Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

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AriPainter 101
AriPainter 101 - 7 hours ago
I thought that was Kazuichi Soda
victoria rognerud
victoria rognerud - 7 hours ago
did anyone else see ricky dillon as a camera man or is that just me at 33:30
blanka - 7 hours ago
This made me feel ways.....that's it
ARMY BTS - 7 hours ago
when I saw the twins after taking off their make ups. I fell in love with their visuals lmao. I don't know why but they looked 3times hotter than normal.
Sam White
Sam White - 7 hours ago
Venus Leoz
Venus Leoz - 7 hours ago
Can you really get this rich from yt. a makeup companie with some shipping..whats in those bags your shipping?
Gabby - 7 hours ago
#1&2 on trending
Vicente Manzano
Vicente Manzano - 7 hours ago
jeffree: *handles bags very carefuly*

also jefree: "trash" *throws really expensive bag to the floor*
Walt Jermae Vlogs
Walt Jermae Vlogs - 7 hours ago
need to know if Ricky Dillon just casually walked in the background @ 33:24 I am.. confused
glenda - 7 hours ago
Oof when he was shirtless I got the wind knocked out of me
Eli :]
Eli :] - 7 hours ago
Omg yes🤣
Sophia Mari
Sophia Mari - 7 hours ago
*knowing damn well Nate would bang all 3*
Alyssa Brown-Carleton
Alyssa Brown-Carleton - 7 hours ago
Most of those bags are worth more than my house
Constance - 7 hours ago
lmao Jeffree can you pay off my $300 to go back to school that ive been trying to pay off for over a year and also trying to live
Sierra Vera
Sierra Vera - 7 hours ago
“AhhhhHh It’s coming!” “Don’t say that. I’m gonna get out of the bathroom now.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
MaDeInSanPabLo - 7 hours ago
This was freakin hilarious
Lo - 7 hours ago
Literally can’t tell which twin is which without their own hair
Akia W
Akia W - 7 hours ago
Jeffree throwing that $300k bag 😂🙄. I would have sued and it isn’t even my bag 😂😂.
PINK BITCH - 7 hours ago
sarah Harris with love
sarah Harris with love - 7 hours ago
omg its the jeffry star click lol love it
Ravens Logoless
Ravens Logoless - 7 hours ago
Did anybody low-key notice that Grayson looked really sad when Ethan said that he called Dibs on the pink shorts first
Cotton Candyyy
Cotton Candyyy - 7 hours ago
I’m waiting for Antonio Garza and Dolan Twins collab! Like so they’ll see this because Antonio been talking about it for the longest time
moonnu chamling
moonnu chamling - 7 hours ago
Jeffree life is more fun than dolan twins. So,this was more entertaining video than the other
Madam_Meow99 - 7 hours ago
So Jeffree Star is going to die by a heart attack from eating crap food. However, I too, love a McDonald's hamburger with no cheese, extra onion and a small fry.
Rachel Rojas
Rachel Rojas - 7 hours ago
They look GORGEOUS!!!!!
Jordan Alexander
Jordan Alexander - 7 hours ago
This was good quality content!!! 💗
t s
t s - 7 hours ago
It taste like cinnamon, mixed with air
Jeffery: yeah 😁😁🥰
100 subs non videos
100 subs non videos - 7 hours ago
*dude, dude I look like Mona Lisa look 👀*

Only the real ones know
Gabriela Sanchez
Gabriela Sanchez - 7 hours ago
that laugh and the hair flip tho 15:07
Sandra Brooke
Sandra Brooke - 7 hours ago
this is the most entertaining video ive seen in a long time, well done ladies
Yahhh V
Yahhh V - 7 hours ago
The bag jefree star bought lowkey wasnt even nice it’s so basic and for the price. He lowkey just got it to flex
Liv Star
Liv Star - 7 hours ago
Triple threat 🔥🔥🔥
Tay __
Tay __ - 7 hours ago
Lol @ 5:17 “why do you own a Dave and busters?” 😂😂😂
Lauren Brackbill
Lauren Brackbill - 7 hours ago
not to be a hater but this is so weird to me. its just bizarre. wearing womens clothing and that ridiculous makeup?! it looks ludicrous and attention-seeking and shallow and horrid. how insecure do you have to be to dress like that?!? and when he talked about money, what a f****** douche bag full of self-absorbed sh**. get a friking life and live it for anyone but yourself! I've never wanted to tear off my own ears before until i heard him (her? what the heck is this person?) talk about eating seven cookies and fast food all day and red bull like its the most normal thing as putting on shoes! DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE MONEY YOU PEICE OF SH**
Perla Garcia
Perla Garcia - 7 hours ago
Dolan twins are such good sports.. this is a great collaboration.
Jon Casse
Jon Casse - 7 hours ago
Maybe we should be teaching youth boys how to be MEN not women. Seems logical but social engineers want the .0001% to be 20%. Why? It makes men docile.
Jenika Main
Jenika Main - 7 hours ago
I wanna live his life stg 😭 I would kill to eat McDonald’s everyday but I’m a broke bi*** 😭🤣
Kylee Sparklez
Kylee Sparklez - 7 hours ago
i feel bad because i cant tell the difference between them
Miri - 7 hours ago
I'm pretty sure we're all thinking of "White Chicks" this entire time 😂
Jaysus Arevir Vlogs
Jaysus Arevir Vlogs - 7 hours ago
Mc Donald’s fries have dairy too I checked the ingredients on the box it comes in 😂
t s
t s - 7 hours ago
Omg which twin is that really feeling it??? 😂😭 I can never tell them apart 😭😭
Nancy Mwayi
Nancy Mwayi - 7 hours ago
Grayson is extra cute
Jaquelyn Chrisdon
Jaquelyn Chrisdon - 7 hours ago
“If it’s not a cookie in the morning what is it?”
*SIGH* “depression”
I died
Ashlyn Johnson
Ashlyn Johnson - 7 hours ago
Is it just me or did after they got back to their house and they were talking Bakhtaran hair day. GREY LOOKED SO HOT
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 7 hours ago
Excuse me...Why isn’t Eric Cartman #1 on trending yet? 😡
CICI - 7 hours ago
This video called me BROKE
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PotatoCatBella 2019
PotatoCatBella 2019 - 7 hours ago
Dang... they weren't wrong. Poor Ethan's forehead looks huge. 😭😂
lil 3rey ASMR
lil 3rey ASMR - 7 hours ago
So disgusting
Seana Monroy
Seana Monroy - 7 hours ago
😬😬i work at mcdonalds and right when I saw the smoothies I was like oh nooooooooo they’re made with yogurt
Pain Free
Pain Free - 7 hours ago
Sad generation
DARTrosales - 7 hours ago
Jeffree flexed so hard and the twins are shooketh
Alisha Castro
Alisha Castro - 7 hours ago
Wtf so retarded
LIVIN DA VIDA LOCA - 7 hours ago
James is *quaking*
Carly Jane
Carly Jane - 7 hours ago
HAHA GRAYSON “I like Barbie Lizard”
Brittany Blankenship
Brittany Blankenship - 7 hours ago
The video we didn’t know we needed 🙌🏼
KatHates You
KatHates You - 7 hours ago
Y’all look like my aunties
Destiny Meek
Destiny Meek - 7 hours ago
"if it not a cookie in the morning, what is it?"
Tammy Green
Tammy Green - 7 hours ago
I love these 2 videos!!!
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