Top 10 Celebrities with TERRIBLE Plastic Surgery

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Rachel Star Lemond
Rachel Star Lemond - День назад
Just fuck off and leave Angelica Huston alone . She is a little older and healthier than the anorexic turds like Rene , Lara and Tara . And can people please start forgetting the piece of shit that was Michael Jackson ?
Inspiring Puppies
Inspiring Puppies - 2 дня назад
Catherine Aensland
Catherine Aensland - 2 дня назад
What's a real housewife look?
MissRandomwriter - 2 дня назад
Who can blame celebrities for doing everything they can to stay young-looking? Look at the shit that Brigitte Bardot gets - She's in her 80s, yet people (mainly women) have sneered and bitched about her aging ever since her first wrinkle appeared. The public love to see what they consider the 'downfall' of sexy, successful celebrities - A beautiful woman is a threat... age her, or mock her attempts to stay young, and women are happy. It's the public who are nasty arseholes, not the celebrities who feel under this pressure.
raphael44ify - 2 дня назад
6:04 The look on that guy's face.
M Brontë
M Brontë - 3 дня назад
all I can say is...they didn't need to do it.
Maggie'sGrace - 3 дня назад
Racism didn't cause Michael Jackson's plastic surgery. Insanity did.
KD Hovis
KD Hovis - 4 дня назад
This is why my hubby and I watch a lot of Brit TV. Sadly, some of them are also heading for the Botox and fillers. Grow old gracefully!
P.A. West
P.A. West - 4 дня назад
Replace Courteney Cox with Nikki Cox, and you might have a credible list.
HangGonnaSec Huey
HangGonnaSec Huey - 5 дней назад
I'll say it for you if you, "they look like shit!"
Mechelle Howard
Mechelle Howard - 6 дней назад
You noticed no black people,in this list. Black don’t crack
WelcomeToLondonMF - 6 дней назад
Michael Jackson lost his n word pass
Frame of borealis
Frame of borealis - 6 дней назад
Michael Jackson had vitiligo... It's obvious by the lack of transition phase. He probably wanted his face to match his skin. Or maybe he really was just that internally insecure
karry sasfoot
karry sasfoot - 6 дней назад isn't
Jodie Rules
Jodie Rules - 7 дней назад
Kind of surprised JCVD didnt make this list
Ryan Clem
Ryan Clem - 8 дней назад
D'shawn Cherry
D'shawn Cherry - 8 дней назад
Lara Boyle needs to sue, this should be featured on botched. That's just f**ked up
Lola Pulkin
Lola Pulkin - 8 дней назад
So this whole video is about judging famous people’s looks? Really? Y’all say that they were beautiful before then now look like shit? It’s their body is their faces. How about stop being hypocritical
bigearedmouse17 - 10 дней назад
So, according toWatchMojo it was the music industries Racism that caused Micheal Jackson to fuck his face up !!! You couldn't make this shit up ffs.
Alicia-Pilar Mogollon
Alicia-Pilar Mogollon - 11 дней назад
The description has got it wrong, they went under the knife because the were under the scrutiny of public opinion. This shit is just sad, super super sad, the extremes people will go to in search of public approval.
DirtyMouseBalls - 11 дней назад
"Industry racism".... wtf? Jackson had his biggest hits when his skin was darker.
QTee - 12 дней назад
You know whats so funny about this? Is that i just called out the types of women men choose as wives and here they are calling these horrific plastic processed broads "the housewife looks" ... i rest my bloody case...
scarlett - 12 дней назад
Gorgeous ppl that got bored of their looks
Melissa Tomlinson
Melissa Tomlinson - 13 дней назад
Why isn't Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner's botched face-lift on this list?!?
Wittski Whiskey
Wittski Whiskey - 14 дней назад
Lil kim's is the worse. She was so pretty before. She looks like an alien beast now.
Lillian Martinez
Lillian Martinez - 14 дней назад
Priscilla Presley was very beautiful, she made a huge mistake. She looks horrible now!!
