Film Theory: How to KILL DEADPOOL!

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Will Emenger
Will Emenger - 6 hours ago
Dp can’t die bc thanos made him immortal over jealousy with his relationship with death
rocking godzilla
rocking godzilla - 7 hours ago
Whelp whop de do wen I was 6-7 I watched inujasha and one piece and get in the Eeva shinji fuck me twice I got nightmares and I stop bicise Jacky boy
Mr Pink
Mr Pink - 7 hours ago
Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed - 8 hours ago
But wouldn't his bone and skin Neal after than the bullet can fully pierce ?, And the shock when their enemy isn't insta-killed (wolverine or deadpool ) would startle them , lowering accuracy and opening a chance for the heroes, or in deadpool's case, umm?, Vigilante?
Spidermanlivesinme Ortloff
any power my brain thinks of
Hacher Unfriended
Hacher Unfriended - 18 hours ago brain is fighting back. I’ve learnt some conspiracies and secrets I’m not supposed know.
Hacher Unfriended
Hacher Unfriended - 19 hours ago
Put him in a perpetual motion machine. heal while creating a paradox, or die
Jude MUSSARED - 22 hours ago
Who’s here after he cures cancer
Tristan Aishe
Tristan Aishe - 23 hours ago
anti-venom can cure all diseases so I would like like to be anti venom (now that I think about it anti venom could kill deadpool beacause he is mostly cancer) read deadpool vs black panther
Inter Omni
Inter Omni - Day ago
Camryn Murawski
Camryn Murawski - Day ago
I hate this video because the idea of deadpool losing his memories and not knowing who he is really really makes me sad
Clash With Bunnies Andrew Savage 123
deadpool's power works differently, in the movies, he was stabbed through the head. this proves it doesn't work on deadpool
awsomeE1111 - Day ago
u can kill deadpool from throwing him to the sun
RukiryoPlays - Day ago
my top 3 is
1. Healing
2. Flying
3. Telekinesis
Franicc - Day ago
Your just wrong sry
hunterhunter 773
hunterhunter 773 - Day ago
Saitama:hold my fist
Megan Barhorst
Megan Barhorst - Day ago
Silly MatPat. Neurons become better at reproducing electrical patterns by building up conductive fat around the connection point between two neurons. If regeneration can restore your muscle mass to its original proportion and distribution, it can restore your neural mylin (probably misspelled, I think there's an e in there?) to its pre-injury mass-per-neuron.
TPZ Slayer
TPZ Slayer - Day ago
Wait, in the S2 of deadpool , DP's head get stuck at a iron fence but he gets his memory back
Cameron Horton
Cameron Horton - Day ago
Easy. Find a sword of carbonium (which is a metal that can turn off the healing factor, like how Deadpool did in ‘Deadpool kills the marvel universe’) and stab them.
Kalvin.C - Day ago
I don't think shooting dead pool in the head would work either cause in DP2, a metal goes through his head but he is still the same DP😀, you should've watched DP2 before you made this video 😁
Sometime - Day ago
but dead pool was cursed by thanos so he cant died well i guess it doesnt happen in the movies
Cody Natof
Cody Natof - 2 days ago
Could you do an updated version of the Duck Tales theory
Alex Holts
Alex Holts - 2 days ago
Well with getting a healing factor you'd only end up like Deadpool if you had cancer beforehand
Channel goat
Channel goat - 2 days ago
I saw Deadpool att the age of 9-10 and i bought it So i Can watch it att any time i bought it last year att the age of 10-11 so now i am 12
LucasDukus - 2 days ago
The best power is to have the power to have every power
Stars are balls of fire
I was thinking just one of those your-body-killing-itself problems. Like allergies.
Ashley Cortesi
Ashley Cortesi - 3 days ago
In dead pool 2 he gets stabbed in the head and keeps his memory so.BOOM!!!! But hey you said it’s a theory A FILM THEORY .thanks for reading
Chema Gonzalez
Chema Gonzalez - 3 days ago
Panther Plays
Panther Plays - 3 days ago
Super strength
Jason Motley
Jason Motley - 3 days ago
But you have not killed them. You just changed them.
Fela Khawlhring
Fela Khawlhring - 3 days ago
He won't die, until the director of the film allowed it hahaa
Emma Arrowsmith
Emma Arrowsmith - 3 days ago
My mind is now melded
Shadow Shots
Shadow Shots - 3 days ago
Actually deadpool can recover his memories by tapping his 4th wall breaking abillity (or forced memory recovery by the 4th wall a.k.a writters) like a backup flashdrive or a forced memory rewrite or an alternate pass rewrite
Like almost every deadpool after he was killed and has reboots
DrDoomsday - 3 days ago
The power to control everything
MrOrmanley - 3 days ago
Well, if we apply the laws of physics, the law of preservation of mass would dictate that you would need supply of new material to rebuild that body.
Wolverine regenerating from a single drop of blood is the main offender in that regard. Regenerating is one thing, but all that flesh appearing out of thin air?
Morgan Wayna
Morgan Wayna - 4 days ago
Deadpool is actually the only person to remember something after the neurons in his brain were completely destroyed and that comes from his link to the fourth wall. He doesn't need to remember anything, he looks it up the same way we do, with either google or comics. He is truely the most overpowered character in all comic book history, followed up by squirrel girl
Saltine Cracker
Saltine Cracker - 4 days ago
2019 if I had a super power it would be to have every superpower ever thought of
rudy jr salinas
rudy jr salinas - 4 days ago
Thanks for teaching me i outwit my teacher
Darrien Saunders
Darrien Saunders - 4 days ago
So do think that if someone had this power and then drunk their favorite drink after healing do you think that would trigger deja vu
Diamond edge
Diamond edge - 4 days ago
But what if he isn’t growing back new limbs because when cut his hand off when it regenerated fully it was still ugly so by that I think he’s growing back old limbs
Ted Zychowicz
Ted Zychowicz - 4 days ago
i would have the power of fire and ice :3
Sonni D
Sonni D - 4 days ago
*Coke* should sponsor this sht
Gabriela G
Gabriela G - 4 days ago
invisibility and pausing time. You'll never get in trouble. Any 2019 watchers?
Cyberman - 5 days ago
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe - 5 days ago
I was rewatching this video and it brought me back to a time in my life where I was always sad. I put on a disguise for school and cried at home. I only told really close friends what was going on and I'm ashamed of it. I didn't want my parents to find out. And I watched your videos to help me cope. And I know you probably won't see this, I just wanted to thank you because for 3 years I watched your videos non-stop. And it really helped me, so thank you a million times over for how you have helped
Super Cute
Super Cute - 5 days ago
It’s still making me happy
Rorschach - 5 days ago
You can't...... Ask thanos and lady death
Shiva R
Shiva R - 5 days ago
Funny thing is that That's what Deadpool does to Wolverines Deadpool.
Kian Merioles
Kian Merioles - 5 days ago
To kill deadpool bring him to space or just bringhim to the black HOLE
CAO RMofDufferin
CAO RMofDufferin - 5 days ago
Matt this isn’t brain science we’re trying to figure out how to kill Deadpool and Wolverine!
Jack Deeley
Jack Deeley - 5 days ago
Wasnt deadpool already stabbed in the head?
Loli4lyf - 5 days ago
How to kill deadpool? Put him in acid bath and dissolve his body into cellular level i can guarantee there's no chance for recovery👌
Random Stuff
Random Stuff - 6 days ago
This is my schooling.
ultimatemusic - 6 days ago
But MatPat In Death Battle Deadpool get headshoted by Deathstroke but did not die explain?
DaGucka - 6 days ago
Sometimes they lose memeory sometimes not. But let's assume they don't lose it. Wolverine is killable by desintegration, deadpool shiuld not. I didn't read newer comics but i thought deadpool fucked death but thanos (husband of death) found out and forbid her to see deadpool ever again. So he can't die. Never.
DaGucka - 6 days ago
I listen to your videos when cleaning my flat. Not grat, not bad....but you are kinda a motivation for me when having work to do.
Yass Panda25
Yass Panda25 - 6 days ago
I feel asleep
Jackcr 11
Jackcr 11 - 6 days ago
If you cut deadpool in half witch half regrows is there two deadpools?
Jim Clanton
Jim Clanton - 6 days ago
Super good luck
Cυτιε ΡιΣ
Cυτιε ΡιΣ - 6 days ago

