TRASH TALKING streamer TRIGGERED he can't beat me (Fortnite)

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Holistic Owtto
Holistic Owtto - 50 minutes ago
Not gonna lie bro ur trash bc u where shooting down and just bc he ran first then u doesn’t mean he cheated bc it happens to me
Dustin Rico
Dustin Rico - Hour ago
Your ass
Ginger Beast
Ginger Beast - 2 hours ago
He’s so toxic that he is the most toxic player in fortnite lmfao it’s so funny when he is saying that Kc is trash when he gets trashed the most hahahah
ViBeXEditz - 3 hours ago
Such a nice dude
pigssaywhat - 3 hours ago
The kids WAAAY better😂
Murcin - 3 hours ago
The 2.9k dislikes are Ttv kids
Void Clan
Void Clan - 4 hours ago
Bro that kid have no respect for others mom
Jeremy Gama
Jeremy Gama - 5 hours ago
Want to 1v1
YBDIIDANK - 5 hours ago
Kc was more toxic
james darwin
james darwin - 5 hours ago
1v1 easy clapps man your fucking trash add me Bbcdaddycouger
Manny Serna
Manny Serna - 8 hours ago
“You know what else is slow , ur dad for not pulling out in time.”
DejanGamerYT - 8 hours ago
This kid is friking toxic
Sniper Boss
Sniper Boss - 8 hours ago
I wish I could 1v1 Kc
Little frost XD
Little frost XD - 9 hours ago
LEGO strore
Dopey g
Dopey g - 10 hours ago
That video was funny lol I'm new
Reid Sommers
Reid Sommers - 10 hours ago
This kid needs to teach me some roast’s man
Your moms a hoe
Your mom gave you away
Your dog has cancer
BB cuber
BB cuber - 11 hours ago
They are both bots lol😂
SK Spys
SK Spys - 12 hours ago
JESUS NA players are ass
Spencer Ammons
Spencer Ammons - 14 hours ago
This is the best shit ever y'all are so toxic 😂😂😂
Jolt 14
Jolt 14 - 16 hours ago
8:17 Lego store 😂
pokeyay Gonzalez
pokeyay Gonzalez - 17 hours ago
Your name sucks
Bob Sinatra
Bob Sinatra - 17 hours ago
Ngl you slightly played like a pussy but it’s Ight you still stomped him also he said the n word so he fucking deserves it do you know how fucking white he is lol
tyler seth
tyler seth - 17 hours ago
I am from Canada and this kid said it sucks that kid sucks dick
CLE9927 - 22 hours ago
This little bitch talking shit about 🇨🇦 smh little scum bag
xd R3playzz
xd R3playzz - 23 hours ago
I want to 1v1 u
IMissAlot - Day ago
here is a clip of the kid being racist
Seth mayes
Seth mayes - Day ago
Buddy he is toxic
YOUR SUP3R1OR - Day ago
This is why i don’t play this shit ass game. Every where you go you see little dick head kids like this.
Epic KiD
Epic KiD - Day ago
I think I can beat him even tho I’m on console
Omega Bangerz
Omega Bangerz - Day ago
6:22 middle finger SUS
EtherealBroly - Day ago
What pisses me off about this nigga is he plays like a bitch he be shooting people down and making excuses when he fucks up
Doja Rogue Wolf
Doja Rogue Wolf - Day ago
I hate toxic people on Fortnite
Noknes - Day ago
this kid is actually kinda funny. when i first watched this vid when the vid came out i thought he was a little spoiled annoying brat but now watching it again he is actually kinda funny. he's like dellor but younger. he is just entertaining to watch.
shinybulba - Day ago
Man such a wholesome ending. You're a good guy
Secret- Prodigy
Secret- Prodigy - 2 days ago
Respects to booty clap, ✌, *peaceful man* .
Xxprism 789
Xxprism 789 - 2 days ago
He’s mean when your not building he gets rekt and starts being mean
JH flips
JH flips - 2 days ago
My name is Josh F in the chat
RatsAreNeat - 3 days ago
This is actual garbage
YUSEE - 3 days ago
Um ok I will shit on kc.
