Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

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Ruby Bogonia
Ruby Bogonia - 33 minutes ago
I am laughing my ass off. This is cool.
Claudia C
Claudia C - 34 minutes ago
How is your wig snatched throughout the whole vid, and the twins straggly, Lol
Chris - 34 minutes ago
Bunch of fags. Your viewerbase is likely 10yr old kids. Jesus. Fucking degenerates
Caroline Watts
Caroline Watts - 34 minutes ago
when jeffree said “you get a discount if you get 10 or more cookies” I DIED. as if jeffree needs a discount on anything 😂😂
PoppyBop - 34 minutes ago
im sorry but why tf do they all look like Kazuichi Soda from Danganronpa 2
Lucyyy - 34 minutes ago
31:48 They look like Roblox characters 😭😂
Dewi Juliyana Alisya
Dewi Juliyana Alisya - 34 minutes ago
Jefree is rich RICH
Spade011 - 35 minutes ago
Don’t be Jeffery. Be better than Jeffery.
bad gamer 67
bad gamer 67 - 35 minutes ago
Yeah not for me.
TheColorPaige - 35 minutes ago
Watching this really makes you feel poor lol
Rebecca Jungkooksaid
Rebecca Jungkooksaid - 35 minutes ago
Nate's reaction resonates with mine.
VicRules666 - 35 minutes ago
Really gay.
Sol K
Sol K - 35 minutes ago
I don't know why I'm watching this. $69,000??
Kenzie HillSide
Kenzie HillSide - 36 minutes ago
I literally just bought a kate spade bag and i’m still coughing at the price but this damn i’d be dead
Tabitha Ruelas
Tabitha Ruelas - 36 minutes ago
I’ll have to go to rodeo on a Monday or Wednesday 😩
Taylor B
Taylor B - 36 minutes ago
I need me an Anthony! We all do! lmaooo
Kaye Sade
Kaye Sade - 36 minutes ago
Jeffree is a black momma in the morning vibes...come through cornrows..lol
Lizzie Deerest
Lizzie Deerest - 36 minutes ago
I'm pretty sure that yellow adidas track suit just came out. It's perfect
Jazmyne Smith
Jazmyne Smith - 36 minutes ago
This video is iconic😂😂😂⚡️
MissHiltonxx - 36 minutes ago
'I've never seen that happen in real life' lmao
Sandra Vermeulen
Sandra Vermeulen - 36 minutes ago
Nate suddenly got himself a harem for one day X'D
Delisha - 37 minutes ago
nicole sweetie why would you support cardi b
Jamie Hood
Jamie Hood - 37 minutes ago
They were genuine to check in on james charles during the whole shabang. I find it interesting how straight up brave they are for making this video lol.
Alternative Princess
Alternative Princess - 37 minutes ago
I came from the Jeff Dolan video. I can see why he needed to transform into himself after that, though it’s more like back into himself lol
Anthony Wang
Anthony Wang - 37 minutes ago
1:07 Jefree just eats candy all day
We don’t do that
Miss Malevolent
Miss Malevolent - 38 minutes ago
"Oh, it's coming"
"Don't say that"
Alex Walker
Alex Walker - 38 minutes ago
I’d be scared to be in Jeffree’s house, the air in the house cost the same amount as my student debt
Top10 Talk
Top10 Talk - 38 minutes ago
Felisha Kay
Felisha Kay - 39 minutes ago
32:21 White Chicks, but make it Jersey Shore.
jessica thompson
jessica thompson - 39 minutes ago
So you were the starlettes?
Raya Xx
Raya Xx - 39 minutes ago
they should've got their nails done omgg
Sami Josephine
Sami Josephine - 40 minutes ago
Wow when they took their makeup off😦 they look soooo much like twins again
Alia Hewad
Alia Hewad - 40 minutes ago
Why does jefree say that “ yes “ “ yessss” yessss again and again?....
Annaig Jeantet
Annaig Jeantet - 40 minutes ago
this is the most iconic video on youtube
Miss Vee
Miss Vee - 40 minutes ago
Does dairy make them sick?
Amanda Finn
Amanda Finn - 41 minute ago
a fabulous alien 😂💗
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Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson - 41 minute ago
I laughed so damn hard this whole time.
Elyzabeth O'Neill
Elyzabeth O'Neill - 41 minute ago
31:48 White Chicks Vibes
Loch ness monster
Loch ness monster - 42 minutes ago
I just had a weird thought. Since Pennywise lives in the sewer , if you peeing you dick finna get snatched so Pennywise is gay. But that does'nt stop there. Since his first kid was wayyyy underage and male , Pennywise is a gay pedophile who eat dick ?
victoria athan
victoria athan - 42 minutes ago
You guys look more like Antonio Garzia
Isabel badillo
Isabel badillo - 42 minutes ago
I fucking love this video !! Lmao!!!! 😍😂
Katy-Beth Brownfield
Katy-Beth Brownfield - 42 minutes ago
Ethan is SO shady I’m living
hey low
hey low - 42 minutes ago
If not cookie than what is it ... depression
Jezza Lenko
Jezza Lenko - 42 minutes ago
Jeffree's diet depresses me
It's Ya Girl Lia
It's Ya Girl Lia - 42 minutes ago
Yo this video is no 1 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Liliana Kemaldean
Liliana Kemaldean - 43 minutes ago
ok if you remember the "reading our future" video. Grayson asked if Ethan would ever stop his dairy diet.
and they said "yes"... was this it????
Mystearicia - 43 minutes ago
omg I had to rewatch the part of the girl flashing them from the car to understand what just happened xD I was so blur
Eden James
Eden James - 43 minutes ago
This scared the shit outta me and all I've seen is the cover picture to the video
Princess brunette
Princess brunette - 43 minutes ago
Clarita Mouawad
Clarita Mouawad - 43 minutes ago
Not even gonna lie, when they first took their makeup off I rediscovered how super hot they are
Cara Cole
Cara Cole - 43 minutes ago
Anybody else get the feeling we'll be seeing Ethan in more make up and dresses in the future? I feel like he's genuinely enjoying this more than anyone thought he would.....it's my opinion, conspiracy, allegedly 🤔😅
Ying Villamor
Ying Villamor - 43 minutes ago
I laughed so hard at this @31:51 😂
TheQuietOne - 44 minutes ago
Next collab "The burkin boys are back!"
Clarita Mouawad
Clarita Mouawad - 44 minutes ago
#1 trending damnn❤️
Rania Haifa
Rania Haifa - 44 minutes ago
Jaffari star said to guy dancing, that is too sexual and he is hamping the glass 😁😁😁😁that was funny
Lindsay Amani
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Savy Lovely
Savy Lovely - 45 minutes ago
Those smoothies look so melted
hey low
hey low - 45 minutes ago
Jeff is vsco
elizabeth whitbread
elizabeth whitbread - 45 minutes ago
The first bag he held up if worth more then my family house that I still live in hahaha feeling a bit povo
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