TRASH TALKING streamer TRIGGERED he can't beat me (Fortnite)

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Fozzington - Час назад
Suck my cock.
Ooft Ooft
Ooft Ooft - 4 часа назад
3:00 irony🤣
Oh Yea Yea
Oh Yea Yea - 6 часов назад
All that build to not do anything
JuggBoy 2x
JuggBoy 2x - 9 часов назад
battle of the virgins
Randol Amaya
Randol Amaya - 9 часов назад
Your both trash
Ilikecats__ya - 9 часов назад
Kinda scummy to shoot down when you have high ground but still love your vids
Zecty - 9 часов назад
“You know what is also slow your dad for not pulling out bro” LOL
Unknown Gaming
Unknown Gaming - 9 часов назад
damn kc really cant win a build fight without breakin down his builds
Legend_artfull pepper
Legend_artfull pepper - 10 часов назад
KC is so trash just shooting down builds
AGGRESSIVE Unknown - 10 часов назад
8:36 best thing ever made 😂😂
Graham Leger
Graham Leger - 10 часов назад
Homi josh just joined and yall all freaked out hella
Lu cky
Lu cky - 12 часов назад
This kid is somewhat a part of Faze no joke
Plazmaa YT
Plazmaa YT - 13 часов назад
omfg he shut down his twitch channel XD
rick lindner
rick lindner - 14 часов назад
loved how he was strugling w/ floor wall double ramp lol
A.NANI.M E - 14 часов назад
god i got tired of this toxicity
not that i do this shit with my father 24 hours why you add 16 minutes to the 24 hours i am tired of this
Could Be Anybody
Could Be Anybody - 14 часов назад
I prefer his content lmao u lost to a kid
Fawaz kanaan
Fawaz kanaan - 9 часов назад
Could Be Anybody kids have more time so therefore they play more and get/are better
Fawaz kanaan
Fawaz kanaan - 9 часов назад
Could Be Anybody hes like 13 or 14 no crap hes good
Eduard Schlotthauer
Eduard Schlotthauer - 16 часов назад
washy - 17 часов назад
Goul trooper B.T.W
Lol_ Im_Camping
Lol_ Im_Camping - 17 часов назад
I like this guy. Great vid and YouTuber. Subbed!
Husain Abo Eish
Husain Abo Eish - 18 часов назад
Dude this is the first fn video that I've laughed at in a long while bro
Sqrrl - 19 часов назад
both of these players are trash
LegendaryBoltPlz - 20 часов назад
Ok youtube I watched it jeez
God - 20 часов назад
Ghoul trooper but cant build or hit shots. SMH
joselle archives
joselle archives - 21 час назад
Booty clap kc 😂😂😂😂😂 thats funny username
WordOfTheNerdOnline - 23 часа назад
The mouth on that kid.
That's Eric
That's Eric - День назад
8:37 FCKN DEADDD😂😂😂💀
Kyle Ducote
Kyle Ducote - День назад
I laughed more times then he has armpit hair
GucciFloatie - День назад
He's saying kid like he's older. Oh and can someone count how many times he said kid
wyattmathew2 - День назад
See now this kid WOULD have my support if he wasnt as toxic as he is. Great vid KC but this kid doesnt deserve a spot in twitch or as a streamer. Imagine if someone younger than him played with him in random duos and he says that hes adopted and all that other toxic shit XD this kid deserves no fame to his name.
