24 days ago
Um, Renee Zell was NOT an improvement; she was cute and had this charm about her face before, now, it's just plain and half of what made the last Bridget jones movie so bad, lol.
cesar martinez
cesar martinez - 25 days ago
Renee definitely did not improve her look. It’s not horrible and she shouldn’t be on the list but it’s not improved. It’s at least a little weird.
Alexis Koval
Alexis Koval - 26 days ago
Are they dumb? Everyone blaming it on racism nowdays🤷🏽‍♀️ He legit HAD A SKIN CONDITION, lack of pigments on the skin.
BooDotBoo - 24 days ago
While I agree with what you say, he definitely got his nose done because he hated it how it looked. Which people believe he hated because his nose looked too "black".
chansey 1992
chansey 1992 - 26 days ago
believe me so guys , any 1 that looks this good with Botox we should all invent then we can look good as MJ
Tony Parks
Tony Parks - 26 days ago
Dodah Ashwag
Dodah Ashwag - 27 days ago
Your video so disgusting and sexual
Rich Scales
Rich Scales - 29 days ago
there are half a dozen I can think of who are as bad
Michael Jackson Fan
Michael Jackson Fan - Month ago
If you think Michael Jackson is ugly, then go eat a cactus, because he’s not. He is beautiful.
Wendy Bond
Wendy Bond - Month ago
Kenny Rogers does not look anything like himself! He used to have such a nice face! I feel sorry for them.
Stephanie Romero
Stephanie Romero - Month ago
the kardashians 😂
Ariel Fruge
Ariel Fruge - Month ago
Ho dare you say Michael Jackson 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 It doesn't matter he still the kindest person. And no i didn't agree with your list ugh what's your deal with Michael Jackson 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Ariel Fruge
Ariel Fruge - Month ago
Why you never show your face did you take too many plastic surgy.
Top Celebrities TV
Top Celebrities TV - Month ago
The ugly ducks that turned into swans were impossible.
Ritesh Singha
Ritesh Singha - Month ago
Plastic surgery in Korea make u look beautiful cute kawai but plastic surgery in USA looks like tiger face
Emp Tee
Emp Tee - Month ago
What the fuck is it with these people? No one EVER ends up looking better after cosmetic surgery.
Isabella Witz
Isabella Witz - Month ago
well sometimes less is more
Eva Lu
Eva Lu - Month ago
You forgot to mention BURT RENOLDS !! That was another plastic surgery gone wrong.
Dfender67 - Month ago
Wait...@2:41, Lara Flynn Boyle turned into Susan Boyle?
Maddi VS Asmr
Maddi VS Asmr - Month ago
OKAY BITCHES u do plastic surgery to get beautiful not ugly (ier) I know it's spelt uglier
Carmel Francis
Carmel Francis - Month ago
Can we recycle these plastic idiots?
Debra Vowell
Debra Vowell - Month ago
Priscilla Presley
Audra Sitarek
Audra Sitarek - 21 day ago
Debra Vowell that is a travesty. What a natural gorgeous beauty, looks like a wax figure lion 🦁 now
Debra Vowell
Debra Vowell - Month ago
Myyyy God
Matthew Kreger
Matthew Kreger - Month ago
You people need to get real jobs!!!!! You all must have the imagination of a fruit fly. What would do if all of
these phoney-baloney "stars" decided to go natural? That of course will not happen. It is people like you who
use them, and use them, and use them until they dry up and blow away. And there is always a new batch
getting "groomed" for success....But you will always be the same....shallow, pointless, little ass kissing, suck-
up groupies...nothing more.....
AAHJ - Month ago
The make up make it even worse|:
celtek65 - Month ago
Racism...Michael Jackson? His career was going downhill after he became white and changed his nose, cheeks, jawline etc.
Trina Reyes
Trina Reyes - Month ago
Courtney Cox shouldn't be in with most of these others. She still looks great in my book.
fawe233 - Month ago
Jim B
Jim B - Month ago
It is so sad to see truly beautiful women turn themselves into near monsters.
News Online Today
News Online Today - Month ago
Natural beauty is the most besutiful
Logan Daugherty
Logan Daugherty - Month ago
Courtney Cox doesn't look much different to me. And certainly not in a bad way.
Why can't they just have normal cosmetic surgery, if they need to, like Barbara Windsor had, for example. She looks amazing and she was in her 70's when she had a face lift. Cosmetic surgery, should just enhance or slightly lift or remove wrinkles, so the person just looks fresher and a little younger, not like summat out of a horror film! It's ok, some people saying, why not age gracefully, but not everyone wants to do that, so i think my suggestion makes sense.
Andrea Cutinho
Andrea Cutinho - Month ago
Courtney cox is still beautiful after d plastic surgery
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