Testing New Zealand Military MRE (24Hr Combat Food Ration)

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Saint Hurricane
Saint Hurricane - 8 hours ago
Love how the packaging is just a normal plastic bag lol, God defend New Zealand
Ronan Culhane
Ronan Culhane - 10 hours ago
I think you were supposed to put the soup in the noodles
katpoo - 11 hours ago
I think the strawberry grains and condensed milk was for the oatmeal
Evan Wang
Evan Wang - 16 hours ago
Package says: peanuts and raisins
Taras: pinUts und grains
david 420
david 420 - Day ago
If youve ever seen what maori people actully look like you will know why there so much in one 24hr mre. Those guys a fkn massive
Sketch Mobile™
Sketch Mobile™ - Day ago
condensed milk puts on chocolate 😄😄
this man really loves condensed milk
satty • 3.7M views
satty • 3.7M views - 3 days ago
My friend is in NZ Army...I'm definitely gonna share this video with him✌️😁
dogo - 3 days ago
He dropped sum chocolate powder in the tea 7:44
111111 111
111111 111 - 3 days ago
Nice slav squat
James Hansel
James Hansel - 4 days ago
His Laboratory is in the woods??
Sourav Dash
Sourav Dash - 5 days ago
Eeetttaaa bada baya magya ta...
cool boy fortnite
cool boy fortnite - 5 days ago
I've had plum jam
Rhaziel Rivera
Rhaziel Rivera - 6 days ago
His fork spoon is so cool
LittleVader YT
LittleVader YT - 6 days ago
GoodBoy V
GoodBoy V - 7 days ago
Look at that jam. This is uhhh plumb jam
Juran Ali Ahmed
Juran Ali Ahmed - 7 days ago
Hey crazy russian u should at least make some expressions while u eat the food u always stay dull while u eat it and say"BOOM"
AZ Gaming shub
AZ Gaming shub - 7 days ago
Plz try the India n mre
EmirGaming YT
EmirGaming YT - 8 days ago
Where is the pashtet!!
Adnan Maharaj
Adnan Maharaj - 9 days ago
What was in the can????
Ken Stark
Ken Stark - 10 days ago
Whats in that can ? He didn't opened it
Alvaro Tecun
Alvaro Tecun - 10 days ago
I’m watching all your videos

And boom
It’s 3am
Matty Reardon
Matty Reardon - 11 days ago
Plum jam and blinley!
Do a show on making borsh!
Trump American values 2020
Bro you have to try habenro jelly
Jared Songheng
Jared Songheng - 13 days ago
In Russia We Eat Roman Noodles
Rishant MUDALIAR - 14 days ago
I'm a kiwis!!!!!! (New Zealander) so you like more form my country
Kanye called dibs bro
Kanye called dibs bro - 14 days ago
Fore ain't it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Contract KiLLer
Contract KiLLer - 15 days ago
Condensed milk with milk chocolate
S R - 16 days ago
You know, I love condensed milk. Know what? I'll put condensed milk ON THE CONDENSED MILK.
Green Ice
Green Ice - 17 days ago
Yaaayyyy I'm from nz and love yourmvids
Izabella Džeriņa
Izabella Džeriņa - 17 days ago
i've had plum jem very yum >>!!!!
shaurav vora
shaurav vora - 18 days ago
Written: Peanuts and raisins
Says: Peanuts and grains
설하 - 19 days ago
that’s too much sweets
*drinks tube of condensed milk
XI SIL3NT W4LK3R X13 - 20 days ago
Beyoncé: if you like it you should put a ring on it
Taras: If you like it you should put condensed milk on it
Me: oh woah oh oh woah uh oh oh oh 😂
Sunny b
Sunny b - 21 day ago
Try the Indian mre,,,
Jason - 22 days ago
That is lots of food
simplyclever vlogs
simplyclever vlogs - 22 days ago
"It's way too much, it's honestly way too much sweet "
"Still eating condensed milk"😂😂😂🤷
Ace Buggz
Ace Buggz - 23 days ago
Ok what are klinkers fr ???
Tyler Kahotea-Hurinui
Tyler Kahotea-Hurinui - 23 days ago
That is my country
Varad Mane
Varad Mane - 23 days ago
What was inside that mystery tin??!!??