Fluffy - 14 дней назад
This is the main reason why Pete Burns has passed away
Linda Miscandlon
Linda Miscandlon - 14 дней назад
Why oh why would you get plastic surgery do much that you look awful don’t they realise we are all unique and beautiful we all look different for a reason all of Hollywood I suppose if you feel you need it your going to do it,it’s fine to tweak here and there but don’t go overboard 🔥
Peter - 14 дней назад
Zellweger did NOT improve with surgery imho
Jones James
Jones James - 14 дней назад
Can always recycle plastic
Бине Майа
Бине Майа - 15 дней назад
шоу уродов!
timtrek - 15 дней назад
Chairman of The Bored
K. Smith
K. Smith - 15 дней назад
I think it's really sad that people are so afraid of aging that they go thru this. Aging is a natural, beautiful thing. Nothing to be ashamed or scared of, and anyone that can't see that is not worth your time or your heart. Sociesty is so f*cked up.
Ciro Scognamiglio
Ciro Scognamiglio - 15 дней назад
V, xk
Jose Amador
Jose Amador - 16 дней назад
No one here agreed with you on Renee Z. From all the options, why choose her ?
Michael Jackson Hungary
Michael Jackson Hungary - 16 дней назад
A few things about Michael Jackson. The reason why his skin became more lighter years by years because he had VITILIGO. Vitiligo is a skin disorder, that destroys the pigmentations of the skin. He said that in 1993, to Oprah that his grandfather had it too. He couldn’t help or control it. He used make up the cover the patches, because he scared that people will hurt him even more because of this.
Yes, he had plastic surgery on his nose, but only two. His father called him big nose, and because of this he started to hate himself and wanted to change it. He was a sensitive person, but that’s not a reason to hate on him. He didn’t deserve it.
And one more fact. His hair got burn off when he made an Pepsi commercial. He was so close to the firework thing. He needed to wear a wig and what? He couldn’t help it! So please, don’t believe in the tabloids. They are always makes the stories up.
MrZeddy100 - 16 дней назад
Zellweger fail
Maria MariloO
Maria MariloO - 16 дней назад
Cox is not THAT bad. Donatella is the ugliest for sure
King of Cups Tarot Reading
King of Cups Tarot Reading - 17 дней назад
Jennifer Aniston WAS and always will be the sexiest in Friends! Period!
Rip Star Wars
Rip Star Wars - 17 дней назад
eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww, run for your life!!!!!!!!!!
The wall was just, MGTOW.
Cricon Investments
Cricon Investments - 17 дней назад
Racism had zero to do w/the changes in MJ's looks lol however, I suppose the moral of the story is... don't get plastic surgery...
jolymac - 17 дней назад
Renee Zellweger did not improve her look. She is unrecognizable as Renee now. She now looks like a less attractive Robin Wright.
Bruna Sampaio
Bruna Sampaio - 17 дней назад
How come axl rose didn’t make it to the list? I don’t like being petty but... yeah
G E.
G E. - 18 дней назад
You forgot Hunter Tylo (Taylor from The Bold and the Beautiful).
Intensive Purposes
Intensive Purposes - 18 дней назад
Hollywood is a cruel place that messes with your head.
Michael Jackson 1958
Michael Jackson 1958 - 18 дней назад
TheGodEmperorofMankind - 19 дней назад
I can imagine an unattractive person getting plastic surgery but these women who are beautiful and ruin their faces that is just the worst narcissism and greed ever.
Lucy McClements
Lucy McClements - 19 дней назад
Jesus Christ Donatella 😬😬
BJ64Th3M0v13f4n - 19 дней назад
Pete Burns' surgery was one of the most devastating to come.
Tina Fisher
Tina Fisher - 19 дней назад
natural beauty if growing old with grace, surrounded with loved ones, and memories of all the kind things you have done for those you know and do not know.
Anja Kjeldgaard
Anja Kjeldgaard - 19 дней назад
Why do they make their eyes smaller? 🤔
Lawson Erica
Lawson Erica - 20 дней назад
+. Bvbvvc No. Gg
Lynn Kanerva
Lynn Kanerva - 20 дней назад
Ah, the ravages of plastic surgery. Most of them should have left well enough alone.
Tracchofyre - 20 дней назад
I do not understand Anjelica Houston´s house. Please can someone explain to me why this monstrosity is worth eleven million $?
