Nintendo Switch Hack

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Kevin Kenson
Kevin Kenson - Month ago
Switch tool:
Karlo Oršić
Karlo Oršić - 4 days ago
@De Her yeah
De Her
De Her - 4 days ago
@Karlo Oršić more like 13$ for rcm loader
De Her
De Her - 4 days ago
Cheaper stuff on aliexpress
Supergaming Fun
Supergaming Fun - 4 days ago
@Karlo Oršić Thanks! I checked and it's safe! :D
Sans & Jevil
Sans & Jevil - 10 hours ago
Thats not blue that is cyan
Ignatij Fiodorov
Ignatij Fiodorov - Day ago
Android on Switch is an Android, but with less tracking.
Raven Crizard
Raven Crizard - Day ago
Try it for emulation please!! :)
Bkool999 - 3 days ago
Netflix works fine. I tried it when this was still new, so not sure how you tried to install it.
Lee - 4 days ago
Does this work on any Switch?
All Prophit
All Prophit - 4 days ago
I mean isn't the switch just a repurposed NVidia shield?It should be able to run Android natively if that were the case
elsdawg999 !!
elsdawg999 !! - 5 days ago
Hey you know that months ago you did a under 10 dollers hybrid case thing well I found one for 9.99 that was red black blue splatoon 2 and zelda
Jai Mann
Jai Mann - 6 days ago
Actually there is a way to get a browser on a switch. Connect to a wifi network with a login page, login, and go to google or something from there
Derp Moose
Derp Moose - 6 days ago
Kevin for smash
TSG_KIRBY - 7 days ago
Can u play pokemon go?
Terry Langston
Terry Langston - 7 days ago
There is a mod for android tablets that allows you to use a PC mode on an Android tablet .why not try it with the switch?
Terry Langston
Terry Langston - 2 days ago
Look it up( the hack) PC MOD FOR THE SWITCH!!!
aluminum grass
aluminum grass - 9 days ago
Flypside Studio
Flypside Studio - 9 days ago
"Now, do I think that everyone who owns a switch should figure out how to put android on it so they can access Instagram? ...No, that's a little exessive."
more like *accessive*
Ren B
Ren B - 11 days ago
how do all the DS's have internet browsers but the Switch doesn't?
GlitchyJello - 15 days ago
The SwitchTab
Jameel Simjee
Jameel Simjee - 16 days ago
I'm pretty sure they updated it so it can boot into a cfw every time
Big Sub
Big Sub - 17 days ago
Doesn't work
Sharkmouth 2.0
Sharkmouth 2.0 - 18 days ago
An old model Switch has a model code HAC-001 which is on the back of the switch
nowonmetube - 19 days ago
The EA part cracked me up 😂😂 it's so true!!
Hunter M
Hunter M - 23 days ago
I thought skins from anywhere, even d- brand would ruin the plastics on the switch???🤔
Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson - 12 days ago
umm... no. dbrand fixed their skins like 2 years ago
ittylink - 23 days ago
I wish the Switch wasn't a child's toy and allowed basic functions like an internet browser.
David Adeboyejo
David Adeboyejo - 23 days ago
These stupid ads
MDethCKR - 23 days ago
I would love if Nintendo hits you hard for this. Why in the fuck would you think this is ok?
bkob jackson
bkob jackson - 26 days ago
Bet this gets taken down lol
Dankrad - 26 days ago
Why would you want to do such atrocity? 😂
referral madness
referral madness - 26 days ago
5:01 Yeah I don't have a switch and I didn't know it had a touch screen tbh
Coolguy 34
Coolguy 34 - 26 days ago
You can just use blue stacks on that laptop you used
Julian Delgadillo
Julian Delgadillo - 27 days ago
Once again Nintendo's irrational fear of piracy keeping them from obvious innovation.
Pixels - 27 days ago
Actually if you use AutoRCM plus Argon with a cheap payload injector dongle you don't need to do this every time.
Justin Dao
Justin Dao - 28 days ago
Kevin 2089: *hey guys, remember the switch? I just turned it into a printer. I digitally download ink and paper from some hacking tool.*
Patrick Demko
Patrick Demko - 28 days ago
And you can use emulators that aren't nes
Wesly ACNL
Wesly ACNL - 28 days ago
When you idiots get banned from online play just think of me laughing at you
Luke Colley
Luke Colley - 7 days ago
If you hack, you likely had no intention of playing online games. Same with piracy.