Retrocidal - День назад
wow this kid
Kinetic ZERO
Kinetic ZERO - День назад
That moment when this kid is right and your bad and you just spray with msg also you have to bring your buddy for moral support because your to bad to trash talk yourself bro you have the biggest ego I’ve ever seen and I guess this is the only way for you to feel better about yourself is to spray all day and camp high ground you play like myth in season -11 so chill with all that trash talk
Booty Clap KC
Booty Clap KC - День назад
That moment when you get so triggered watching a RUvideos video you type a whole paragraph 🤣😭 Thanks for salting my fries brother 😁🍟
Tyran Ligon
Tyran Ligon - День назад
Smh that's tuff
AshellySucks - День назад
Being toxic won't get you anywhere kids be kind to others ☺️❤️
SLUMPY TV - День назад
Get fuckin clapped 👏🏻
Little0Assassin -
Little0Assassin - - День назад
He’s so toxic
Yusufjillbill - День назад
toxic kids
Wolf gamer Yt
Wolf gamer Yt - День назад
you dog shit freeking bot
Frxzby - День назад
3 virgins in one vid
Booty Clap KC
Booty Clap KC - День назад
Only virgins call people virgin as an insult 🤣
PxssyBacon 21
PxssyBacon 21 - День назад
I can’t think of where the woo sound is from
Brendan - День назад
I laughed so much in this, thankyou Captain
Ryder Skolka
Ryder Skolka - День назад
So funny
ASPII - 2 дня назад
No hate but KC chested the first round he shot down right away before the 90s Up and he didn’t event 90 he just fully turned around to spray (nvm he was just trolling him lmao) but I’ll BOOTY CLAP YOU KC
biG _Doxks
biG _Doxks - 2 дня назад
Your a bot
ded stoner
ded stoner - 2 дня назад
Ah this ending was great
Jmanthelegend - 2 дня назад
u did shoot his builds down
Nu_jax - 2 дня назад
Nah he’s toxic af
Respect - 2 дня назад
The hype man was the best part 😂
Jullian Tristanis
Jullian Tristanis - 2 дня назад
I Love His Hype Man 😭😭😭
iOnlyNinja - 2 дня назад
I'm not a hater anything but I've been watching a couple of your videos and I can honestly say you play like a b*tch. Your builds are pretty good but the problem is that all you think is "HIGH GROUND HIGH GROUND." All you care about is high ground and that's why you ALWAYS knock people down. It's not even "tactical" at that point your just being annoying because you dont have high ground. That's why you only die to people who play smart instead of build a lot. BUT then there's the fact that you call people p*ssies when they dont go and build fight you. It's because they CANT when you ALWAYS spray them down or pickaxe them down when you have low ground. It's not only in this video but how you normally play.
Booty Clap KC
Booty Clap KC - День назад
freezing rize
freezing rize - 2 дня назад
This kids an ass that twitch kid he should get banmed from twitxha and fortnite he was also being offensive to adopted kids.
Choppa - 2 дня назад
When you guys started going off on josh 😂😂😂
RP Wolf
RP Wolf - 2 дня назад
11:30 got me fucked up 😂😂😂😂
CrazyDood10 - 2 дня назад
7 followers lols
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter - 2 дня назад
I gotta say the kid’s pretty good
Lord Leckatall
Lord Leckatall - 2 дня назад
He's just being mean to a 13 year old. How cool...
PollenPotter - 2 дня назад
Operation Trolling
Operation Trolling - 2 дня назад
You were the trash talker, literally you start on him and say he sucks and he has a kids voice and he defends himself and you guys just trash talk him. What a bully. Disliked. Also he is way better than you. You shoot him down and spam submachine gun
Austin Lalonde
Austin Lalonde - 2 дня назад
Use me as your "fuck you Josh button"
Austin Lalonde
Austin Lalonde - 2 дня назад
New to the channel o totally thought you were the kid at first😂😂😂😊
Its Orbi
Its Orbi - 2 дня назад
This shit is funny asf
Shervin Ziaei
Shervin Ziaei - 2 дня назад
We all need a hype man like this 8:35 😂
Crazy Bodo
Crazy Bodo - 2 дня назад
He was trying so hard🤣
LaylaEatsTrees - 2 дня назад
Awesome SAUCE cool
Awesome SAUCE cool - 2 дня назад
anyone realize the twitch kid said "Yea let's keep the vaulted SMG I like it!" Then some smacking later and he's like: "Yo get rid of SMG and I'll clap you!"