TheBluearmy33 - 20 дней назад
Courtney Love is definitely one of the worst plastic surgeries. But she was hideous before, so can't fix what was already broken.
heatherc ross
heatherc ross - 21 день назад
Yes, that is a SMART perspective about the gay thing! No wonder so many guys are afraid of becoming gay because it could just HAPPEN to you; one second you're straight, and the next you're gay! Yikes! Poor paranoid (insecure) guys.....
My Japanese channel
My Japanese channel - 21 день назад
Why do their eyes become so tiny and squinty?
Anthony Monaghan
Anthony Monaghan - 21 день назад
Mickey Rourke seems fine with his looks these days. Interviews with him, he seems like a man content with life..
DeniseRochelle1 - 21 день назад
How ridiculous to compare what they looked like decades ago to now.
Music & Whistle msk
Music & Whistle msk - 21 день назад
Woah....look at this video, 15 min of shaming women who made choices that regards nobody but themselves. I don't know what is worse, the people commenting as nauseam who looks good or terrible and passing on judgement here or the idiotic video itself racking up thousands of views ? Do we as humanity have nothing better to do seriously ?
SWLinPHX - 22 дня назад
....wait, no Priscilla Presley???
SWLinPHX - 22 дня назад
Was there anyone who DIDN'T know who #1 would be instantly when they saw the subject matter of this video?
psykonixXx - 22 дня назад
Jacquie Jackson
Jacquie Jackson - 22 дня назад
So let me get this straight.
Pete Burns comes out looking terrifying, and only gets and honorable mention.
But you hate on MJ?
F you all.
Maria Dowler
Maria Dowler - 19 дней назад
Jacquie Jackson I notice all the accusations started after MJ sang the other version of " They don't care" in Brazil. Once he came out as anti Zionist the dogs were let loose on him. Before that he had the support of the Zionist owned music industry.
Suyasha Tare
Suyasha Tare - 22 дня назад
Dude these are all nothing compared to the horrible change of an Indian actress Aisha Takia. Go check her out then and now.. you'll be shocked!
Viola Gentsch
Viola Gentsch - 22 дня назад
Well, they all can now become actors in horror movies. No make up needed.
Viola Gentsch
Viola Gentsch - 22 дня назад
I think that's what they really look like. Evil comes out of them. If one isn't beautiful on the inside, doesn't matter what you do on the outside. ❤
C O - 23 дня назад
I guess Im stuck with my chicken neck....
Lynn Kanerva
Lynn Kanerva - 20 дней назад
Call me crazy, but I would rather see the 'chicken neck' than some of these totally f--d up surgeries. Theres always high collars, turtlenecks, scarves, costume jewelry, or if it doesn't bother you, just go "as is" ,
S400109gamer - 23 дня назад
I don’t know one person who looked better after plastic surgery (celebrity talking)
Janet Harned
Janet Harned - 23 дня назад
Donatella was born so ugly and still is!!!
Janet Harned
Janet Harned - 23 дня назад
Nicki Minag, is so ugly, and trashy!!!!
Janet Harned
Janet Harned - 23 дня назад
Messed up faces! Ugh
ZZ Top
ZZ Top - 23 дня назад
They are all MTF and FTM. That's what happens when it falls apart.
Tell the Story Photography
Tell the Story Photography - 24 дня назад
Pam Anderson, Heather Locklear...?
El Eafy
El Eafy - 24 дня назад
well we've certainly normalized butchering your face. and all for what, to make things worse. you can't fuck with the fibonacci sequence that makes up your face. every alteration throws things off, making things look weird. here's some advice before you carve up your face, GET THERAPY AND FIX YOUR HEAD FIRST.
Jordinn James
Jordinn James - 24 дня назад
Jesus, this is brutal. 20 to 40 years make people age lol, deal w it. Plastic surgery soooooo narcissistic.
Ruggerini Adriana
Ruggerini Adriana - 25 дней назад
Lara Flyn Boyde was gorgeous . She is another person now. The same happened to Mickey Rourke I cannot forget him in 9 1/2 weeks
Lydia361000 - 25 дней назад
Personally, I think aging gracefully is the best way to go.
