Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

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Alex Pirela
Alex Pirela - 9 hours ago
Wholesome things about this video:
Jeffree buys extra cookies to get a discount
The twins saying "I feel beautiful"
Jeffree fixing the twins hair
The twins gawking at the Birkins and saying "Its beautiful"
Jeffree not being the least being afraid to share his expensive ass stuff.
Jeffree says hello to everyone on the street
The twins working those deisgner gowns
Pete P
Pete P - 10 hours ago
I love Dolan twins so cute
mygirlcheech85 - 11 hours ago
You guy's looked BEAUTIFUL!!! I mean GEORGEOUS!
Hannah Nian
Hannah Nian - 14 hours ago
*fan flashes Jeffree
Jeffree: *okay welp*
Leah Preston
Leah Preston - 17 hours ago
Melissa Berry
Melissa Berry - 18 hours ago
Imagine owning a bag that costs more than my house... 😅
• ethereal •
• ethereal • - 20 hours ago
Why do they look like antionio garzia
Stephanie Parrish
Stephanie Parrish - 20 hours ago
Jeffrey at first looked like a girl and I though "he" was a girl😂
Dolce Luxe
Dolce Luxe - 21 hour ago
I’m gonna need a Red Bull X Jeffree Star collab where they make us a jawbreaker flavor of sugar free Red Bull
Leen Dabaja
Leen Dabaja - Day ago
This should be called turning into barbie dolls
Jay Song
Jay Song - Day ago
OMG you guys look SOOOOOOO CUTE this is crazy
Miya - Day ago
lol, the dolan twins were like "eyebrows, please come back to me"
juicyjae69 O_o
juicyjae69 O_o - Day ago
This is so fucking cute!!!
Sotoo Vuitton
Sotoo Vuitton - Day ago
white chicks have entered the chat ...
Kira Linaris
Kira Linaris - Day ago
these guys are so mfing ugly (no jeffree tho, he transcends)
Tracie H
Tracie H - Day ago
" if it's not a cookie every morning, what is it?" Jefferee: "depression" 😂😂💀
Toni Grizzard
Toni Grizzard - Day ago
Lmao why did they make them look like Oompa Loompas though ?
sariana marie
sariana marie - 2 days ago
29:24 I feel bad but I dont, he is really ....idk does anyone else just not like him
Tika Rashid
Tika Rashid - 2 days ago
Jeffre is like Victor from the despicable me movies.
Megan Sully
Megan Sully - 2 days ago
I’ve already seen this but I came here to watch it again cause it’s THAT good! 😂😂
Lil Tuguy
Lil Tuguy - 2 days ago
They’re literally so hott!!!
yxllow - 2 days ago
“Ohhh there it is its coming”
“Umm don’t say that” 💀😭
вeaυтy ιѕ wιтнιn
Destiny Carneiro
Destiny Carneiro - 2 days ago
13:19 okay ethan 😂
Betel Fernanda Márquez Rojas
"I like Barbie lizard" 😂😂😂
Liv Dford
Liv Dford - 2 days ago
why put "censored" on you body if sum parts we can see ????????????
Liv Dford
Liv Dford - 2 days ago
Jeffree: mm which lambo should i drive today????
Me: lets get in my range rover woop
Liv Dford
Liv Dford - 2 days ago
i cant even afford a wardrobe let alone 10000000million on handbags lol
reyad amayra
reyad amayra - 2 days ago
Poor Nolan 😭😂😂
Ashton Elizabeth Oliver
That wig is more than my rent
Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu - 3 days ago
31:32 girls gone wild censored
Elena Hale
Elena Hale - 3 days ago
8:31 depression 😂
Darciea Darnay de la Cruz
This video made me appreciate Jeffrey and his hard work😎😎
olivia rose
olivia rose - 3 days ago
ethan: 2 fckin BANDS ON MY HEAD

spooder doodle
spooder doodle - 3 days ago
Everytime I watch Jeffree I feel poor af 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
MidoriGurinSim - 3 days ago
ok then, kazuichi souda
Nayely Nieves
Nayely Nieves - 3 days ago
Why did they looked like the villain of LazyTown 😭
EUGENE Dumaguing
EUGENE Dumaguing - 3 days ago
Ur my crush😘😘
Miss Sara 21
Miss Sara 21 - 3 days ago
Me: I can’t buy a bike
Jeffree: I want a new lambo
Emmy 752
Emmy 752 - 3 days ago
Shante' Shorts
Shante' Shorts - 3 days ago
When the twins looks better than you makeup
Muneefa Shinku
Muneefa Shinku - 4 days ago
who are dolan twins better collabing with?
like: James Charles
comment: Jefferee
Molly Chen
Molly Chen - 2 days ago
The Rose Gold Selftaughts
Did anybody see the pig bag
Ionakirsten Canque
Ionakirsten Canque - 4 days ago
Lol JeffDolans
Ayane Chan
Ayane Chan - 4 days ago
The dolan twins are basically my brother and I.

When one does something weird, the other follows.

When one does something unusual, the one judges.
kianas american girl doll channel
omg the likes 0n 666
Connor Lampman
Connor Lampman - 4 days ago
No one:
Not a single soul:
Me: *sees that the video has 666K likes*
Also me: It’s the devils number, which means this video is demonic
Crisy poo
Crisy poo - 4 days ago
Me looking at my screen in poor
Crisy poo
Crisy poo - 4 days ago
Me looking at my screen in poor
Mariam Naltaeva
Mariam Naltaeva - 4 days ago
They look like Khloe Kardashian
Kelly Orren
Kelly Orren - 4 days ago
Jeffrey:buys a 55,000$ bag like it’s nothing
My dad: refuses to buy me a 5$ bag of chips
sofia - 4 days ago
It's so weird seeing the studio and jefree's warehouses and stuff without shane there lol
unnchy - 4 days ago
It honestly made me mad that everyone took their phones to film them... Can you leave a fucking phone and appreciate them in person. We are fucked up
unnchy - 4 days ago
2:14 LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY GOR FOR A GUM :'))))))))))))))))
Kristin B
Kristin B - 4 days ago
17:41 catch bro! 😂💎😂
XxUNICORNxX7 - 4 days ago
OML i died when he said "and also no eyebrows" XD true tho
T L - 4 days ago
11:33. It'll change your life
Tatianangelie Nunez
Tatianangelie Nunez - 5 days ago
They reminded me of White Chicks
Infinite Piano
Infinite Piano - 5 days ago
Ethan and Jeffre:
Grifon akwardly cheers with Ethan😢
a e s p h i r e
a e s p h i r e - 5 days ago
*_36:21_**_ ahh there it is it’s coming! um. don’t say that.. 😭_*
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