Testing New Zealand Military MRE (24Hr Combat Food Ration)

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ASFvsASAP 1 - 2 days ago
New zealand
Blaze TTV
Blaze TTV - 2 days ago
Good tooth paste
Allen Gregorio
Allen Gregorio - 2 days ago
How do you get mre
stuart taylor
stuart taylor - 3 days ago
Milk and klinkers. Ha ha ha ha ha
Mathew Synnerdahl
Mathew Synnerdahl - 3 days ago
Hey bro do you know how in the Australian mre it had product of new Zealand. ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand army core
nagasrinivas reddi
nagasrinivas reddi - 4 days ago
Try Indian mre
huzaifa - 4 days ago
You need to import plum CHUTNEY because it is only available in pakistan
Rickard Madsen
Rickard Madsen - 5 days ago
Cool program, like it a lott.
Zachary Woods
Zachary Woods - 5 days ago
Of course nz mre has tomato sauce
James Reynolds
James Reynolds - 5 days ago
I'd imagine that mysterious can is cheese
Jacob Webber
Jacob Webber - 6 days ago
It’s funny how the rest are pretty healthy and NZ and Australia have just so much junk food
Scorpio rider24
Scorpio rider24 - 6 days ago
Kilnkers means penut,almond,cahew carnels
Scorpio rider24
Scorpio rider24 - 6 days ago
Kilnkers means penut,almond,cahew carnels
joan huntsman
joan huntsman - 6 days ago
Klinkers is a candy
the corrupted
the corrupted - 7 days ago
What next condensed milk with vodka
Ava Waters
Ava Waters - 7 days ago
Clinkers are Australian and new Zealand candies that are strawberry banana and mint flavoured, they are very hard and chewy but very good
cdr861532 - 7 days ago
Muesli bars.....in America we call them Fig Newtons!
Anju S
Anju S - 8 days ago
Boom... I like the way he says Boom... It's cute...
hamed alimardan
hamed alimardan - 8 days ago
Whatout for diabetes
Dauni chwa Myrchiang
Dauni chwa Myrchiang - 9 days ago
Boom 😊😊
kk kk
kk kk - 9 days ago
Make on indian armay food packet
Sofia Venti
Sofia Venti - 9 days ago
sAlt and... pAypEr
loise gitau
loise gitau - 10 days ago
Remaining Kenyan MRE. hahaha.
Phantom Crusader
Phantom Crusader - 10 days ago
I was wondering what was klinkers LOL
King Buliwyf
King Buliwyf - 10 days ago
Newzealand mre...gateway to diabetes
Sahul Hameed
Sahul Hameed - 10 days ago
Bro please test indian Mre...
CarSpotter Dundalk
CarSpotter Dundalk - 10 days ago
5:25 listen closely, American accent???
Adwaith Krishna
Adwaith Krishna - 11 days ago
U r making me hungry!!!
Shawna Littrell
Shawna Littrell - 11 days ago
I love his personality! He's so sweet!
D_JL VLOGS - 11 days ago
Salt and paper 🤓😅😅
that brown nigg
that brown nigg - 13 days ago
Is the musily like oatmeal
Trigger2.0 - 14 days ago
Where does he get these mre at
Alt Clan
Alt Clan - 14 days ago
Truth Seaker
Truth Seaker - 14 days ago
New Zealand is a cool place but its run by left wing Fuckwits.
arnitha arnitha
arnitha arnitha - 14 days ago
12:43 - 12:55 silent for a while 😂
JustBeing Frank
JustBeing Frank - 14 days ago
I wonder who he was channeling at the end there.
Débora Soi.
Débora Soi. - 14 days ago
Cook the condensed milk with the chocolate and a bit of butter, you gone make the most famous and amazing Brazilian candy: Brigadeiro 🤤🤤🤤
Erik  Dalley
Erik Dalley - 14 days ago
Try chokecherry jam,or syrup.
Md. Zillur rahman
Md. Zillur rahman - 15 days ago
lots of sugar
KqcBqcCqc - 18 days ago
I come from New Zealand
Tyler Humbey
Tyler Humbey - 18 days ago
You forgot the sports drink and what ever was in the tin can
Garth Haylock
Garth Haylock - 13 days ago
Tin of cheese - very good on the cabin bread
GASP STUDIOS - 19 days ago
Raja virundhu
swagelicious gamer
swagelicious gamer - 19 days ago
8:06 takes a sip. Woah. Chugs the whole thing.
greenmonster318 - 19 days ago
arunima katiyar
arunima katiyar - 19 days ago
*Boom* what is that what is this
Conall McManus
Conall McManus - 21 day ago
I'm from nz and a week ago I had a school trip and went to the nz army museum and tried it and it tastes good
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman - 22 days ago
*mre food testing
Muhammad Usman
Muhammad Usman - 22 days ago
he looks like he is eating his lunch or dinner in every single one
Project Anonymous
Project Anonymous - 22 days ago
He is a soilder in a war he is hiding in a bush he finds in his mre pashteyet and shouts Boom Pashteyet
Shah Jhan
Shah Jhan - 22 days ago
1 subscriber I will give her 100$
Sidhaant Gupta
Sidhaant Gupta - 22 days ago
When he says Australian, I hear Stalin...