My mother always looked so much younger than she was--she had a beautiful face--she was luckier (regarding looking youthful) than any actress that I have ever seen on TV (and luckier than any person I met in my life).
She always looked 20-plus years younger than she was--even when she passed away.
People would never believe she was our mother (NOT ONE PERSON). But what made her more beautiful was that she was kind.
So my philosophy is to be natural and age like all of us are supposed to age . . . with dignity. Take good care of yourself, but work at looking and feeling great . . . be yourself and to hell with what others think about your healthy 'older' look (even if you are an actress) .
N H - 26 дней назад
Michael Jackson!!! He's definitely got the longest streak of plastic surgery and other misc. Issues he tried to accomplish... Super 😥
hippyable - 26 дней назад
She can't even speak properly! Wtf!
Joyce Roberts
Joyce Roberts - 26 дней назад
Barbra Streisand looks a bit taut around the eyes. Why are women so horrified by wrinkles? She was beautiful and aging wouldn't have changed that.
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis - 26 дней назад
Lara is definitely the worst on this list she used to look nice lol
Diana A.
Diana A. - 26 дней назад
I always detested Lara Boyle, am VERY happy to see how she's destroyed her face in her quest for "beauty". I wonder if all the mirrors in her home now face the walls!
Ursula. M
Ursula. M - 27 дней назад
Very creepy unnatural looks.
gladitsnotme - 27 дней назад
Why do white women touch their upper lips?? It ALWAYS looks horrible, is a dead giveaway for plastic surgery, and winds up looking like a Simpson.
PussycatDolls Fanatic
PussycatDolls Fanatic - 27 дней назад
Lindsay Lohan
Dewey Lynn
Dewey Lynn - 28 дней назад
Stop shooting that shit in y’all face dam it backfires meg u fuck u
MsGEW - 28 дней назад
wow i feel so sorry for all these people that cannot accept themselves. despite money fame etc they must be so miserable inside. when we would be happy that we are alive on this earth, nobody would even think of doing this. .. btw; all these people talk about personal development and growth etc blabla and they want to grow old but at the same time they don t accept getting older. !
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst - 29 дней назад
Imam Syafii
Imam Syafii - 29 дней назад
bellmeisterful - 29 дней назад
Watch mojo. Buncha lefty libtards. What partly led to Michael Jacksons changing look was Industry Racism?! Oh dont you libtards wish. But sorry, Wrong. The only thing the industry cares about is sales, money. Thriller was the fastest and best selling album of its time and he was still totally black. He was already the #1 pop star in the world before he started changing his look. He wanted to be white, freakin duh.
Racism...Okay Jussie
Joy Payne
Joy Payne - 29 дней назад
Some of those weman r so ugly WOW
S - 29 дней назад
All these stars are STUPID and ungrateful to God for their good looks( apart from MJ who had psychological issues)... surely they can retain their good looks by growing old gracefully. Like Sophia Loren.,, these guys are not content
Cish 60
Cish 60 - 29 дней назад
To be fair, if someone like Meg Ryan aged naturally, when seen with the dreaded hooded eyes and saggy jowls, people would be saying things like, "Wow. She's gotten old!" It happens...
anna kalmaya
anna kalmaya - Месяц назад
that is ugly
anna kalmaya
anna kalmaya - Месяц назад
just like your sister
WhiteTigerForever25 - Месяц назад
Be a Jodie Foster... beautiful, stunning and older... Have you seen her?... no plastic surgery and it shows, she is aging considerably. She's only a couple of years older than me... maybe 2 but she looks natural and gorgeous.... so much respect for her. We are all victims of how unforgiving society is on us and we are on ourselves.
QTee - 12 дней назад
Yup, Jodi looks great, as does Jamie Lee Curtis props to them for not falling for the JigSaw
I am an omelette p
I am an omelette p - Месяц назад
Does anyone else think that Mickey Rourke from the side at 3:59 looks a bit like John Simm?
C.C. Rider
C.C. Rider - Месяц назад
"industrial racism"??? GTFOH with that BS
Dana B
Dana B - Месяц назад
to wear makeup and dye hair or not to? it's an artist dilemma.
Dana B
Dana B - Месяц назад
what plastic surgery isn't terrible?
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