20 974
Clumsy - 26 days ago
*subscribe* if you're vaccinated
temmie reviews !!!!!!!!!!
I want multiple good lucks tho not just a good luck
Madalynn Muse
Madalynn Muse - 4 days ago
*Unsubs* *Subs*. Yes my parents were smart
Deismic-Shogun - 4 days ago
i have a mutated gene and vaccinations can possibly hurt me or even worse, i still took them till 16, anti vaxxers have no excuse.
Tudor_XD - 7 days ago
fun fact:i was aredly vaccinated today XD
Rhiann Zulfer
Rhiann Zulfer - 2 hours ago

FRiend: I am now an atheist
*gets visited by holy doggo
FRiend: wow
Snipercor 13
Snipercor 13 - 4 hours ago
Right when you said the saliva one I was in the middle of choking on nothing
Ryan Ashby
Ryan Ashby - 10 hours ago
Anti-vax kid:
Diseases: I’m about to end this mans whole career
wayne william
wayne william - 20 hours ago
ME : Frick
Religious Kid : You just friked you last frak
supercatmae ima say no to that

Yur Gurl
Yur Gurl - Day ago
Subtitles: [Scary music]
Deaf people: 😨😨😨
Wantlesssquid 68
Wantlesssquid 68 - Day ago
2:09 I need that
Hubix BrawlStarsPL
Hubix BrawlStarsPL - Day ago
#DDM dark web is the most dangerous thing on the internet
Duolingo bird:Hold my beer
Alex - Day ago
Kids are free and can do what ever they want

Vaccination rate jumps to a 100%
Kasia Krahulic
Kasia Krahulic - Day ago
video:when antivax kids turn 18
me: if they live to that point
Chi Mito
Chi Mito - 2 days ago
2:03 this will actually help me with my anxiety attacks, thanks clumsy!
Evan Brown
Evan Brown - 2 days ago

Karen took the kids
Cheerioq Cheries
Cheerioq Cheries - 3 days ago
*The Holy Doggo just made my day better. *
JT_ RIDEZ - 3 days ago
I was today years old when i found out that pizza comes in a SQUARE box, is a CIRCLE and we eat it in TRIANGLES
Madison Clevinger
Madison Clevinger - 2 days ago
oh god you are right
Hellfire - 3 days ago
You have been visited by the holy doggo.
Me- watches out for priest pedophiles.
Moto Moto #DDM
Alex Pitney
Alex Pitney - 3 days ago
I'm not sure un-vaxxed kids can live to 18
ECKS DEE - 3 days ago
5:27 Jojoke
Kill me
Kelvin Clement
Kelvin Clement - 3 days ago
#DDM how many words can you make? ukyemgdhdmhghfsdngagdaavfshfgdafjsdjgjhfzhmfsshfjkhfshajdngxaGJDbcagjfznhgdgidjlggmjsfmhakhcsjkgsjlvstudgxojihgsusirgyitstuoeyi5wyreutiyeyitsykguziugsigsffizfygzyfskdtjaryiaetaryesursydruursuursryrdtrtu
Jennifer Samms
Jennifer Samms - 4 days ago
When your on a plane and some one screams ala ho ack bar
Khaled Hammoud
Khaled Hammoud - 4 days ago
6:57 has got me dead
Kim Tandrup
Kim Tandrup - 4 days ago
0:19 me when i join a game full of girls and im the best in the game
Gut Grinder
Gut Grinder - 4 days ago
#DDN a BTW this is not funny I just want to make #DDN say fuck me
Pamela Hayes
Pamela Hayes - 4 days ago
Teacher: we learning about dem virgin niggas #ddm
Me: oo I now dat answer nigga its jimjim


His niggas:🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴🕴
wommy •
wommy • - 4 days ago
Mariosam100 - 4 days ago
That quote from the intro is from the amazing world of gumball!!!!!
Allyson - 4 days ago
0:28 I know that girl...should I tell my friend she has become a meme
Lukas Sciukas
Lukas Sciukas - 5 days ago
0:18 i hope this boi christian
Avara The Sans Fangirl
Avara The Sans Fangirl - 5 days ago
If you think about it, people with airpods can't afford the wire
tyler Dragon tamer
tyler Dragon tamer - 5 days ago
1. I breathed in for 4 seconds.
2. I held my breath for 7 seconds.
3. I exhaled for 8 seconds.
4. I did this 3 times in now I'm high.

