Everything Wrong With The Day After Tomorrow

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Sharnie savage
Sharnie savage - 8 hours ago
Love the government budget part
levethane - 11 hours ago
The helicopters at the end flew from Mexico to New York and then back, very impressive... Normally they run out of fuel after about 250-300 miles..
David J
David J - 14 hours ago
No mention that all that water that flooded New York froze solid overnight? Not to mention that it was ocean water. No need to nitpick all the stupid things that are said when the whole movie was just over the top ridiculous.
Baz theblue
Baz theblue - 20 hours ago
The first scene,middle eastern men wearing fezzes,they havent been worn in decades and are actually banned in Turkey ,its a bit like making a movie about modern Americans or Europeans and having them wear top hats.
Jeffrey C
Jeffrey C - Day ago
The southern border is 2000 miles wide with 1000's of roads connecting to it...No Bottleneck
Lonely Ranger
Lonely Ranger - Day ago
How the hell can a piece of ice break off the size of Rhode Island and then have it snow in India? Is it global warming or global cooling? Make up your mind
The weather men reporting the weather was one of the reasons o became a tradesman?
Mexico will have to build a wall to stop
Illegal immigration from the US 😂
“One day he will have kids with Laura and he too will be a horrible dad” LMAO!
David Shepherd
David Shepherd - Day ago
why didn't they burn the chairs and tables
MrAmoney416 - Day ago
Everything wrong with this video.. its 18 minutes not 16 and I dont need you trying to poke holes in my childhood
Homade Mecanic
Homade Mecanic - Day ago
You make me think every that moevie suck
The Nech
The Nech - Day ago
thumbs down for the anti Trump comment.
David Heise
David Heise - Day ago
Preachy environmentalist movie is preachy.
Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips - Day ago
fredoniahead - 2 days ago
And why wasn't the penicillin frozen when they found it?.
Barry Allen
Barry Allen - 2 days ago
Half of your cinema sins are just beyond nitpicks or lack of general life experience. To caveat on your library line in specific....people do dumb shit. You would not believe what I've found in lost in founds..car keys, wallets, every article of clothing imaginable, used paraphernalia, female pleasure devices. You name it. Happens all the time. Go out and venture out into the wild that is life. Learn some stuff then come back and make your little talk show
Casshern - 2 days ago
One thing came to mind when watching this. "there are those who create, and there are those who criticise".
Karl Chadwick
Karl Chadwick - 2 days ago
because burning books makes more sense than the wooden chairs, tables and fixtures etc...
Dylan Johnstone
Dylan Johnstone - 2 days ago
1:44 thank you sir
Papa DragonBorn
Papa DragonBorn - 2 days ago
On my flight to Texas the stewardess gave me like 7 bags of pretzels xD
Black shuck
Black shuck - 2 days ago
Is it just me or does Hollywood go way out of it's way to make the Father figure look like s*** in every movie. Just saying
Bradarious Spar
Bradarious Spar - 2 days ago
3:43 If I've learned anything from movies that have taxis in them it's- Just walk. Even if you have to walk 20 miles you'd probably get there quicker on foot than in a taxi. Is that true for real life? Dunno. Never been in a taxi.
Mark Fox
Mark Fox - 3 days ago
The whole film was climate change bollocks.
Paula Cannon
Paula Cannon - 3 days ago
The only good thing about this film is the tornado taking out the PEDOWOOD sign .
August West
August West - 3 days ago
Well even worse case scenario than you predicted in this video made in 2015. Donald Trump is still alive and ignorant white trash have decided he should be their leader and hes the worst leader of anything in history. Oh and yes hes still a garbage person. More so now.
Eþaarijak - 3 days ago
Americans are illegally immigrating to Mexico...
How ironic.
TheShagdog1313 - 3 days ago
8:59 lol
Mad Ashell
Mad Ashell - 3 days ago
lo duhhhhh thats why ,ovies are caLLED make believe> BRO
sier bean
sier bean - 3 days ago
Why did you sin the word football
Jeremy Canada
Jeremy Canada - 3 days ago
Great commentary bro. I laughed mass off.