Travion P.M
Travion P.M - 2 дня назад
hes butt but he stopped being a dick at the end so hes cool
NixteR - 2 дня назад
he is banned on twich xd
Hypnotoad - 2 дня назад
I know you probably don't give a shit, but I'd click your videos more often if the video's titles weren't the worst kind of clickbait.
You're in my recommended often enough, just stop with the terrible titles and I'll watch more often.
Darkshooter 342
Darkshooter 342 - 2 дня назад
Bro that hurt me 10:36 I’m from canada
noble 6 respawn
noble 6 respawn - 2 дня назад
15 off 200,000 subs
erik martinez
erik martinez - 2 дня назад
You deserve a subscription:)
ReckkLess - 2 дня назад
Zypaths - 2 дня назад
Kc sounding like ice Poseidon
LtRyanP YT
LtRyanP YT - 2 дня назад
This kid is HYSTERICAL.
When homeboy said, "I'm pumpernickeling on him dude!" Hahahahahah
Buddah - 2 дня назад
I live in detroit wow fuck this kid
Vosille - 2 дня назад
This kid has a 42 swear word per minute count
Ezio - 2 дня назад
Legit bullying a kid
Willsftw - 3 дня назад
4 more days until I’m unsuspended. The comeback is gonna be insane.
Yovani Armenta
Yovani Armenta - 2 дня назад
Willsftw how did you even get suspended mate
Xplosivecake - 3 дня назад
i lost it at 8:38
En Fet Katt
En Fet Katt - 3 дня назад
He was literally the worst toxic player I’ve seen
Salvatore Vulcano
Salvatore Vulcano - 3 дня назад
BootyClap is the worst youtuber in the history of the platform 😂
Salvatore Vulcano
Salvatore Vulcano - 3 дня назад
this kid is kinda right. bootyclap is a nolife who really should get something else to do 😂
game - 2 дня назад
Salvatore Vulcano he lives off his twitch, not having a actual job instead of social media
Salvatore Vulcano
Salvatore Vulcano - 3 дня назад
i love how this streamer guy called him a kid but he is literally 14
game - 2 дня назад
Salvatore Vulcano in which is still a kid if he’s 14.
Cozmyn Blood
Cozmyn Blood - 3 дня назад
So fucking toxic.....not worth it
AnimeAnt - 3 дня назад
only commeted beacuse of that little naruto music and i liked
Helix_Ibstxr - 3 дня назад
You are actually bad
Grimey - 3 дня назад
8:34 - 8:40 LMAOOOO i laughed way too hard at this
F J - 3 дня назад
Hahaha i know right
ASBS Beats
ASBS Beats - 3 дня назад
who the fuck uses teamspeak?
JayBlockMan1 - 3 дня назад
Creative bots complaining about smg's like people dont use them in an actual game
iiMMaTV 2
iiMMaTV 2 - 3 дня назад
Symfhuny wannabe lol
Ignacio Garcia-Valdecasas
Ignacio Garcia-Valdecasas - 3 дня назад
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia - 3 дня назад
That perfectly timed “ yo did you uh redeploy your glider? “😂
Youxg Kixg
Youxg Kixg - 3 дня назад
I want to. 1v1. Kid. I play. On. Xbox.
Keyshawn Brittingham
Keyshawn Brittingham - 3 дня назад
Kc your so trash 🗑 lol 😂
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight - 3 дня назад
Embarrassing ghoul trooperss smh
edorian Rubejes
edorian Rubejes - 3 дня назад
2 grown man vs 1 kid lmao this is sad
Joshybear - 3 дня назад
fuck bro my mom named me josh
Muselk NumberOneFan
Muselk NumberOneFan - 3 дня назад
He's voice is so sweaky
The MightyClutch
The MightyClutch - 3 дня назад
you are better than the TTV kid but you do shoot down everytime he gets high ground
teno_drew - 3 дня назад
E Zeeeeeeee KC Claps
LuigiOn Crack
LuigiOn Crack - 3 дня назад
Get pumpernickeld on weirdo hahahahah
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