1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a coke war
ToTeon Gaming
ToTeon Gaming - 5 days ago
The holy doggoooooooo!!
jasmine rose
jasmine rose - 5 days ago
American people:speed limits exist every where
Lao people:im i a joke to u
Imvu Production
Imvu Production - 5 days ago
If u buy 20 bucks with 10 bucks
you get 10 bucks
/insert that’s how the mafia works/
T M - 5 days ago
7:52 made me laugh so hard idk why
Deku - 5 days ago
Aly - 5 days ago
Who else looked up “United Breaks Guitar”
Samantha Durand
Samantha Durand - 6 days ago
My name is Samantha. The beginning already had me dead lmao
Deathbynewports - 6 days ago
Come for the memes, stay for the feels
Jonathan Murphy
Jonathan Murphy - 6 days ago
Hello class today we will be playing Kahoot
Please your real name
MangleGamerGirl_319 - 6 days ago
1:46 my mom always told me to use this as a trick to fall asleep quickly. I ended up not getting any sleep at all because I almost suffocated each time I did it.
Nugget Appelget
Nugget Appelget - 6 days ago
4:00 Its 2019! almost there!
:3 - 6 days ago

He attacc
He protecc
But most inportantly...

U no use ur voice
Bailey Piwinski
Bailey Piwinski - 6 days ago
Me: **Drinking hot chocolate in the middle of summer**
Friend: What in the actual fuck are you doing
HybridBuilds - 7 days ago
#DDM what if when thanks snapped and there was an odd number of people in the world at that time
DatPumpkinHead IsHaunted
DuoLingo:I'll turn Spanish into vanish
soild 5
soild 5 - 7 days ago
I remeber i had to poop one time and it smells like egg and after that meh somch hurt be careful sont eat eggss trust me this is a war

Midnight Manot
Midnight Manot - 7 days ago
When i go to golden coral i eat 4 plates. Im not pregnat. Im fat.
DabbingCat4Life Kitty45
DDM:oh no my mom got a iPhone. Me:I now have 11111111111111 broken Android cords
Roblox Wall-E
Roblox Wall-E - 7 days ago
I was having a panic attack and the breathing thing does help.
Marty Clinger
Marty Clinger - 7 days ago
Did anyone else notice at 8:50 it had 6, 969 retweet’s and 420,000 likes👌🏻😂👍🏻
Lost in My memes
Lost in My memes - 8 days ago
9:14 mods are gay
Shad_ ow
Shad_ ow - 8 days ago
Anti vax parent: I hate vaxinations
Kid:*chuckles* I'm in danger

Seven years later:
Breaking news: kid dies of ligma
Jehad Jehad
Jehad Jehad - 8 days ago

me:what hot woman should I take
super hot woman:hey
me:am I a joke to you
Papa Gooby
Papa Gooby - 8 days ago
Sana Sama
Sana Sama - 8 days ago

* when my friend says the have no friends*

Lizzy J
Lizzy J - 5 days ago
Have you tried parole
Ethan Quarles
Ethan Quarles - 8 days ago
Doctor Dogo and safety dogo exists. Holy dogo: appears. A challenger appears
_Noodles _
_Noodles _ - 8 days ago
Everyone gangsta until wee wee in your pants at the meeting #DDM
thetruemilofiles gaming and climbing
10:37 those aren't even the same size robes actually
Asher Feinberg
Asher Feinberg - 8 days ago
Pregnancy causes childbirth
Liam Gattey
Liam Gattey - 8 days ago
3:59 anti vax kid chuckles I’m in danger
Gamer481 9
Gamer481 9 - 8 days ago
When your non bearded friend goes into bathroom and hear the razor turn on but yo know he has penis hair
Ayla Stinks
Ayla Stinks - 8 days ago
When I’m in class
Everyone looks at me like that
Karma The wolf
Karma The wolf - 8 days ago
People who don’t understand this:
Emeraldkiller 1230
Emeraldkiller 1230 - 8 days ago
WilleDCrazy - 9 days ago

