Film Theory: How to KILL DEADPOOL!

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big lancer
big lancer - 51 minute ago
This seems like a copy of you vs Deadpool
• Jay232323061
• Jay232323061 - 5 hours ago
You can’t kill Deadpool, because he’s already dead.
mason holtcamp
mason holtcamp - 5 hours ago
You can kill dead pool by drowning him
Spiritcat208 - 5 hours ago
Oh, I wanted to tell you guys: A "deadpool" is a guess about who will die in a movie.
Spiritcat208 - 5 hours ago
"Let me explain"
powerfullest killer
powerfullest killer - 8 hours ago
What do you mean? Deadpool 2 is a family movie
It’s-Joe-Time Gacha
It’s-Joe-Time Gacha - 11 hours ago
Hey Matt want a Pepsi?

Sorry we don’t serve Coke products
Patrik Rendon
Patrik Rendon - 11 hours ago
Dead pool shoots himself in the head multiple times and he still has his memories.
DoingMoreThenBefore - 13 hours ago
Throw then in a pit of lava
madcat789 - 16 hours ago
Anihilate the entire body all at once so nothing is there to regenerate?
KonaTVOT LONE - Day ago
Can they regen the oxygen in them??? Cuz if no then try to atleast choke em or use science stuff to remove the oxygen
box man
box man - Day ago
The power of the most crisp high five
Lucas Walders
Lucas Walders - Day ago
but how would u kill him? all u did was take away his fighting skills
Kimberly Stevens
Kimberly Stevens - Day ago
Wouldn't cremation take care of them both? A ahem- proper burn🔥
Golden freddy
Golden freddy - Day ago
Hahaha... the opening theme of film theory can be used to a cartoon opening theme
Johnymation - Day ago
0:07 that actually kinda happend
Hyphen - Day ago
In DP2 the bar of a fence goes right through his brain and he is fine.
iMagic - Day ago
Well, then decapitation would be a good way to kill dead pool as long as u dont let him get his old head, he would have to regrow one with no memory. Boom! Dead.
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas - Day ago
12:30 then why didnt he lose his memory in the scene where he got a knife in his head in dp 1 and a piece of grill in dp 2?
Lewis Tarrant
Lewis Tarrant - Day ago
The thing is dead pools cancer kills his cells and the healing factor regrows them without his cancer he will gain to many cells and die
Pelipoju III yt
Pelipoju III yt - Day ago
Realy matpat? You explain about brain stuff and elecrisity from 5:56 to 10:39. And thats like 1/3 of The video
Rabeya Sultana
Rabeya Sultana - Day ago
Why does matpat like diet coke???🤔🤔🤔
D4RKN3SS - 2 days ago
I want shaggy ultra instinct power
jack lee
jack lee - 2 days ago
put him in a Juicer and froze thr juice
Kelvin - 2 days ago
Wait but Deadpool got his brain damaged but still remembered everything
Miel Schaefer
Miel Schaefer - 2 days ago
If you chop one of them up into multiple peices, will it regrow into multiple people?
Luke Williamson
Luke Williamson - 2 days ago
Put them in a cage with no food or water.
scythe tanuki
scythe tanuki - 2 days ago
But deadpool is magic
And has recrencarnated many times in the comics
Thing is all deadppolss interact with current deadpool
Chris Scritchfield
Chris Scritchfield - 2 days ago
Well you would be right in our reality but marvel treats consciousness as an abstrat. Neurons are not required for memories. Xavier and Onslaught can be viewed as extreme examples of creatures backed up in the astral plane that can build new memories even though the body is deceased. Quit a few characters have survived death and deadpool has a relationship with death. Like a horizontal one.
So you would have to atribute memories and personality as a ghost which if the being is compatible can be transfered vessel to vessel. Thats why dead pool remembers lifting up deaths promdress to taunt thanos. The reason why their would be a memory would be destroyed is through a corruption of the vessel. Thats why the bullet in wolverines brain has destroyed his past as it acts as a non rejectable barrier to his system. Because of this lack of inflamation response the bulltet has stayed still. If the inflammation was triggered it could make wolverine even more tragic as his bpdy attempt to move the bullet and it moves into regions that have different memories. Think if it deleted his memories of Gene but not the love or his memories of sabertooth and him being enemies is removed and now he remembers sabertooth as his civil war buddy.
So while by you do have an interesting theory its just not supported by the source material
Benjamin Bettinger
Benjamin Bettinger - 2 days ago
What about the knife at the end of the first movie? Please explain.
HayyanPro 167
HayyanPro 167 - 2 days ago
If you chop off Deadpool’s head, would his head regrow on the body, or would his body regrow on his head???? Would there be 2 Deadpool’s then??? 🤔 💭
S.J.A.S - 2 days ago
I would have dekus or ochakos quark
John Wedderburn
John Wedderburn - 2 days ago
A good film theory: How to kill Doctor Manhattan?

