International Relations 101 (#47): Economic Sanctions Basics

Zes - 6 months ago
wrg, not, think any no matter what, not econ101, nonerx, no such thing as influex or not
Adriana Bonita Aziz
Adriana Bonita Aziz - 10 months ago
So then why do not the countries which supports Venezuela's sovereignty and recognise Maduro as the President , also put sections on America , all together ??? At least maybe that wil make America see that she is not making many friends this way
Nitish Saxena
Nitish Saxena - 9 months ago
In simple words, US still is the boss of international financial system. The US dollar is still the global currency and all the trade that happens goes through the mechanism made and controlled by none other than the US. Doesn't matter how much you or i may hate this hegemony of the US, it's a reality.
Connetification - 10 months ago
Nice video. East to understand.
Raouf Ismael
Raouf Ismael - Year ago
With the actual US administration severe sanctions are likely to happen in near future which would concern many countries like Iran,China to mention a few.what good are sanctions if targets aren't met.
Sophisticated Investing Life
Great video! It's still relevant to today. Also, I came across your channel while learning more about economic consulting (that's the career I'm currently pursuing at the moment). Would love if you could do a video about it.
Mark Beaudry
Mark Beaudry - Year ago
Aren't economic sanctions just a way of one country making another an offer they can't refuse? In 1953 we overthrew the democratic elected government of Iran resulting in the 1979 seizured of are embassy. And again in 1979 the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and the United States intervene resulting in 911. So now the Trump administration is intervening in Europe and Asia again.
Adi p
Adi p - 2 years ago
great video, but could you please spell out that term which means " a world where we trade", sorry couldn't quite catch it in the video
YiCaiShan - Year ago
Autarchic world - no trade (self sufficient) Not to be confused with anarchic world.
Bubba Tao
Bubba Tao - 2 years ago
Excellent presentation! Simple and to the point.
Just in case you, or any of your viewers, are interested, I'd like to work on the idea/ concept of nations replacing the use of economic sanctions and embargoes, with economic incentives. I'm trying to find ways to test the idea. Perhaps someone knows how to create a computer game to test the idea among multiple users.
Also, I was thinking of using revenue neutral incentives as a way to off-set some the inefficiency problems
Again. Great video. Thanks.
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan - 5 months ago
Cool you're on to something 🤔
Braulio Nunez
Braulio Nunez - 6 months ago
dude you ever got that done . that sounds fucking sick
The Rojava Revolution 2019
What role does the security council play in sanctions?
Crusader 33
Crusader 33 - 2 years ago
I Love Political Sanctions Nice!
Gabriela T
Gabriela T - 3 years ago
So helpful, made writing my paper a joy!! subscribed
Zeyar - 3 years ago
Thanks for the clear explanations.
starrychloe - 5 years ago
Wow is this new? I wonder what other episodes I missed! Here's a Planet Money episode which also talks about how sanctions rarely work.
William Spaniel
William Spaniel - 5 years ago
I've uploaded a handful of IR lectures in the last few months---on UN voting, war data, leaders, and now a full unit on sanctions.
yam s
yam s - 5 years ago
Which countries in theory have the most power to impose the most damaging sanctions on the UK or US?
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze - 2 years ago
yam s UK is not the world power u think it is even Japan has more influence NOW then the UK.
William Spaniel
William Spaniel - 5 years ago
@yam s I would go with Canada for the United States and Germany or the U.S. for the U.K.
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