Marcela Lacuesta
Marcela Lacuesta - 23 days ago
" Peanuts and raisins"
*opens the pack
-woah it looks like peanuts and raisins😁
How is that even possible😂😂 love it very positive lovluts!!!💕
kumar sai
kumar sai - 23 days ago
Try Indian MRE
NVP TNT - 23 days ago
I think instant soup should be good with the noodles
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa - 24 days ago
Hello from New Zealand. Maori here, you're very welcome in our country. We ate each other prior
to KFC...lol.
Briana Woods
Briana Woods - 23 days ago
Hona Wikeepa wow 😮 srsly??? I’ve heard Trent Boult is a Maori too
MrDeeqiu - 24 days ago
:) i like how you eat a 24h ration in 14min haha
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson - 25 days ago
I have boilogical plump jam is soooo delicious 😋
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson - 25 days ago
HARD LEXXX - 26 days ago
Put a video on Indian military food
j spec
j spec - 28 days ago
Boom just like the restaurant
Tony Molen
Tony Molen - 29 days ago
So what was in the little tin ?
Deejhay Blue
Deejhay Blue - 29 days ago
New dell
Unique Outcome
Unique Outcome - 29 days ago
"That's honestly way too much food." Then grabs condensed milk tube with both hands and eats like he's starving. Drinks more tea. Eats cookie. Then drinks even more tea. LOL.
Shreki Oxi
Shreki Oxi - 29 days ago
Im gona do condense milk on chocolate ... wooaaahhh thats too much sweeet in it ....
Grant Hunter
Grant Hunter - 29 days ago
He didnt open the tin of cheese!!!!
The best part of the ratpack!!!!!!
Ferdinand Vanko
Ferdinand Vanko - Month ago
You are russian everything taste awazing
Erzio •
Erzio • - Month ago
**Sporks Drink*
ZXC GAMING - Month ago
Boom what is that ?
enter a name here
enter a name here - Month ago
New Zealand army: what you guys wanna eat for your mres?
Soldier: everything
Ganger Boys 77
Ganger Boys 77 - Month ago
Thx for NZ respect u should visit New Zealand it awesome
GAURAV RAUT - Month ago
Bro do the Indian MRE
palwinder singh
palwinder singh - Month ago
Kia ora,, from new Zealand ✌✌
Supreme Hype
Supreme Hype - Month ago
Fig nuten
Amer Cruz
Amer Cruz - Month ago
What is musli/Muesly?
Gamer Shyguy
Gamer Shyguy - Month ago
I love this guy, so positive!
Pokoyo 🔥
Pokoyo 🔥 - Month ago
I like dis video
DuckStream Gaming
DuckStream Gaming - Month ago
ͼrʏσ ϻαͷͼεr
ͼrʏσ ϻαͷͼεr - Month ago
*C O N D E N S E D M I L K I S L I F E*
Clip Clap
Clip Clap - Month ago
Bevan James
Bevan James - Month ago
Hey does any one know what the canned thing was
Donovan - Month ago
It is a can can of cheese, you usually it it with cabin bread (water crackers) that also come in the MRE.
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar - Month ago
Do indian army mre
Muntasir Alam Pulok
Muntasir Alam Pulok - Month ago
Wow! I love this type of matches.
Sunit Biswas
Sunit Biswas - Month ago
Try Indian Military MRE
Diptanil Guha
Diptanil Guha - Month ago
I just love how he wastes so much food while opening. 😒
ItsBoiJJ fr the islandz
ketz carlo ferrando
ketz carlo ferrando - Month ago
boom! what is that?
kit ply
kit ply - Month ago
So many food, probably explodes in toilet
merry bunales
merry bunales - Month ago
BoOoommm! its so shiny😁
Stephen Richards
Stephen Richards - Month ago
Love this guys enthusiasm!!
AGZx Scarlett
AGZx Scarlett - Month ago
Woaah its a snake....ok let me put some condensed milk on it and eat it
tahmina Islam
tahmina Islam - Month ago
Whoa boom
Edmund Tarona
Edmund Tarona - Month ago
U try phil mre... When u opened it... Whooooaah... Its nothin..
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