As for superpowers?
The powers of Doctor Manhattan.
Super Dounut XD
Super Dounut XD - 2 days ago
He got stabbed in the brain and remembered everything so....
Ludvig Popp
Ludvig Popp - 2 days ago
You lost me at deadpool
Sofia-Rose Gionomo
Sofia-Rose Gionomo - 3 days ago
I think my top 3 would be read minds, not be able to feel pain and invisiblity
Silly Potato
Silly Potato - 3 days ago
Anybody understand one word he says
CJ Max
CJ Max - 3 days ago
I think Deadpool would keep his memory he had that pole lodged through his head in Deadpool two and was only loopy
Gaming Policeman
Gaming Policeman - 3 days ago
But he gets a knife to the front part of his head in the first Deadpool. But I don't know if that's enough.
chimi flipin changas
chimi flipin changas - 3 days ago
Why would anyone want to kill me????
Nerdbox 1037
Nerdbox 1037 - 3 days ago
What would my power be?
The power to control probability
(I didn’t think of this I found it on tumblr)
mincraft troller troller
Stop at 3:16 you can kill deadpool if you drown him since he has only a healing factor
Caleb bernhard
Caleb bernhard - 3 days ago
6:24-8:14 I forgot this was about Deadpool
MyWaY - 3 days ago
I know it's 2019 but Deadpool is technically immortal because he's cursed by Thanos in the comics and he was involved with Death and other beings.
Pixel Master
Pixel Master - 3 days ago
In the comics, thanos cursed dead pool with immortality
tralala peta
tralala peta - 3 days ago
Delete this video! Deadpool needs to stay alive! Delete it!
ToxicArt DIY
ToxicArt DIY - 3 days ago
Dead pool had a sword go through his head and he was fine after
Coren Utley
Coren Utley - 3 days ago
to know everything in the wrold
BioHacker 116
BioHacker 116 - 3 days ago
Ok, Deadpool is immortal, not healing on space steroids. It's a gene, they are not the same. Deadpool had an immortal gene, so they got him close to death and brought him back untill that gene sparked up and did it's job. Walverine, is not immortal. He was wounded over and over then healed him untill he started healing himself. It's weird to think a neutral and hero have the same powers. You did the same thing with Toney and Thanos. Cursed with knowledge means nothing to Thanos cause he is not. He relays on power, Toney relays on knowledge and intelligence. Also, Deadpool is perfect. He has gotten shot in the head, yet his memory are completely fine. Being immortal doesn't mean nobody can hurt you, it is just perfect healing. He got close to dying and couldn't heal the scars, they where already there, so you can't heal them. And if we could, there would be scars from damaged healthy skin. So therfore, Deadpool is immortal.
Diet Coke sucks
ETHALEC - 3 days ago
I thought the wolverine movie was pretty good don’t bully pls
ddd safey dog network
ddd safey dog network - 3 days ago
I'm so sleepy....
InfernoHyper 76
InfernoHyper 76 - 4 days ago
I love you Mat but I loved Origins of wolverine
Manny Gonzalez
Manny Gonzalez - 4 days ago
Ummmm this video didnt answer how to kill deadpool it just answered how to make deadpool forget everything
Blayne Stein
Blayne Stein - 4 days ago
I love ya matpat BUT this theory doesn't really work for wolverine or deadpool, it DID work on wolverine once (if you count that as cannon) but that was only because they shot him with an adamantium bullet, and since hes coverd with adamantium I doubt theres someone rich enough to even be able to produce enugh bullets for it to matter(assuming there even able to hit him before he senses them in the first place), and as for deadpool, he has something more powerful then any other character from comics or fiction, and it's called awareness. He is aware that he is a fictional character and with that kind of power there really isint a need for memory(not to mention the yellow and white voices in his head of cource). Again it's a really good theory, just dont think it really applies to these two
dominater games
dominater games - 4 days ago
Dead pool can't die he was cursed by thanos the curse is immortal life
SmashMan Weegee
SmashMan Weegee - 4 days ago
Thank you Matpat, im 15 and i love watching your both your channels. I love your content! Ive enjoyed them since i was little and i want to enjoy them when im older. Keep up the awesome work!
Julius Magallanes
Julius Magallanes - 4 days ago
So they would forget everything if they lost their head so decapitation was right but they must not reattach their head.
WafflesTheDoggo - 4 days ago
yeah but if you destroy his brain thats not really killing him
Fighterfoxxx 7
Fighterfoxxx 7 - 4 days ago
or y'know just drown em cause havig no air dousent break any cells so they can't recover from that🤷🏽‍♀️
pewpewtime 07
pewpewtime 07 - 4 days ago
Breathing under water
Craig - 4 days ago
I would have absorbance so I could absorb someone else’s power but I would only be able to have one power at a time
Adan Martinez
Adan Martinez - 4 days ago
With a puddle
Alright Animations 555
Alright Animations 555 - 4 days ago
I got to agree healing factor as a power is amazing
asuna yuuki
asuna yuuki - 4 days ago
well he is pikachu now
Monardo N.
