Everything Wrong With Despicable Me In 19 Minutes Or Less

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Bing Bang
Bing Bang - 2 days ago
I actually really loved this movie when it first came out, but the internet ruined it for me haha
Greedy Gamer
Greedy Gamer - 4 days ago
Dude these movies are great
heather holt
heather holt - 4 days ago
At least he paid for the drinks? Lol also I want to try that drink! Usually the grande in a Venti cup is just for hot drinks so People can add stuff from the condimente bar like cinnamon or Allen’s or half and half! But I am going to get this order and then have to put the Greek yogurt and powdered sugar in at home so I will need the extra room!
Mouserjan0222 - 4 days ago
I have 2 adopted children this movie sends a horrible adoption message
Everything Thrice
Everything Thrice - 5 days ago
9:27 never noticed
fanny pack
fanny pack - 6 days ago
How dare you bash my childhood movie 😔😔😔
Laetitia Orlandi
Laetitia Orlandi - 6 days ago
The world that the movie takes place "anarchi" almost everyone I don't feel like doing that thing that was illigal that I always wanted to do.
SquidSushi - 7 days ago
6:56 Wait, Vector is playing a Wii, and a Despicable Me Wii game came out of it, so....

Alter Ego
Alter Ego - 8 days ago
0:24 Well...
Laleuca Beckerling
Laleuca Beckerling - 8 days ago
You forgot: ‘man crushes apple as a threat’ cliche!
The Amazing gamer
The Amazing gamer - 9 days ago
We not gonna talk about how gru was able to go faster than missiles to dodge them and blow up vector's front door?
Soup Time
Soup Time - 10 days ago
Honestly, the original movie was really great. Illumination just milked the hell of it.
Freddy Faz Bear
Freddy Faz Bear - 10 days ago
What happened to the cars why you driving to his house
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood - 12 days ago
I found one of these videos and now I can't stop watching
Ethan Carroll
Ethan Carroll - 13 days ago
1:31 Every person in Starbucks ever.
Gwen Starr
Gwen Starr - 14 days ago
They should have stopped at one
Mr. Dowie
Mr. Dowie - 15 days ago
who would you steal the moon from and shouldent they know it would mess up the ocean an kill us
CIA - 16 days ago
Why didn’t you sin it for playing Sweet home Alabama at the bus scene?
Anna Way Skinner
Anna Way Skinner - 17 days ago
You should add a sin for movies making evil scientists have European accents cliché
Borgnine H.
Borgnine H. - 18 days ago
Illuminations’ only good movie.
The Magic Crab
The Magic Crab - 18 days ago
You I can't help but realize that the moon would be VERY dense and heavy so i don't think they could just walk around with that thing on earth so what the heck movie.
False_CopyrightClaims 1058
no sin for the fact that the houses in the neighborhood are LITERALLY copy pasted by the animators
Alexander wahl
Alexander wahl - 20 days ago
2:24 well I mean, he is an asshole so I would count that as a stupid gag.
Yashin Rangorath
Yashin Rangorath - 20 days ago
This channel shoul be called sin-ema
Dustswap Chara
Dustswap Chara - 20 days ago
7:00 Wii reference
Jace Little
Jace Little - 22 days ago
Very sorry I just wanted to comment on the video
Cupcakes and stars
Cupcakes and stars - 24 days ago
I actually quite enjoyed the first despicable me movie!

ThatOneGamingDude / T1GD
ThatOneGamingDude / T1GD - 26 days ago
6:57 Also, how did Universal get the licence from Nintendo to add this cameo?
Known Toaster
Known Toaster - 27 days ago
5:51 stal from c418 seems as though it's starting to play
Eshana Gacha
Eshana Gacha - 27 days ago
F*ck gru
XerxikLinaak - 27 days ago
Tiny Boogie Boobs.
Snap Chat Kween
Snap Chat Kween - Month ago
8:35 I thought he was going to say Edith survives this.
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner - Month ago
Wrapping the movie up in 10 minutes for cheapskates
Conrad Jack
Conrad Jack - Month ago
The minions are at least 3 feet tall, believe it or not
EpicBoi YT
EpicBoi YT - Month ago
Ok thats harsh
Lex Quinn
Lex Quinn - Month ago
Tbh Margo probably could of jumped off a bridge and only been slightly inconvenienced in this movie
Derek Patterson
Derek Patterson - Month ago
Every time Jeremy sins a joke in a comedy, I now literally say out loud 'COMEDY MOVIE. PAUL RUDD'.
I think I need to get a life.
Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel - Month ago
Gru is 14 feet tall btw
Axel Rodríguez
Axel Rodríguez - Month ago
Batgirl 🦇 Gemma chan
Raven 🔸 rosa Salazar
Emilia Wayne female Robin
Green lantern Jessica cruz 🔮 Eiza González DC superhero Girls DCEU flim
christianbro2 - Month ago
You shouldve removed a sin for the Lehman Brothers bank thing
False_CopyrightClaims 1058
Wouldn’t shrinking the moon cause a massive black hole, I mean, I know very little about this type of science, but that must have some pretty major ‘side effects’
Ennard - Month ago
He's so evil, he doesn't even need a camera.
Andrew Leith
Andrew Leith - Month ago
Can we get a ‘gru’ count🙄
gotcha verse
gotcha verse - Month ago
Does everyone overlook the fact that they all should be dead because without the moon the oceans are crazy,lethal and cabable of killing everyone add 1 more sin
Thebear Potato
Thebear Potato - Month ago
No mass is lost so the moon would still have its gravity it just makes it more dense
Just a Bloak
Just a Bloak - Month ago
You ruin every kids movie but now i look at it and its so true
PianoPhantom - Month ago
As an egyptian the giza pyramids are actually in the desert, and though surrounded by the city otherwise, when you're there in person yes it does look like a desert so one sin removed 'o' guy should see them in person first before judging 'x'/
Fishi Boopkins
Fishi Boopkins - Month ago
1:15 #pirate
Natta Ruttanaburee
Natta Ruttanaburee - Month ago
Jesus Christ why can't you just do the wins
m4rlo - Month ago
*did you want to explode?*
Captain Coconut
Captain Coconut - Month ago
Katlyn Fry
Katlyn Fry - Month ago
Did anyone else realize that is says 19mins or less in the title but it’s a 20min video
Ashton Dugas
Ashton Dugas - Month ago
8:48, it appears that peepeepoopoo skipped dimensions when he betrayed pewdiepie.
AuTemp15 - Month ago
AssistedAnxiety - Month ago
I know this is an old video, but if I can't land a stable job, "Tiny Boogie Boobs" is gonna be my stripper name.
Rhianna Foo
Rhianna Foo - Month ago
And yet rio had a two roll credits scenes in the first 10 seconds
RallyeGuy340 - Month ago
3:45 The Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas is actually 150 feet tall with pedestal included.
madmonkey43210 - Month ago
5:15 Grumman isn't a murderer because he didn't play any video games as a kid
Olivia - Month ago
Another sin: One of the minions flies into space and none of them appear to notice or care
Theepicspartan Karl Marx
You also forgot that the moon would retain its gravity and weight due to the area is only shrinking and it would still have the same weight and gravity so A: Gru and everyone else would be crushed by it and B: the tides wouldn't stop and placing the moon on the rocket would cause a mass extinction event when he crashed landed
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