Liza Irvine
Liza Irvine - 3 days ago
I agree with everything you said and found it all very funny but I still love this movie. But I will watch any end of the world movie because I like the idea of humans getting knocked down a peg. I even watched Z Nation and that was really rubbish. I love wolves and I hate that they are always the baddies in movies. If real wolves broke out of a zoo they would all get as far away from there as they could in my humble opinion and not try to bite Jake no matter how cute he is.
Rhodes68 - 3 days ago
Not to mention THAT WAS SALT WATER!
BackSeatHump - 3 days ago
Such a stupid film it is surprising there is anything left for CinemaSins to "chop" that the film and dialogue haven't destroyed of its own accord.
Jennifer D. Lewis -DHS- SSC
David Thompson
David Thompson - 5 days ago
Plus global warming is a scam to brainwash the masses into believing taxing air will help anything.
Boris Bagryanskiy
Boris Bagryanskiy - 5 days ago
Do not need any time to write out work for calculus, says the person that never taken one calculus test. Buddy sometimes 2 hours was not enough for only 5 questions that we would get for exams in algorithm analysis, get real!
Samuel Warshaw
Samuel Warshaw - 5 days ago
Why did you make the animals sins? They in real life actually do know when bad things are happening
PRUIS POWER - 5 days ago
In the tornado scene it was 4 tornadoes one in the background
Simon Aarekol
Simon Aarekol - 5 days ago
15:55 i fucking died xD
The Duke
The Duke - 5 days ago
Telephone lines in New York are buried 20 meters underground
Damidas - 6 days ago
9:29 He said to evacuate everyone south of that line but new york city is well above it
Cat With A Dick
Cat With A Dick - 6 days ago
Luckiest Hypothermia Ever
Matt Parsons
Matt Parsons - 6 days ago
Why would you evacuate people south? Why not just tell people to go West? That storm is destroying the East coast not the west.
Margaret King
Margaret King - 6 days ago
Throw Steven kings fire starter in too for the irony! That one really made me laugh!!
John Grzegorzyk
John Grzegorzyk - 6 days ago
Yes the movie is kinda funny but global warming is very real....AOC has pointed that out and has the plan to solve it!.! Get rid of planes cars and cows and we have no problem anymore. Problem solved and yes you could keep your doctor and your health care plan
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - 7 days ago
This is fucking funny as hell to not only well my other comment speaks for itself but yes there's some funny ass lines in here too. Not only did it have some actors that we both like drug into the ship but I also saw a couple actresses I like why are they working with Roland emmerich what the fuck is wrong with them I guess they must really get a big paycheck for this because yeah
Aaron Bradley
Aaron Bradley - 7 days ago
I do not like you but sometimes you're great for a laugh and sometimes you're skewering movies that really deserve to be skewered. I love how the second Roland emmerich came up on the screen you just added a sin didn't say anything that is exceptional comedy right there that I did not think you capable of it just doesn't get any better than that the pure Genius of it I mean yes it gets funnier than that but that's just so subtle Brilliance to that that so many people just don't appreciate how bad Roland emmerich is like Michael Bay with head trauma and bad hemorrhoids
South Texas Deathride
South Texas Deathride - 7 days ago
That Mr. Freeze bit was great!
T.B.A.R.R.O. - 7 days ago
So fossil fuels bad... But let's send soot belching copters to rescue little Jake and his gf...
Some pigs a better than others... Especially in an apocalypse.
Kate Russell
Kate Russell - 7 days ago
I think I know why the President is on the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. So below that red line. Hooray!
Larry Belitsky
Larry Belitsky - 7 days ago
Always a good movie cliche' when the kids are in mortal danger & the parents always identify themselves. "Sam, this is Mom". Oh yea, whose Mom am I speaking to ?
JayAnn Gonzales
JayAnn Gonzales - 6 days ago
Her voice was insufferable.
bigiftrue - 8 days ago
i hate the name of this movie
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