Monardo N. - 4 days ago
Matpat you're the reason I do so well in school because you teach me stuff
Mice - 4 days ago
im late as hell rewatching this video to finally comment but like bruh my power would be creation to literally make money and fix economy issues
Alonso Ruiz
Alonso Ruiz - 5 days ago
I am immortal what do I need to look out for? Deadpool: crabs....
Blue Phoenix13
Blue Phoenix13 - 5 days ago
Couldn’t you just find a way to cure Deadpool’s cancer he will end up growing cells that he won’t need eventually overwhelming him. His powers work in the way that his cells are affected by cancer but the cells grow back due to the syrum
こんにちは - 5 days ago
If Wolverine can die then Deadpool can die.
Jake Paul
Jake Paul - 5 days ago
What about a Black Hole?
name name
name name - 5 days ago
*MatPat guessed the begging of the 2nd movie*
*He really is a genius*
Sebastian Schelmety
Sebastian Schelmety - 5 days ago
Adamantium is the strongest fictional metal
Vibranea probably spelt wrong: am I a joke to you
Asriel The YouTube
Asriel The YouTube - 5 days ago
Well, in deadpool, he still has his memory, so... he can be ok. Sure, physical would make sense, but I listen to the movie, and
AND my power would be changing reality!
Asriel The YouTube
Asriel The YouTube - 5 days ago
Hate to say it, but deadpool 2 isn't beginning how you thought
Klaire Gieleghem
Klaire Gieleghem - 5 days ago
Hair is made of dead cells but there cells don’t die so they can not possibly grow any hairs
Kimberly Collins
Kimberly Collins - 5 days ago
Go back in time before he met Lady Death and then kill him. Simple
rick hunter
rick hunter - 5 days ago
In the comics Deadpool when Deadpool gets shot in the head only more recent memories get removed not all of it
conflict - 5 days ago
range of topics this video:
ten percent: neurons
five percent: deadpool and wolverine
eighty-five percent: diet coke.
Glitchy - 5 days ago
From 0:07 to 0:15 matpat Just explained once upon a deadpool
Jon Glover
Jon Glover - 5 days ago
I learning sooooo much
Marie Cantanve
Marie Cantanve - 5 days ago
Ur voice is so soothing, don't judge me I'm weird
EW52 SCOOTER - 5 days ago
I would have speed. Idk why just the mansion scene in xmen apoc.
Just Epicness
Just Epicness - 5 days ago
Just get a head shot lol
Philjess Jemino
Philjess Jemino - 5 days ago
Ha easy in deadpool 2 he was dead or you can kick is balls
ZachDaBeast - 6 days ago
Drown them
Burning Diamond
Burning Diamond - 6 days ago
My super power would be the power to move anything no matter how much it wheighs or what it is
I chose this because of the fact that I’ll be able to get the infinity stones :)
yeetus thefeetus
yeetus thefeetus - 6 days ago
No Bill's gates is corrupted
AGP sans
AGP sans - 6 days ago
There should be a movie theory of game theory
Testing Science
Testing Science - 6 days ago
It dose brighten my day
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron - 6 days ago
So you kill them by... memory? You’re an idiot. This is supposed to be about how to kill DP but now it’s just incredibly wrong science. They’ve been shot in the head many times.
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron - 6 days ago
Only Deadpool can kill Deadpool. Thanos can also kill him but he wouldn’t because once he dies he’d be reunited with Miss Death
fishmrinc - 6 days ago
Give deadpool a belt
Cesar Santiago
Cesar Santiago - 6 days ago
You are awesome matpat.. keep doing the hardwork because its worth it!!
Sebastian Herring
Sebastian Herring - 6 days ago
So if you cut off deadpools head the same effect would happened
AbdoTAB - 6 days ago
I thought there was a katana (i don't remember it's name) that prevent wolverine's and deadpool's tissues from regrowing
Janet Quinones
Janet Quinones - 6 days ago
Dude dead pool and wolverine can die from thanos's snap :-:
Sue McCashland
Sue McCashland - 6 days ago
goddammit coke just sponsor his ass already, we are begging you
Luke Barnes
Luke Barnes - 6 days ago
I am no biological guru, but because the healing factor regenerates the cells in the exact same way, every single time, they will be able to get their memories back. Because their neurons holding their memories will regenerate in the exact same way, the memories, the electric signals will be exactly the same and therefore they will be able to regenerate memories. The reason lay people can't regen memories is because the neurons that grow back are different and therefore will not have the same electrical signal travelling across them.
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