Left Hand Path
Left Hand Path - 28 days ago
Atmosphere, reboot to payload... nice not having to use the jig everytime. Also, AutoRCM but I prefer reboot to payload.
Jago Watkins
Jago Watkins - 28 days ago
Are you able to dock it?
myforever13 - 29 days ago
One of my fav things about wiiU was that I could watch crunchy roll on it, I was very disappointed that switch didn't support those kinds of third party apps
Yorri Amo
Yorri Amo - 29 days ago
The switch runs on android software anyways
subax3 rayy
subax3 rayy - 29 days ago
Can you make a video on Xbox Elite series 2
A Random Pumkin
A Random Pumkin - 29 days ago
Welp time to give Nintendo ideas
Awesome Ethan
Awesome Ethan - 29 days ago
I would like it if the switch had a camera on it so I can take pictures of something without my phone.
wiiownsps3and360 - 29 days ago
Somebody go test the gta games!
Firoze Temouri
Firoze Temouri - 29 days ago
What baffles me is wjy you didnt shoe us pubg mobile gameplay like i believe but i still want to see what the switch can run
Luke Colley
Luke Colley - 7 days ago
The mobile version works completely fine on the Switch.
NexoPikachu - 29 days ago
Can we make iOS in Nintendo switch but not android
Luke Colley
Luke Colley - 7 days ago
No. Absolutely not. You can download the Android code online, the iOS code is impossible to get hold of.
iTz Art3mis
iTz Art3mis - 29 days ago
It's so much more worth it than jailbreaking it because you won't get banned
Razqua - 29 days ago
Man I was super on board with doing this until you said you had to connect it to a computer before you can boot it to android. If it weren't for that limitation I would do this in a heartbeat. I really wish nintendo would let this device reach it's full potential and let you use the switch for more than just nintendo approved games and apps.
Arch Dawg
Arch Dawg - 29 days ago
Why do you look so pail? You look like you got H.I.V
epicgamer for Life
epicgamer for Life - 29 days ago
Wait a minute this reminds me of the wii food channel
LastBestGamer - Month ago
Wait a minute can we get 60fps on fortnite? It think we are in android?????
Darius Spearman
Darius Spearman - Month ago
Screen save with the power button then wake it up you'll see you will be out of picture mode
Darius Spearman
Darius Spearman - Month ago
There's joy-con support
Derek Chan
Derek Chan - Month ago
Don’t do it you’ll get banned
Luke Colley
Luke Colley - 7 days ago
No. Android does not get you banned, and I can confirm this myself. Android does nothing at all to the Switch's internal storage, so Nintendo have absolutely no way of knowing you launched Android. It's fine.
Pokemaster8808 - Month ago
This will be a top comment-

AgentBaphomet - Month ago
Ah Kevin, the recovery mode is called RCM Mode and even Switches with the new IP Patch can enter RCM. Every device with a Tegra X1 CAN enter RCM. You just cannot run a payload via RCM because the IP Patch changed the bootloader code using Nvidia's manufacture mode that allows a manufacture using an X1 to update that code. If you own a Switch that's vulnerable, it will hackable forever. But Nintendo can do something with physical access to fix.
DatGamingChannel55 - Month ago
Hey could you try to use moonlight on the switchroid... Andrwitch... That thing? I want to know if its possible to use moonlight on the switch to play pc games
Lachlan Maclean
Lachlan Maclean - 26 days ago
DatGamingChannel55 entirely possible. Works great. I’ve also used Steam In home streaming which works fantastic. Joy cons work fine and pairs using Bluetooth
Chris Williams
Chris Williams - Month ago
where did you get that blue shell? it looks great
Grant O'Callaghan
Grant O'Callaghan - Month ago
Does Roblox work?
Luke Colley
Luke Colley - 7 days ago
Bob Horak
Bob Horak - Month ago
Thanks buddy.
Rickyisthe1 - Month ago
Why is this needed
Luke Colley
Luke Colley - 7 days ago
I personally use it to use GeForce NOW. It's a cloud gaming software, and I can use it to play any PC game that I have bought. So I can pretty much play absolutely any game on my Switch.
Rickyisthe1 - Month ago
Kids dont do this at home
Ninten Nerd Z
Ninten Nerd Z - Month ago
Most reason people are doing this is emulators so they can play like any Zelda or mario
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