Minecraft: *exists*

*Clickbaiters has increased by 100%*
Starlight Bobo
Starlight Bobo - 9 days ago
0:35 Probably in Canada
Franchu Gomez
Franchu Gomez - 9 days ago
P.P Gaming
P.P Gaming - 9 days ago
veronica aiko
veronica aiko - 9 days ago
*if anti vaxx kids turn 18
Alice Ice
Alice Ice - 9 days ago
Dawson Glawe
Dawson Glawe - 9 days ago
Subtitles: [Happy humming]
Deaf People: :)
James Collins
James Collins - 9 days ago
5:11 i salute you
dieo be
dieo be - 9 days ago
7:52 what the fuck is that just the fuck.
Boss Gamer
Boss Gamer - 9 days ago
Roses are red
Grass is greener
When I think of you you I play with my wiener
YT OmerB
YT OmerB - 10 days ago
ice memories 3021
ice memories 3021 - 10 days ago
roses r red vilots r blue
lemons r sour open up the lumago chawder
Pierrevargen - 10 days ago
* *When your parents call your full name* *
"Why do i hear boss music?"
1603fox Plays
1603fox Plays - 10 days ago
If Israel is the only Judaism country in Middle East. Why the fuck is Israel is Judaic. Why the fuck Saudi Arabia is talking of Israel Destroying his Economy. WHAY
1603fox Plays
1603fox Plays - 10 days ago
Im Judaic
Blu3 StrawB3rry
Blu3 StrawB3rry - 11 days ago
Nahhh I delete My browser History
Hopey 257
Hopey 257 - 11 days ago
Wingardiam flexiosa but ok! Love it!
Alex L.
Alex L. - 11 days ago
A Jojo reference!!!!
glitchingvortex - 11 days ago
Мих 3000
Мих 3000 - 11 days ago
It's 3 am in the morning and I have an infection in my ears....
I never laught so hard in my life...
I woke my mom and she thinks I'm crying... 😕
truth - 11 days ago
u have 666k followers
Silver Valentino
Silver Valentino - 12 days ago
That cockroach story reminded me of when I was little. I use to stay up late a lot, so I would sneak into the kitchen and get some tea to drink. This was the middle of summer. Piss ants were everywhere at the time. I set the cup down, watched a couple of videos, then proceeded to take a sip. Mistake. Ants. Ants everywhere. In my drink, in my mouth, everywhere.
Van Lorents Ignacio
Van Lorents Ignacio - 12 days ago
When the Anti-vaxxed kid turned 100
People: *_exaggerated tom taking painkillers_*
James Cleary
James Cleary - 12 days ago
Was watching the how to defeat thanos meme and after the last one I got an ad for idle heros saying defeated lol
Vanessa Díaz
Vanessa Díaz - 12 days ago
8:24 Is some high-key Fight Club
Jordan Webb
Jordan Webb - 12 days ago
Someone: What time is it?
Me: 11:40
The other guy: 11:41
Jordan Webb
Jordan Webb - 12 days ago
Apple Users: "Hey! The iPhone 8 just came out."
Apple 2 weeks later: iPhone X everyone!
Abrupt Gaming
Abrupt Gaming - 12 days ago
Alright clumsy, here’s the deal. You feature this comment and make it say sneepysneepy.
Then I’ll give you a cookie.
*Trump, the master of the deal*
Penquinz4lyfe - 13 days ago
#DDM slaps root of tree this bad boy can hold 17 gallons of water
ฤทธิ์สิงห์ อุ่นใจ
>be me
>12 years old
>play games made for 4 year olds
>dad walks up from behind and asked what are you playing
>dad sees it
Mason Hizer
Mason Hizer - 13 days ago
The new Andy looks like a transgender boy
Zrax x
Zrax x - 13 days ago
#DDM My joke
Fadhel Alyunis
Fadhel Alyunis - 13 days ago
0:00 That’s from The Amazing World of Gumball.
xdJayyBro05 - 13 days ago
No creature in space and time:
Steve Harvey: NANI
Crazy Gamer Kids
Crazy Gamer Kids - 13 days ago
Me: comes up for some fresh air
Every other fish in the aquarium: (Tom meme)
Indoraptor Boi
Indoraptor Boi - 14 days ago
Me: *See’s Shark’s* OH FRICK
Shark:I’m I A Joke To You
Dominos S
Dominos S - 14 days ago
I saw a 4 foot child who says he wants to be a pro basketball but my mom says If I lie,im grounded for life so I said think again none of ur parents are over 5 feet.
Other people: -confused cat face-
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