SpoonierGerms Derp
SpoonierGerms Derp - 22 days ago
3:33 That’s a lot of bags
Mira C
Mira C - 23 days ago
Klinkers are chocolate with Luke honeycomb in the middle
Amit Bhadana
Amit Bhadana - 23 days ago
D.Rosmann - 23 days ago
What was in the metal car food looking container?
ONEHUNGA CENT2RULE - 23 days ago
🇳🇿 Home sweet home
Sachiň Râjpüt
Sachiň Râjpüt - 24 days ago
Boom Boom Boom......
nasko ivanov
nasko ivanov - 24 days ago
Like this comnent pls :(
ryan pierce
ryan pierce - 24 days ago
That was a feast
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos - 24 days ago
Love to him
CALIPSO - 25 days ago
"Whoa, a sponge to do your dishes, you know whats better, put condensed milk on it " 😂
Boston Morris
Boston Morris - 25 days ago
Boston Morris
Boston Morris - 25 days ago
Klein Kees are Little Rock hard buttons
fj fan
fj fan - 26 days ago
People normally drinks water but he drinks condensed milk instead
hearty asf
hearty asf - 26 days ago
he has a sexy voice
Phlan-Michelle Purss
Phlan-Michelle Purss - 26 days ago
As an Aussie calling a ANZAC BISCUIT a cookie is one of the BIGGEST INSULTS you can say to New Zealand and Australian peopl. These were made for our Troops during the WAR'S and is now a National Icon in both Australia and New Zealand. Made to the same strick Recipe for many many year's.
jorja 7227
jorja 7227 - 3 days ago
I'm from nz and I agree
Lucky Abhi
Lucky Abhi - 27 days ago
Shoots in open place and says
LOL!!!! XD!!!!
I just love maggi!!!
People who love maggi like my comment!!!
meer madad khan sanjarani
The you eat is discusting men
DVD Mulenga
DVD Mulenga - 27 days ago
@CrazyRussianHacker - I too Love condensed milk YUM! YUM!
Dipankar Rai
Dipankar Rai - 28 days ago
You can eat a lot man i getting full looking at you.
Alex Cena
Alex Cena - 28 days ago
Why does he need us to make him know bout stuff he has google
LOGO REMAKE - 28 days ago
I gotta agree with him tho my countrys sweets are just so crazy deliciously sweet
The NerdGaming_Offical
The NerdGaming_Offical - 28 days ago
If Your Watching This And Your From NZ Leave A Like!
calebplayz - 29 days ago
I'm guessing muesli is like oatmeal
thahseen ahmed
thahseen ahmed - Month ago
What about that small container????
Yes im late!!
thahseen ahmed
thahseen ahmed - 26 days ago
@ody oooh thanks buddy
ody - 29 days ago
its cheese
Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh - Month ago
Indian mre
The Hassan TV
The Hassan TV - Month ago
Your English is bat
darren noble
darren noble - Month ago
He really loves that condensed milk 😂
Kris Harrowfield
Kris Harrowfield - Month ago
Eats sweet and sour, "oh it's definitely sour, but it's also a bit sweet as well"
Dweller Plays
Dweller Plays - Month ago
*Roman* *Newdles*
Anthony Edenfield
Anthony Edenfield - Month ago
Do another fan mail
Danielle Alegado
Danielle Alegado - Month ago
you love everything HAHAHA
vlad put in
vlad put in - Month ago
Avula Sreedevi
Avula Sreedevi - Month ago
Indian MRE
Debasmita Dash
Debasmita Dash - Month ago
tellBout the cane..
Lord Ratatosk
Lord Ratatosk - Month ago
So what was in this Little Metal container?
SaMist - Month ago
I love it when he always say *BOOM*
Tokato Kiho
Tokato Kiho - Month ago
You're supposed to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner
Get it....
brieanna steedman
brieanna steedman - Month ago
In the can is cheese for the crackers. 😁
Ashish Sangwan
Ashish Sangwan - Month ago
All the while I am thinking that where does he see 4000 colors, all I could see was the brown packaging.
Karim Shaikh
Karim Shaikh - Month ago
I fill very full watching you
Barun Bhattacharya
Barun Bhattacharya - Month ago
So the moral of this video was 'Eat everything with condensed milk'.
Aldrin Abad
Aldrin Abad - Month ago
Apricot jem is the best...But u know what's better? Condensed milk...haha May 2019 anyone?
jorja 7227
jorja 7227 - 3 days ago
June bro
iTS a Scam!! !
iTS a Scam!! ! - 8 days ago
June bud
Méd_ X
Méd_ X - 23 days ago
Conde.....condensed milk 😂😂😂
calebplayz - 29 days ago
Marcel Jr Smith-Rodrigue
oiunyens bro
Marcel Jr Smith-Rodrigue
bro nobody understands you
anshitsuyuki - Month ago
AJ Torreno
AJ Torreno - Month ago
Ninja Hyper
Ninja Hyper - Month ago
Still laughing at the previous video.
Let's open it up ohh wow nothing.
.. the cake incident
123tawas - Month ago
hahahaha me too
Ibrahim Khurram
Ibrahim Khurram - Month ago
Wrenz Cember
Wrenz Cember - Month ago
such a nice guy 🙋✌
Elijah Kelly
Elijah Kelly - Month ago
Klinkers are another type of candy
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