Ya Boi
Ya Boi - 3 days ago
Kc is actually garbage
Nfnf FHFHfh
Nfnf FHFHfh - 4 days ago
I love the guile theme song in the background 🙂
Andrew Sim
Andrew Sim - 4 days ago
Lmao how tf u beat that sweat feels so relaxing
Ambiance Precise
Ambiance Precise - 4 days ago
That kid just wants to be like mongraal or skeptic or something when he ain't that good
Nick Everhart
Nick Everhart - 4 days ago
Ur dog shit kc ur so toxic
Chronic_Cheese 360
Chronic_Cheese 360 - 4 days ago
My builds are allmost are like Beaks Ramp rushes xddddddddddd
Xavier Masudi
Xavier Masudi - 4 days ago
"open your ears dumbass"
Yandel Lundez
Yandel Lundez - 4 days ago
Ur trash
Endmaker yeet
Endmaker yeet - 4 days ago
He looks like the fat nerdy kid in school nobody talks too and trash talks online when in irl he's a huge pussy
Black0utwolf 37
Black0utwolf 37 - 4 days ago
Every 1v1 he run head starts
AfterLyfe - 4 days ago
Ya stooo-pussy. That was extremely funny the way he said it
voiceless6 9
voiceless6 9 - 5 days ago
Hey remember me from the stream kc told him to show me his armpit hairs voiceless
Zuxzl - 5 days ago
your the one trash talking buddy 1v1 me my epic is Eqnvi 1v1 me
Zuxzl - Day ago
+Oneshottwo im not fucking helping u. u gay bitch
Zuxzl - 2 days ago
+Oneshottwo what its the trush woosh my fucking ass in ur mouth bitch
Oneshottwo - 2 days ago
ShadowShootz whoosh
Zuxzl - 5 days ago
these videos are fake
Crimson clan
Crimson clan - 5 days ago
Shoots him once ur fing trash then dies from fall damage
Tillerv - 5 days ago
He called u spoiled then bragged about how his house is bigger lmaoooooo
RedBlack - 5 days ago
1:35 severe autism moment
JaySea - 5 days ago
Christian Pehrson
Christian Pehrson - 5 days ago
He is so bad
Christian Pehrson
Christian Pehrson - 5 days ago
Ur trash
Syndicatefire XD
Syndicatefire XD - 5 days ago
Yo got clapped lmao
Alex Mcclure
Alex Mcclure - 5 days ago
Someboby add him and troll him
TNBC_Trippy _
TNBC_Trippy _ - 5 days ago
Wait 12 year old kid vs middle aged man so unfair
Paula Cooper
Paula Cooper - 6 days ago
Content ok but name trash
It’s funny because kc is in the wrong
dabuilder - true but kc fired the first shot
dabuilder -
dabuilder - - 4 days ago
How the kid is toxic asf
POOP GOD - 6 days ago
He has good builds but he shakes so much when he builds
Lil Nate
Lil Nate - 6 days ago
You guys are both pretty bad.... (Ghoul trooper was better)
ThatOneAsianKid _
ThatOneAsianKid _ - 6 days ago
I swear he’s about to cry.
G10 XD
G10 XD - 6 days ago
Booty clap kc is the best fortnite player
Zion Howard
Zion Howard - 6 days ago
Your trash kid
Bri _
Bri _ - 6 days ago
You suck booty
HORISON - 6 days ago
Definition of squeaker
Vlad Burtea
Vlad Burtea - 6 days ago
the kid is right, in this video u really play only with the SMG. its not playing like that in 1v1s
Paula Cooper
Paula Cooper - 6 days ago
Is modern fortnite that's all everyone does they shoot a shotgun then whip out an smg
virgo4200 - 7 days ago
Is this darksydephils kid lol
Lord Dubm
Lord Dubm - 7 days ago
Kc Bad he sprays and breaks down
LucKStaR - 7 days ago
it's always the bad ones who talk the most shit. toxickiddies get wrecked lul
ttv ShiftNano
ttv ShiftNano - 7 days ago
He bad😂😂😂😂
LevinTheError - 7 days ago
This kid is such a fucking piece of shit
Tommy Gunz
Tommy Gunz - 7 days ago
This kid Gotta be the gayest nigga ever
Devon Gist
Devon Gist - 7 days ago
I take lots of offense because im from detroit
THE PECTUS LIFE - 7 days ago
That kid is so toxic
hi i'm Noah
hi i'm Noah - 7 days ago
I hate children.
Adam Fox
Adam Fox - 7 days ago
This is the most annoying kid I have ever seen. I don’t care if it’s a meme but you don’t joke about cancer. Or tell people they’re adopted.
Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson - 7 days ago
I’d clap you not trynna be toxic epic is ttvboiyoustupidd
killerwolfbtw - 7 days ago
He's got a point when he says "if we take out the smg's you're dog shit" not gonna lie good vid tho 😘
StevenNight !
StevenNight ! - 7 days ago
This kid is honestly fucking annoying
xd Chronics
xd Chronics - 7 days ago
Worst goul trooper btw
Brandon Gollotte
Brandon Gollotte - 7 days ago
All he does is spam the SMG what a trashcan
Sorry KC
its awpsy
its awpsy - 7 days ago
IM better than this kid no cap
Sadd- NotKorb
Sadd- NotKorb - 7 days ago
I was watching gay faze sway and this piped up right when I was done with the vid
SuperCloud Star
SuperCloud Star - 8 days ago
Sorry dont follow toxic people
Connor Kaufmann
Connor Kaufmann - 8 days ago
6:00 why does he bite his lip, make a huge inhale and raise his eyebrows every time his shoots and builds
Midwestwiz - 8 days ago
10:18 get a new house too

Holy shit I’m dying
Gecko Gaming
Gecko Gaming - 8 days ago
His sensitivity is low but he doesn’t make mistakes
Stas Roumelidis
Stas Roumelidis - 8 days ago
his shit! and trash
CHUNKER13 ASDF - 8 days ago
You suck
Rudi Bass
Rudi Bass - 8 days ago
Ur trash
Shadow - 8 days ago
Shadow - 16 hours ago
Just A Gamer Ik it’s back😂
Just A Gamer
Just A Gamer - Day ago
His twitch is still there
Recondude Gaming
Recondude Gaming - 8 days ago
You sound like faze agony
IENVY Tanner
IENVY Tanner - 8 days ago
I wana 1v1 u kc u bot
Kaflopplays - 8 days ago
You know your trash when you play stretched res
bbyd10r ッ
bbyd10r ッ - 5 days ago
Kaflopplays i guess tfue is trash, he’s better than you
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