Everything Wrong With Despicable Me In 19 Minutes Or Less

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Eddy ‘
Eddy ‘ - 6 hours ago
Video is over 20 mins 🧐
Squeak - 7 hours ago
Why does gru have so many teeth
SGT Norgan
SGT Norgan - Day ago
Do you really think gru cares about HOA nazis
Olivia Muchow
Olivia Muchow - Day ago
Can we make a petition where every minion that’s on screen in any frame of the whole movie we add a sin? Its one of those bonus rounds from the room
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley - Day ago
That's less than half of a box of girl scout cookies
Amy Kennedy
Amy Kennedy - 2 days ago
This film was before the Lorax showed that illumination didn’t need to try
Snakinator - 3 days ago
Wouldn't that moon shrinking possibly accidentally make a black hole or star because of atoms getting closer together increasing their gravity and the overall gravity of the moon possibly imploding into a blackhole?
Snakinator - 3 days ago
Megamind was infinitely better
NONE - 4 days ago
That line "I am actually a spy" Foreshadowed Despicable Me 2
vickkerowo - 5 days ago
why does margo only have shirts with dr seuss characters? ive seen her with the lorax, the grinch, is this just some product placement for their other illumination movies?
Xitlalic Chavez Valencia
I think CinemaSins has rubbed off on me.
Now when I watch a movie I mention stuff that are sin worthy, like narration or ex-machinas.
DaddysGaming - 6 days ago
the statue is 150 ft not 15 as the real one is 350
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson - 7 days ago
wait moon in optimal position? it orbits around the earth it shouldn't take 12 days like ever right? can we get a scientist here
PotatoTornado - 7 days ago
Minions are 3.5 feet tall. Gru is 14 feet. If the statue is fifteen feet tall, then it is actually pretty accurate. Not exact, but close.
Ink does art
Ink does art - 10 days ago
Oof the outsiders reference made me sad
But jesus this is funny
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer - 10 days ago
14:16 is it just me or dose that pose look like the yamcha dead pose
MLB_Dinger David7
MLB_Dinger David7 - 12 days ago
5:54. You missed a sin. The Apple teleported to the right hand
gabriel mellino
gabriel mellino - 12 days ago
Why are apples making people be assholes I don’t get it
TheCuriousNathan - 13 days ago
I love the Napoleon Dynamite reference at the end
P- Chan
P- Chan - 14 days ago
Ebony The Wild Canadain
Ebony The Wild Canadain - 14 days ago
why does gru`s mom have a russian accent?
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes - 15 days ago
That Wii Remote has the biggest D pad I’ve ever seen.
Ashton. F.
Ashton. F. - 15 days ago
The big beer is not disrespectful to USA at all
Dinko Rak
Dinko Rak - 16 days ago
John Striker
John Striker - 17 days ago
15:39 WELL PUT! hahaha
Tanatswa Mutsungi
Tanatswa Mutsungi - 19 days ago
stop swearing.
lydia Baeza
lydia Baeza - 20 days ago
The guy who looks like hes hold in the pole looks a little bit like Caroline's dad from "Caroline".
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K - 20 days ago
Maybe everyone in this Universe is a Criminal.
Paul Lee
Paul Lee - 20 days ago
The Great pyramids are slightly uneven at 0:28 in this video, and god knows when in the movie. How did they not notice that the pyramids were stolen? That should be a sin.
ReMiXDriZzY777 - 21 day ago
Anybody notice that He says Ex Machina in every single video?
Cream Cotton
Cream Cotton - 22 days ago
Vector is Mandark in the future
Nisha John
Nisha John - 22 days ago
Not many people know that the song Happy by Pharrell Williams was made just for Despicable Me 2
Music Is Life
Music Is Life - 25 days ago
12:27 15:41
ALEC GOWLLAND - 26 days ago
It’s 20 minutes
Jackie89000 - 27 days ago
To be fair, if I was a cop and I just saw a guy freeze several people in a couple of seconds in a coffee shop, I wouldn't want to confront him either.
Tc - 28 days ago
when the moon was put back to its original position, its still probably not orbiting Earth, so the moon would just fall back down and destroy everything
Dillan Barry
Dillan Barry - 29 days ago
11:53 That should have *removed* a sin! These girls *clearly* know their maths!
Dillan Barry
Dillan Barry - 29 days ago
1:24 How would *you* know exactly what's in Gru's coffee? I will admit that it's kinda nice, though.
Imagery Project
Imagery Project - Month ago
How do these guys get film clips into their videos?
Cyclops - Month ago
Michelle McIntyre
Michelle McIntyre - Month ago
Doesn't it mean 19 minutes or more because it's 20 minutes this video
Michelle McIntyre
Michelle McIntyre - 24 days ago
@Andy Miller oh I never knew that
Andy Miller
Andy Miller - 25 days ago
It means 19 minutes or less, since it took less than 19 minutes to sin this. Good job not watching or paying attention to the video.
Blue Luna
Blue Luna - Month ago
Johboat - Month ago
That coffee at the beginning sounds delicious tho
Alexis Leininger
Alexis Leininger - Month ago
7 1/2 weeks to launch 🚀 the d*cking rocket
Emerson Beavers
Emerson Beavers - Month ago
It took Apollo 11 75 hours and 56 minutes to reach the moon but Gru does it in a day. How fast is his rocket?
Grace D
Grace D - Month ago
Hey it's Umbridge. What the heck are you doing here. Nobody likes you Umbridge. No one.
Snowbro 22
Snowbro 22 - Month ago
Fuckin wish this was the outsiders. I’d love to see a minion get jumped by a bunch of people with madras shirts and switchblades.
Littlebat10 Sparkles
Littlebat10 Sparkles - Month ago
There's technically only 63 Sins, but gotta pad that run time somehow.
Plush Wizard
Plush Wizard - Month ago
I like this movie
Stefanie Koperski
Stefanie Koperski - Month ago
You don’t mention the outsiders without bringing someone back their trauma of Johnny and Dallas dying
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