My super power wouldn’t be for good....
Saucy CHICO - 6 days ago
your videos teach us how to research. keep it up
undeadfreinds - 6 days ago
I watch the Michael Myers episode and I think it's total body
Alon Emil Cheishvili
Alon Emil Cheishvili - 6 days ago
Imagine choosing dead pool over flash because he is immortal. Flash can travel through time, freeze time. If you can time travel, you are automatically immortal
Art of Swords
Art of Swords - 6 days ago
Its so hard to pick a superpower. Speed or strength seems cool even if stereotypical. I think deadpools healing sounds awesome, so Id probably pick that.
oneshotpete 6.5
oneshotpete 6.5 - 7 days ago
Super strength
chris - 7 days ago
What if he drowns
Frank Lin
Frank Lin - 7 days ago
my neurons are already full,that lecture oof.
G Robinson
G Robinson - 7 days ago
I remember an issue of the exiles...Sabretooth killed him by ripping his throat off and he bled out too fast to recover
Cyrus Ward
Cyrus Ward - 7 days ago
Why would you wanna kill da best marvel boi? #deadpool
Elijah Revero
Elijah Revero - 7 days ago
You know throw them into lava
Eldarowabilitylords Eld
Convenience: A superpower that gives the user whatever superpower would be the most effective at the current task or situation at hand.
X_XMazeX_X X_XBrownX_X
X_XMazeX_X X_XBrownX_X - 7 days ago
Do you wanna know what my brother asked after Infinity War? WHY WASNT DEADPOOL THERE? I DONT KNOW MAYBE CAUSE HE ISNT PART OF MARVEL AVENGERS!! Lol I freaked out on him seriously Deadpool is a thing that makes fun of the X-Men. He is even older than me so I was really surprised. Lol
zahidul islam
zahidul islam - 7 days ago
super tornadus speed
Xoe T
Xoe T - 7 days ago
He's obsessed with diet coke
PuddyCat OMG
PuddyCat OMG - 7 days ago
My power would be love because it brings the world together 🥰
Stacy Winchester
Stacy Winchester - 4 days ago
Lil Miss Jewyson
Lil Miss Jewyson - 7 days ago
Mat pat is the most powerful person....

He can drink Diet Coke with the fucking LID oN
DL Choppa
DL Choppa - 7 days ago
Wait if he blows up his arm grows back but his clothes do too 🤯🧐
Austin Pikaart
Austin Pikaart - 7 days ago
his clothes are just his old skin he dyed after he bit it off
sick afro0
sick afro0 - 8 days ago
5:26 at least i survived
Ohhooode - 8 days ago
Say something and you get it Diet Coke Diet Coke times 1000.0
nathan aston
nathan aston - 8 days ago
Can’t you just starve them
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